Shield (Vanessa Signet)

An Escaped Bull who was created to protect whoever would pay.


“My alliances can not be bought.”
Everyone keeps saying I died…I’m not dead…I didn’t die…but I’m not entirely whole either…

  1. Character Description, Power Description, Stats, and Mechanical Notes
  2. Origin History
  3. General Relationships; NPC’s of Interest
  4. Special Interests; Player Character Perspective
  5. Influence

Shield is a built, albeit smaller, metal plated hero with short black hair. Her costume was made for mobility, and designed simply, but due to some collateral environmental damage, this uniform is no longer fit for disguise or combat purposes.The shield patch that once barely remained attached, has now been torn down the middle and is carried in her pocket for safe keeping until a new costume can be made.

Her powers were a result of genetic manipulation and a rigorous training program, keeping her in top form. Her powers manifest as a plated metal that covers her entire body on command. She can manipulate her form to create protruding spikes, intricate chains, other helpful tools, and can be extended to reinforce or protect other physical objects (at the cost of making herself vulnerable at times). She’s also been able to break through stronger mental controls by creating something akin to a helm made of this metal mutation. Her metal plating covers her entire head, hair included, to protect from outside sources. Her facial features disappear, and are replaced by cracked and intimidating mask. Her voice echos in a strange mixture of her voice and grinding metal when she speaks in this form. Many find the sound disturbing and off putting. She calls this upgrade “Soldier Form”.


-There When It Matters (Bull): When Defending, can hold 1 instead. Use the hold when they are in danger later.
-In a China Shop (Bull): When Directly Engaging, can cause collateral damage, even on a miss.
-Physics? What Physics? (Bull): When Unleashing Powers to break through a barrier, use Danger instead of Freak.
-Punch EVERYONE (Bull): When charging into a fight without assessing, shift Danger up and another Label Down.
-Never Give Up, Never Surrender (Legacy): Taking a Powerful Blow from someone stronger than you, a hit you stand strong. On a 7-9 mark a condition. On a miss, you go down but stagger your opponent.

Adult Moves
-Overwhelm a Vulnerable Foe: When you Overwhelm a Vulnerable Foe, roll + Danger. On a hit, the fight’s over. They’re done. On a 10+ choose one. On a 7-9, choose two.

  • You take a powerful blow in turn
  • You hurt your foe more than you intended
  • You cause serious collateral damage

Moment of Truth UNLOCKED ; BodyGuard Facility Guard_D0G destroyed.

The Bulls Heart
-Defender: When Defending a Love or Rival, roll Danger instead of Savior.
-Friend: When you Comfort or Support your love or rival, mark potential on a hit. When your love or rival Comfort or Supports you, mark potential when they roll a hit.
-Listener: When you Pierce the Mask of your love or rival, you can always let them ask you a question to ask them an additional question in turn, even on a miss. These additional questions do not have to be on the list.

Danger: +3
Freak: 0
Savior: +3 LOCKED
Superior: -1
Mundane: -2

Current Conditions
Guilty: -2 to Provoke Someone or Assess The Situation; Make a sacrifice to absolve your guilt.

Other Mechanical Notes
+ Currently holding 2 that act as team; received while performing a team move of sharing vulnerability and weakness to Lio.
+ Currently holding 1 for the move “There When It Matters” for Lio. [Spend hold when they are in danger later to arrive on the scene ready to help.]

+2 Advancements

Advancements Taken
+ Took a move from your playbook x2
+ Took a move from another playbook
+ Unlock your Moment of Truth
+ Choose two more roles for the Bull’s Heart
+ Take an adult move

Vanessa Signet is a seventeen-year-old, indigenous (possibly Inuit) teenager, and a lot has changed. Damaged hands remain scarred thanks to the electric shock, but have also left a large lightning scar from her right hand, up to her shoulder and neck, extending back down to parts of her chest and navel. What used to be only dark brown eyes, now show a golden ring surrounding the pupils. Her general outfit has increased in wardrobe thanks to returning to the Sanctuary, but her outfits tend to stick with warmer clothes. Long sleeve shirts, or wearing a jacket to compensate. She still has her stitched up uniform pants, and her wrecked sneakers, but she doesn’t seem to wear those anymore. Some weird part of her can’t get rid of the uniform, and it’s been making her frustrated at times. Her gloves, which used to hide her hands, were either burned or lost in the rubble during the melt down. She’s still not comfortable exposing her hands, and makes due with periods of time hiding them in her pockets. Her black hair has gotten a little wild, but she’s clean and can at least pass as a normal person.

Until she opens her mouth at least.


The Origins of Bodyguard-84
Bodyguard-84 was sold to the BodyGuard™ Program by her birth parents as a baby to clear their debt and records, giving them the means to start over in life. At the cost of their daughter having anything but a normal life. Raised from a child in the facility, they performed genetic experiments to enhance and change their products to suit the needs of clients with wealth, power, and reputation. Extensive physical training, and regular “medical” checkups built Bodyguard-84 to be a powerful weapon of destruction and defense to whoever had the means and funds to hire her services. Growing up under the thumb of her “guardians” caused a lot of emotional discourse and mental defiance from their usual soldier training. With the addition of Dr. Levar’s affinity with sadism, it’s not hard to see why she might be difficult to control. This created distrust in their defective “product” resulting in limited free-time to spar, and restraints when undergoing medical and physical procedures.

Bodyguard-84 knew very few others while growing up, one being her main sparring partner Bodyguard-12 (aka: Brent). Taller, stronger, and meaner than her, she was often humiliated and defeated during regular sparring matches. With the only true exception being her last fight with Bodyguard-12, when she turned the tables on the larger brute. With an incredible punch to the face, that was her only true victory against him. This was also the first time that any bodyguard created had bled from battle. This left the two, with already entangled disdain, rooted into a deeper hatred.
The other contact she had while under the watch of the facility, was the lead of medical and genetic research department; Dr. Agatha Borne. Bodyguard-84 has always wondered why Dr. Agatha Borne had taken an interest in her growing up, but every time she tried to ask, she retorted with silence or ignored the question. But if it wasn’t for her sabotage of Bodyguard-84’s restraints during a physical examination, she would have never escaped the BodyGuard™ Program.

“You were the easiest to control.”

- Dr. Betty Signet/Dr. Agatha Borne: Previous Adopted Mother/Guardian, Previous Medical and Genetics Director for BodyGuard™. Current whereabouts identified, secret bunker in Iceland.
You’re in Iceland, it’s been about two years, and we had a falling out. That…sort of drew the wind out of my sails. I have this depressing feeling in me, but it doesn’t make sense. Or at least from what people have told me, and what I’ve come to learn anyway. I destroyed the facility, I escaped, and you were no where to be found. That makes sense, since you were no where near that place…But I still feel betrayed somehow…

- Cathy – Bodyguard 102: A smuggled 12-year-old from the BodyGuard™ Program. Vanessa considers herself to be Cathy’s older sister, even though they’re not related.
So the sister I mentioned in that video was 102. She’s become so different from what I remember. She used to be quiet, a little cold, frustrated a lot of the time. Most of the younger Guards are, that’s understandable. She hugged me, she was relaxed…I made her sad. This is disappointment, this is what it feels to have someone disappointed in you.

I wish I was stronger. I know I was stronger.

And now look at me.

- Bodyguard 12: Hated Enemy, Old Sparring Partner.
I hope you’re as far away from me as humanly possible. I don’t have time to deal with you on top of this fucking mess.

- Kelsi Wong: One of the only human friends she knows, and trusts completely. Vanessa is more honest with herself now thanks to Kelsi’s support.
You were important to me, but I still don’t know who you are. Just that the memory that Doctor Cosmos shared with me, was the turning point in something. I’ve noticed how tired I looked in that video, it looks like my focus is scattered and frantic. Why did I hurt you? And so many other people? That vision hurt more than anything I had felt so far…

I don’t want to hurt more people…

- Doctor Cosmos: A dangerous psychic ex-exemplar currently having a civil war with Omega, and held captive by The Junior Guard.
I don’t want him to be let loose again. I only ran into him because he decided to drop in on the Junior Guard, but he clearly showed his power. I can’t control myself if he’s around.

Who am I kidding? I can’t control myself even when he’s not around…his power has nothing to do with my own incompetence…

- Doctor Infinity: A villainess made of technology, currently trapped in the Sanctuary.
All these people keep saying they can help me. I don’t get it. I…I understand now that I’m not the drone I used to be. I’m this Shield person who had…allies? Who used to be a sister, and a friend maybe to these people. I get that I’m being a burden at the moment. And I hate it. I hate every part of it. But I can’t just rush it, as much as I really wish I could. Besides, what’s a dramatic android in a prison cell going to do to help me?

- Joshua Clam: Recently obtained friend at Halcyon High. Another human, with surprisingly worse people skills than Vanessa. A huge math nerd, with a minor interest in computer code. Seems like the kind of kid to be an accountant one day.

- Frankie For Real: Pete’s older Jerk brother.

- Midas: Son of Frankie-For-Real in the alternative Oolu timeline. Current whereabouts unknown due to bullshit psychic powers.

- Blue Hyrda: Villainess with Hydras sticking out.

- Gold Raven: Post-Exemplar who emits fire and flies.

Special Interests

  • Outsider/Pete Friendly:
    I wonder what kind of…person? You’ll be like in the flesh. Your videos seem to show a friendly and open personality, but what about when those camera’s aren’t rolling.
  • Ugat/M-Micheal-Mika: Rival
    That interview was annoying, but Lio seems to trust you. I don’t really blame anyone for it either, I’m an outsider. Everyone keeps saying otherwise, like I’m a friend or part of the team and all that other…family stuff. But I don’t know…I don’t really see how I fit in.
  • Reflect/Robbie: Previous Love
    You were there when the meltdown occurred. I can see you in the video, even if it’s kind of a blurred and static mess. Luckily, I can remember it too, which seems like a stupid victory but I’ll take it.

You saved Lio.

That being said, I have zero idea how you could’ve gotten locked in a broom closet.

  • Calavera/Sarah: I don’t understand these memories of us. You look the same, but different too? And Doctor Cosmos was there, and sure he’s kind of an old barnacle but he didn’t actively try to fuck with my head then. And speaking of then, Lio said it was an alternative timeline? How does that even-What about-HOW? How am I suppose to remember anything if there’s THREE different worlds worth of memories I lost?!…I’ll say this, I’m sorry I rammed you into the wall. It looked like you were…I’m not even sure. I just knew that Lio would run off and you were interfering. Even though that’s not really a good excuse…I’m sorry.
  • L’Esprit/Lio: Love
    She seemed a bit more tense when we made it back to Halcyon did I do something wrong? but I think that’s fair. I’m just glad I could be a little useful for once… if only Thomas didn’t rain on that… and she’s been keen on helping me put the pieces back together. She told me where the Doctor was, and 102 Cathy seemed really…happy? Relieved? To see me? I think it checks out that she’s my sister…I wish my mind wasn’t such a mess. She said that she knows I’ll need time to recover from the amnesia. But it’s been months…without proper treatment sure but…I feel like I’m blinding grasping at straws, and so far the parts I’ve found show a person who lacks control.

Why would she want something like that back in her everyone’s life?

  • Officer/Joey: This kid’s priorities are a mess, and if he plans on defending that freak in an animal costume, then we’re going to have problems. I’ll need to figure out a better way to grapple him, since he ran the first chance he got from me…
  • Atomic: Previous Rival
    That building brings up an intense feeling of dread. At least the shaky feeling in my right arm I can knock off to this stupid gold mutation…I just hope no one notices the rest of my body when we’re near it.
  • Siphon/Thomas:
    I’m not really sure what to think of this person. He seemed to know the place pretty well, was relaxed enough for it. I’m not sure if he knocked out Doctor Infinity because he wanted to, or because he thought I would try something. Either way, I did learn at least one thing.

Don’t accept food from this person.


The Junior Guard: These people helped me, even when I refused to accept it, and are holding a person that I don’t like. And a “hero” is planning to hurt them to release that man. Reflect already sent a warning. I want to trust that they’ll be alright. I want to trust that nothing bad will happen.

But I can’t.

If he hurts them. If he releases Cosmos…I’ll make him regret it.

Dr. Betty Signet – Was received by somehow convinced her Mom that she at least needed to leave a notice for school if she was going to randomly skip. Betty proceeded to tell her that whether she was coming or not, training was going to happen again sooner or later.

Calavera – Sarah Mendez – Was received out of a mutual understanding and trust for each other as team mates and possibly friends. Also has influence over Vanessa.

Kelsi Wong – Was received after attempting to convince her to help Vanessa with a drug sting operation. She refused to cooperate, and left the scene offended and angry at Vanessa.

Ugat – Micheal Pena – Was received after accompanying him to look for Atomic instead of staying to reconcile her fight with Kelsi. This was further emphasized by following up with Ugat when he was at the hospital with Atomic, and (not knowing the full situation) proceeded to fight Atomic for what seemed like a fight between the two.

Pete Friendly – Was received via sympathy to Vanessa’s anger and stress. The usually cool-headed Pete Friendly, has finally experienced anger. Although he was able to calm down from it relatively quickly, he feels he better understands why Vanessa is pretty angry all the time now.

Lio Lahcen – Was received via growing closer to the team in adventure log “Good Wholesome Family Fun”. Also has influence over Vanessa during a heart to heart Team Move moment. Currently Holding 1 for Lio to be “There When It Matters”.

Robbie Rust – I’m not sure how I got this little bit of influence, but I have it apparently lol

Donut/Willa – Received during the end of session moves, since we grew closer as a team. Even if I was a pain in the ass about it.

Shield (Vanessa Signet)

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