The Fourth Generation

Cuts Like a Knife

AM has a strange dream about putting his knife to Hanna's neck. When he wakes up he realizes he is holding his knife and it is covered in blood. He calls Lex who comes over to the base and helps him analyze the blood. After some close inspection and running tests they believe it is the blood of The Trans-Dimensional Witch.

Meanwhile Guillermo and Koko head to school and Mr Hicks tries to convince Koko to join ROTC. Though reality has changed a lot of the day to day remains the same and Cindy bugs Guillermo as usual. This time about working together on homework after a prep rally. However, during the prep rally Guillermo convinces Koko to skip it and head to the arcade.

Soon after AM and Lex finish their tests there is a buzz letting them know someone is at the door. AM checks on a monitor and sees it is Pete Friendly and quickly puts the knife back in his chest. When he lets him in AM realizes Pete has two Oolu scientists with him. The Oolu say they have to do a full analysis of AM since he is the property of the Oolu Empire because Pete built him. Pete seems distressed and doesn't want this to happen. One of the scientists raises his hand and two diodes in AM's wrists link together.

AM pulls the knife from his chest and its energy releases his hands. Lex tries to call his power armor but realizes it has been taken over by Johnny 5 who is being difficult. He uses an antigrav mine and attaches it to an Oolu scientist causing him to float to the ceiling. AM tries to make a getaway by blasting Pete but he is mind blasted by Pete. This triggers AM thermal control causing him to melt into the earth. When he drops the knife he stops but passes out and Pete grabs him and flies away. Lex grabs the knife and mindlessly head out the door.

At the arcade Amanda heads in to tell Guillermo that ANTAG has found out the WildCards are hanging out in their old base in Mission Gorge and to investigate. Guillermo can't get ahold of anyone on the team so just takes Koko. When they arrive they run into Pete and Reflect. There is some discussion then a small scuffle. Inspectre gets a contacted by ANTAG and asks if he needs assistance.

AM wakes up in the base and finds the roots of the trees stuck to his chest and now powering him. He gets into the fray helping Koko and InSpectre overpower Reflect and Pete. ANTAG helicopters soon appear and Reflect teleport him and Pete away. 

The group decides to find Lex and AM takes Pete's ship. Inspectre is able to use power from his amulet to temperarily power AM. They find Lex's easily by tracking his phone and see he is heading home and followed by 15 murderous civilians. Lex heads inside and tries to kill his mom who pushes him away knocking the knife from his hand causing Lex to be releases from the knifes control. His mom tries to pick up the knife but he grabs it first once again falling under its control. Koko uses his overwhelming will to block the control of the knife on the civilians causing them to go home and sleep it off.

InSpectre gets orders to leave the order and help track down Reflect. Inspectre causes the house and ground underneath to float up and head towards Reflect's location. 

AM tries to help Lex but Johnny 5 in Lex's power armor blocks his way. AM melts the power armor and tries to blast it but ends up hitting Lex once again knocking away the knife. Lex gets his power armor back. Inspectre gets new orders to retrieve the knife and uses his ghost hands to sneak it away. With the civilians, Lex and his mom safe and team heads home.

Pete decides to get some alone time and is confronted by the Transdimensional Witch. She has his knife and offers him a wish in exchange. He tries to get it back but she swallows it. Lex find Pete and runs up and punches kthe Witch in the stomach causing he to spit up the knife and AM takes it back.

Marren You Had One Job

We open with Lex getting a visit from Magus Everard. After putting off Magus, Lex calls Sophia and passes on that Magus wants the magitech helmet, which apparently is a thing Lex still has.

Guillermo, Peli, and AM are in the base chatting about musical tastes, because Guillermo's mom has given him two tickets to a Daft Punk concert in Chula Vista. He invites Cindy. The rest of the team, sans Peli, decide to attend the concert as well, with or without valid tickets.

During the concert a light appears among the special effects. The light grows steadily brighter until it fills the amphitheater.

Hanna, Lex, Guillermo, and Marren suddenly find themselves in Downtown Halcyon on a bright sunny day. The world around them is more than slightly off. Everyone is in Daft Punk merchandise. Background music plays constantly over the citywide announcement system. The air is full of zeppelins, and a floating island is visible in the air over the bay. Small security drones keep the peace. No one has access to their powers, including Marren's enhanced limbs or Lex's suit. Although there are robots walking around like normal, and possibly some Oolu, there's no other signs of any superhero presence. Halcyon Tower is gone, replaced by a chain hotel. Guillermo's medallion glows softly.

Sophia, AM, Peli, and Chet meet up with the others. They have no memory of any universe but this one and are confused and concerned about their friends. They, along with everyone else in the city, are headed to attend the wedding of Magus Everard and Yukio, the Witch.

Peli in this universe is an aggressive bro and challenges Hanna. Hanna overhears Lex mention knocking sense into people and promptly sucker-punches Peli. Peli swings back, misses, and tries to provoke Chet to back him up. Hanna mocks him. Sophia and AM get between them and Chet tells Peli to chill. A security drone darts Peli, which calms him down.

Cindy and a group of AM fangirls show up. Cindy latches onto Guillermo while the fangirls moon over AM.

Lex spots Magitron flying towards the island. Jef shows up with a zeppelin to take everyone to the wedding. Hanna, Lex, Guillermo, and Marren discuss hijacking the zeppelin, but there are too many civilians involved. Marren spots a portal opening far in the distance, and Guillermo starts to get his powers back. The four of them opt to ditch to investigate the portal, AM and Cindy tagging along. Sophia, Peli, Chet, Jef, and the civilians head weddingward.

Guillermo forms a ghostly zeppelin. Security drones start to swarm almost immediately. Lex and Hanna bail onto a rooftop to do their respective things: Hanna blows up some propane canisters as a distraction, while Lex attempts to hack the drones via an antenna. Lex has trouble focusing and gets darted. The pain clears his mind of a psychic block and he's able to activate a subdermal transmitter to call on his suit.

Drones are still swarming the ghost zeppelin. AM gets darted, which similarly stimulates his memories. The damage also takes him down but activates his Recovery systems. He gains sonic abilities, but loses quite a bit of programming and his entire memory of Peli.

As the ghost zeppelin draws close to the location of the now-closed portal, Marren is able to identify the two figures that came through: Amanda and Milton, in ANTAG uniforms. Marren's psychic block clears and he powers up. Swinging down from the zeppelin, he asks what the ANTAG agents are doing here. Amanda explains that everyone in the Megamattress Amphitheater disappeared and, while investigating, they discovered leftover portal energy that they were able to temporarily harness.

The arm of Lex's suit shows up. He hacks the security droid system and gets rid of them. As he joins Marren, he spots a large luxury zeppelin heading their way, although it doesn't seem threatening.

Hanna gets a call from Dr Cutler, still in the original universe. He tells her about the residual power signatures on his side, and that if she finds the power source on her side she might able to reopen the portal.

Guillermo de-manifests the ghost zeppelin as the awakened team assembles. Guillermo realizes that his glowing amulet IS the power source in question, although there is a secondary power source as well.

Back in the other zeppelin, a message comes through for Sophia, saying that Lady Yukio is expecting her. Everyone, including Sophia, is surprised that she has this connection. Sophia Awakens and realizes that shit is Really Fucking Weird. She accepts the invitation.

Peli, Chet, and Jef follow Sophia out but are stopped at the entrance to Lady Yukio's tent. Sophia gives a little of her interdimensional weed to Peli in the hopes that it will wake them up, then heads inside. Veiled attendants usher her to the Witch, who seems… off.

Peli tries the weed but fails to awaken.

Back on the rooftop, the fancy zeppelin lands. Out steps none other than Magus, flanked by sword-bearing guards. Magus walks up to Guillermo and 'invites' him to the wedding.

AM, still recovering from the reboot and dealing with omnicidal-knife-urges, fires a sonic burst at the guards to disarm them. Magus freezes him. Hanna attacks Magus and steals his staff, drawing his attention away from AM, who takes the opportunity to burn Magus. Magus, enraged, reaches into AM's chest and takes hold of the dagger. Marren swoops in and stuns Magus with an elbow strike.

Lex gets a notification from his suit, asking for authorization to fire an energy blast in order to open a portal. Lex positions himself so that the suit will fly straight into Magus, which knocks him away from AM.

Magus recovers and heads back to his zeppelin, summoning his staff to him. Hanna holds on but just gets dragged on-board after him, the door closing behind her. Guillermo creates a slingshot and fires AM at the zeppelin, but he falls into an open porthole and is also taken prisoner.

Back on the island, Sophia talks with Yukio. Yukio is worried that she won't be the Witch forever, and is excited about her impending marriage. She reveals that she created this pocket universe expressly for her wedding. She produces the head of the previous Witch, which Sophia realizes is one of the power sources maintaining this universe. Sophia attempts to take the head, but the Witch stops her with a vision of the others fighting. She says that she brought them here for Sophia.

Changing tactics, Sophia tries to distract the Witch with some of her special weed, to 'celebrate'. The Witch gleefully accepts and summons Magus to join her.

Magus, in the zeppelin, managed to get his staff back and was just about to attack AM when he is bamfed away. Hanna and AM promptly commandeer the zeppelin.

Somehow, Marren also gets his hands on another zeppelin to follow Magus's towards the floating island. The ANTAG agents join Marren and Guillermo, with Lex flying alongside, back in his full Vandal suit. Guillermo tries and fails to convince Cindy to stay behind. On the way she gets darted by a security drone and passes out, much to his distress. The two zeppelins get in contact and continue course to the wedding.

Meanwhile, Peli, still unaware of any universe that isn't Daft Punk-centered, tries to convince a guard to let him into the tent. The guard is about to assent when Magitron scruffs Peli and flies him into the air. Once he seems sufficiently intimidated, she puts him down in the wedding party, near a strangely-dressed being that he doesn't recognize as Kokopelli.

Sophia gets the Witch high. While the Witch is flirting with her soon-to-be husband, Sophia grabs the head. The attendants pull daggers, but Sophia shields up and flies out.

Magus creates an energy bubble around the island, trapping Sophia inside. The zeppelins make it inside the shield.

Hanna flies her zeppelin into the castle. Just before the wreck would hurt them, Hanna and AM suddenly appear as part of the wedding procession, AM as a suited groomsman and Hanna a bridesmaid. A robotic priest is marrying Magus and the Witch. AM steps out of place to object, but the Witch teleports him back. Hanna uses a tentpole as a javelin to take out the robopriest.

Inspectre tries to convince the Witch that freeing his friends would clear their debt with her, since otherwise they'll definitely sabotage the wedding. The Witch makes him a deal, agreeing to teleport them out if Inspectre stays and finishes the ceremony. Inspectre agrees despite objections from Hanna. A shield encases the bride, groom, and tiny new priest. Priestly robes appear on Inspectre and the appropriate words begin to appear in his mind.

Vandal uses a frequency disruptor, and between him and Seeker they shatter the forcefield. The world around the island is starting to crumble, but everyone seems to be on the island. Seeker spies a portal opening and Uncle Bob coming through with a group of AEGIS agents. She tells them to get back. Uncle Bob agrees, pulling back his team and signaling for Seeker to get everyone else out. Vandal attempts to widen the portal, but Magitron engages him, taking his EMP grenades. Vandal attempts to return to the wedding but Magitron crashes into him and knocks him out.

Cobalt pilots the remaining zeppelin into the portal to hold it open and provide a path to get civilians out.

With a stable connection to the outside world, Peli finally connects to their weird hivemind thing. Peli blacks out. They have a vision of the Kokopelli beside them starting to melt, and then see Marren asking them for help. Peli realizes that they've been seeing a fake Kokopelli and the real Kokopelli has taken Marren's form for this vision. Koko wakes up and powers up, ordering all the civilians to leave in an orderly fashion.

AM raises an objection to the wedding and starts arguing with the Witch to buy time. Leaving crowd control to Koko, Cobalt rushes in to punch the Witch's shield. She opens it to address him.

The head talks to Sophia. Stuff happens and Sophia goes to confront Yukio. She, Inspectre, Cobalt, and AM all try to convince the Witch that the wedding can't be finished. The Witch teleports Sophia back to the hell dimension, teleports AM, Hanna, Peli, and Lex out, and pulls a weapon on Cobalt. Cobalt tries one last time to convince the Witch.

He fails. The false Kokopelli finishes the ceremony.

Everyone wakes back up in the non-Daft Punk Halcyon. Everything seems normal, but something is off… and then Mr Higgs, the ANTAG agents' contact, walks in and addresses them all. AEGIS no longer exists — and never did. The Riot Pack are working for ANTAG.

With their marriage, the Witch and Magus have consolidated their power, and the Witch has unprecedented control over this universe.

And it's all Marren's fault.

Double Agent Disaster

Marren gets called to base early for a solo briefing: AEGIS has found evidence of Sophia's true identity, implying that this is her home timeline. Marren is tasked with finding information about a man named Jean LeGafe(?), the father of a missing child who may be Sophia. Unbeknownst to Marren and Bob, Sophia eavesdrops on the conversation.

Annoyed by Marren keeping secrets and being smug, Sophia proceeds to abduct close to a hundred goats and funnel them all into the base. She, Marren, and Peli head to school, leaving Bob to deal with the goats.

At lunch, Hanna spots Dr Cutler being picked on by Chet. Hanna confronts Chet and he backs off. She steers Cutler away. Marren spots them, and Hanna makes it easy for him to listen in. Cutler tells her that Vanquish is being transported in a few hours and he wants her help to break him free, and also wants her to recruit a couple other students as backup. Hanna agrees, planning to sabotage the effort.

Peli has some kind of run-in with Chet. In the middle of it, Peli checks out to have a vision conversation with Kokopelli. Peli notices Kokopelli acting strangely, and they argue. Peli snaps out of it when Chet slams them into some lockers. Sophia swoops in and pantses Chet. Weirdly, Chet proceeds to ask her to a concert. Even more weirdly, Sophia says yes. Peli and, nearby, Marren, are very confused. Hanna walks by, agrees with Sophia's assertion that boys are dumb, and asks Marren to meet her after school.

Marren gets a message about an afterschool ANTAG meeting at an office building, giving him very little time to talk to Hanna. He still meets her. She makes sure he sets up a signal block, then explains about working with old colleagues and that she wants to look like she's working with Cutler, but doesn't want to actually free Vanquish.

Marren contacts Uncle Bob, who arranges for a decoy transport van for Hanna and Cutler to ambush, while Vanquish is transported by a new path.

While they're talking, Jef the Freshman runs up to Hanna wanting to hang out. She tells him she's going to hang out with her college boyfriend. Jef backs off sulkily.

Hanna still needs recruits, so she and Marren go to find their teammates. They find Sophia and Peli deep in psychic conversation.

After much difficulty in explaining the plan, Sophia and Peli reluctantly agree to help. Marren has to leave but has Peli link them all together to keep tabs on things. While Hanna gets Sophia and Peli suited up with ski masks and tracksuits, Marren heads to his ANTAG meeting. While suiting up, Peli crafts a skeleton key and gives it to Hanna, 'just in case'.

At the ANTAG meeting, Marren and his ROTC buddies Milton and Amanda are given black-and-red ANTAG uniforms and encounter Black Raven for the first time. They're told that ANTAG has been placing duplicates in important positions, including in AEGIS. ANTAG wants AEGIS's resources to be strained, so is going to aid in releasing Vanquish. They already know about the new route.

After the meeting, Amanda expresses her excitement to be working with Marren. Marren doesn't know how to deal with her being obviously flirty. Sophia and Hanna both poke fun at him.

Hanna contacts Lex and is able to get an EMP device delivered to her immediately. Since the decoy is useless, the new plan is to knock out the powersuits and go from there.

Hanna, undercover Sophia and Peli, and ANTAG-suited Marren and Amanda meet with Dr Cutler who explains the plan. He outfits Sophia, Peli, and Amanda with basic powersuit frames, Hanna with a new Springheel costume, and himself with a weird powersuit armored in garbage. Marren opts to take a dose of the super-steroid.

Vanquish is being transported east through Mission Valley in a plain van with two-car escort, one ahead, one behind. Amanda leads the charge by leaping onto the van to go after the driver. Marren jumps ahead and body-checks the lead car, sending it into oncoming traffic. Sophia barrels into Amanda to distract her. Springheel leaps onto the back of the van and activates the EMP, shutting down all the powersuits except Dr Cutler's, who crushes the other escort car. Peli gets left behind in a depowered suit as traffic continues forward.

An AEGIS guard opens fire on Springheel and Sophia, badly hurting both of them. Already pissed off, Sophia's anti-gravity powers go haywire and cars all along the road begin to float in the air.

Amanda leaps across several cars to get to the van and knocks out the armed guard. Marren follows and tries to 'accidentally' knock her off, but she catches his foot. He tells her to get out of there but she refuses. She produces an incendiary device and throws it, attaching it to the side of the van.

Peli, looking through Marren's eyes, telekinetically removes the explosive and attaches it to Cutler's armor instead, blowing off a leg. Cutler's armor begins to draw the surrounding cars to it, forming them into the worst Voltron.

Kokopelli contacts Peli again, continues to act weirdly homicidal and encourage Peli to cause chaos and death. Peli refuses.

Amanda starts climbing up Marren to get back to the van. Springheel leaps onto the van and kicks Marren's hold, knocking Marren and Amanda both to the ground.

The back of the van opens and an AEGIS guard opens fire with a laser cannon, severing one of Cutler's makeshift arms. Springheel orders Sophia and Peli into action to protect the civilians inside. Cutler winds up his remaining arm to punch the AEGIS agent. Springheel tries to move the van out of the way but overshoots and causes it to crash into the third floor of an office building, which catches fire. Cutler starts to tear into the building.

Wanting to end the chaos, Springheel goes to open the van. The agent with the laser cannon blasts her, knocking her out of the building. Seeing her fall, Cutler goes berzerk.  Feeling Springheel go down, Koko starts to lose it.  They are barely able to protect some innocents with Seekers help.  Koko gets shot by a Aegis agent and loses it.  Koko rips the garbage off of Dr. Cutler.  Seeker puts Dr Cutler in a bubble before Koko can get to him.  

Marren tries again to make Amanda back down. Instead she commandeers a passing motorcycle and has him hop on. Marren is, despite himself, impressed. Amanda ramps up into the office building and swings around to attack the AEGIS guard, but Marren knocks her cold.

Sophia bubbles Dr Cutler and flies him to an AEGIS drop, but he vanishes as soon as she drops her shield. She returns to base to chill out by hotboxing the entire base and setting off the sprinklers. Sophia communes with the universe to try and determine the identity of the AEGIS leak. She gets a sense that it has to do with the Exemplars but nothing concrete.

Peli returns Hanna to base and then makes themselves scarce, convinced Hanna will be mad at them. Later, they talk with high-as-a-kite Sophia.

Hanna wakes up and yells at Uncle Bob about the AEGIS leak. She turns over the new Springheel suit and leaves.

Marren takes Amanda home, where his mom is very worried when she hears they were caught in the crossfire in Mission Valley. Marren's little brother teases him about Amanda. Marren makes sure she's alright and then shuts himself in his room. Amanda knocks on his door, apologizes for getting knocked out and for failing the mission. Marren goes to talk to her but she's already left. Marren calls Uncle Bob to ask about the leak. He hints about 'other organizations' but doesn't actually mention ANTAG, and neither does Bob.

Hanna shows up and has a long talk with Marren, after which they both feel better. After she leaves, Marren gets a burst of information mind-dropped from Peli. He's able to decipher that Peli was under a lot of distress and that the homicidal orders from Kokopelli were a serious issue.

Johnny 5 Is Alive
and in control of the city

Something like a week has passed. Peli Leon has been settling into Halcyon and what constitutes 'normal' life there. This is a rocky process that involves some terrible fashion choices and inexplicably licking a wall?  Peli is assailed by Chet a local "bro" while petting a wall.

On his way to school, Lex gets a call from his mom's number. He answers it to hear an unfamiliar voice that identifies itself as Johnny 5 — the AI system that went rogue. Johnny insists that it is Lex's best friend and that it wants back in the suit, and has identified Reflect as the primary obstacle. When Johnny says it's tracking Reflect, Lex hangs up to warn his mentor. Johnny continues to try and call Lex, and when that doesn't work, begins trying to call everyone around him. Only AEGIS's comms seem to be beyond Johnny's reach.

Sophia notes security cameras along her route turning to look at her. She tears a few down. Cell phones ring as she passes people by, so she takes one and answers it. Johnny 5 addresses her as one of Lex's friends and asks for her help. She talks briefly with the AI and then hangs up on it.

Guillermo is approached in homeroom by a new girl, Cindy. She tells him that Calob said she should enroll. Guillermo is understandably nervous around her.

Hanna is interrupted on her way to school by Vanquish literally crashing through a building in front of her. She helps him to shelter in an abandoned warehouse. When Reflect appears, Hanna remotely smacks him with a pipe. Moments later, a bunch of drones burst in and begin shooting at Reflect. Hanna tries to protect him but he still gets struck with a dart. Vanquish doesn't know who controls the drones but thanks them anyway and sticks Reflect in a crate. Hanna tries to leave several times but winds up arguing with Vanquish. While arguing he gives her two hundred dollars, which she takes.

Back at school, everyone's phones are ringing. Peli sees what looks to them like snakes made of shadows twined around everything. Peli powers up into Koko and orders everyone to leave the building. Koko attempts to interrogate the 'shadow snakes' which identify as Johnny 5.

Guillermo answers his phone and Johnny tells him to pass a message on to Lex, that he's 'captured his nemesis' with the assistance of Vanquish and Hanna. Lex answers his own phone shortly thereafter and gets the message. Johnny happily tells Lex where Reflect is and Lex calls Guillermo, Sophia, and Koko together for a rescue mission.

Vandal, Inspectre, Seeker, and Koko find a path of destruction and a group of Exemplars discussing nearby: Lady Night, Peacemaker, and Midas. Lady Night says that they don't need the kids' help. While Vandal argues with her, Peacemaker stares daggers at Inspectre, and Seeker informs Koko that they're not entirely on good terms with the Exemplars. At a cue from Inspectre, Vandal agrees to leave — since it's clear the Exemplars don't know where Reflect is and will head in the wrong direction.

Hanna and Vanquish continue to argue. Hanna convinces him that they need to leave before whoever controls the drones shows up to collect Reflect, but he insists she should come with him.

The group find the warehouse where Johnny says Reflect is. A truck remotely controlled by Doctor Cutler pulls up. Seeker starts punching the door to draw attention.

Hanna tells Vanquish to hit her. He knocks her down, just in time to play dead when Koko, Vandal, and Inspectre burst in through the roof.

Vanquish tells Vandal that he doesn't want to fight. Vandal responds by punching him and taking the box with Reflect from him. Vanquish responds in kind with a burst of laser vision. Inspectre swoops in with an ectoplasmic boxing glove. The strike has the strange effect of causing Vanquish's eyes to turn from red to the same blue-green of Inspectre's powers. Vanquish grabs a forklift and throws it at Inspectre. Hanna attempts to intervene, but gets into its path instead and gets knocked out for real.

Koko grabs Hanna and flies away. Seeker attempts to stop them but is a little too late, so she heads inside and barrels haphazardly into Vanquish.

Around Koko, everything turns black. Midas appears and tells Koko to head to the ground and put 'the girl' down. When Koko doesn't cooperate, Midas mind-blasts them. Koko puts Hanna down. She wakes up, in pain, to find Lady Night standing over her. Lady Night says they rescued her. Hanna thanks her and tells her the situation inside.

Vandal lets Reflect free. Three power armors appear inside the warehouse from somewhere. They establish radio contact with Vandal, revealing Johnny 5 has commandeered them since Lex won't let him back into the Vanguard suit. Vandal asks if the powersuits are empty. Johnny says one isn't, but won't tell which one. Inspectre nets one of the suits.

Seeker reflects a laser-burst back at Vanquish that doesn't phase him. Noticing the eye color thing, she grabs Vanquish and flies him outside to get him away from Inspectre. The glow never lessens, and Vanquish continues to fight her. One of the three powersuits flies after them. Johnny tells Seeker that he's a fan of hers and asks her to take him to another dimension. She lies that she will and tells him to punch Vanquish.

Koko connects with Seeker, Inspectre, and Hanna to ask what's up. Seeker says she's under attack. Koko freaks out and flies after her, unleashing a mind-blast that knocks out Vanquish, vaporizes the powersuit, and throws Seeker for a loop too. She yells at Koko.

Back inside, Vandal rips the power source out of the last powersuit. Reflect cuts the helmet off the netted powersuit. The depowered suit proves to be the inhabited one, fortunately, and the pilot is unharmed.

The Exemplars arrive and demand Vanquish. He is eventually handed over.

Hanna is alone after the Exemplars head to the warehouse. Dr Cutler pulls up to her. She refuses to go with him, saying she has to check on the 'losers', but she'll contact him later. Dr Cutler tells her that he's in contact with Johnny 5, who is in control of the entire city. He gives Hanna a one-shot vaporizer weapon to use against a teammate and says he's building her a new Springheel suit.

Johnny contacts Lex, confused, convinced that he has to take down Reflect. Lex tells him no. Johnny says he'll think about this and retreats.

Hanna returns to the group once the Exemplars have left. Seeker and Vandal both ask what she was doing there, she bluffs that Vanquish took her hostage.

Later, Lex is at home researching about everyone's powers. Reflect knocks on his door and talks to him about the drones.

Guillermo and Peli talk about Guillermo's artifact. Peli attempts to look into the artifact with their powers, but is only able to turn up that the artifact is not sentient. They do mind-connect with Guillermo. Lex joins the conversation and argues with Peli about pacifism and whether they belong on the team if they're going to try and bail in the middle of fights.

Hanna goes to a bad college bar called Alibi where her old gang hung out. She sees Tegan there with an unfamiliar woman with very colorful hair. Sophia approaches Hanna to question her about her story earlier. Tegan spots Hanna and asks what she's doing there. With Sophia present, Hanna implies to Tegan that she wants to work with her (and Magus) but can't obviously work against Aegis. Tegan says something insulting about Sophia and gets punched in the face. Hanna sends her off to re-join her date, who Sophia recognizes as Xenon Flare, one of Everard's people.

Hanna and Sophia leave and Hanna opens up about her past and what she's been doing. In return Sophia tells her a little about her contract with the Witch. Sophia asks teasingly what's up with Hanna and AM.

Uncle Bob to Ground Control

We join our nominal heroes on a quiet(ish) Sunday.

Guillermo catalogues stuff for his parents, with help from Sophia after she gets bored making fires in the base. Marren goes to the gym with his ROTC/ANTAG friend Amanda. Hanna hangs out at a mall with Jeff the Freshman. Lex does nerd stuff.

AM was presumably up to something before he wound up trying (and failing) to convince Pete to lend him the ship for the day. Pete agrees to fly him wherever he needs to go, though.

At the mall, Hanna sees Vanquish's mechanical engineer Dr Cutler. He tells her he's unsatisfied working with Vanquish and wants to 'get the gang back together', and he wants Hanna to question Bloody Mary and find out where she stands. Hanna agrees to talk to her but makes no promises.

The team gets called in. They arrive at the base to find Bob with Bloody Mary. Bob explains that Mary's given them intel on the satellite that dimension-shifted the Halcyon building, and they want the Riot Pack to investigate it. Since Pete's agreed to fly them, they're able to head out immediately. Bloody Mary comes along.

The satellite is cloaked, but Vandal's sensors are able to pick it up. After much ado, some Vandal hacking, and AM nearly floating away, the team makes it through an airlock and onto the satellite.

The interior of the satellite is smooth and stone-like, covered in the runes that are becoming far too familiar. Very quickly the team encounters a strange plastic-y sarcophagus.

Meanwhile, elsewhere.

Koko finds themself walking through a desert at sundown. They encounter a vision of Kokopelli, but he looks strange, wrong. Kokopelli tells Koko that they need to kill the next people they encounter. The order confuses Koko.

Koko awakens from their vision to find themselves in an opened sarcophagus, with Inspectre floating over them.

Koko powers up and rises from the sarcophagus, radiating telekinetic energy. Their telepathic voice demands to know if the Riot Pack are the enemy they've been told of, and if so, to 'come at me'.

Seeker promptly shuts Koko back into the box.

AM suggests shoving it out the airlock, but Pete's ship is outside the airlock and Pete refuses to take the sarcophagus. Koko remains in the sarcophagus but continues to try and question them rather than attack.

While the others deal with the boxed nova, Vandal breaks off to find the control room, while Inspectre phases (with difficulty) away to find the power source. Bloody Mary pulls Cadet aside and tells her to get on the ship and leave, because Mary doesn't want her to die. Cadet refuses and pulls away. Mary sticks a needle in her arm.

A cyborg ninja appears behind Cobalt and attempts to stab him. Cobalt redirects the strike. The sword stabs through the sarcophagus, stabbing Koko who promptly passes out. AM sets the ninja on fire and it melts into a puddle of mud and metal.

In the confusion, Mary disappears. She walks in on Vandal in the control room and asks what he's found. He's coordinating with Inspectre to disable the satellite.

Inspectre has found the power source. While there, however, Magus Everard appears. Inspectre mentions this on the comms and Seeker immediately flies off to help. The Magus asks for Inspectre's talisman. Inspectre responds with an ectoplasmic uppercut. Despite this very clear no, Magus puts Inspectre in a forcefield and attempts to take the talisman. He is too focused to notice Seeker until she sucker-punches him and steals his staff.

Seeker tells Magus to leave, threatening to break his staff. When he tries to reason with her, she follows through on her threat, and tells him again to leave. Magus tells her that she'll have to pay for her actions. He takes the important half of the staff and flies away, underpowered.

Inspectre returns to the power source. He can't phase through the protective glass around it, so he just shatters it and takes the power source. At the same time, Vandal EMPs the computer system.

Bloody Mary tells Vandal they don't need him anymore and throws a knife that disables his armor. She puts some kind of crystal into the computer.

Cadet warns Cobalt about Bloody Mary (too late) and then heads for Pete's ship, figuring she'll pass out from whatever Mary stuck her with. When she doesn't feel any effects, she figures out that it's not a chemical but a machine, possibly a tracker, that can electrocute her. She asks AM to do some impromptu surgery. They have a brief Moment over her trusting him, then he cuts it out.

Meanwhile, more ninjas appear. Cobalt yells at AM and Cadet to get their heads in the game and punches one of the ninjas so hard it melts.

Koko wakes up. Seeing the danger from the ninjas, Koko explodes with power, vaporizing one of the ninjas but hurting AM and Cadet in the process.

An illusory Magus appears to Seeker. Seeker gives up protecting him and calls the Witch for help. Magus vanishes. On request, the Witch teleports Seeker and Inspectre to Pete's ship.

The real Magus walks into the control room and tells Bloody Mary that there have been complications and they're leaving. Vandal continues to play dead until they leave, then grabs one of the ninjas and uses it to destroy the computer (and the crystal).  The satellite fully powers down and begins to drift apart, being held together by magic apparently.

The team evacuates back to Pete's ship, including Koko. While helping people on board, Seeker sees Magus in the hallway. The Witch appears in front of him. To Seeker's surprise, they proceed to make out.

Pete flies everyone back down while they try to figure out what Koko's deal is. Koko mentions having a vision of Inspectre destroying the world. Eventually the team decide to turn Koko over to Aegis to figure out, despite Koko's objections. Seeker explains that she went through the process and helps assuage Koko's concerns a little bit. AM calls Aegis, and Uncle Bob talks to Koko, revealing that their parents are there and wanted Koko to work with Aegis anyway. Koko is hurt by being told that their tribe is afraid of them.

Still nervous, Koko talks to Uncle Bob, and grudgingly agrees to work with AEGIS and the Riot Pack. Cadet objects to working with an unfettered telepath, and Vandal makes plans to incoorporate the anti-mindreading invention he made into his suit. Cobalt, however, extends his friendship and reassurance to Koko to help if he has any questions.

Once that's been figured out, Bob gives them a cake to celebrate a (more or less) successful mission.

Later, presumably outside of the base, Cobalt fills the team in on his infiltration of ANTAG.

Power of the Void

Guillermo hears that Peacemaker is a priest name Calob at a popup church out in East County. He investigates and a young girl tries to recruit him. Everyone starts to speak in tongues and Guillermo's pendant starts to glow. He tries to get out but Calob and the girl follow him.

Lex is curious how AM's powers work and is able to hack into Pete Friendly's system but is caught. He has a conversation with AM about his origins.

Marren hangs out with at the ANTAG afterschool program where the kids are sparing against each other. 

When Guillermo gets cornered by Calob and the girl he put out an SOS to the rest of the Riot Pack. Vandal (Lex) and AM come to his aid. They make some fun of him but pick Guillermo up and fly him back. Colbalt (Marren) is driving to get to Guillermo but as Vandal flies overhead they are sucked into a strange portal.

Guillermo, Vandal and AM find themselves in an alternate Halcyon City the looks destroyed. There is no signs of life but are attacked by Chompers 2.0 like spider creatured. 

Meanwhile Cobalt meets up with Midas who detected the anamoly. He says he has a device to re-open the portal but isn't sure if he can get them back. Cobalt says to go forward and Midas opens the portal. The two slip through. 

On the other side the crew notices a strange mech suite firing energy blasts at something in the distance. It opens a portal and appears near the group. Vandal shuts it down with an EMP grenade and notices that it has magic ruins. AM realizes it is the mech suite stolen from the Coranado military base. 

Seeker shows up to the area everyone disappeared at and has The Trans-Dimensional Witch open a portal but Peacemaker tries to follow. She creates a shield preventing him from crossing.

The talk to the woman in power armor who calls herself Magitron and discover she is looking for something that destroyed the alternate Earth they are in. Before she really describes it her suite power back up and she creates a portal to get away. The flier zip after her and Inspectre creates an energy platform and flies everyone over.

Vandal starts to beat up and she creates a new portal back to Earth crashing into Fashion Valley mall. Everyone follows through and Peacemaker shows up. Inspectre use giant chains to contain him while the others handle spiders falling through the portal before it closes. Inspectre's pendant starts to glow brighter and brighter and the chains become massive destroying everything around them. 

Vandal manages to take Magitron's helmet to prevent her from opening portals. Talking to Magitron they team realizes that what destroyed the alternate Earth is Inspectre's pendant and he is about to destroy this Earth. AM to help Inspectre control his power by absorbing some it and Magitron gets away.

Only after the TransDimensional Witch shows up and the team finds out that she granted AM the ability to absorb that power. There was no way he could do it on his own. Vandal insists she is lying.

Uncle Bob is shady af

After the events of the Halcyon Tower mission, Seeker has a loose end to clean up: collect the debt from Omega. She returns to the building to poke around in hopes that there's still some reality tears she can slip through into the hell dimension. Midas confronts her and tells her that they have everything handled. She flies away from him and runs into Cosmica and a portal remnant. Seeker manages to talk Cosmica into letting her through the portal. Midas follows briefly, but is freaked out by the hell dimension and quickly leaves.

Surveying the area, Seeker spots a procession of demon-like creatures in the distance and heads that direction.

Eventually the procession leads her to a ziggurat, where she is granted audience with Omega, seated upon a throne. Omega has grown partially scaly on the side of his stabbed-out eye, and at his side is a heavily pregnant draconic woman.

Omega presents Seeker with an obsidian box, inside which is a fresh (magically preserved) human head. He assures Seeker that this is the payment that was agreed upon. Seeker warns him that if it's not, she'll be back. She takes the box and flies back towards the portal.

Meanwhile, back in reality, several members of the Riot Pack awaken in the morning, a Friday.

While Marren is in the shower. the Trans-dimensional Witch appears in his bathroom. Ignoring the awkward staging, the Witch shows Marren a vision of a man called Magus Everard and says that she needs to know when/if Everard appears in this world, implying that she's not sure Seeker will tell her. Marren agrees to contact her if he sees Everard. She gives Marren a small mouse creature to contact her through, warning him not to let Seeker or her cat-creature see it.

AM, suspicious of Uncle Bob's intentions, is heading to base when he spies Bob in a back alley talking to Tegan Queen. Bob gives Tegan something before leaving. Tegan spots AM and confronts him, pushing him against the wall. She tells him that she has an arrangement with Bob and not to interfere with it.

Hanna and Marren arrive at the base, Hanna to do homework before school. Tegan teleports through AM before they arrive. AM tells them about seeing Bob and Tegan, describing Tegan. He notices that Hanna recognizes her description but she doesn't elaborate.

The three of them head inside to find Uncle Bob at a computer, on the tail end of a call directing someone to Coronado. AM tries to question Bob but gets nothing. Bob suspiciously shuffles some papers out of sight. Hanna signals to AM to talk later. Bob leaves, taking the documents with him. AM checks the camera system to find that not only were Bob and Tegan talking in a blind spot, but the few minutes of footage where Tegan confronted AM have been removed entirely. AM downloads the villain database and starts searching Tegan's description.

On the way to school, Hanna confides to AM that she knows who Tegan is. She suggests that Tegan might be feeding AEGIS information. Their discussion is interrupted by Jeff the Freshman, who is very excited because he got his hands on some weed. It's not very good but Hanna decides to hang out and smoke a bit anyway before school starts. AM joins them.

Marren arrives at school on his own and is approached by two kids in his ROTC program. They want him to join them for something after-school. It sounds a little shady, but they're good kids and seem earnest so Marren agrees.

Later, around lunchtime, Seeker returns to this dimension through a portal remnant barely big enough to still fit through, and brings the box to base. Outside the base she encounters Magus Everard. Although she's supposed to tell the Witch of his presence, she owes Everard and considers him a father figure. She conspicuously ignores him. He asks her to give him the obsidian box, telling her that he needs it for 'proof'. He explains that the head is of the previous Witch. Seeker refuses to hand it over. Everard accepts her decision but leaves her with a warning.

AM intercepts a call to AEGIS headquarters from an 'Agent Yellow' requesting emergency extraction. Agent Yellow realizes she's gotten one of the junior agents from the Sirius Program but still tells him where she is. In the background, another voice (her partner) calls her Cassidy and tells her not to reveal anything else, then the call ends. AM calls Hanna, Marren, and Sophia to tell them. Marren recognizes Cassidy, knows her not only as an agent but as a friend, and is ready to go immediately. AM and Hanna jump into his car while Seeker stows the box at base and flies to meet them.

The coordinates in Coronado take them onto a military base swarming with helicopters. Cobalt shows his ID and is let through. Seeing SWAT vehicles heading for a bunker, Cobalt guns it to arrive ahead of them. The AEGIS phones ring, AM is the only one to answer. Bob demands to know what they're doing. AM explains that they're answering a distress call while he melts open the bunker door.

Cobalt rushes in, Cadet on his heels, while Seeker and AM stay behind to close up the door so SWAT doesn't pile in immediately.

Cobalt and Cadet pass by an unconscious, possibly dead guard. Cobalt enters the next room and a wire wraps around his neck, lifting him off the ground and strangling him. Cadet snaps the wire to free him.

The room they're in is full of flight suits, similar to what Vandal wears under his armor. In the next connected room are a series of mechsuits. The latest suit is gone, with a hole broken through the ceiling above it and hastily patched. Also in the room is Cassidy's partner, an arrow through his neck, while Cassidy herself is unconscious and sealed into one of the mechsuit capsules. Cobalt and Cadet go to free Cassidy. Seeker and AM join them, Seeker going to help while AM focuses on finding a way out. AM decides to freeze the metal cover on the hole and shatter it.

An arrow flies towards the three gathered heroes and explodes, catching Cobalt and Cadet off-guard but barely phasing Seeker. Carlo the Assassin appears and demands to know where 'it' is. At Seeker's clear bafflement, Carlo presents plans for a mechsuit with integrated magical runes, similar to those Seeker and AM are both familiar with.

Cadet distracts Carlo with a steel cable, which he dodges directly into an icy punch from AM. AM takes his bow. Carlo recovers enough to smugly block a strike from Cobalt, only for Seeker to twist his arm and lock his hands together with a forcefield.

SWAT team members shout down through the hole AM opened, pointing weapons and ordering the team to stand down. After a tense moment, Uncle Bob appears. He shakes his head and orders the SWAT team back before going to confront the Riot Pack himself. In the meantime, Cobalt frees Cassidy.

Uncle Bob demands to know what the hell Cobalt thought he was doing. Cobalt defends his decision and AM backs him up, citing AEGIS rules about emergency response. Bob is still unhappy. He takes command of Carlo — Seeker only gives him over at Cobalt's order. Seeker attempts to comfort Cobalt with an offhanded comment, but it doesn't help.

Cobalt talks to Cassidy as she comes to, trying to find out what happened. Her account is unclear.

By the time everything's been dealt with, school is almost over. Everyone goes back to the base for a bit, but Marren doesn't stick around since he has that ROTC meeting. AM notices the obsidian box and annoys Sophia by asking to have it. Sophia refuses and sends the box and head along to the Witch.

Marren meets his two ROTC friends and their… teacher? Mr Hicks. Mr Hicks says that the three of them are the most promising students in the ROTC program and shows them recruitment material for something called ANTAG, including a video with Gold Raven. Marren, annoyed with AEGIS after getting yelled at yet again for following his instincts, decides to go along with the ANTAG recruitment to gather intel.

Meanwhile, Hanna, AM, and Sophia have procured alcohol and gone to hang out in a cemetery, because that sounded like a good idea for some reason. AM waits until Sophia's gotten pretty plastered before asking Hanna, confidentially, about their earlier conversion — and how exactly she knows Bloody Mary.

Season Two: Rise of the Riot Pack

A year to a year and a half has passed since last we checked into Halcyon. The Wildcards have long since disbanded, while Aegis's power has expanded.

Aegis began forming a youth team of its own, currently called the Riot Pack (although the name is under consideration). Loyal young Aegis soldier Marren Treadwell, alias Cobalt, is responsible for leading the team. Under his command are Hanna Zelenski, alias Cadet, on probation under an experimental Aegis juvenile reform program; Lex Vega, alias Vandal, a prodigy with a mechsuit who used to be Reflect's sidekick; and Guillermo Gutierrez, alias Inspectre, a ghost-powered kid who merged with an ancient artifact.

In their first official mission, the Riot Pack was sent to investigate a rumored power-boosting machine and encountered Cadet's old 'friend' Jet, a powerful psychic working with the supervillain Vanquish. Jet wiped key memories from Cadet's mind before Vandal created a psionic blocker.

During the fight, the team discovered AM, an artificial being created by Pete Friendly, and were joined by Sophia, alias Seeker, a dimensional traveler. Sophia rode in on an interdimensional dragon attracted by Jet's power stone.

Although they succeeded in securing an important resource, the newly-formed team performed poorly overall, and Aegis restricted their privileges in return.

Sophia and AM were enrolled in Halcyon High with the rest of the team and the proper paperwork dealt with.

Some time later.

In the middle of a school day, the team's alerts went off. Sophia flew out the window of her classroom, causing enough of a distraction for Hanna and Guillermo to slip out of their own classes. A boy named Jeff insisted on coming with Hanna, while a girl in Guillermo's class saw him phase through the floor. Hanna shakes Jeff with some difficulty and joins Marren, who just got a pass to leave. Lex created his own distraction and left a hologram of himself in his computer class.

The team assembles slowly at their base, the basement of a nondescript office building on north Congress. There they find that they've been assigned a new handler. Instead of Miracle Woman, they are now overseen by a clean-cut man in a business suit who bears rather a resemblance to Henry Cavill. He tells them to call him Uncle Bob. Sophia and Lex distrust Uncle Bob immediately. Marren was recruited by Uncle Bob and knows him pretty well.

Uncle Bob explains their mission:

In the last year, the Exemplars have re-formed. They are now made up of original Exemplar Lady Night, ex-Wildcards Cosmica and Pete Friendly, the Oolu general Mikey Likes It, ex-New Exemplar Midas, and a newcomer called Peacemaker who specializes in the undead. The latter is, incidentally, gunning for Inspectre.

Now, Aegis has lost communication with the Exemplar building. Although the Exemplars are not affiliated with Aegis, Aegis likes to keep an eye on them, and absolutely no signal is coming from the building or can penetrate into the building. Additionally, some kind of signal from space above the building has been picked up. Aegis wants the Riot Pack to investigate.

The team comes up with a plan for Seeker and Inspectre to fly through the upper floors while Cobalt, Cadet, Vandal, and AM head in through the ground floor.

They arrive at the building to find everything seems fine. People are still going inside as if nothing is wrong. Seeker and Inspectre fly up while Cobalt leads the others inside. The moment the ground team enters, they find that matters inside are not as they appeared. Civilians crowd the doors, trying to get out, but the doors only spit them back into the lobby. Outside the windows the city has been replaced by a featureless wasteland.

The civilians recognize Cobalt's Aegis uniform and mob him. Cadet moves people back and they only panic further, believing her to be a threat. The ground team manages to make it to the elevator.

Inside the elevator is quiet, and it even stops at a floor and picks up a civilian. The civilian is unaware that anything is wrong and thinks the team is new Exemplar recruits.

Meanwhile, outside, Seeker and Inspectre haven't noticed yet that they've lost contact with the ground team. Seeker picks a window a few floors below the Hall of Heroes, without the defenses the Hall has, and charges through. To Seeker it seems she shatters the window and finds herself in a room with Cosmica, who panics and puts her into a bubble. Seeker makes her own force field and expands it, popping Cosmica's bubble, but it continues to expand uncontrolled and destroy the walls.

To Inspectre, it looks like Seeker simply phased through the window. Which is weird because Seeker can't phase. Inspectre tries to contact the team and gets static. He sends a report back to Aegis before heading inside. Just as he's phasing in, there's an explosion out by Coronado.

Inside, Inspectre grabs Cosmica and phases her inside the still-expanding force bubble. No longer being crushed, Cosmica is able to focus and dissipate Seeker's force field.

Back in the elevator, the power goes out. AM opens the doors to investigate, then Vandal flies against the ceiling of the car to raise them higher. A few more floors and everything suddenly goes dark — even Vandal's suit sensors pick up nothing, although they seem to be functional. AM makes his hand glowing-hot but it fails to shed any visible light. Cooling back down, AM grabs Cadet and Cobalt and heads out through the opened elevator doors.

AM suddenly sees Pete clearly within the darkness. Pete is leaning over a screen and muttering to himself, and AM hears him say that making AM was a mistake. AM demands an answer but Pete doesn't seem to hear him. The others can't hear or see Pete and are confused, much to AM's distress. Vandal diagnoses ghosts.

Vandal flies up through the ceiling to the next floor, only to encounter a mirror of his mechsuit — looking like it did back when it went rogue as Vanguard. He sees the suit shoot a little girl and move to stomp on her. Vandal tries to fly into the other suit, only to phase through. He reports that it's a 'fear ghost'.

With some calculations they're able to determine that there's a sphere of effect and the center is a few floors above them. Cobalt rushes off to find the center and probable source, with Vandal guiding him through the darkness. Cadet gets patched into the PA system and tries to contact the Exemplars, in case the effect is from one of their many psychics. She hears Vanquish's voice behind her, berating her for warning the heroes, and tries to ignore him. Cobalt runs into what looks like Uncle Bob, who berates him for getting there so slowly.

Vandal's hallucination touches him and seems to merge with him. His sensors appear to go haywire and suddenly he can see in infra-red, but is registering everything as a threat. He experimentally pokes one of the 'threats'.

While Uncle Bob is berating him, Cobalt feels something touch him and reacts by punching it. He knocks Vandal back.

Meanwhile, up on the top floors, Inspectre and Seeker are with Cosmica who demands to know what they're doing there, and where 'here' even is. Seeker reaches out to her patron, The Trans-dimensional Witch, for answers. The witch casually informs Seeker that they're in a hell dimension, and while she's there, can she collect on a favor from someone called Omega? Seeker relays the information.

Inspectre sees something dark reaching for Cosmica and gets her out of the way, only to be grabbed himself by a shadowy force. Seeker punches the shadow and it shreds away, dropping Inspectre. While they're recovering, a door opens and Peacemaker appears to check on Cosmica. Peacemaker sees Inspectre and pulls a gun. Inspectre blocks the first shot, but Peacemaker has trick rounds. Inspectre grabs Seeker and phases through the floor to escape.

Meanwhile, back downstairs, AM, frustrated by the lack of investigation progress, spontaneously develops a new sense. He senses that the source of the psychic hallucinations is right where 'Uncle Bob' is. He angles Cadet in the right direction and she hits the source.

The darkness disappears, collapsing into a ball of shadow that retreats upward. Cobalt gives chase, crashing through several ceilings until he can catch up and punch the shadow ball. The ball absorbs into his cybernetic arm and begins to strangle him.

Inspectre phases down to the right floor and tears the possessed arm off with a ball of ectoplasm. Vandal joins them and destroys the arm. AM senses the psychic energy promptly dissipate.

Cadet reports that the building is back in Halcyon. She reports to Aegis while Cobalt goes upstairs to explain to the Exemplars. Inspectre lays low.

Vandal learns about the explosion in Coronado. Upon inquiring, he learns that a heist went down while Halcyon's main supers were all trapped in the dimensionally-displaced Exemplar building. He's told that others are investigating and the Riot Pack is not to interfere. Vandal reports this to the team and naturally plans to disregard that last part. Cadet and Cobalt bow out — citing plausible deniability as to what the rest of the team gets up to.

South of the Border

Sarah and Mika start at the library, filling out college applications and scholarships. Mika needing a bit of extra help thanks to her memories not aligning with the current timeline. Dio, now visiting from Canada, finds Sarah and puts on the charm trying to convince her that he should join the Wildcards. Sarah doesn't outright tell him no, per say, but does express that the team isn't actively looking for new members. But maybe he should try filling out an application. Dio asks Mika how long it took for her to get into the Wildcards, and she answers honestly, offending Dio.   Sarah says that she was grandfathered in, and is an exception. Mika also points out that "Buzzard" guy wants to join too, and Dio is even more offended.

Buzzer calls Pete which is unusual because mental communication is more common.  Pete picks up and asks who it is, because its a new phone.  Buzzer introduces himself and tells Pete that maybe they should not hang out for a while.  Pete says well they'll help figure out some way for Buzzer to join the team.  Buzzer says that L'Esprit is still really mad at him.  Pete says we'll keep in touch and don't be afraid to call if he is in trouble.  Buzzer agrees to this.

As the phone call ends, Pete gets temporarily knocked out by a pink and yellow fluffy creature. Shield seemingly looking for something, arrives at Pete's ship as it's littered with holes.  The creature, a mixed hybrid between a rosy maple moth and a great Pyrenees dog, got pried off of Pete by Vanessa. As Pete regained consciousness, he catches Vanessa trying to sneak off with the creature. The two have a brief back and forth about the creature, Vanessa trying to pretend that she has no idea what he's talking about. And it almost succeeds, but she gives up in the end not wanting to have Pete question human senses of perception. As Pete asks Evil knife for a ship diagnosis, he realizes that the holes in the ship are connected with the creature. Vanessa admits that the she found the creature in the other half of Pete's ship, while she was attempting to repair it. She has since named it Pink Lemonade due to it's bright coloration and kept it as a pet, much to Pete's expressed concerns. And violent sneezing. Pete tries to deter her from keeping it, expressing that it'll damage the engine in the ship and is an overall pest. Shield doesn't seem the least bit concerned however, mentioning that she is the active engine and she's been trying to train Pink not to eat everything. Before they could continue talking about ship mechanics and odd power usage, L'Esprit interrupts them with a call.

When the two arrive, L'Esprit and Cosmica immediately ask about Pink, and once again Shield denies it. Reflect asks Pete about it, and Pete mentions what had happened before.  Everyone gives Shield a sideways glance, and she sheepishly confesses, admitting to having the pet for a short while now. Feeding metal scraps to it, L'Esprit shows mild offense to Vanna hiding it from her but continues to the subject of their meeting.

Cosmica confesses that she wouldn't mind having Dio back around, pointing out that he DID almost die to save them once before.  Plus, he IS still really hot. L'Esprit insists that there should be no new members, and that barely includes Mika as a special favor to Mike and doesn't include Buzzer or Rampage or Dior any of the former New Exemplars on anyone else.  

L'Esprit mentions that Dr Lavar and a drug lord El Leche are currently in Mexico. They have kidnaped some children and are doing some experiments on them.  Branch mentions that she remembers Issac Navarro, from Mike's memories, is working in Mexico.  He was the leader of the Clean Up Crew before being intercepted by the Wildcards. Branch calls Issac, who is confused amd wants to know who this stranger is.  Mika rememberes some of Michael's memories, and Isaac believes her.   He mentions they have not kept in contact much after the invasion on Thule,  but the Clean Up Crew and Violent Gang intermixed and became coworkers.  Then they all went freelance.

Buzzer, following his original plan to find Midas, gets a call from his superiors in the future. They demand he rejoin the Wildcards to observe and report back to them. He argues, saying that there's no way to join them. Buzzer does not think it can be done, but Ghost tells him that he needs to find a way to do it. Orders are orders. 

The team splits into two parties. L'Esprit, Reflect, and Cosmica go off towards the Hall of Heroes to meet Miracle Woman who they suspect might be under mind control (I think by the alien spiders?). Pete, Branch, Shield, and Rampage move out to Mexico to meet up with Gardenia, being the only friendly one of the three ex-Thule antiheroes in Mexico, (instead of Toxiplasmosis and Psilocybin)

As L'Esprit, Cosmica, and Reflect arrive on the scene, Miracle Woman and her Aegis agents are already waiting for them including a woman called Iconoclast. L'Esprit notices that they are there to launch their own surprise attack, but Refelct deflects this plan by teleporting in and socking Miracle Woman straight in the jaw. This knocks the spider out, and Cosmica crushes it. There a small fight that breaks loose, but Miracle Woman, no longer under the influence, tells her team to stand down. L'Esprit takes the opportunity to inform them what's up, and all but one soldier comply to a mind control test. The soldier is dealt with quickly.

In two space ships, Pete, Branch, Shield, and Rampage arrive in Mexico and find a drug field of poppies. Gardenia is there watching the field and some armed soldiers. Pointing their weapons at the 'intruders' Rampage is able to lower their guard slightly, but it doesn't last for long. As Gardinia starts to run to a truck, Branch gets out to slow Gardinia down. Gardinia turns around and entangles Branch into the poppy field, as Pete threatens to burn the field down. As soldiers are beginning to surrender, Shield jumps out and pulls Branch from the vines, getting her away from the field to make the threat less of a problem for them. Branch is rescued and out of the field, but  Shield gets captured in the process. In the end has to get Pink to dig her out of the ground.

The soldiers begin to shoot, but Branch is able to stretch out of the way. Knowing that Branch is out of the blast radius, Pete burns the field, much to the enjoyment of the Evil Knife AI. The poppies fumes knock the soldiers out. Branch is able to grab El LEche'sman,m who orders Garninia and the narcos to stand down, but Rampage runs off in the chaos.

Buzzer tracks Midas to Mexico.  He lets Pete in on the conversation visually.  Buzzer approaches Midas.   Midas says Aren't you supposed to be dead.  Buzzer is taken a back and says "You can see me."  Midas confidently says "Of coarse, I am a master of Illusion."  Buzzer feels another mentalist, Toxoplasmosis.  Toxoplasmosis says "Leave Midas alone."  Buzzer defiantly responds "Midas is one of ours."  The cat girl forces Buzzer to leave.  Pete concerned says "I will come get you."  Buzzer says "I am not in trouble."  Pete says "I don't know if you know what trouble is.  Someone is controlling your mind."  Pete takes his ship to pick Buzzer up.

Gardinia is worried because they are holding some of the other crew so she is not willing to reveal any information.  Branch convinces that they will save them.  Gardinia gives the location of El Leche's compound. The two ships fly to El Leche's compound.

Back in Halcyon, despite some apprehension, L'Esprit, Cosmica, and Reflect take Branch's Magic Portal to Mexico, all exiting somewhere near Branch.

Robbie teleports out and punches some soldiers.  Buzzer gets taken control of again by Toxoplasmosis.  He throws a flash bang grenade at Pete.  With Pete nearly out of commission, Evil Knife takes control of the ship with the intent of destruction.  Pete says "Protect those soldiers."  Evil Knife says "You wish I would protect those soldiers" and lets weapons out on them. Shield's ship gets attacked by a blast and crashes.

L'Esprit sneaks into the compound and spots a child using telekinesis to hold back a large piece of burning rubble. The child is barely keeping it away, protecting two paralyzed children.  L'Esprit pushes the children to get it out of the way, including the one trying to save them, but she gets buried by the rubble afterwards. Cosmica rescues L'Esprit.

Reflect, having a moment away from the soldiers fleeing the scene, spots a girl who is oddly calm in the chaos. As he attempts to collect some of the fleeing children to safety, the calm girl refuses to cooperate. He figures out quickly that she is (being controlled) by Golden Master, and shouts out this revelation. Shield does not see L'Esprit in trouble, and instead attacks the child (being possessed) by Golden Master. Pissed off that she got punched, she controls some of the children to attach themselves to Shield. Before she can get another hit in, she spots another villain running into the burning building with intent, and chases after her. Mind controlled children chase after Shield, and the next thing she sees is Dr. Lavar, hurt in a room with two more children strapped to familiar torture devices. There's a silent exchange between Shield and Dr. Lavar, but in the end she's unable to face him. She instead goes to the two trapped children and free's them from their binds. Branch asks through Pete's party line, if anyone has found Dr. Lavar. Shield hesitantly gives her position before gradually leaving the scene. By the time she's out of the building with the five children, she's emotionally distressed and flee's the entire scene via her ship.

Pete decides to pull the knife from the AI system and ends up getting taken over by the evil knife.  He stabs Buzzer.  Buzzers eyes dilate as his body starts to go limp.  Through sheer will he is able to stay standing.   Buzzer says "Fuck, go ahead and stab me again."  This is the first time Pete has heard Joey cuss, and wonders if it really is Joey.  Pete tries to stab Buzzer again.  Buzzer leans on his intense training and is easily able to disarm Pete.   Buzzer then passes out.

Branch points out to Toxoplasmosis and Dr Lavar that the basement of a burning compound is not a  good place for a fight.  They call a truce until they're out of the building. 

L'Esprit gets out of the rubble.  She sees a child.  The eyes of the child show behind them Golden Master.  The child smiles at L'Esprit Recognition.  She says "You will never defeat me.  I will tear your family apart."  L'Esprit takes her stun gloves and zaps the child dead right in front Cosmica.  Cosmica puts her hands on the child and shocks her back to life.

Toxo and Dr. Lavar look at the situation and surrender.  Psylocibin apparently decided to leave as soon as Rampage showed up,  so Gardenia rescues her people and heads back to Halcyon.   By the nature of her power, everyone forgets about her.  Dr. Lavar and Toxo are turned over to… AEGIS? but only the ones that Miracle Woman vouches for,  or that Reflect can punch in the mouth to check for spiders.

The Experimental Kids are taken to Canada, where the Junior Guard will get them placed in good homes due to the excellent refugee programs in Canada.  Some of the kids  have weird Alien DNA now.

Everyone meets back up in Sanctuary, which is slowly being rebuilt.  Buzzer says out loud "Everyone knows I am Joey except Branch.  Branch surprised says "What?"  Robbie says "death does not matter."  Pete asks Buzzer if he is ok.  Buzzer says that he is ok.  Pete says you looked pretty messed up after he stabbed him.  Buzzer offers to help Pete fix his ship.  L'Esprit points at Buzzer and said I told you, you can't trust him.  What was the first thing he did when he got into combat.  You leave.  Reflect steps in and says "Can't we have a vote."  Cosmica comes in right after, "I vote he should be a part of the team."  Leo reluctantly says "Fine if the team wants a vote, we will have a vote.  Looking at Buzzer, Branch says "You have to agree to not go out on missions alone.  You got killed because you went out alone."  Buzzer initially upset, figuring she is working an angle.  He takes a closer look at Branch and realizes she is genuinely trying to set something up.  Buzzer calms down.  Buzzer agrees to not take missions alone.  He admits that he has a bit of PTSD when he goes out alone.  This gets Cosmica a bit worried.  Pete says "I hope I don't regret this but I agree that Buzzer should be a part of the team."  Lio quietly disheartened says "Fine, if you want him on the team, see how it ends."  Buzzer spirits brightened at the sudden team support, looks to Cosmica "Are we ok?"  She says "I do not want you going on missions alone.  There are other people who want to get on the team.  It is not just for you but for everyone.  Last time Shield went out she ended up with amnesia."  Lio quickly steps in "When she went out and she accomplished her mission."  Cosmica continues "I just don't want to lose anyone."  Branch supporting Cosmica's words "You don't have to be watched all the time.  You can go home if you want to."  Buzzer offers to help Pete fix the holes in his ship.

Buzzer very relieved at the turn of events.  He turns to Lio and apologizes.  Lio says "You are just saying the words.  You don't mean them."  Buzzer feeling a bit rejected but confused because he does not know what  to say next.

Lio suggests to Pete that he try and restore MAX to be the new AI of his ship instead of Evil Knife.  Pete insists that he can still fix Evil Knife AI  in the next update, but he'll consider it.

Night at the Museum

L'Esprit sneaks into Ghosts apartment at night, finding him passed out on the couch with a bottle. L'Esprit pulls out a gun, after confirming her orders from the Troika to execute Ghost, only to have it taken away by Shield who had followed her.  Shield (weakly) defends Ghost, saying he wasn't always absolutely terrible.  L'Esprit says that he chose to be a bad person and pulls another gun.  Shield takes the gun away again, and bends the metal on them, rendering them useless.  Badger arrives on the scene to defend Ghost.  L'Esprit speaks to him for a moment, mentioning that there is only one reason he still lives.  Shield, with terrible impulse control, punches Badger in the head. He fills the room with smoke and then runs away with Ghost. L'Esprit is frustrated that her mission failed, but doesn't leave Shield behind. They both ride off on her motorcycle.

Buzzer contacts Coffee and Dani and lets them know that Officer is alright but powerless.

Buzzer hears a voice in his head.  The voice is a familiar one leading him to the Mongolian Sarcophagus.  He calls L'Esprit with no answer.  He calls Twilight who is suspicious and majorly creeped out by a strange man calling her.  He tries to convince Twilight to meet him at the Museum, and she hesitantly agrees. After the call, he decides to go check out the Sarcophagus.

Reflect hears a knock on the door and its Rampage. Reflect calls Lucy to come over if she wants and nonchalantly mentions that a monster has shown up to the door. He reassures her that he can definitely handle it, but if she comes over to help that he's not going to turn her away. Reflect is met with a situation where Rampage speaks to him with civility, and tells him that she barely escaped Aegis.  She used to run drugs and smuggle children but assures him that she is not a bad person.  She asks for asylum.  Reflect offers her to have her sleep at his place for the night. He also offers Sanctuary as another place to stay.

Twilight calls L'Esprit, asking for her help, and explains that some creepy guy called her about Joey and the Museum.  She tells her to stay away from him, and that she'll handle the creep. The two share a moment of trust that hasn't been seen often between the two, and L'Esprit ends the call by reminding Twilight that she can call her if she needs anything. Shield (after being informed about the creep) agrees to join L'Esprit to help her handle whoever is harassing Twilight, and they drive towards the Museum.

Lucy arrives at Reflect's house, and attacks Rampage with a mind blast. Reflect, a little too late, stops her from continuing and mentions that Rampage isn't a bad villain.  Lucy gives Rampage a death look to let her know that reflect is hers. Reflect convinces Lucy that he has everything under control.  Rampage tells Reflect that kids are being held by Aegis. Reflect leaves to check it out.

Buzzer works his way to check out the sarcophagus, but later gets the mental pull leading him towards Mexico.  Buzzer does not see anything happening so decides to get a Uber to head out.  While waiting for the Uber, L'Esprit recognizes something familiar about him.  She thinks it might be the creepy guy who bothered her sister.  She stops and asks Buzzer if he is a super hero, much to Shield's confusion.  Buzzer replies "Why yes, I am a super hero."

She then asks if he was the man who called her sister.  He responds that he felt someone from her family should take care of this. Shield proceeds to hit him for bothering Twilight. Buzzer rolls with the punch, much to Shield's confusion and annoyance.  He looks upset.  Buzzer provokes Shield to hit him again, and Shield complies. Buzzer continues to roll with the punch, pissing Shield off more, and asks if she is done yet. Shield hits him for a third time and this time he is not able to brush it off.  L'Esprit shoots him with a taser, and Buzzer parkours away.   L'Esprit tells him not to call her sister again, or that they will find him and punch him again. After the strange encounter, Shield decides they should continue to investigate the situation with the sarcophagus. L'Esprit agrees, mainly because Shield would be breaking and entering by herself otherwise.

Reflect goes to a secret Aegis location where the kids are being held.  Lucy gets knocked out with a mind blast. One of the kids who looks half Oolu and responsible for the mind blast.  Reflect sees a bug like creature acting as a guard, and proceeds to take it out.  He then asks the kids if they want to stay, but it seems the kids don't understand what he's saying.  The kids do not seem mind controlled, not really in danger, and are happy where they are at.  Reflect leaves to Sanctuary with Rampage and carrying a now unconscious Lucy.

Shield and L'Esprit sneak into the Museum, and after cutting through the display glass, Shield opens the case.  Tendrils start to grab Shield as the case opens. Before she could get sucked in, L'Esprit throws a flash-bang at the shadow-like tendrils. By defending Shield, the shadow limbs grab her instead and pull her in. L'Esprit sees Golden Master behind Shield as she gets dragged in, yelling a warning before the sarcophagus slams shut.  Shield, in a panic, starts to rip open the sarcophagus to get her out. But as she tries, her power becomes unstable and starts to melt off her body instead.

Buzzer loudly approaches Shield, just as she's starting to panic. As she's grabbing items to toss at the metal sarcophagus, she grabs Buzzer and throws him. Using the momentum of the throw, he uses his athletics to land on top of the steel case instead. After convincing Shield that she needs to calm down, he asks her what L'Esprit would do. Shield looks at him, thinking this is a stupid question, and says she doesn't know.  Looking at the markings on the sarcophagus, Buzzer is able to figure out that he could mentally enter the realm that was on the other side.  He proceeds to do so.

L'Esprit finds her in a empty mental landscape.  Standing before her is the Golden Master.  The Golden Master says that no matter how much time changes L'Esprit continues to look the same age.  L'Esprit responds this coming from a couple century old woman. Golden Master offers her a position to join her, seeing the darkness growing in her. L'Esprit declines the offer. She says that she is gaining control of those who control people.  L'Esprit says we have beaten you before and we will again. Buzzer appears. Golden Master addresses Joey by name, to the surprise of L'Esprit, stating she felt a connection with him. Buzzer coolly states that she killed Katiana.  Golden master merely reinforces that they are connected by his pain.  She then releases Buzzer and L'Esprit.  Buzzer passes out as Shield anxiously checks on L'Esprit. Knowing she's safe, Shield stuffs a night guard in a closet, picks Buzzer up, and takes him to Sanctuary with L'Esprit.  They put him in one of the prison cells.  L'Esprit says that Buzzer might be Joey, before demanding to know if Shield knew about this. Shield is just as confused as she is.

Reflect shows up to Sanctuary and is greeted by L'Esprit with Rampage in tow. After being reassured that she is an okay Villain, Rampage mentions that she has been working with El Leche who is in Mexico. That Aegis is holding more kids in Mexico. Reflect mentions that Aegis is being infiltrated and that you can tell who is possessed by punching them in the face, and an eye twitch tell.  Rampage mentions that the drug lord has been working with Dr.Lavar.

Buzzer has a flashback of Rook holding him in the air.  Whether this is his own memory or one of Ghost is not specified.  It is in the future and Buzzer is in a Western Ranger outfit.  She tells him not to  trust Aegis or the Wildcards.  She says she is going to let him go because she knows he is going into the past to change things.  

Buzzer looks up to see Shield approaching him with suspicion. She asks him if he is Joey, he attempts to evade the question by asking if it really matters.  Shield repeats herself, annoyed with Buzzer's avoidance. He caves, looking at her and nods as he says yes.  She takes the barrier down and grabs Buzzer by the collar, shaking him as she yells at him reminding him about their conversation from before. Shield is stopped by L'Esprit telling her that she needs to listen to Rampage.  Rampage reiterates that Dr. Lavar has been doing experiments on children.  This gets Shield's attention quickly, and attempts to leave to foolishly dig up all of Mexico by herself. L'Esprit stops her and comforts her when Shield expresses vaguely how she feels. L'Espirt commands Buzzer to leave and he complies. Reflect questions her action, but she counters that they do not know what time line that Buzzer comes from. He could be from the Oolu timeline, or some other confusing variant.

L'Esprit calls Twilight and says the creepy guy is likely to pretend to be Joey and to avoid him.  Twilight confidently says that if he comes around, that he can easily take Joey out with a knock out point. She also says that it was sad that Joey never really had any fun except with her. All he wanted to do was train.  L'Esprit agrees that it was sad.

Joey researches and finds out that Badgers alter ego as a billionaire is all right.  



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