Transformed plant/tree creature, former Green Guardian, Doorkeeper to the Dragon Dimension


Mike has a lot of problems. Part of him is stuck inside Omega, acting like the conscience that “John” left behind a long time ago. He appears to Omega’s one good eye like a hallucination of a tiny tree man, like a Jiminy Cricket, giving him advice.
Mike’s body and most of his mind belong to the EvilDurian. Mike has managed to work with the evil plant, convincing it that the Dragons are not ready to come back to Earth. Instead, the remaining dragons need to become stronger, and train until they are “pure” energy. Time will tell if the WildCards can save their friend and their planet from these better, fiercer dragons.

Mike goes by “UGAT,” which is Tagalong for “root.” Michael took the name because there were already a Golden Age hero and a Bronze age technopath villain named "Root " Mike’s body is made up of plant matter, usually resembling a seven foot humanoid yucca tree. They have control over this form though, and can reshape their body at will, making limbs longer and attacking with clawed branches, heavy fists and stomps, or even sending roots through the ground to attack at a distance. They can talk to other plants, and even influence them. In addition, UGAT is learning he has a mystical side as well., being the heir to the Green Warden abilities

Abilities: Inhuman Might, Plant Affinity, Transmuting Flesh, Superhuman Senses
Moves: I am not my Body, Not Human Enough, Wish I Could Be, Be The Monster, Coming For You, Wisdom of the Ancestors.

He does not use a secret identity. There has been only one person dumb enough to try and anger the angry plant monster by threatening his relatives, and that was an accident. There is no hiding his form behind a domino mask. Mike has recently clarified his personal “superhero” motto to be “I keep extraordinary people from f@$#ing up their lives in extraordinary ways.” He’s much more willing to talk to their opponents instead of going in fists first.


  • Atomic Gary knew Michael before he changed, before both of their powers manifested. But where Gary has been racked with emotional turmoil about his Nova powers, Michael feels his Transformation gave him a purpose. Gary “ended” their friendship in return for healing the damage his Atomic blast did to Michael’s mother.
  • Outsider Pete never really met “Mike,” only UGAT. And he still treated him like just another human. He feels a lot better about keeping Pete on the other side of the door, knowing Pete has Mika and an interdimensional spacecraft…
  • Reflect During their origin, when the Demon Teacher was using them to commit crimes, Michael was more beast than boy. It was Robbie who told him “you don’t have to be the monster. Don’t let anyone tell you to be anything you don’t want to be.” That rebellious attitude is what kicked Michael out of being a monster supervillain, and put him on the path to being a hero.
  • Bodyguard Mike saw Vanessa as his front line Sword on the team, and also his first attempt at stepping aside to NOT try and “herd the cats” with his team. She’s his first failure and his team’s greatest success rolled into one. He wonders if she would have been so successful with taking down the Bodyguard program if she hadn’t given up so much “Vanessa” to be Halcyon’s “Shield”
  • L’Esprit Mike likes Lio, and realizes with just a little help on her Heroic Speeches, she could be everything that she wants to be. She is one of the more adult Wildcards, sharing some of his pragmatic nature (a kingpin of organized crime is better than gang violence, right?) She’s been very weird since the time travel, although they got along great in 1940’s Mexico
  • Officer Mike considers Joey like another one of his crazy cousins, so anxious to “prove himself a man,” that he puts those around him in danger. But the indirect approach isn’t working, andhe n ever got the chance to try the direct approach.
  • Calevara Mike has always been been a little bit taken aback by Sarah. She’s the one member of the team that he doesn’t think they could take down in a fight, unless he learns to vibrate his leaves really hard. But she’s also the nicest, sweetest girl he’s ever met, and he’s trying hard to not let her subsume her own goals into becoming a “Team Mom.” When Sarah takes off the mask, she can appear normal, but just like Mike, she can’t live a normal life

*Cygnus UGAT gave Cygnus a chance to be a hero… and she took it. He hopes their personal conflict.over Pete doesn’t ruin the good work she’s done in choosing heroism over pure fame.
*Exemplars UGAT has lost most of his hero-worship of the Exemplars, and was really disappointed they couldn’t be the role models their name implies. He’s just hopping their Old White Man squabble doesn’t level the city.

  • The Violent Crew and The Cleanup Crew – Michael feels like these two teams were possible “alternatiive” ways his life could have gone. He feels the Cleanup Crew thought too small and the Violent Crew didn’t think about their repercussions at all. He’s hoping to steer all of them into stronger life choices, even if that means his team will have to face down some of them in the future.
  • The New Exemplars – Mike welcomes new Teen heroes into the scene, and he hopes that they can become the heroes they want to be and be the role models and, well, exemplars that neither the old group or the Wild Cards seem to be capable of being.

Michael Joshua Pena was a perfectly ordinary (if a bit emo) teenager, hoping to become a poet or a writer when he graduated high school. He lived with his mother Rose, who works on the Miramar Air Force base as a civilian roboticist. ({and secretly as Badger’s Overwatch and Technologist) Michael’s father left his mother at the same time he was deported from the country years ago, but the Pena Family has an innumerable amount of cousins that helped provide him with role models. Michael was a good kid.

The summer he turned sixteen he was working with his father’s former landscaping firm, working for his “Uncle” Dominic. Michael was mowing the grass in the industrial park owned by the Thule Corporation. There was a spill, and Michael was hospitalized as he was coated with an unknown chemical substance. He began to change, and a week later, Michael was a six foot intelligent tree.

A year later, Michael had enough control to speak and move. In the meantime, his old high school had been accidentally destroyed by Atomic. That was fine, Michael was now going to Halcyon High with the other freaks, as they were able to accommodate his “special needs.” His cousin Gloria is thrilled to have a family member help her with her graduate degree in botany.

Rose was assigned to an Air Force unit overseas for her robotics knowledge as a civilian deployment. She is now home, and agrees Uncle Dominic (now retired from his settlement from THULE) was a very lazy “legal guardian” when Michael isn’t out doing “Superhero Stuff.” Rose is working for the Exemplar, Badger behind the scenes, and she would M to do so as well.

After a time travel adventure, Michael’s mind merged with his alternate Mika. Unlike the rest of the team and their alternates, Michael absorbed Mika’s personality instead of just her memories. After some transition, they’ve pretty much come together and consider themselves “M,” although they have found they prefer the plural pronouns to refer to themselves. M came out as Queer, although they point out that they don’t have a lot in common with any other part of the community. They’re a 7 foot super strong shapeshifting science accident plant person, currently dating a shape-changing alien. No one is going to bully them about their choices.

Mike, however, knew that the merger was only temporary. Sooner or later, they would question their own motives, and have a breakdown. So he grew Mika a new body, using the techniques he learned from Aspen, the previous Green Guardian. He was hoping to train along side her, but circumstances happened too fast, and he sent Mika out into the world to be a hero.

Mike is currently mostly under the sway of the EvilDurian. But a fragment of his original body still remains, planted in Halcyon City. Is there some way to put his mind back into the body?

(Character Picture by Ron Leman of Blizzard’s Treant from WOW)


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