The Spectre (XI - Current)

Mysterious shadow-manipulator


Real name: Nasir Serero

Known Abilities: Shadow control, shadow portals, mind-clouding, shadow cloak stealth, shadow senses. Athletic prowess, martial arts, gunplay, and resources.


Senka Serero’s son

Lio and Ellie’s cousin

The Spectre’s great-grandson.

Senior field agent for The Troika.

Eleventh person to officially operate under the Spectre name.

Has never been a member of The Exemplars but has worked with them on occasion. Apparently not taking sides in the Exemplar civil war. (His connection with Lady Night is not public.)


After the original Spectre went into hiding in ‘39, and before The Golden Master disappeared in ’73, three people tried to carry on as The Spectre. Two were killed. The third, a shadowmancer by the name of Angelo Del Gardi, was convinced to operate under a different name. He went on to marry The Spectre’s daughter, Ada, and passed his powers on to their daughter Senka. She passed them on to her son Nasir.

When Senka retired from the field, Nasir took her place as one of the active Spectres.

Wears the third black opal, the titanium bracelet.

Apparently has something to do with the Hydra/Dragon/Life-Draining thing happening, though he may or may not be aware of that himself.

The Spectre (XI - Current)

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