The Fourth Generation

Be My Bodyguard

It has been two weeks since the events at the wedding and L'Espirit, Reflect, Officer and Freddie for Real are missing if not dead. BodyGuards have been brought in to guard the remains of the Oolu ship and The Hall of Heroes.

Roy secretly passes a note to Sarah asking her to meet him out back after school. She later gets a text from her mom saying to meet her directly after school. Sarah asks Pete Friendly to give Roy the bad news.

Vanessa meets up with Sarah at lunch and sees Kelsi has returned to school but has her arm in a sling. They talk and are getting along. 

After school Pete gives Roy the bad news that Sarah can't make it. At first he thinks that she doesn't like him but Pete convinces him that she does actually like him. He overreacts and decides to meet at her place. Pete gives him a modified calculator that can defect if someone has powers. 

Sarah returns home and her mother gives her a talk about how she should rejoin the Bodyguard Program. She says they have changed and are now based out of Halcyon City. She can continue to go to school and hang out with her friends. Sarah says she is fine the way things are and asks about her two friends who are Bodyguards. Her mom says the Bodyguards are already dealing with them. Sarah is shocked and decides to leave only to run into Roy who tried to kiss her but she dodges and takes him to a coffee shop.

Vanessa returns home to find her place devastated and Cathy and Betty missing. Ugat and Pete show up to help. Ugat sees tracks for an Excursion and head to their secret base. He gets Sarah's help to track the vehicle which goes to the peer and meets up with a submarine. The figure they are heading to the underwater THULE base.

They take Pete's ship underwater and Pete makes a deal with Mother Dearest that he will let her go if she helps him break into THULE. She agree. Pete disguises the ship as a whale and they connect and sneak in. 

Meanwhile Sarah is on her date with Roy at a Starbucks. Roy's x-girlfriend, Jessica, walks by calling Sarah a freak and making Roy choose. Roy chooses Sarah and Jessica walks away pissed saying he will regret his choice.

The crew finds Cathy being held and guarded by Bodyguard 12Colleen Drake and 2 other bodyguards. Vanessa charges in attacks Colleen and grabs Cathy. They end up in a nasty fight but Ugat and Vanessa get away with Cathy and Colleen captures. Pete turns into a giant rhino squid monster preventing the bodyguards from following. 

Sarah goes to the bathroom and when she comes back out runs into Barb Sharpton. She also tried to convince Sarah to rejoin saying she doesn't need combat training. Barb leaves saying she is under constant video surveillance. 

Ugat and Bodyguard find Betty getting something injected into the side of her head. Colleen says it is a tracker bomb and Ugat flings her around and she reveals the device to remove but Ugat damages it. The Bodyguards push past Pete and lock him in the room that Cathy was being held in. Mother Dearest makes a deal with Pete that he will let him out of his cell (since she hacked and has control of the facilities in the THULE base) if he releases her from her cell in Pete's ship. Pete agrees.

Sarah sits down to enjoy her coffee but after a few minutes sees someone in a suit of power armor blast at her. Sarah forms a shield around her and Roy and they run but the armor jumps in front of them. The armor holds up her hand causing a noise and Sarah's shield to fail. She telekinetically pushes the suit back accidentally harming civilians. The armor presses the attack and Sarah decides to teleport herself and Roy to the THULE base.

By the time Sarah blips into the fray, Bodyguard holding Cathy and Betty, and Ugat holding the broken removal device, are running from Bodyguards. Roy has a minor freak out (because teleporting is weird), and all of them begin booking it to the whale ship. Bodyguard-12 catches up to Vanessa quickly, forcing her to toss Cathy and Betty to Calavera, while she focuses on fighting/distracting 12.

Mother Dearest has made it perfectly clear that she had no real intention of keeping her word on helping The Wildcards with their plan, as trouble seems to be boiling over (curse you inevitable betrayal!). Calavera is the first to make it back to the ship, and bubbles Mother. Mother fights back, but Calavera holds out for Pete.

Pete was able to fight the Bodyguards for a while before they finally figured out how to fight a squid with horns. He gets whaled on pretty hard. (I don't remember what exactly Ugat was doing in this instance). Vanessa has been blocking and dodging 12 surprisingly well, before flinging him to the guard beating up Pete, giving him the chance to go to the ship. Vanessa doesn't see the third guard coming though, and gets knocked out in the fight. Pete fights for control of his ship and wins, and locks his mother back in the laundry room. She screams dramatically.

Ugat, for lack of a better description, joins forces with the rest of the plant life and trees in the THULE facility, in this ever growing singular hive mind of Ugat tree mess. This massive growth/connection however causes the building to be too small to hold all of him, and ocean water pours through. People start evacuating, and he tosses Vanessa and Roy into the Whale ship, and everyone escapes.

Calavera and Roy have a talk about how crazy being a super hero is, but even with the minor freak outs he's over all okay and excited about the adventure. Sarah seems to appreciate Roy's enthusiasm. Ugat tells Pete that Betty has an explosive in her head, and Pete creates a one time removal device using the broken parts. It works, before falling apart. Vanessa wakes up, and quickly checks on Betty and Cathy. Betty has come to and is unharmed, essentially, and tells Vanessa they need to leave Halcyon. Vanessa agrees that Betty needs to leave, but that she's staying in the city. They have a spat.

Cathy wakes up, and is also luckily unharmed. She shares her story of how she fought 3 bodyguards by her awesome self, but that 3 versus 1 was unfair. Vanessa praises her for her it. Pete drives the ship to Iceland, to which he understands the language easily (because English is hard guys). Betty waits in Iceland, and Vanessa tells Cathy that Halcyon isn't safe anymore and to choose between staying or leaving. Cathy breaks Betty's leg.

Pete helps fix Betty's leg, before leaving her in Iceland alone. Vanessa proceeds to scold Cathy that she shouldn't hurt people weaker than her just because they are jerks. The team return to Halcyon, mostly unscathed. They drop Mother Dearest off at General Mikey's current home in La Jolla, and with the help of Lucy they make plans to try and follow the rest of their team into the past!



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