Cosmica (Sarah Mendez)

Nova who can control cosmic energies


Sarah goes by Cosmica. While she continues to explore her Mexican roots since arriving in San Diego.
Sarah is five feet tall and fit with delicate features and long hair. She prefers jeans and sweaters in IN, but now she wears short skirts and tights because of the hot San Diego weather. Her outfit when she is a reddish mini dress that looks like leather.

After Prom Sarah didn’t return to Sanctuary or her parents house. Her dragons are gone and she doesn’t know where she fits with her friends and the team now.


Sarah grew up in Marion, IN and attended Marion High School. On the day her powers manifested she discovered some distressing information and experienced a deep shock. Because of this she destroyed her High School’s main building and football stadium. It was off hours and the few staff still inside only suffered injuries.

The destruction was reported in the national newspapers, but Sarah and her family were not mentioned.

Sarah was contacted by Barb Sharpton from the Bodyguard organization. They wanted to train her. She refused.

The Mendez family left Marion for San Diego where Lena found work at Balboa Navy hospital and Daniel was recruited by a mysterious private practice. Sarah was registered at Halcyon High along with other powered teenagers. Her parents felt she would be safest there.

Lena Infante was retired Navy. When she mustered out after twenty years of service, she found a position at the VA hospital in Marion IN where she met Daniel Mendez, a psychiatrist working at the same hospital. They were married the next year and immediately tried to start a family. Lena had difficulty conceiving because of her advanced age. They tried fertility treatments, but no luck until an organization contacted them and offered an advanced medical technique that had ninety-eight percent success rate to get women pregnant. They agreed and within two months Lena was with child.

Brendon Blaze was Sarah’s boyfriend. They were making out behind the football stadium when Sarah’s powers manifested. She sucked his vitality from him, leaving him an empty husk. She tried to reverse it, but she didn’t know how to control this power.

Sarah ran home to her parents. They eventually explained how her genes were manipulated in the womb. Her parents took Sarah to a clinic run by the same organization to test her and confirm that she was healthy. The tests normally took all day. The organization left the family alone since it appeared that Sarah didn’t have any mutations or special powers. Sarah was so upset she shattered a vase full of flowers with her mind.

After Brendon’s body was found by his sister, Sasha Blaze, she used her own powers to discovered what happened to him. She’s been chasing Sarah ever since.

After the family moved to San Diego, Sarah was hiking in Mission Trails with her family. When they took a break for lunch, Sarah said she needed to relieve herself. She stumbled upon an abandoned base in a semi-hidden cave and went inside where she found various artifacts, a strange portal, a large computer and living quarters. She doesn’t know where the portal goes since she is too nervous to try. She took care of her business in the bathroom the cave and finished the walk with her folks.

Over the next few months Sarah visited the base and activated the power and turned on the supercomputer. She found the base’s layout in some files and is discovering the different uses for the rooms and labs. She is also researching the portal and the experiments that were run on it.

There is a large room that is keyed to Sarah’s genetics alone.

During the corps mission to confront Barb Sharpton and the Bodyguards, Calavera activated her power to drain the vitality from Sharpton, but Dio jumped in front of her and Sarah, still not able to control that power, drained him instead.

After the incident she vowed to never use her power again until she can control it. She drains a person by using her saliva. Sarah is careful in washing or throwing out her utensils or anything that gets close to her mouth. She is researching how to change the saliva composition but it is slow going. Her mother is helping her with research and experiments to control or contain her Draining power.

Additional background:
Trying to recreate the Blue Hydra experiment, the Bodyguard program implanted a crystallized dragon inside Sarah. They left Sarah alone when it appeared the experiment failed.

When Sarah’s power’s manifested some of the dragon’s abilities leaked out of the crystal encasing it.

Becoming infected by the blue hydra further broke down the crystal dragon egg.

Cosmica (Sarah Mendez)

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