The Fourth Generation

The Atomic Level

Officer (Joey Carron) wakes up in the morning eager to head to school. A woman comes out of Ghost's room wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and a bra. She makes Joey uncomfortable as she asks him about Ghost and himself and teases him. Joey runs away.

Violetta Marcos from the Cleanup Crew has moved to San Diego and hangs out with Ugat (Michael Peña). Lindsey gives them a dirty look and she asks what that is all about.

Calavera (Sarah Mendez) meets with Joey. As they are walking down the hall Roy Goldsmit asks Sara out but she refuses him saying she is going with Joey. Time freezes and Sasha Blaze appears dressed as a normal student. She threatens to hurt Joey and those she cares about. Joey's high speed allows him to witness this.

Bodyguard (Vanessa Signet) and Kelsi Wong head to school. Kelsi tries to tell Vanessa to stay away from Betty. Kelsi then suggests they should going to homecoming together and Vanessa asks if she wants to go. Kelsi quickly agrees.

Michael is asked to go to the main office. Principal Hutchinson tells him his mom, Rose Pena is in the amulance. Michael quickly goes over there and find out she was attacked by someone who could warp her shoulder. She is not sure why she was attacked.

Joey gets a call from his older self, Ghost. Ghost tells him to meet at a house in North Park which needs to be investigated and to bring his friends as it is superhero stuff. Joey ignores him and runs into Roy who asks if he can put in a good word for him with Sara as he really wants to go to the dance with her. Roy is friendly as Joey agrees.

Ugat gets a call from Ghost saying he can't get a hold of Joey and he and his friends need to meet him for some superhero investigation. Ugat lets the team know and they head to North Park. Ugat gets there first finding Ghost smoking and drinking. 

The rest show up and they inspect the house. Ghost explains the local cops checked the house first but didn't understand the scene. They called the Exemplars but got no response so the FBI and Ghost were brought in. Again it looks like the house had been attacked by Chompers. Other parts look like they were melted at a molecular level. There is also a body that looks like it exploded on the walls.

As they are collecting evidence The Badger shows up. Ghost starts yelling at The Badger to leave his crime scene but Badger tells him to leave calling him an incompetent reject. Ugat steps in asking Ghost to leave now that an Examplar leave but Ghost reaches for his gun and Ghost knocks it away with a Badgerang. Ghost then tries to use superspeed but Badger predicts and knocks him flat. Ghost then has a seizure.

Badger ignores Ghost and talks with the Delinquents. Tells him the house belonged to The Desperado. Another villain in witness protection. He would analyze the DNA of the remains and confirm. 

Ghost get frustrated and also leaves. The group tries to find Atomic (Gary Richard) but he is not answering his phone. The call Kelsi and find out that he was upset about something a few days ago and she hasn't talked to him since.

Officer checks the bars for Atomic hearing he liked to get drunk but only find Ghost who is on a serious bender. Ghost tries to speed run home but gets hit by a car. Officer takes Ghost to the group who sees a ball of light fall from the sky. The find Gold Raven who seems to have been attacked but her memory is unstable and she thinks it was Atomic but is not sure. 

The next morning Vanessa sees Betty but she has a young girl with her. She approaches her and Betty hugs her saying how worried she was and she must come home and train. Vanessa asks about the girl and finds out she is Cathy (Bodyguard 102). Betty has contacts back in the Bodyguard program and was able to smuggle her out. Vanessa prevents Cathy from almost killing someone that snuck up on her.

Sara walking to school is encounter by Colleen Drake and Bodyguard 12 asking her to join the Bodyguard program since she left Barb Sharpton. Sara refuses and Collen has Bodyguard attack. Vanessa hears that fighting as Sara put up a shield but Bodyguard 12 is drilling through. She tackles Bodyguard 12 and Sara tries to suck the life from him using her saliva but Bodyguard flips Vanessa having her take to vitality attack. Bodyguard 12 is able to get away.

Michael sees Gary (Atomic) talking arguing with Lindsey. Lindsey walks away and Joey cheers her up but she says she is done with dating freaks. Michael talks with Gary who says things are great with The Exemplars. Michael secretly swaps phones with Gary.

Michael visits his mom whose condition is getting worse as her shoulder dissolving seems to spread. He knows that only Gary or THULE can resolve the issue. He doesn't trust THULE so he knows he needs to go to Gary.


Also, Michael and Joey have a talk about how dating has changed since Joey’s original time. Joey comes from a conservative, religious background, but seems to be accepting of the “alternative” choices that he is going to be encountering both on the team and at school. Michael and Joey talk about Joey’s future, and how much of it is predestined.

After Sara asks Joey to Homecoming (to avoid any sort of awkwardness over dating… expectations) Joey asks Sara’s parents for permission to take her to Homecoming, which leaves everybody a little confused and awkward about who knows what about everybody’s powers and/or date expectations.

The Atomic Level

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