Calavera (Sarah Mendez)

The Doomed - telekinetic and other mind powers


Sarah goes by Calavera which means Sugar Skull in Spanish. She took the name because she is exploring her mexican roots since arriving in San Diego.

Sarah is five feet tall and fit with delicate features and long hair. She preferred jeans and sweaters in IN, but now she wears short skirts and tights because of the hot San Diego weather. Her outfit when she is with her team is a black cat suit with a mesh/cloth mask decorated like the Day of the Dead candy skulls.

Her powers manifest as telekinesis, but because of the source of her powers, others may manifest.

Doom injuring innocents, frightening love ones


Sarah grew up in Marion, IN and attended Marion High School. On the day her powers manifested she discovered some distressing information and experienced a deep shock. Because of this she destroyed her High School’s main building and football stadium. School was finished and the few staff still inside only suffered injuries.

The destruction was reported in national newspapers, but Sarah and her family were not mentioned.

Sarah was contacted by Barb Sharpton from the Bodyguard organization. They wanted to train her. She refused.

The Mendez family left Marion for San Diego where Lena found work at Balboa Navy hospital and Daniel was recruited by a mysterious private practice. Sarah was registered at Halcyon High along with other powered teenagers. Her parents felt she would be safest there.

Calavera (Sarah Mendez)

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