Schick now lets his his true face show. He also wears clothing similar to his lands with a wand that turns into a ivory staff similar to Magus’s.

Wonder magic
stage magic skill
urban offgrid
-avoiding cameras
-blending in
If to much power is being drawn then schick is required to drop his glamour
Knowing the etiquette of overlords


I am a Ambrose Price Everheart. I am heir to the Everheart throne.

Spending time with his father has given him confidence. He knows one day he may rule and when he returns, he will always be hunted and need to defend himself.

Schick was raised by Everheart with his sister. While his sister learned to use a more balanced magic from the transdimentional witch, Schick was sent to other dimensions to find and train with masters. He got used to seeing how overlords work and their way of doing things. He has met demons and eldrich abominations, interdimentional dragons. They ultimately would not train him. So him and his father continued to search until they could find someone. They ran into so many dimensions, and the scariest was obviously the Pony dimension where everyone is forced to be happy. Some Ponies empowered by a something called the forth wall. It is a magic that is crazier then those used by alienist horrors. He finally found many mentors in some obscure dimensions. He trained with a Master Yoda, a master Gandolf, Paul Atredes, and Master Wong. This only frustrated Everheart further. Schick came back with ideas of good, evil, balance, and temperance. This made Schick unfit to rule.
He came back with only this magic based on Wonder. Wonder works throughout dimensions. It is much weaker and less forceful then Everheart’s magic. It is based on the wonder that is created by unknown possibilities.
Everheart one day decided he wanted to punish Schick for being so moral. He stated that if he wanted to act like a slave he would put him in with the slaves for a day. Schick saw how slaves lived and felt pity on them. This only frustrated Everheart more. He decided he would kill the slaves to help harden Schick to the roughness of real life. Schick used his magic to free the slaves. Kinda easy when a lock has no meaning to a magician and making things disappear is kinda his “Schick”.
While on the run with the slaves he learned how to use mundane means to evade bounty hunters. Schick originally learned from the slaves that he escaped with. Soon Schick learned that the less crowded a area is and the more magic he used, the more likely he would be found,. He started hiding among cities and used only basic glamours.

Thoughts on other characters

AM-Glad you see me for my good and evil potential and still accept me.

Crazy Natik-I guess I did not really give you a fair chance

Greaser-Who, where has she been? You mean the person that attacked me?

Mayhem—I guess we will find out how close to the dark is safe.

Red Stellar—You crazy…crazy…man…I am glad you daring is on our side.

Selbarc—Imagine a army of those who understand magic for your war. You have found a great ally.


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