The Fourth Generation

Banks, Birthdays, Badgers, and Brownies

Weren't You Dead?

Joey wanders off while the girls are still on the bus, gets a text from Ghost to hang out. Ghost informs Joey that it's their birthday today. Joey sends out a group text to that effect. Ghost wants to go party in Tijuana but Joey objects. He gets texts from Ellie and Badger, both wishing him happy birthday and wanting to talk.

Lio and Vanessa return to the Sanctuary. After probably talking to M, Lio takes Vanessa aside to talk about Cathy. Vanessa agrees to meet her after school tomorrow.

Reflect has been out staking out a bank, chasing a rumor about Vanquish. While he's there, an explosion on the third floor shatters the windows. Reflect heads in, seeing that the civilians are all frozen in place, while a number of gun-toting goons are still active. He tries to teleport into the room but miscalculates and knocks his head. While he's stunned someone shoves him into a closet. He texts the team. Joey is the first to answer, Reflect texts not to let Joey rescue him.

Dr Infinity has woken up. She threatens to escape and take control of the base. Lio ineffectually tells her to settle down. Vanessa volunteers to stay behind and guard her. Lio gears up and teleportals to the bank.

Dr Infinity talks to Vanessa, trying to get herself released with promises of help and knowledge. She starts to get to Vanessa. Siphon saunters in. He activates an electrode that shocks Dr Infinity back to unconsciousness. Vanessa is lured away with nacho Doritos.

L'Esprit and Officer scout out the bank, see goons standing around, along with Vanquish and one guy with a laptop. L'Esprit sneaks in and releases Reflect. Once freed, Reflect immediately dupes out and yells to start fighting. His dupes freak out the goons. Officer steals the laptop and then begins evacuating civilians. One of the goons fires their gun at a Reflect, revealing the ammunition to be some kind of electrified blue pellets. Realizing the guns are electrical, L'Esprit shuts them down. Computer guy pulls out a second computer and it's stolen again. Reflect focuses on bugging Vanquish.

Midas and Twilight show up and wade in.

L'Esprit gets a mysterious call with instructions to let Vanquish finish what he's doing. The source is clearly from within her family. L'Esprit deliberates a few moments. The civilians are out of danger, so she reactivates the electrical guns and rushes Vanquish. Se undertones to Vanquish to focus on her. Before he can, Twilight jumps at him. L'Esprit grabs him, redirecting his laser vision away from Twilight and swinging him out of Officer's path.

Reflect, seeing she has Vanquish, grabs the computer dude. Vanquish slips L'Esprit to grab Reflect and all three get teleported out. Reflect takes the dose of super-drug he's been saving in order to engage Vanquish. Vanquish flies away.

L'Esprit's gotten new orders, instructions to finish running the program. Officer offers to track Vanquish, L'Esprit sends him off to get him out of the way. She follows the instructions. Twilight demands to know what she's doing. L'Esprit says she's checking the security, moving to keep Twilight from seeing the screen. Twilight gets fed up and knocks her chair down just as L'Esprit finishes; she doesn't recognize the activity on screen.

Reflect questions the computer guy, learning they were putting in a backdoor to the bank as well as to the nearby, being-rebuilt Hall of Heroes. Reflect punches computer guy out and goes to regroup with L'Esprit.

Joey loses Vanquish. He takes the pilfered laptop to Ghost, then to Badger to figure out what was being done with it. Ghost is high as a kite and useless. Badger argues with Joey. He brings up Dr Cosmos being locked up by the Junior Guard and his intentions to rescue Cosmos.

Reflect and Lio return to the Sanctuary to find Siphon smoking and trying to convince Vanessa to join him. He hands her a brownie and she takes a bite of it before Lio takes it. Lio drags Siphon to the kitchen to yell at him. Siphon insists that Vanessa just needs to relax and this will help, Lio argues that the effect on Vanessa's system might be unpredictable and they don't need her getting paranoid. Upon being informed it's drugged, Vanessa decides not to finish the brownie.

Joey returns to the Sanctuary and is also offered weed. Lio says it's fine so he has a bit. He tells them about seeing Badger and Badger's plan. Vanessa starts to question him about Badger.

Lio gets another call to head somewhere in City Heights. She gives Reflect temporary comm privileges with Max and tells him to call the Junior Guard to warn them about Badger, meanwhile she has to "take care of a family thing." She teleportals out. Reflect passes the warning along to the JG.

Joey refuses to tell Vanessa how to find Badger. Vanessa swings on him, managing to take his phone, and he phases out and runs away. She texts and then calls Badger, demanding to meet him.

Lio is let into the basement of a building. Four screens light up with darkened silhouettes, which proceed to question her with altered/muffled voices. She's unsure about this 'Troika' thing they keep mentioning, and unable to answer when they ask why she followed the instructions before, but insists that she just wants to keep her family safe. Whether she considers the Wildcards as part of 'family' is also in question. The four vote 3-1 to bring her in. She's promised training to bypass psychic abilities, as well as information on hyperdimensional shit to help Sarah, but she can't tell the Wildcards about any of it. Lio leaves, uncertain but hopeful.

Vanessa meets Badger in the construction area on top of the Halcyon building. He refuses to listen to her about Dr Cosmos. She tries to punch him and only winds up hung upside-down with some kind of current that disrupts her metal. Badger tells her he knows about Bodyguard technology, and he just needs Cosmos to help him figure out other things. He leaves, leaving her suspended. The bite of brownie she had earlier kicks in right around here.

After about ten minutes the current shuts off. Vanessa drops and throws up. She doesn't really remember the building but it makes her paranoid and scared, and she has trouble getting up to return to the Sanctuary.

Joey goes to hang out with Ellie at an arcade. She suggests going to crash a THULE party, get wasted and celebrate his birthday. He's all for it until they get there and she tries to order him a drink. While she pouts, Officer feels a hand on his back. Colleen Drake asks Officer to work with THULE independently. Officer refuses; when she persists he asks for her card. Twilight scoffs and leaves, Officer follows, but he's unable to cheer her up again.

The next day, Lio catches Cathy after school lets out and tells her about Vanessa. Cathy is confused and tries to play it cool, but when brought back to the Sanctuary she runs to Vanessa and hugs her. Vanessa is unable to remember her as anything more than a younger Bodyguard.


This had to be the most scattered adventure I’ve ran. Great job getting it all down. My favorite scene was Lio getting interrogated by the Troika but Reflect getting locked in a janitor closet and having to call for help was good, too.


Sounds great! And M didn’t lose their chance to tear off Dr. Infinity’s arms over the whole FakePete thing :)

Let’s hope I can keep track as well on the 11th.


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