The Fourth Generation

The El Cortez is a Pit of Evil

The Wildcards, still unstuck in time, meet back up in what they soon discover is 1973.

Lio, Michael, Joey, and Sarah's memories after leaving the alternate future are vague and fragmented. They were in the 1930s, probably 1938. There were zeppelins. The princess slapped Joey. Michael was rejected by his ancestor Aspen. Lio went to speak to The Golden Master. Sarah checked on her grandparents. None can recall exactly how they got to 1973.

No sooner have they regrouped than trouble catches their attention, in the form of a 50-foot robot headed for the newly-opened Hall of Heroes building. There are civilians everywhere, moments earlier celebrating the aforementioned opening, which Dr Infinity has decided to robo-crash. Robbie's suggestion that the team go for tacos is ignored. Officer zips ahead to scout, and discovers among the civilians his father. While moving him to safety, Officer briefly encounters himself, about a year younger.

Surprisingly, Midas appears and rips off one of the robot's arms, tossing it aside and endangering bystanders. Pete drops the density of the arm so it doesn't do any harm. Shield charges in to attack. (Or did Vanessa tear off the arm? I honestly can't remember.)

The robot's head opens and Chompers begin to pour out, heading for the HoH building. Robbie senses (I guess?) the 'Dark Reflect' inside another section of the robot and goes to engage him. Meanwhile, Sarah contacts Max 2000 with her earpiece and is able to get him to shut down the robot, but her access is overridden before she can shut down the Chompers.

It's right about there that, of all people, Frankie arrives, sporting an 'E' chest emblem and backed up by the young ExemplarsOmega, Dr Cosmos, Miracle Woman, and Gold Raven. They pose. Joey thinks this is very cool, everyone else rolls their eyes. MW sets about evacuating civilians while the others engage.

Ugat sends up plant walls to keep the Chompers contained. Omega attacks him, but the damage is negligible. Ignoring him, Ugat uses Pete's telepathy and instructs the Wildcards to not punch any Exemplars. Yes, even Frankie. No one is happy about this.

Chompers start to attach to the building, a few exploding and starting to damage the foundation. Vanessa ducks into the basement level and expands the metal off of her and around the structure, hoping to reinforce it. A pair of Chompers get near her but Lio, following, shuts them down and disrupts the others.

Pete gets into the robot's control room and takes control of the Chompers, making them form a pyramid in the middle of the street.

Somewhere in here the Badger jet flew by and hit the big robot with a couple of missiles. They did not do much except shake it around a bit.

Calavera flies to the top of the robot and introduces herself to Gold Raven, asking to help. Before she can do much, she's suddenly frozen. In her mind she hears Frankie say that he won't let her interfere with his plans. GR, confused, burns her way into the robot and finds Reflect and Dark Reflect fighting. Dark Reflect pulls a 'laser knife' and slices Reflect a few times, then pulls off his mask. GR recognizes Robbie but I missed the end of this fight.

The Hall of Heroes begins to glow and a shield descends. The Chompers explode. Due to their poor position they don't take out the building, but they damage it enough that Joey, Lio, and Vanessa are endangered by falling rubble. Vanessa gets hurt and curses at Joey, causing him to cry. His past self comes out to comfort him.

Ugat sends psychic orders to meet 'at our old meeting place', meaning Balboa Park. Everyone but Robbie and Joey head there. Robbie instead tracks Dark Reflect, and Joey, for some harebrained reason, zips off to photograph the Badgercave.

Joey enters easily and takes some photos, but encounters a trap on his way out. Badger appears and questions him. Joey phases out of the trap, but isn't able to un-phase himself, or use his speed. He runs away from Badger. I missed this part, but he gets caught, all his tech is taken away and he's knocked out.

Robbie follows Dark Reflect to the basement of the El Cortez where he finds Golden Master expecting him, flanked by Blue Hydra and Dr Infinity as well as DR. Golden Master boasts that she controls all of Halcyon and tells him that Dark Reflect has been a great help to her, but is not 'complete' and they need him for that. Robbie tries to dissipate DR, but finds his powers blocked. He's allowed to teleport away and joins the group in Balboa Park, where he reports the villains' location.

While the others plan, Lio sneaks off to the El Cortez alone. Robbie, Vanessa, and Sarah follow shortly. Ugat and Pete remain to try and get in contact with Joey, and to figure out how to secure another Oolu engine to overload. Recalling the scout ship meant to be in the area around this time, Pete contacts the scout, Groovy With It. He finds out that the ship is parked not far away.

Joey wakes up in a weird, dark room. He attempts to phase out but going through the wall feels like walking through fire. He locates some kind of machine and destroys it, but doing so causes him pain. Pete tries to contact him but is also hurt. Micah kisses Pete better and the two head for the El Cortez. Meanwhile, Joey has started vibrating violently and is causing damage to the buildings overhead, including the El Cortez.

Lio arrives at the El Cortez to find Frankie, Gold Raven, and Midas in front. She sneaks around back. The Golden Master contacts her telepathically, saying they've been expecting her. Lio asks for an audience and is let in.

Robbie, Shield, and Sarah arrive and engage Frankie, Gold Raven, and Midas. Frankie maintains his heroic posturing. Dark Reflect teleports up to engage Robbie and they have a duplicate fight.

Frankie goes after Shield and makes the remarkably poor decision to shapechange into Kelsi. Enraged by the attempted manipulation, Shield punches him down and keeps punching him. A lot.

Midas telekinetically attacks Sarah; she turns it around and drags him to her to kiss him, draining his power. Frightened, Midas tries to surrender, saying he's only following his father's orders. Then Pete turns into a three-headed space moose and rams him into the side of the building.

Gold Raven sets Pete on fire. Pete freaks out and his shapeshifting powers go haywire, causing him to grow uncontrollably into a blobby mass that surrounds the El Cortez. Although he can't communicate or do much he does manage to use the weird mass to crush Dark Reflect's duplicates, sending the real DR running. Sarah bubbles DR and manages to make her bubble travel with him, keeping him from escaping despite his teleportation.

Robbie unmasks and identifies himself to Gold Raven. She takes very little convincing to join them against Frankie. She takes the nearly-unconscious and badly battered Frankie away from Shield. When Shield goes after her, still very much pissed off, Gold Raven flies out of reach.

Ugat leeches his roots into the ground in order to infiltrate the basement.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Lio confronts The Golden Master. GM reveals that she was involved in Spectre's death and wants his entire family wiped out so that they won't stand in her way. Demoralized, Lio invites them to kill her, standing strong but not putting up a fight when Blue Hydra and Dr Infinity attack her. Dr Infinity plants a device on the side of her head. Lio calls to GM, asking what happened to turn her against The Spectre. GM tells her that Frankie 'changed everything', and also reveals that Lio is responsible for a scar on her face, which Lio doesn't remember. Lio asks what happened to The Spectre's ring and is shown it on GM's finger. Dr Infinity activates a machine with a conspicuous crystal and the device in Lio's head starts to spark.

Officer arrives at the basement, still vibrating such that he's disrupting the El Cortez's structure, and attracts the attention of the assembled villains. Ugat's roots, meanwhile, snake out and crush the crystal. The device stops sparking. Lio stun-guns The Golden Master and takes the ring from her. GM recovers and slices her face, but Lio zaps her again. The building starts to collapse. Blue Hydra and Dr Infinity retreat. Lio grabs Joey by the collar and drags him out, deliberately leaving GM to die, to Joey's horror.

Outside, the group more or less reconvenes and they hash out a few final matters.

Ugat refuses to let Vanessa kill Frankie lest it cause an incident when they get back, although Vanessa and Lio both argue otherwise. Ultimately they bring him back alive.

Midas is thoroughly cowed, and it's decided to bring him with them so he can't screw with the timeline here.

Ugat explains to Joey that since they're about to engineer the explosion where he got his powers, he has to decide if he's going to stay in 1973 and take over where he left off, or if he's coming back with them. Joey says that Lio needs him. Lio won't look at him. Sarah hugs her.

Joey reclaims his things that Badger took from him, including the phone with the photos.

The Wildcards and their prisoners Frankie, Midas, and Dark Reflect, return to Balboa Park and commandeer Groovy's ship. While Pete rigs it to overload, Ugat sends Joey out to get his past self's attention and ensure that the time loop is closed. Joey tells his past self to be a hero, then returns to the ship, and Pete hits the button.

And finally, they return to the 2017 they left after the Wedding.

…Well, more or less.



I’m a freaking spaz lol

Also, The El Cortez is a Pit of Evil, oddly enough reminds me of E.V.I.L.

Every Villain Is Lemons

And with that, my brain has compared the adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy to this game. The Exemplars are Mermaid Man, and the Wild Cards are Barnacle Boy. You can’t unsee it now. You’re welcome.

The El Cortez is a Pit of Evil

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