The BodyGuard Program was created in the late 80s to devise a way to create and control people with abilities equal to the heroes and villains who seem to control the world. It was a way to give power back to the average humans.

However, it was given over to private interests and its focus went from protecting humanity of making a profit. They would rent out bodyguards to the highest bidder. The company became bigger and needed to create more Bodyguards. In 2010 they formed a cooperation with THULE to use their genetic engineering to create my Bodyguards in Alaska.

Alaskan Facility
Further North of Red Dog Mine, found in Northern Alaska, facility Guard_D [Also known as Guard_DOG] resides hidden underground. The land was deemed too dangerous due to a strange occurrence that happened in the 1930's. Claims of alien technology sending a barrage of light, damaged the surface making mining and other industrial endeavors near impossible. It was later purchased by BodyGuard under a pseudo-name. They claimed that they would attempt to restore the land for environmental purposes, such as wildlife conservation. Their true purpose, was to create a facility that would host their products for training, genetic manipulation, and scientific research before being sold to the public for protection.

It was in this facility that Bodyguard-84 was transferred, experimented upon, and raised to become a soldier.

BodyGuard uses a mixed regime of Physical Training, Emotional Dampening, and Mental Reconditioning. These routines are reinforced by a collar around the necks of each registered Bodyguard. Collars are only removed during "Graduation", after a Bodyguard has fully completed conditioning and evaluation for product placement.

+Collars: Acting as a GPS device, time clock, discipline enforcer, and power nullifier. These collars are only removed during graduation, and are a means to train younger subjects to control themselves. Emotional display, defiance, and unauthorized power usage result in a powerful electrical shock; sometimes to the point of unconsciousness for easier apprehension. This is later reinforced with traditional BodyGuard discipline; severity depending on repeated offenses. The power nullifier is only (remotely) turned off in certain time zones, or in a state of emergency to trusted guards. Until then, the device is an easy solution on how to keep (unstable) Bodyguards under control until Graduation.

+Physical Training: Each Bodyguard is supervised by a handler for physical training, while different forms of offensive and defensive lessons are taught by graduated Bodyguard models. The original successful models remained under BodyGuard's ownership specifically for this purpose, but are often sent out for missions requiring a veteran leader or a difficult solo mission. Most Bodyguards have multiple Veteran instructors, and among those instructors is a matched partner. Although besting a Veteran in a one on one match is not required for graduation, it's often the turning point; keeping physical training as a regular fitness regime and focusing on the other two aspects of control.

+Emotional Dampening: Bodyguards are designed both genetically and developmentally, to withstand difficult stimuli efficiently and without hesitation. This requires the subject to be removed (emotionally) from the situation on multiple levels for consistent successful results. Handlers are discouraged and disciplined if they express unauthorized positive or negative reinforcement towards Bodyguard subjects. They are not raised to be caring, emotional, or to express personal desires, for these difficult to control emotions often lead to unstable Bodyguards. Similar expressions of emotion and personal drive, can be found in Veteran Bodyguards due to their extended periods around humanity for customer satisfaction and work efficiency. Once they return to base however, it is highly discouraged to express these outgoing expressions to younger, newer models. There are many case sightings of Veteran Bodyguards exhibiting superiority over newer models, but investigations to remedy this have gone unresolved.

+Mental Reconditioning/Brainwashing: From the day their powers awaken to the day they're considered a waste of time and resources, lessons are drilled into their mind about their exact place in the world. Younger Bodyguards are given a specifically designed education about the world around them, and the world beyond it, with the understanding that they themselves are not a part of humanity. Bodyguards are not, and have never been, human beings. They were raised, and designed, by experts to be a product for an industry that required them as a stronger alternative to military, labor, and personal defense. With this in mind, there are a few cases where defiance breaks through reconditioning. To remedy this problem, subjects expressing defiance are removed from group sessions, tighter control and restraints are set in place, and interaction with other Bodyguards is left to the bare minimum of the one Veteran partner.

Even though Veterans are sent alone in missions, and often work better alone, newer models are better when used in multitudes. To overwhelm and outnumber, often reaches a swifter conclusion than if they were to work alone.

BodyGuard offers products suited for protection, social status, and military alternatives to those who have the means to afford them. Some of the products include Personal Bodyguards, Small Contracted Armies, Delicate Assassination and Spy Work, and a Security System called Cerberus.

+Personal Bodyguards: From simple protection training, to more complex defense and social facade, these are usually purchased by people of status and power. Such as Politicians, Celebrities, and World Leaders.

+Small Contracted Armies: These are usually sold in bulk, using the Basic Soldier Model BodyGuard produces. Meant to follow orders from a Veteran Guard, they remain on contract until the job has been completed. Afterwards, they are returned to their assigned Facility for the next contract.

+Assassination and Spy Work: Expensive, and with heavier competition, this service option is often over-looked. Mainly due to BodyGuard's business model of being an alternative military force, instead of a delicate spy network. Most jobs of this caliber are often handled within the company instead, with some exceptions.

+Cerberus: A sort of alternative to a home or business security system. When activated, Bodyguards posted in the city will respond quickly to the scene of the triggered alarm. Virtually silent, this allows the infiltrator with a false sense of security, giving Bodyguard the advantage of surprise. They do have a subtle trigger identification, but it is impossible (as far as we know) to turn off the alarm once Bodyguards have been notified.


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