Twilight (Ellie Lahcen)

Stealthy and highly trained


Pipistrelle ‘Ellie’ Lahcen

Recently turned 16. Bears a passing resemblance to Lio, but is short and slight, built like an acrobat, and with generally softer and more rounded features.

Protege of Lady Night, with a similar costume. Wields swords and martial arts, trained in small arms, stealth, and psionic resistance. No known powers.

Lio’s younger sister, distrusts her.

Close with Joey.

Member of the New Exemplars.

Youngest active Troika agent. Family first.


Rebellious and reckless and has something to prove, and more than willing to get her hands dirty — or bloody.

Enjoys terrible romcoms and martial arts movies, arcade games, and shonen anime.

Ellie used to look up to her big sister. She maybe was a little jealous when Lio developed her powers, and maybe resented how much attention Lio got (both from being older and from being nana’s favorite), but aside from some sisterly bickering they were always on good terms. They confided in each other — about everything from crushes and homework to mental health struggles and misgivings about the family. Ellie was the first person Lio told when she started sneaking out as L’Esprit, even before Sarah.

Losing her was devastating.

Now, this… this fake is running around with Lio’s friends… Lio’s face… Lio’s eyes… Lio’s sadness and stubbornness and recklessness… but it’s wrong. She’s wrong. She’s not— she can’t be.

…But it still hurts to think of her with that gun.

Twilight (Ellie Lahcen)

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