The Fourth Generation

Wedding Crashers

The Wildcards have a Very Busy Afternoon

The crashed Dreadnought is still in the bay. Coronado Bridge has been rebuilt, part of it going through the ship.

Joey visited Lio briefly to return her housekey before returning to training with Ghost and Badger. Lucy and Robbie got metal sleeves to block the signal from their evil tattoos. Blue Hydra has awoken and been informed of where she is and that she'll be turned over to the authorities as soon as we have the chance. Vanessa has been out of contact, working with Betty as agreed, while spending her free time working with Cathy and sneaking out at night to stay by Kelsi.

Michael finally passed Vanessa in the hospital and took her aside for a talk, during which she agreed to be publicly known as Shield. She went on to see Kelsi, finding her awake, and the two talked, Vanessa making the significant gesture of taking off her gloves to hold Kelsi's hand.

We rejoin our heroes on the day of Frankie and Cygnus's wedding, and a team interview scheduled with 60 Minutes. The team arranges to meet up at the Sanctuary.

Before the meeting, Joey reveals to Pete, Michael, and Robbie that The Badger stuck a tracer in his neck. Pete removes it. Lio investigates Dr Infinity's house and finds a hidden laboratory with diagrams of the death orbs and two tubes of the liquid metal.

In the Sanctuary, Sarah familiarizes everyone with the setup. They discuss the team name, throwing out a couple ideas before settling on Wildcards. Michael arranges to get his mom, Sarah's parents, and Dr Betty in contact with each other. Although several members of the team are hesitant about the interview, Michael insists that everyone be present so that Halcyon residents will be able to recognize them for heroes. Vanessa is allowed to opt out for reasons that I missed.

Pete and Ugat take the helm during the interview. The only really interesting part is that the new name is publicly unveiled. The proceeding is thankfully interrupted by an intruder alert from Max 2000. A reporter attempts to come with them, but Pete shoos them off. Alerting Vanessa, the team heads back to the Sanctuary, prepared to deal with Dr Infinity trying to take her old base back.

They find not only Dr Infinity, but also Siphon and Black Raven in the Sanctuary, Blue Hydra broken out and Dr Infinity working at the computer. Along with her are four (six?) of the death orbs.

Black Raven attacks Calavera at the head of the group; both Bodyguard/Shield and L'Esprit move to protect her, and Black Raven flees when Shield presses the attack. Siphon attacks Reflect, stealing his teleportation powers and teleporting the two back outside. Ugat takes control of one of the death orbs and uses it to blow up another. Officer and Pete go after Dr Infinity but are brushed off ("Unhand me, small disco child!"); Calavera finally succeeds in getting her away from the computer. L'Esprit tries to engage Blue Hydra, who grabs her. Dr Infinity says that they got what they came for and vanishes with Hydra, L'Esprit, and the remaining death orbs.

Siphon surrenders. Ugat turns the captive death orb over to Pete to add to his growing trophy collection. They start preparing to deal with the wedding in less than two hours and, more importantly, the imminent alien invasion after that. Lucy joins them for this process.

L'Esprit finds herself in a dark, unfamiliar room. Dr Infinity offers to let L'Esprit work for her, using the super-steroids until Infinity can turn her into a cyborg. An Oolu guard lets Infinity and Hydra know that the wedding will be soon. It turns out that L'Esprit is in the basement of the Hotel Coronado. Dr Infinity has one of the orbs pin L'Esprit to a wall to deal with later. Lio contacts Pete, letting him know where she is and about the guard, and she tells them not to do anything dangerous to get her. Joey wants to rescue Lio anyway, but Sarah talks him down.

Pete contacts Cygnus to try and get her to make a distraction. Cygnus is not cooperative. Lucy loses patience with the team's dithering, so sheds her arm-guard and heads out on the Kirby-scooter to cause the needed distraction. Immediately the guard at the hotel musters shuttles and scooters to give chase. Reflect teleports out to join her. The remaining team hurriedly finishes planning and sets out for the hotel.

Left alone, L'Esprit frees herself and scouts out the hotel, locating General Mikey and Mother Dearest at Pete's suggestion. Vanessa shows up to challenge the General to public combat. L'Esprit passed on that the General, Lucy's dad, is worried about her and could be turned against the invaders for her sake. Vanessa confronts the General and talks him into take a dive. He won't fight her until after the wedding ceremony, though, relegating that to Plan B.

Meanwhile, over with Plan A, Officer shows up to bug Frankie. Frankie reacts quickly enough to grab him, and Officer is arrested and shuffled off to the side. His Badgerphone buzzes, but he's unable to answer due to the whole handcuffs thing. Pete confronts his brother, but Mother Dearest density-pins him and tells him to stand by as the Best Man like he's supposed to be.

Also meanwhile, Ugat asks the hotel plants where the villains have gone. They direct him to the crashed dreadnought.

The wedding ceremony begins. Frankie is beyond pleased. Cygnus is beautiful. Everything is perfect so long as you ignore the sounds of the scooters chasing Lucy and Reflect. Even L'Esprit stun-gunning the guard and freeing Officer fails to disrupt the ceremony.

Then Pete gets free of his mom, drawing his peashooter and demanding Frankie admit before the cameras that the invasion is already underway. Frankie starts to comply, but before he can say the words, he's blasted aside — by none other than Mother Dearest. Mom announces that the ceremony will continue, but Pete will marry Cygnus instead. Calavera bubbles Pete and Cygnus while Officer steals Mom's gun.

Seeing that the ceremony is all but off, Vanessa and the General begin their duel.

Meanwhile, Blue Hydra, Dr Infinity, and Vanquish have taken over the dreadnought. It begins to lift off, destroying Coronado Bridge (again). Reflect, having taken care of the Oolu chasing them, crashes the Kirby scooter into the dreadnought cockpit. He teleports he and Lucy off it at the last second and onto the hull of the dreadnought. Although tragic, the sacrifice of the scooter does very little except give Ugat an objective when he starts climbing up the dreadnought. Officer finally picks up the Badgerphone and is instructed to head to the dreadnought.

Black Raven shows up, proclaiming that she and the three supervillains are the New Exemplars. She is ignored as Ugat gets Officer to use Mother Dearest's gun to cut them a path into the cockpit. Black Raven is not pleased by this and in response melts the hull open. Officer tackles Dr Infinity away from the ship's controls while Reflect handles Vanquish.

Back at the wedding grounds, a ring has gathered around Vanessa and General Mikey as they battle, her holding her own while remaining visibly human. She hears Bodyguard 12's voice in the crowd urging her on.

Cygnus tries her voice power at Pete's urging, only for it to reflect off the bubble and knock her out. Calavera pulls the bubbles off them and onto Pete's mom instead. Pete starts to fly off with Cygnus and his mom despite the latter continuing to fight him.

Dr Cosmos — a wedding guest — mind-freezes everyone who is fighting. Vanessa breaks through it, in the process going fully metallic. L'Esprit sneaks up and stun guns him, releasing the freeze. Vanessa knocks Mikey down and he concedes the fight. Pete and Sarah fly to his ship with Cygnus and his mom. L'Esprit picks up the wounded and unconscious Frankie and heads out to find him medical help.

Once more back to the dreadnought, Badger calls Officer back to the reactor room. As Officer arrives, he recognizes that it's about to overload and grabs Badger to get him out.

The dreadnought explodes, throwing the fighters in the cockpit clear and sending massive pieces of shrapnel everywhere. Vanessa deflects a piece from the wedding party but it still critically injures a civilian.

When the blast clears, L'Esprit, Officer, and the unconscious Frankie suddenly find themselves no longer by the bay, but rather in the middle of a street — with the irate driver of a 30s-style roadster honking at them.


The acoustics were awful so I’m pretty sure I missed stuff here and there, plz to fix. Will add in links and all later unless somebody beats me to it.

Also ‘dreadnought’ is a far too conspicuous word to use that many times in so few paragraphs, jfc

Also-also petition to official name those mercury laser things ‘death orbs’

Wedding Crashers

Alternative title

Wedding Crashers :V

Wedding Crashers

Wedding crashers has the fun feel to it.

Wedding Crashers

Also as for the interview and Vanessa’s absence…I’m not sure why she was allowed to be excused either lol

I just know she didn’t show up because she was busy being angsty.

Wedding Crashers

There I finally fixed it

Wedding Crashers

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