1930s Halcyon

The Pulp Generation

Before even the Golden Generation and the rise of superpowers in the 1940s, a host of eccentric villains and strange heroes can be found in accounts all over the world, including a few low-tier superpowers. Terms for the pre-Golden periods are disputed, but the popular unofficial one for the pre-WW2 years is the Pulp Generation, owing to their exploits often being documented in cheaply-printed wood-pulp magazines.

Even in the Pulp Generation, Halcyon was a hotbed of unusual activity, villainous and heroic alike. Foremost among Halcyon's heroes was The Spectre: defender of innocents, scourge of evildoers, and rocker of the Enigmatic Antihero aesthetic way before it was cool.

The Spectre (Marlowe Maskelyne/Elazar Serero)

An intensely private person, very little was ever publicly known about The Spectre. Most naturally perceived him as a menacing figure; a few accounts from non-criminals say he inspired trust and confidence, and was perhaps more empathic than he let on. He made use of an extensive and varied skillset including espionage, psychology, chemistry, and stage magic; and employed a network of loyal and highly trained agents. While criminals recognized him for his black attire, twin .45s, and ghoulish laughter, allies knew his token of identity to be a golden ring with a magnificent and nearly-unmatched black opal. For civilian life he most often borrowed the identity of globetrotting millionaire Marlowe Maskelyne.

David Jasper

Recruited after a foiled suicide attempt, The Spectre's first active agent proved competent, versatile, and absolutely devoted — if lacking in self-preservation instincts. It was hard not to like this earnest, charismatic small-town boy, and little surprise that he charmed even The Spectre. He was also astoundingly lucky: frequently sent in to scout situations before The Spectre, David wound up in the hands of the enemy a great deal, yet survived well into the 1940s. He wore one of the two matches of The Spectre's black opal as a platinum bracelet.

Evelyn "Evie" Rose

A socialite who moved in the upper-crust crowds alongside Maskelyne, Evie was observant, adventurous, and forceful. Once she had Maskelyne pegged as The Spectre, he had little choice but to add her to his roster. She proved to be not only diplomatic, but clever and resourceful, with an unexpected talent for electrical engineering. Although she and David were initially jealous and unfriendly, they warmed up to each other and eventually married, both taking The Spectre's surname Serero. She wore the third of the opals in a rose-gold pendant.

Burbank – One of The Spectre's allies who is an after hours contact man.

The Golden Master (Altangerel "Altaa" Khatun)

The Spectre's arch-enemy, a ruthless, regal woman who began as a revolutionary and became intent on nothing less than world domination. She wielded hypnosis, charisma, endless doting followers, and the occasional Thompson. If the tabloids are to be believed then she may have also been able to summon melee weapons made of golden energy. Although she and The Spectre frequently fought, their relationship otherwise was friendly and protective, and she considered him like a son. Her name means "Golden Light Empress."

Brass Brilliant – Originally one of The Spectre's henchmen. Golden Master got Brass to betray The Spectre and now he works for her.

Torrid Typhoon – Once a small time criminal who gained the ability to control wind. She now tries to gain the favor of The Golden Master.

Katiana Arendjovik – A 13 year old Russian princess who defected to the US.


1930s Halcyon

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