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Halycon City – aka San Diego.

Halcyon's Past - specifically the 1930s

Oolu Halcyon – Alternate reality where the Oolu took over Earth in the 1960s.

Super Groups

Wildcards – Us! That is, a group of young heroes that everyone seems to want to control. Previously The Delinquents, The Corps, and The Delinquent Corps.

Exemplars – Silver Age heroes in Halycon City.  They are one of the primary supergroups in the country, and possibly the world.

The New Exemplars – New Halcyon youth group formed under Omega's guidance. Also briefly the name of a villain teamup of Vanquish, Dr Infinity, Blue Hydra, and Black Raven.

The Violent Group – a group of supers that were affected by THULE chemicals and perform vandalism.

Cleanup Crew – a group of supers that were affected by THULE chemicals and became activists for the environment.

Southwest Rangers – a group of supers that are popular throughout Southern California and the southwestern states of America

Junior Guard – Youth division of the Northern Guard, the heroes of Canada.


THULE – corporation involved in pharma and agriculture.

BodyGuard – program that genetically creates super soldiers.

The Troika – a secret organization deeply involved in Halcyon affairs, especially those involving supers.


Oolu – alien race that judges and conquers other worlds.

Martians – second alien race, not much known but they attacked New Jersey one time.


Chompers – robot dogs who eat and explode

Chomper 2.0 - levitating balls of liquid metal that fire lasers. Colloquially known as Death Orbs.

Super-steroid – a drug developed by THULE and "accidentally" leaked onto the streets


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