Joseph Carrion aka Ghost

*Squicky voice* I am vengeance that haunts the night


[[File:744051 | class=media-item-align-none | outfit_2.jpg]
Super speed
Growing in power -Guns, phasing, wall and water running, and Investigation

White knight
Making ammends
Straight up creepin

Aggressively defend a large area
spit in your face

Mentor Badger-Emobdies- Superior, Denies Freak


Ghost wears a light tan trenchcoat and a oni mask. The mask has reflective tape that emphasizes the jawline. Ghost carries a 45 with tracer rounds that let off a high pitch sound.

The officer/Ghost AKA Joseph Carron started off as a young boy in the 70’s. He adored supers especially the specter. He grew up with war stories from his alcoholic father who was disabled. His father jumped on a grenade and lost his his legs.
One day while collecting metal to recycle, he saw a spaceship crash. He immediately went into the chemical fumes and pulled two blue aliens out. He went back in to the ship to look for more survivors. While in there he saw a section of glowing lights where the fumes seem to come from. The light coming out of it was really bright. Suddenly Joey started feeling like he was going to pass out. He did not want to have someone else carry him out so he slowly crawled out of the ship. He was able to get a safe distance away before it exploded.
Joseph woke up and the world felt like everything was slower. It took him days to learn how to speak or understand people. Fortunately he was moving so fast at the time most people did not even notice him. When he was able to slow down enough to speak, he went home. His alcoholic father did not even notice his son was gone. He told his mother that he got lost in the woods.
He found life as a speedster was different. School which used to be hard became super easy. It was like he had all the time in the world to study. Retaining the knowledge became much harder. It always felt like forever ago that he learned a fact even though it may have just been a couple of hours.
Joseph knew he could be a superhero like his hero “the specter” with his new powers. Joseph needed a a superhero name. He wanted to be a name synonym with honesty. There were only two he could think of. The two careers were officers and politicians. He chose officer because it was a subtle reminder that he was to serve and protect.
It was a rough start. How do you find villains? He just kept running through the streets till he found a criminal. After a while of doing this he started noticing patterns where things would happen.
One day he heard someone scream bomb. He ran into the library where the scream came from. He saw a grenade that had already exploded. There were civilians in the blast radius. Officer pushed his speed to the maximum and then everything went psychedelic.
He saw himself on new streets on cold winter night. Officer was confused for half a second. Cars were smaller and did not make a lot of noise. Cars looked glossier and the lights were brighter. More signs were on the streets. He saw a cloaked figure who seemed to be stalking a house. The cloaked figure seemed to have already notice officer. Officer says Halt Villain while making a impressive pose. With a closer look at the figure, officer notices similarities with specters costume. It was more then just the costume, Officer felt a connection with this person. He felt that they not only knew each other but have worked together before. Officer always worked alone. Officer knows that a heroes trusts their gut. The figure seemed to realize what was going on in Officers mind. The figure said lets talk somewhere less Officer went with her without question. She took off her coat and wrapped it around officer and said keep it closed. Officer was appreciative of the gesture of warmth. Later he found the house was Calovera’s.
The figure turned out to be L’ esprit. She asked officer a lot of questions which he replied honestly. When L’ esprit heard he did not have a place to go she offered to pay for a hotel for a night. Officer appreciatively accepted. Next morning L’ Esprit came with new clothes and found Officers older self. She offered to drive Officer to his place.
Officer hated the guy who answered. He smelled like stale alcohol. He showed no heroic characteristics. Officer started yelling at this old man and stormed out. L’ Esprit was waiting for him outside as if she had heard the whole thing. She offered to help Officer till he gets on his feet. Eventually Officer moved in with L’ Esprit.
Living with L’Esprit was fun and difficult sometimes. He kept burning and under cooking food till L’ Esprit taught him to use a timer. Officer often goes through all the house when he is bored. He sees all the really cool specter stuff he is not supposed to touch. He has read some of the journals when L Esprit is not watching. Specter was strange character to Officer. He drank a lot especially with his partners. It did not seem to matter if they were male or female specter would hold their hand if they were close. Officer is aware that different times different things were common and leaves it at that. Officer one time saw Ghost “his future self’s name” in a journal but L’Esprit came home so he had to put it away real fast and could not remember where the passage was.
Eventually L’Esprit introduced Officer to Calavera. She is closer the Officer age. Calavera has shown Officer a lot of patience while teaching him to use computers. When officer met Calavera he felt that same deja vu connection.
Officer, as Joey, likes to go into trash bins and recycle metals. He loves going to boy scout meetings where the kids remind him of home.


Joseph no longer trains with Badger and Ghost. He continues to hone the skills taught to him on his own time.

At night when Officer prays :
Joey prays that God cares for Lio and to let Shield know, that she died a hero.

Modern Era
Joey snapped out and is awake again. He spends his time trying to cook and clean for the house. He goes to school, church and scouts again. He often walks around the Sancutary in costume with his mask on. He continues to research how the bodyguard program works. He often is frustrated at his own lack of attension span when studying, He is starting to mutter to himself during research.

Officers feelings for other character

Bodyguard-I will be a hero like you and Katiana.

Calavera-Look I am ok. “hopping on one foot.”

Le Esprit-I will be patient with you, just like mom taught me to deal with dad.

Outsider-I don’t want to be the one explaining what happened.

Reflect-a good heart and a delinquent

Ugat-Your a leader like Badger and Specter. They were the best for a reason. They are terrifying for a reason.

Ghost-Finally crossed the line. Your on your own. Maybe I should not have left you alone.

The Badger-I now know how Ghost feels about badger. I feel the same way. I hate this guy. Being around him lets that hatred fester and makes me a worse person. I trust him. If he is trouble he just needs to call.

Roy-This guy deserves Calovera. With all of us taking so much away from her this guy gives back.

Jeeves-take care of Badger

Joseph Carrion aka Ghost

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