The Fourth Generation

Migrant Heroes

- Pete Friendly and Officer visit with Freddy for Real. They ask him about the explosion from the alien ship that sent Officer into the future. Freddy says that he should have been killed from the blast and perhaps he should be internally investigated by his people. 

- Bodyguard gets further training from Betty who injects her with further formula to enhance her powers. She develops to ability to spike her metallic skin but as she is testing her powers Kelsi shows up. Bodyguard grabs her and they run off. 

- Ugat splits the team into two groups to find those that had the same chemical that was dumped on him. The first team consisting of Bodyguard, Calavera and Officer search for a group calling themselves The Violent Group (Domingo Alvarez, Meche Hernandez, Rosalia Sanchez) who perform large scale vandalism. 

They find The Violent Group trying to light up the Hollywood sign. Just as they get to them Gold Raven shows up. A fight breaks out as the Delinquent Corp tries to put out the sign but The Violent Group takes control of Gold Raven's mind forcing her to attack them and destroy the sign. In the end Gold Raven sends out a powerful blast knocking everyone down and the Delinquents are able to talk with The Violent Group. Gold Raven loses her memory.

- Ugat then leads a second team consisting of L'Espirit, Pete Friendly and Reflect to Santa Monica Beach to find the Cleanup Crew (Isaac Navarro, Esparanza Lopez, Violetta Marcos). L'Espirit decides to spy on Issac, their leader, before the meet with them and is knocked over by Lady Night who puts a sword to her throat. Lady Night tells her not to impersonate The Spectre and steels the black opal around L'Espirit neck saying it is hers. L'Espirit tries to chase after her but Issac hers to commotion a confronts her giving Lady Night a chance to slip away and turn invisible.

- The Delinquent Corp meets with the group the next morning where they find them having a meeting with a mysterious business man who is guiding them on a local bill to help clean up the beach but convinces them they might need to aggressively convince one of the legislators to cooperate. The man is hostile to the Delinquents and Reflect realizes it is The Teacher in a new form. A small fight occurs but Pete Friendly and Reflect grab the teacher into Pete's ship where the teacher releases its control of the man. 



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