Shield (Vanessa Signet)

"My alliances can not be bought." An Escaped Bull who was created to protect whoever would pay.


Shield is a built, albeit smaller, metal plated hero with short black hair. Her costume is made for mobility, and designed simply. A black, sleeveless crop top and matching black pants keep her looking uniform and contained, seems to match the uniform of the BodyGuard™ Program. The only major variant being the symbol of a shield near her right shoulder. A closer look at the shield will show that it was sewn on by hand, and not professionally, but at least it stays. She’s considering changing her look, to be less associated with the Program she escaped from.

Her powers were a result of genetic manipulation and a rigorous training program, keeping her in top form. Her powers manifest as a plated metal that covers her entire body on command. She can manipulate her form to create protruding spikes, as well as other tools, to help with specific situations. And recently, she’s been able to break through stronger mental controls, by becoming less human. Her metal plating covers her entire head, hair included, to protect from outside sources. Her facial features disappear, and are replaced by a smooth and intimidating mask. Her voice echos in a strange mixture of her voice and grinding metal when she speaks in this form. Many find the sound disturbing and off putting.


As of recently, along with the delinquents renaming themselves as “The Wild Cards.”, Bodyguard is addressed by two super hero alias’. Bodyguard among her close peers, as well as those who recognize her as a product from BodyGuard™, and Shield if she is seen among strangers or reported upon in the local news.

-There When It Matters: When Defending, can hold 1 instead. Use the hold when they are in danger later.
-In a China Shop: When Directly Engaging, can cause collateral damage, even on a miss.
-Physics? What Physics?: When Unleashing Powers to break through a barrier, use Danger instead of Freak.
-Punch EVERYONE: When charging into a fight without assessing, shift Danger up and another Label Down.
-Never Give Up, Never Surrender: Taking a Powerful Blow from someone stronger than you, a hit you stand strong. On a 7-9 mark a condition. On a miss, you go down but stagger your opponent.
Moment of Truth UNLOCKED

-Defender: When Defending a Love or Rival, roll Danger instead of Savior.

Danger: +3
Freak: -1
Savior: +2
Superior: -1
Mundane: 0

Current Conditions
Afraid: -2 to Directly Engage – Run away from a difficult situation.
Guilty: -2 Provoke or Assess – Make a sacrifice to absolve your guilt.
Hopeless: -2 to Unleash Your Powers – Fling yourself into easy relief.

Vanessa Signet is a seventeen-year-old, indigenous (possibly Inuit) teenager, and as far as appearances go she considers herself very plain. She keeps to simple casual clothes, usually wearing whatever clean jeans are laying around and some sort of printed tee. She has black hair, styled in a short bob cut, and dark brown eyes. The only thing she seems to really worry about are her hands. Rough, cracked, and calloused, she is always seen wearing full fingered gloves. Vanessa’s family used to include her mother, Betty, and her little sister Cathy. But due to some unusual circumstances, her mother Betty has left for a “business trip” with an unknown return date. There are a few rumors that pop up here and there about why that happened or that they were abandoned or whatever, but Vanessa seems to ignore it. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t heard them floating around though.


Bodyguard-84 was sold to the BodyGuard™ Program by her birth parents as a baby to clear their debt and records, giving them the means to start over in life. At the cost of their daughter having anything but a normal life. Raised from a child in the facility, they performed genetic experiments to enhance and change their products to suit the needs of clients with wealth, power, and reputation. Extensive physical training, and regular “medical” checkups built Bodyguard-84 to be a powerful weapon of destruction and defense to whoever had the means and funds to hire her services. Growing up under the thumb of her “guardians” caused a lot of emotional discourse and mental defiance from their usual soldier training. This created distrust in their defective “product” resulting in limited free-time to spar, and restraints when undergoing medical and physical procedures.

Bodyguard-84 knew very few others while growing up, one being her main sparring partner Bodyguard-12 (aka: Brent). Taller, stronger, and meaner than her, she was often humiliated and defeated during regular sparring matches. With the only true exception being her last fight with Bodyguard-12, when she turned the tables on the larger brute. With an incredible punch to the face, that was her only true victory against him. This was also the first time that any bodyguard created had bled from battle. This left the two, with already entangled disdain, rooted into a deeper hatred.
The other contact she had while under the watch of the facility, was the lead of medical and genetic research department; Dr. Agatha Borne. Bodyguard-84 has always wondered why Dr. Agatha Borne had taken an interest in her growing up, but every time she tried to ask, she retorted with silence or ignored the question. But if it wasn’t for her sabotage of Bodyguard-84’s restraints during a physical examination, she would have never escaped the BodyGuard™ Program.

After escaping, Bodyguard-84 was giving a new name, and the idea that she was not a slave or a product, but a person. A girl who was robbed of her life with the world, and now encouraged to explore and live the human experience. Although happy to escape the confines of the facility, she fought with the idea of exposing herself to the world. What if people were just a cruel as the people in the BodyGuard™ Program? Why should she care about strangers who did nothing for her? Or worse, were willing to ignore her suffering for the opportunity to use her? In the end, she agreed to be taught how to adjust to normal society for the sake of gaining a stronger sense of morality and Justice.

“You were the easiest to control.”


Vanessa Signet, and her adopted mother Doctor Betty Signet, moved to Haylcon City from their original home in Alaska. Doctor Betty Signet had received a job opportunity in Haylcon that forced her to relocate. Vanessa, having been home schooled by private tutors her whole life, enrolled to Haylcon High School after their move. Her mother decided it would be a good experience for her to socialize with her peers and to make some real friends.


- Dr. Betty Signet: Previous Adopted Mother/Guardian, Previous Medical and Genetics Director for BodyGuard™. Current whereabouts unknown.
Vanessa is pretty torn about the destruction of their small family, and believes it’s all her fault. She doesn’t think Betty was the best mom, but she wasn’t a bad one either. At the end of their relationship, she didn’t feel she could trust her anymore, but she still went to the bottom of the ocean to save her. Even though she can’t understand her mother, it is obvious that she still cared about her. But maybe it was just Vanessa dreaming for a family that she never, truly, had.
- Cathy – Bodyguard 102: A smuggled 12-year-old from the BodyGuard™ Program. Vanessa considers herself to be Cathy’s older sister, even though they’re not related.
Vanessa seems to be constantly stressing over one thing or another, and this time it’s Cathy. Being caught in an alternate time line messed with her, and her relationships with her friends. However, this also separated her from Cathy in two different cases. The first being the obvious, how long had she been in this timeline and how is Cathy doing in the normal timeline? Has it been years? Days? Minutes? She doesn’t know, and she’s worried that they’ve been “gone” for too long. The other concern she’s had, is about the alternative timeline. She was a Bodyguard, and so was Cathy, but she had joined the resistance. But doing so also meant abandoning Cathy and leaving her with the enemy. This has been eating at her slowly, knowing that when you line up the facts, she abandoned Cathy in the end. Even though she’s kept a straight face, and kept her eyes forward, underneath the layer she’s desperate to go home and to hug Cathy.
- Bodyguard 12: Hated Enemy, Old Sparring Partner.
Vanessa hates this asshole, he constantly keeps coming back into her life and picking fights with everyone she knows and cares about, including herself. She also keeps getting upset that since he’s been back, she still can’t beat him in a simple one on one battle. She is also 99.999% sure that he’s the reason that her house got wrecked and that her mom and Cathy got kidnapped. Dick move Brent.
- Ogre: Previous Sparring Partner, Odd Kinship in Bodyguards perspective.
No Special Notes
- Kelsi Wong: One of the only human friends she knows, and trusts completely. Vanessa is more honest with herself now thanks to Kelsi’s support.
“I will always protect you. That’s what I was made to do.”
Vanessa has been trying to help Kelsi the best that she can, since she’s returned to school. It’s pretty obvious however, and expected, that Kelsi has added a bit of distance towards their relationship. Vanessa understands where this is coming from, and views it as Kelsi being afraid of Vanessa. It does hurt Vanessa’s feelings, but she also views this sort of “harm” towards her feelings as nothing compared to what Kelsi had to go through. Vanessa has been trying to help fix their relationship by helping Kelsi with school when she needs it. But it’s also obvious that Vanessa is having a harder and harder time being close, or even looking Kelsi in the eye. Especially when Vanessa says stupid things right in earshot of her. Knowing this, this was also one of the reasons Vanessa feels she needs to keep her original plan of distance between them. Kelsi isn’t safe around Vanessa, and now with the BodyGuard™ Program sniffing them out in Halcyon, Kelsi is even more at risk for just being around her. With that in mind, Vanessa stands by blocking contact with Kelsi, even if she feels more alone and helpless from it.

The smiley face earrings that Vanessa has worn as herself and Bodyguard, seem to be being worn less often. Sometimes she wears them, and sometimes she leaves them off, hiding in her pockets or in her hands. She can’t bring herself to get rid of them, but the longer she wears them, the harder it is for her to keep her thoughts and herself away from Kelsi, and the more depressed she seems to become.

Roy Goldsmit: Highschool Jock figure who is pretty chill, regardless of who he hangs around. Seems to have a thing for Calavera.
Vanessa isn’t sure why everyone thinks Roy boy is a big deal, at least besides the fact that Sarah does have a decent sized crush on him. People have been thinking he’s a super hero possibly? She doesn’t see it. If anything, she thinks Sarah’s taste in boys is really weird, but that’s not saying much coming from Vanessa. But hey, at least he’s super chill and nice.

Special Interests
- Outsider/Pete Friendly: Vanessa was so damn happy that she wasn’t alone in this timeline, she already had a hard enough time figuring out what the plan was by herself, but when Pete tuned in her first reaction was GO TO WHERE HE IS. Besides that, she’s still a little hung up on the idea that she’s following orders or directions from others. She’s not sure how to handle that thought, at least positively. It’s easy to just follow orders, and she’s done it for most of her entire life, either from adults or other leaders in the team. And she feels like her strategy plans are pretty damn awful. Is she really any different from where she started? Well, right now isn’t the time to worry about that.
- Ugat: Rival – Viewed as a strength that Vanessa could try to conquer. A trusted leader, and seems to have everything collected and together. Vanessa envies this a little, but knows that he’s also responsible enough to handle it better than she can. She’s pretty desperate to return home, and hopes that the rest of the team found a way back too. Being separated seems to cause a lot of problems.
- Reflect: Love – Shared her past with him. Trusts him with certain secrets, and appreciates his graffiti art. Vanessa is still more than happy to trust Reflect openly. He’s funny, gets into trouble, and likes to challenge the odds against him, but he does it with such gusto and confidence she can’t help but either follow by example or support it. Except for right now, goddamnit Reflect the people of the past don’t need to know about the future and all the weird shit that goes down! We’re trying to go home, not wreck the timeline AGAIN! Where’s that duct tape?
- Calavera: Out of all the heroes, besides maybe Reflect, Calavera is the closest thing Vanessa has had to an actual peer who understands what she went through. Vanessa continues to place her trust in Calavera, and each time has paid off. Even though the way they approach problems is different, mainly because Vanessa is a punch first kind of girl, she views that difference as a good balance. Vanessa feels she can trust Sarah to cover all of the bases that Vanessa is missing, and to rein her in when she tries to do something foolish. And as far as we can tell from what happened in the 60’s, Vanessa is (oddly enough) missing that sort of leash keeping her heeled. Vanessa is a pretty reckless person, and without someone acting as the voice of reason, her tenancy to ask questions later gets her into precarious situations. Like clinging to Omega’s leg while floating way too high in the sky. And almost falling to her very painful landing. She hopes Sarah’s okay, but also knows she’s got a level head. She’s confident she’ll see her again, but still has her worries.
- L’Esprit: Mysterious, and unsure how to act around her personally, she at least feels she can trust her. Vanessa wonders how they are coping with their time adventure so far, especially since being sling-shot from one period to another is starting to confuse Vanessa pretty badly. History isn’t her strongest subject. But then again, Lio seems pretty agile and adaptable to all the weirdness thrown at them so far. Hopefully that talent gets them back home quickly and safely.
- Officer: One things for sure, that we learned here anyway. Alien space crafts induce time travel, unpredictable and unstable travel. And it’s frustrating Vanessa to no end. She wonders about Joey and how he’s been able to deal with all the crazy time shifts, and wonders how his first travel through time caused his powers to manifest. Mainly because Vanessa doesn’t think there’s been any mutations to the rest of them. Her other thought, that pops up often enough, is with this knowledge, will Joey try to return to his original time period now? Sure, he might have some unfinished business in the modern world, but doesn’t he miss his family or friends? She’s curious about this, but also feels its pretty rude to ask. His personal history and identity is his own business…not hers.
- Atomic: Previous Rival – Vanessa does not trust Atomic at all anymore at this point. She has previously been cautious of his sense of morality and the massive weight of his power when he was a part of the team. This has been pushed to the complete extreme with the event of taking her powers away, and leaving her completely vulnerable to an emotionally and mentally unstable Atomic. She sees him as an absolute danger to himself and everyone around him. Somewhere deep down, she still sees him as a friend, but she refuses to admit it openly.

At the same time, she is now convinced herself that the two of them are more alike than she originally thought. Even though his power is on an entirely different level than hers, their shared position of being a danger to others has exposed Vanessa to a side of herself she refused to acknowledge. And now, even though she doesn’t trust him, she holds a strange feeling of empathy towards him. And an even deeper feeling of shame towards herself.

In the light of events, she is surprised that she hasn’t been on the receiving end of his rage due to what had happened to Kelsi. Due to what is happening with the Exemplars and their mess, she’s only a little surprised. She’s willing to bet serious money though that if or when he finds out, that he would come barreling through like a nuclear warhead.

BodyGuard™ Program General Information
Ugat (Micheal Pena), Pete Friendly, L’Esprit (Vespertilio Lahcen), and Officer (Joey Carron) all know about the general information on Vanessa and the BodyGuard™ Program. Such as the following.

- The BodyGuard Program is an organization that creates Bodyguards to be rented or sold to rich clients as an alternative to normal personal protection, mercenaries, soldiers, and status symbols of power. They are also popular products for countries that are undergoing civil wars or revolutions; usually on the side of the government to crush the opposing revolutionists.

- Vanessa Signet used to be a part of the BodyGuard™ Program as Bodyguard-84, and has since then escaped from the confines of the organization. She is also currently in hiding from the company, and often undergoes rigorous training from her Guardian Dr. Betty Signet.

- Dr. Betty Signet is her “mother” and Guardian, and used to be a part of the BodyGuard™ Program as well. They know she is scientifically intelligent with specialties towards biological studies.

- Bodyguard-12 is an older model of the BodyGuard™ Program, and used to be Vanessa’s sparring partner in the Program. They also know that Vanessa is not confident in winning a fight against him, as seen from her running away with Cygnus in a previous encounter. [Special note for Kelsi Wong]

- Bodyguards are metal powered beings that can manipulate their body to form weapons and other appendages, while remaining strong and formidable. They are considered weapons of war.

- Vanessa’s Bodyguard uniform is the same as those worn in the BodyGuard™ Program. With the exception being that a number would be printed on the uniform for each specific Bodyguard, instead of Vanessa’s signature shield patch.

Calavera (Sarah Mendez), Reflect (Robbie Rust), and Kelsi Wong each know deeper secrets about Vanessa’s past with the BodyGuard™ program, albeit different levels of trust.


Dr. Betty Signet – Was received by somehow convinced her Mom that she at least needed to leave a notice for school if she was going to randomly skip. Betty proceeded to tell her that whether she was coming or not, training was going to happen again sooner or later.

Calavera – Sarah Mendez – Was received out of a mutual understanding and trust for each other as team mates and possibly friends. Also has influence over Vanessa.

Kelsi Wong – Was received after attempting to convince her to help Vanessa with a drug sting operation. She refused to cooperate, and left the scene offended and angry at Vanessa.

Ugat – Micheal Pena – Was received after accompanying him to look for Atomic instead of staying to reconcile her fight with Kelsi. This was further emphasized by following up with Ugat when he was at the hospital with Atomic, and (not knowing the full situation) proceeded to fight Atomic for what seemed like a fight between the two.

Pete Friendly – Was received via sympathy to Vanessa’s anger and stress. The usually cool-headed Pete Friendly, has finally experienced anger. Although he was able to calm down from it relatively quickly, he feels he better understands why Vanessa is pretty angry all the time now.

Shield (Vanessa Signet)

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