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Halycon City – aka San Diego.

Halcyon's Past - specifically the 1930s

Oolu Halcyon – Alternate reality where the Oolu took over Earth in the 1960s.

The Sonata – the music of the universe that can be used to rewrite it.

Super Groups

AEGIS -  The Advanced Expert Group for Intervention and Security. The front line of Halcyon City, and indeed of the human species itself, against the strangest and most outlandish threats of the universe.

Wildcards – Us! That is, a group of young heroes that everyone seems to want to control. Previously The Delinquents, The Corps, and The Delinquent Corps.

Exemplars – Silver Age heroes in Halycon City.  They are one of the primary supergroups in the country, and possibly the world.

The New Exemplars – New Halcyon youth group formed under Omega's guidance. Also briefly the name of a villain teamup of Vanquish, Dr Infinity, Blue Hydra, and Black Raven.

The Violent Group – a group of supers that were affected by THULE chemicals and perform vandalism.

Cleanup Crew – a group of supers that were affected by THULE chemicals and became activists for the environment.

Southwest Rangers – a group of supers that are popular throughout Southern California and the southwestern states of America

Junior Guard – Youth division of the Northern Guard, the heroes of Canada.

Enemies of AEGIS


The Council of Five Dimension

Vanquish and the Troublemakers


THULE – corporation involved in pharma and agriculture.

BodyGuard – program that genetically creates super soldiers.

The Troika – a secret organization deeply involved in Halcyon affairs, especially those involving supers.

Diamondback Spit Commonwealth – traveling evangelical Christian group


Oolu – alien race that judges and conquers other worlds.

Martians – second alien race, not much known but they attacked New Jersey one time.

Hyelartians – Military driven aliens that are at war with the Oolu.

Omini – ancient race led by Ominus.


Chompers – robot dogs who eat and explode

Chomper 2.0 - levitating balls of liquid metal that fire lasers. Colloquially known as Death Orbs.

Super-steroid – a drug developed by THULE and "accidentally" leaked onto the streets

The Sonata – a powerful song that can redefine the universe. 


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