THULE was started by Jose Avilla, an executive for Monsanto who decided he didn't like some of there practices. He left some lead R&D scientists to come up with more organic methods of developing argirculture.

Within a few years the company had lost all its capital and declared bankruptcy. A woman, Collen Drake, came in for a reorg and changed everything moving the company to Halycon City and within a year they released a grain that could grow in harsh conditions. 

Soon after THULE became a major contributor to Halycon City handling most agriculture needs from major farms to fertilizer for landscapers.

The company is incredibly secretive and it is believed the are expanding beyond agriculture and will soon compete in biotech.

CEO: Jose Avilla
Status: Private
Sector: Agriculture
Fulltime Employeers: 1567​​​​​​​


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