The Fourth Generation

Suddenly Dragons

In the course of his solo space adventures, Pete finds that the Oolu colony as well as the local population has been overrun by some kind of scary mech-like footsoldiers, controlled by an unknown source. His investigation is halted when he gets caught and he barely escapes. Unbeknownst to our alien hero, something else returns with him. Also, Blue Hydra remained locked in his laundry room the entire trip.

He returns to Earth to find he has other problems: Jessica has posted everywhere that she's going to prom with Pete. Before he left, she asked him and he said yes, without really realizing it. She catches him at school and gushes about prom. Meanwhile, Lucy telepathically asks him about it and why he's not going with M. He says he's still planning on asking them, despite Lucy's admonitions. Tuning back into Jessica, she asks about Michael as well and he says he thought they could all go together. Jessica is uncertain about this idea.

Away from school drama, Lio has learned Lady Night intends to sabotage Badger's attempt to rescue Doc Cosmos. L'Esprit tracks Lady Night to the Badgercave. While scouting for entrances, Lio accidentally sets off an alarm and activates bars that force her to enter the cave. L'Esprit sneaks further in to find Rose Pena tasering Lady Night. L'Esprit depowers the taser so Lady Night can knock out Rose.

Lady Night confronts L'Esprit for spoiling her plan. L'Esprit apologizes and says she can serve as an alibi when Badger shows up. Night says she has to treat Lio like an equal, but she doesn't consider them equals, and comments that Lio has died once and can die again. She gives L'Esprit the bombs she intended to use and leaves. L'Esprit decides to set the bombs up on the Badgerjet, re-setting them to go off in five minutes rather than in flight.

She's setting up the last of the bombs when Rose orders her to get away from the jet. Rose is pointing a gun at her, and some kind of cybernetic in her eye is glowing. L'Esprit puts her hands up and moves away, staying between Rose and the jet. L'Esprit comments about the bombs. When Rose glances at the jet, L'Esprit lunges to try and grab the gun, but something wraps around her arm and yanks her to the ground.

L'Esprit looks up to find Badger standing over her. She tells him she sabotaged the jet to keep him from going after the Junior Guard. He's distracted talking to her long enough that the bombs go off, throwing him and Rose back. L'Esprit checks that Rose is alright and then leaves.

Pete, after school, returns to his ship to find that the chameleon circuit is no longer functioning and the uncamoflauged ship has attracted a crowd. He investigates and finds the entire computer system is borked, with even diagnostics requiring more than two days. Blue Hydra is gone so he assumes she's to blame. He sends a mental message about Blue Hydra being loose. Lio suggests meeting at the Sanctuary.

Pete takes an Uber. During the drive, he chats with his driver about his romantic problems and asks whether they think taking two (technically three) people to prom is a problem. The driver is supportive.

Lio and Pete meet M and Sarah at the Sanctuary. M has returned from the desert and tells them what he learned in his vision quest. It is… complicated.

- There's another dimension full of magic, and dragons that consume various energies. (Blue Hydra's hydras are several such dragons.)
- The plant-death-pulse was actually a sign of a major rift opening between our dimension and the dragon dimension.
- Magic is now seeping into our dimension, while life energy is seeping into the dragon dimension.
- Closing the rift involves destroying or 'cleansing' four people/places: Sarah, Sasha Blaze, a botanical garden, and Nasir Serero (the current Spectre).
- The dragon egg thing Blue Hydra put in Sarah may or may not be involved.
- M is now some kind of guardian of Life/Green Energy/Nature and has a persistent connection with this rift thing.

Sarah is naturally anxious about her dragon problem. Lio comforts her that they'll figure this out, without any 'destroying'. (Not even Sasha, preferably.)

M and Pete talk about their relationship and Prom. M is distracted by the whole rift thing. I missed the outcome of this conversation. At some point M also texts Violetta asking to talk to Twilight.

M also shows off at some point that they can eat random seeds and grow fruit, which prompts a pointless conversation about lemons.

Dr Infinity is awake again and exasperated by Pete and M's teenage relationship drama. L'Esprit and Pete go to question her while M spectates. Dr Infinity insists that interdimensional physics is too theoretical for her, that it was Blue Hydra's area of research, and the research was in the now-destroyed base. She says Blue Hydra would seek out allies like Vanquish or Black Raven. Satisfied, L'Esprit calls Miracle Woman to take custody of Dr Infinity. Dr Infinity threatens again to take control of the base. M has a terse talk with Dr Infinity, threatening to rip off her limbs if she ever pulls any shit again. She is cowed, but she was last time too.

Finding the missing weird alien plant that Dark Reflect stole from the Hall of Heroes seems important. The gang teleportals to Palomar Observatory and Pete reconfigures things to find the plant. It indicates that it's right where they are. After much searching they turn up nothing. Ugat belatedly realizes that the scan is picking up them. This is somehow related to their connection to the rift.

In the Uber back Sarah gets a call from Max saying that the security has been compromised. It turns out that Miracle Woman neglected to mention she's 12 hours away, and in the meantime Infinity has escaped, although Max reports she's still in the Sanctuary. Our heroes return to the base and find Dr Infinity and a cowering Siphon in front of the teleportal. Dr Infinity wants to work together to deal with Blue Hydra. Her deal is taken and L'Esprit calls Miracle Woman to tell her Dr Infinity escaped.

Ugat lays out options for Siphon, who opts to slink out rather than join them. Ugat and Calavera mention removing him from the base's security clearance once they get the security back online. L'Esprit doesn't offer input, just glares after him.

Dr Infinity is insistent that they go to confront one of the people she mentioned. L'Esprit inputs the coordinates for Vanquish's house and the gang plus Dr Infinity teleportal onto the grounds.

Security is unexpectedly increased and they find themselves surrounded by goons that promptly point guns at them. Pete (or Ugat?) explains that they want to talk to Vanquish, and the man in question comes out to see what they want.

While Pete and L'Esprit ask Vanquish about Blue Hydra, Ugat senses a hydra egg in Vanquish. He asks about it in an undertone. Vanquish asks for help.

Five giant hydra heads promptly erupt from the roof of the mansion and attack our heroes. One hits Pete, causing him to lose control of his mind blasts and lash out unpredictably. Ugat tries to grab two of them to tie together, but they instead bite Ugat's arms and start to pull them apart. One engulfs Dr Infinity. Calavera uses a bubble to free her, but another bites Calavera and starts to pull her. She yells at L'Esprit to help rather than back off. L'Esprit attempts to tase one of the heads directly in its mouth, but a blast from Pete stops her and she barely avoids getting eaten. Pete starts a stream, then turns into a mongoose-gorilla (gorillagoose? mongorilla?) and grabs the heads biting Ugat, knocking their skulls together to stun them. Vanquish grabs Dr Infinity.

Calavera gets pulled to Blue Hydra, who is floating between her oversized hydras with her eyes rolled back. She focuses on Calavera and says something about Calavera being ready (I think that's what she said?). Ugat attempts to intervene and grab Blue Hydra but gets bitten again. Ugat yells at Pete to connect their minds to Blue Hydra.

The gang suddenly find themselves in a strange purgatory dimension. Blue Hydra, Calavera, and Vanquish are gone. In Calavera's place are two dragons, a small blue dragon and a medium-sized pink dragon. In Blue Hydra's place are eight much larger blue dragons beginning to surround the pink dragon. In Vanquish's place is another baby blue dragon. The pink dragon answers when the gang calls for Calavera. Everyone is justifiably confused about this, including Calavera.

Figuring out that the larger blue dragons want to protect the small ones from pink dragon Calavera, Pete steals the one near the pink dragon and runs off with it. Several blue dragons follow, the others gang up on Calavera. She uses a burst of power to fling them off of her. Pete threatens the baby dragon he's carrying and the others stay back.

Ugat squishes the tiny Vanquish dragon, and suddenly everyone returns to the normal dimension.

Dr Infinity is standing over L'Esprit examining her opals. She backs off when L'Esprit wakes up, but says that the opals have interesting properties and she'd like to study them. Ugat reminds her of their earlier threat.

Vanquish is passed-out, but squishing the baby dragon cleared him of Blue Hydra's influence. Calavera is Calavera again. Blue Hydra is gone. Dr Infinity explains that Hydra opened some kind of hole in the ground and tunneled out, closing it behind her, and this whole incident is way beyond what Blue Hydra should be capable of.

Calavera still has the blue dragon egg, but at least they now know that killing the 'dragons' is effective. Nobody's quite sure what's going on with the pink dragon, though it's definitely related to Calavera and her powers, and maybe related to the rift?

Vanquish awakens. After freaking out about his house for a bit, he's able to be questioned. He tells them that Blue Hydra was normal when she showed up and he let her stay with him, since they're old semi-allies, but she started acting weird and demanding strange things, like flowers from some garden and a way to keep tabs on The Spectre. He gives L'Esprit a portable drive that he says Blue Hydra brought with her.

Ugat asks on the party line whether they should let Dr Infinity go. After some brief deliberation it's agreed that she's more valuable loose. L'Esprit tells Dr Infinity to contact them with any further information, reminding the villain that she can't deal with Blue Hydra alone.

Pete asks his followers to contact him if any of them see Blue Hydra. They agree, but in return they want him to stream his Prom and to choose between Jessica and M.

Ugat figures out, somehow, that the alien plant thing fractured into four pieces and each piece corresponds, somehow, to one of the three people or the place that he's compelled to deal with.


Well worth the wait

Suddenly Dragons

I had a lot of different reactions to different parts of this adventure. Lol

Suddenly Dragons

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