The Fourth Generation

When Our Team First Came Together
Battle against The Teacher

The Teacher assembled Atomic, Ugat, Reflect and Outsider as a team to help her manipulate other students and rob banks. The group rebelled when the teacher tried to have them kill a student during a field trip at Balboa Park. They fought and much of the park was destroyed. They were able to trick her and forced the creature back into the dimension it from. Mr Hutchison, the Principal, found the group suspicious and doesn't trust them.

Night on the town.

Relfect and Outsider are on the Midway trying to spray paint it. Outsider thinks it is a bad idea and as Reflect tries to convince him otherwise they are caught be security drones. Outsider is able to mess with them but security is called and they make a run for it.

Gary takes Michael to party which his friend Kelsi is throwing. Michael has been around students since his tranformation to a plant. Kelsi greets Gary but as Michael enters everyone just stairs. He is able to pull his roots and vines together to make himself seem somewhat human. Everyone thinks it is super cool and start taking selfies and hangout with Michael. Lindsey Hutchison especially thinks it is cool.  

Michael fails to notice his roots stretching out and pulling apart the foundation. Gary is able to enforce the structure but it makes him light up and freaks out Kelsi and some of the other kids.

An explosion comes from East Village and the heroes rush out to investigate. They see a two story apartment building half destroyed and robots jumping around on hind legs and large jagged jaws looking for something but attacking first responders if they get in there way. 

Atomic is too afraid to use his powers in fear of hurting someone and hides. Outsider increases the density of the robots holding them in place while Ugat steps on them. Reflect sees an African American man running away with two robots chasing him. Ugat grabs and throws a robot as it detonates in a massive explosion. Reflect teleports himself and the man away.

Reflect teleported to his room. The man is reluctant to talk and he notices some capsule in his neck. The man open up and reveals he is Vanquish, a super villian that was captured in 1983. He says that he was released since he gave information to the Exemplars about other villians and as long as he wears the capsule and stays in Halycon city he is allowed to live as a civilian. He hates it and asks Reflect to steal the key to the capsule form the Hall of Heroes.

Ousider investigates the device and they figure out it is the work of Doctor Infinity, another villain who was caught years ago.

Atomic gets drunk and is attacked by Lady Night, a member of The Exemplars. He gets enraged and lights up causing Lady Night to back down afraid that he might destroy half the city. The rest of the group meets up but she insults Ugat. Reflect attacks her and steals her communication band that gives her access to the Hall of Heroes. Atomic knocks her away and she disappears.

With Ladynight's communication band the group decides to break into The Hall of Heroes. While sneaking around they find Omega there arguing with someone about how the Exemplars are barely holding it together. The others manage to access the computer and find out that Dr Infinity is staying out east in a secluded house. Gary runs into Omega and Omega tells him how he can become something better and he might be able to get him a better place to stay than the orphanage.

The next day at Halycon High Michael sits disguised as a tree when Lindsey walks up and starts sketching the tree. Outsider sees this and becomes jealous and tries to convince Lindsey to avoid the tree. She becomes upset and says she'll have her father tear it out.

Infinite Possibilities

Vanessa Signet (Bodyguard) returns to school after her step-mother, Betty, kept her home for intense training. Outsider sees her and fills her in on what happened the last few days.

Michael shows up to school for the first time since his transformation. The teacher greats him but students come out and stare. 

Delinquent skips class and hangs out with Carl Tabor (Vanquish).

Outsider gets a call from his people's central command. They demand that Outsider make a decision on Earth but he refuses. They tell him his brother will be joining him soon to help him make the decision.

The group decides to skip class and try to find Doctor Infinity. When Michael tries to sneak out the window Lesley grabs his branch and asks him not to go and that he has a chance to fit in. He sneaks out anyway. 

As they are walking out Principal Hutchinson is in there way. He tells Gary that if he leaves school he will report it to the Exemplars which will hurt his chances of getting in. Gary and the team just keep walking.

They meet up with Delinquent and head out east in Cuyamaca Park and find Dr Infinity's house. It has been damaged like a fight occurred there. Outsider flies up to get a better look and the rest head into the house. 

Outsider is suddenly captured by a net fired from a drone. The rest of the group doesn't notice as they investigate the house and see that a fight occurred there. They are then attacked by three large robots.

Outsider finds himself face to face by Bodyguard 12 who questions him. Outsider makes himself look like a giant bear then runs for it. Bodyguard 12 is on him but is called back by someone named Colleen Drake.

The rest of group is handling the robots when Atomic tears apart the entire house to the molecular level and reforms it as though it had never been damaged.

Everyone regroups and finds Dr Infinity's secret server room. Reviewing the security footage the find she has a secret passage out into the park. The follow it just as Gold Raven and Dr Omega show up at the house. They find Dr Infinity standing next to a jeep. 

Questioning her they find out that Dr Infinity is in witness protection with Exemplars and they give her the level of freedom for helping them build tech. She also secretly worked with Colleen Drake and the THULE Corporation to help build an automated system to distribute a new powerful agriculture chemical that shouldn't be handled by people. She is not sure why the company attacked her.

Gold Raven and Dr Omega show up and question The Delinquents on what they were doing there and ask them to keep Dr Infinity a secret.

When everyone gets back they get texts from Kelsi to a concer that night. Outsider finds his brother waiting for him. Betty tells Vanessa that she can't go to the concert and must train more. Delinquent decides to scout out THULE HQ and steals a guards clothes.

Gary and Vanessa make it to the concert. Another kid starts to pick on Kelsi but Vanessa makes him back down.

Colleen Drake shows up outside the concert and offers Michael a business card and a vial full of some sort of drug before leaving.  Michael does not take the free drugs from the strange lady at a concert.

Outsider's brother is here to complete the report on Earth, so that "Pete Friendly" can go back to exploring other planets, and Earth can be conquered or destroyed.  Otusider wants his planet to leave Earth alone.  Pete sends his brother to Disneyland in order to examine the technology and culture that Earth has available.

Nova is sent out to space for advanced training, having "graduated" from Earth.  His parents take him off to space to learn to use his powers on an intergalactic scale.

A New Low

- Betty organizes Outsider and Ugat to spar with Bodyguard. Things get out of control, especially when Ugat and Bodyguard use the fight to try and see how hard it would be to take Outsider's brother in a fight.  It turns out Mind Blasts are Super Effective!

- Cygnus joins the fight and makes herself part of the team.   Is she sincere, or is this just a reality stunt?  Either way, the Delinquents get some publicity.

- After the fight Outsider gets a call from Miracle Woman saying that an alarm went off at Reflect's house. The group investigates. 

- Vanessa (Bodyguard) gets a call from Kelsi asking her to hang out.  

- They found that chompers attacked and kidnapped (abducted) Carl, and what wasn't destroyed in that fight gets exploded when the team drives off the robots.

- Robbie's mom comes home and yells at the team saying she will disband them.

- The team heads to THULE HQ which was the last place they heard from Reflect. They find the guard he knocked out by a shipping area.

- Outsider lowers the density of the shipping door and Cygnus and Bodyguard get through to look for Reflect. Outsider loses control of his power and increases the density of the door separating them.  

- Ugat and Outsider set up a distraction for the guards. Outsider modifies a Ugat's phone so he can track the next person called. They call Coleen the CEO, and find out she is in her office. 

Vanessa finds out Bodyguard 12 is in the area and finds him instructing Reflect on moving. She smashes through the glass and they fight.  Reflect flees in the chaos, and it is unknown what his current status is.

- Outsider and Ugat break into Coleen's office and they find Dr Cosmos talking to her.  Dr. Cosmos trounces Outsider and Coleen shoots Ugat with a dart that transforms him back into a human.  

- In yet another attempt to make Outsider's brother gives a favorable review of Earth, the Delinquents convince Cygnus to take him out on a date.

- Vanessa and Kelsi spend the afternoon together, and Vanessa controls her powers enough to get her ears pierced.

-The Delinquents secretly meet with Miracle Woman, who informs them there is an Exemplar that has gone rogue and is exacting his or her own form of justice on "reformed" supervillains.

-Dr. Cosmos offers to supervise the Delinquents, which will mean working with Thule and the Bodyguards.  The team is very wary, but it's a lot better than sitting through another classroom lecture at Halcyon High…  

The Corp

A second group of young heroes form consisting of Espirit, Calavera, Dio and Officer. 

They went up against a group of Bodyguards in led by a woman named Barb Sharpton in a government building. Unfortunately, Dio was lost during the fight. Ghost, Officer's future self shows up to defend the building and Officer does not approve of him.

After the fight Espirit finds evidence that the corporation THULE was somehow involved in the attack.

The Delinquent Corp

- Reflect snaps out of his mind control realizing that he was sent to kill Miracle Woman. He had been walking in circles fighting the conditioning brought on by the Bodyguard program. He meets back up with the other Delinquents.

- The Delinquents get together in Balboa Park to discuss their plans against THULE.

- L'Esprit saw Reflect leave the THULE building while she was investigating it. She follows him to Balboa Park and finds Outsider's ship. While investigating Cygnus attacks her. Calavera then attacks Cygnus. Everyone in The Delinquents and The Corp see this and a fight breaks out.

- After Reflect knocks out Calavera the fight comes to an end and they discuss the confusion and come to peaceful terms. They decide to work together.

- Freddie for Real shows up and Cygnus announces they are getting married which has brought both off them a lot of publicity. 

- Deciding to take the THULE offer, Pete called Dr Cosmos and arranged to meet the next day at Solana Beach. Since Officer expressed doubt about acting as a 'spy' and Ugat wasn't sure what THULE would want with L'Esprit, it was arranged that the two of them would instead shadow everyone else.

- Pete finished a device designed to block Dr Cosmos's mindreading and handed one out to everyone.

- Ugat got a phone call from Lindsey and bowed out of the meeting to go meet her.

- Reflect checked his messages, ignored several from his mom and returned one from Vanquish, who was freaked out about something.

- Calavera returned home, only to be confronted by her nemesis Sasha Blaze, who demonstrated time-control abilities. After tormenting Calavera, Sasha disappeared. Calavera called L'Esprit and they sought advice from Pete. He advised that they bring Sasha's presence to Dr Cosmos' attention.

- Dr Cosmos met with the Delinquents + Calavera and boarded a submarine with them. Pete left the keys to his ship so that L'Esprit and Officer could continue to follow. The submarine took the group to an underwater THULE base, the 'real' HQ. Aside from Colleen Drake, the THULE staff all acted drugged. Drake admitted to working with the Exemplars only begrudgingly and claimed to have ended THULE's contract with the Bodyguards.

- L'Esprit hecked up driving Pete's ship and wound up in space. Freddie Forreal showed up and helped, but only after psychically yelling at Pete. While the others stalled in dealing withCosmos and Drake, L'Esprit (with Freddie's help, again) downloaded as much information from the THULE computers as she could. The alien computer was not able to crack all of THULE's security, indicating another alien presence. L'Esprit and Officer infiltrated one of the testing rooms and discovered an unconscious Bodyguard being experimented on with some kind of alien goo that Pete did not recognize.

- Back with our heroes, they agreed to work with THULE to a limited extent. Their first assignment is to track down other kids in similar accidents to Ugat.

- Reflect left a duplicate and teleported to take samples of a tree on display and the alien goo. Unfortunately he got some of the goo on his hand.

Migrant Heroes

- Pete Friendly and Officer visit with Freddy for Real. They ask him about the explosion from the alien ship that sent Officer into the future. Freddy says that he should have been killed from the blast and perhaps he should be internally investigated by his people. 

- Bodyguard gets further training from Betty who injects her with further formula to enhance her powers. She develops to ability to spike her metallic skin but as she is testing her powers Kelsi shows up. Bodyguard grabs her and they run off. 

- Ugat splits the team into two groups to find those that had the same chemical that was dumped on him. The first team consisting of Bodyguard, Calavera and Officer search for a group calling themselves The Violent Group (Domingo Alvarez, Meche Hernandez, Rosalia Sanchez) who perform large scale vandalism. 

They find The Violent Group trying to light up the Hollywood sign. Just as they get to them Gold Raven shows up. A fight breaks out as the Delinquent Corp tries to put out the sign but The Violent Group takes control of Gold Raven's mind forcing her to attack them and destroy the sign. In the end Gold Raven sends out a powerful blast knocking everyone down and the Delinquents are able to talk with The Violent Group. Gold Raven loses her memory.

- Ugat then leads a second team consisting of L'Espirit, Pete Friendly and Reflect to Santa Monica Beach to find the Cleanup Crew (Isaac Navarro, Esparanza Lopez, Violetta Marcos). L'Espirit decides to spy on Issac, their leader, before the meet with them and is knocked over by Lady Night who puts a sword to her throat. Lady Night tells her not to impersonate The Spectre and steels the black opal around L'Espirit neck saying it is hers. L'Espirit tries to chase after her but Issac hers to commotion a confronts her giving Lady Night a chance to slip away and turn invisible.

- The Delinquent Corp meets with the group the next morning where they find them having a meeting with a mysterious business man who is guiding them on a local bill to help clean up the beach but convinces them they might need to aggressively convince one of the legislators to cooperate. The man is hostile to the Delinquents and Reflect realizes it is The Teacher in a new form. A small fight occurs but Pete Friendly and Reflect grab the teacher into Pete's ship where the teacher releases its control of the man. 

The Bright Side of Halycon

- The Outsider puts together a device to detect crimes. After a few false positives, he rallies L'Esprit and Reflect to an apartment in Clairemont Mesa. They stop a domestic dispute when the police show up and The Outsider detects another presence. The Outsider tries to deal with the police but gets arrested. Reflect and L'Esprit sneak up on the presence and find it is Lady Night who was watching them. She argues with L'Esprit over ownership of the black opals, revealing she and L'Esprit might be related. Lady Night tells L'Esprit to retire before she gets hurt and attacks to prove her point. L'Esprit is able to defend herself and even briefly subdue Lady Night. Lady Night tells her if she is going to imitate The Spectre she needs to do it for real and hands her automatic pistols before disappearing.

- Meanwhile, the cop takes The Outsider to a meeting with Mr Bright, who wants the Delinquents to leave petty crimes 'to the police' and offers to call Outsider with tips when real super villainy is going down. Outsider reluctantly agrees and gets a picture of Mr Bright for his contact information.

- As everyone is getting ready for bed The Outsider's crime device goes off for a crime in Chula Vista. At the same time Mr Bright gives him a call, saying Sacrifice is menacing a club in PB. Outsider and Reflect check out PB while L'Esprit heads to Chula Vista.

- Reflect and The Outsider find that anyone hurt by the Sacrifice's dagger seems to go crazy and attack people. They discover this after Reflect has already been cut. He briefly goes insane and attacks Outsider, but Outsider talks him down and they're able to subdue the other Sacrifice victims and confiscate the dagger. The cops show up and thank them.

- L'Esprit gets caught spying on a drug deal between a street gang and some corporate thugs. The deal goes bad and shots are fired; the corporate thugs respond by taking a drug that gives them super strength. Despite the drugs, the gang overwhelms them by sheer force of numbers. L'Esprit barely manages to swipe one of the briefcases they were fighting over.

- L'Esprit meets with the others and they find the briefcase is full of the same drugs. Outsider analyzes them and finds out they're a stimulant made with methamphetamines and alien technology, and are similar to the samples taken from the THULE lab. They find a gang member hurt but alive and question him, learning that the gang worked for Mr Bright, and that Bright's second-in-command is named Lobo. Oddly there are no cops to the scene despite the firefight.

- Next morning Pete Friendly wakes up to his brother asking him about a tux. Cygnus shows up and and says that Frankie and her are arguing about which planet to hold the wedding on. Pete tries to calm her but she kisses him. They both are confused and she leaves.

- Robbie runs into Roy, a running back for the Halycon High Supers. He talks about how they don't hang out anymore and wants to change that. He asks Robbie to go to the homecoming dance and game and he'll make sure he has a good time. 

- Lio finds Marq sitting on her doorstep. He says his girlfriend kicked him out and he wants to stay with Lio until he clears it up. Lio agrees.

- Robbie meets with Mrs Ellis and she asks him about some pictures of graffiti she took that Robbie did as Reflect. She compares it the art Robbie does in class and Robbie lies about how he is a huge fan of supers and the Delinquent Corp. She buys it and encourages him.

- Pete skips school and tries finding crime to fight to keep his mind occupied. He calls L'Esprit since she's not in school. No crimes happen so instead he spills to L'Esprit about the kiss. They talk and hatch a plan to undermine Frankie's credibility with homeworld, starting by sabotaging his communications on his ship. It's after school so they bring Reflect along. As Pete is doing so, High Command comes up on the screen. Pete, disguised as Frankie, tries to convince them not to invade Earth but he find out that Frankie already ordered a covert invasion and there are already other agents on Earth. Pete ends the call and finishes the sabotage.

- Frankie then shows up. He decides to have the wedding on Earth and to invite their family and members of High Command. He is annoyed his comm is down but Pete insists he'll get it fixed, and Frankie casually reveals he and Cygnus can access Pete's ship at any time.

- Back in Pete's ship, he contacts their father to find out if Frankie has told them the truth about his relationship with Cygnus. Frankie has been sending reports, but Pete checks Cygnus's camera feed and finds that it shows a different story. Their dad gets frustrated when shown this and says he'll talk to Frankie, then hangs up.

- Pete gets another call from Mr Bright, saying that an ex-villain is being attacked by robots. Moments later the crime detector goes off for the same area. They rush to the scene and find chomper robots terrorizing bystanders and destroying a set of condos. Pete and Reflect are able to protect the civilians and stabilize the building. L'Esprit panics after being attacked and flees. The robots cut out a wall of a condo and start moving on the occupant.

- Lady Night speaks to L'Esprit, says she'll take care of the problem if L'Esprit hangs up the Spectre coat, which motivates L'Esprit enough to return and start shooting the robots. Pete turns giant and Reflect teleports into the condo, and the three of them find the robots' target, retired villainess The Blue Hydra. They're able to protect her from the remaining robots. Police begin to show up, so Pete scoops all of them including Blue Hydra into his ship and they fly off, pretending they can't hear the police demand they return the witness.

- The Blue Hydra tells them that Mr Bright is a disgraced former police commissioner, and that she recently met with the Exemplar members Omega and Badger. Otherwise she can give them no new information and insists she's done nothing wrong. L'Esprit gives her her phone number in case she remembers anything else. Mr Bright calls Pete to ask about Hydra. He lies that they dropped her at a hospital at her request. Instead they leave her with Dr Infinity and Vanquish.

The Atomic Level

Officer (Joey Carron) wakes up in the morning eager to head to school. A woman comes out of Ghost's room wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and a bra. She makes Joey uncomfortable as she asks him about Ghost and himself and teases him. Joey runs away.

Violetta Marcos from the Cleanup Crew has moved to San Diego and hangs out with Ugat (Michael Peña). Lindsey gives them a dirty look and she asks what that is all about.

Calavera (Sarah Mendez) meets with Joey. As they are walking down the hall Roy Goldsmit asks Sara out but she refuses him saying she is going with Joey. Time freezes and Sasha Blaze appears dressed as a normal student. She threatens to hurt Joey and those she cares about. Joey's high speed allows him to witness this.

Bodyguard (Vanessa Signet) and Kelsi Wong head to school. Kelsi tries to tell Vanessa to stay away from Betty. Kelsi then suggests they should going to homecoming together and Vanessa asks if she wants to go. Kelsi quickly agrees.

Michael is asked to go to the main office. Principal Hutchinson tells him his mom, Rose Pena is in the amulance. Michael quickly goes over there and find out she was attacked by someone who could warp her shoulder. She is not sure why she was attacked.

Joey gets a call from his older self, Ghost. Ghost tells him to meet at a house in North Park which needs to be investigated and to bring his friends as it is superhero stuff. Joey ignores him and runs into Roy who asks if he can put in a good word for him with Sara as he really wants to go to the dance with her. Roy is friendly as Joey agrees.

Ugat gets a call from Ghost saying he can't get a hold of Joey and he and his friends need to meet him for some superhero investigation. Ugat lets the team know and they head to North Park. Ugat gets there first finding Ghost smoking and drinking. 

The rest show up and they inspect the house. Ghost explains the local cops checked the house first but didn't understand the scene. They called the Exemplars but got no response so the FBI and Ghost were brought in. Again it looks like the house had been attacked by Chompers. Other parts look like they were melted at a molecular level. There is also a body that looks like it exploded on the walls.

As they are collecting evidence The Badger shows up. Ghost starts yelling at The Badger to leave his crime scene but Badger tells him to leave calling him an incompetent reject. Ugat steps in asking Ghost to leave now that an Examplar leave but Ghost reaches for his gun and Ghost knocks it away with a Badgerang. Ghost then tries to use superspeed but Badger predicts and knocks him flat. Ghost then has a seizure.

Badger ignores Ghost and talks with the Delinquents. Tells him the house belonged to The Desperado. Another villain in witness protection. He would analyze the DNA of the remains and confirm. 

Ghost get frustrated and also leaves. The group tries to find Atomic (Gary Richard) but he is not answering his phone. The call Kelsi and find out that he was upset about something a few days ago and she hasn't talked to him since.

Officer checks the bars for Atomic hearing he liked to get drunk but only find Ghost who is on a serious bender. Ghost tries to speed run home but gets hit by a car. Officer takes Ghost to the group who sees a ball of light fall from the sky. The find Gold Raven who seems to have been attacked but her memory is unstable and she thinks it was Atomic but is not sure. 

The next morning Vanessa sees Betty but she has a young girl with her. She approaches her and Betty hugs her saying how worried she was and she must come home and train. Vanessa asks about the girl and finds out she is Cathy (Bodyguard 102). Betty has contacts back in the Bodyguard program and was able to smuggle her out. Vanessa prevents Cathy from almost killing someone that snuck up on her.

Sara walking to school is encounter by Colleen Drake and Bodyguard 12 asking her to join the Bodyguard program since she left Barb Sharpton. Sara refuses and Collen has Bodyguard attack. Vanessa hears that fighting as Sara put up a shield but Bodyguard 12 is drilling through. She tackles Bodyguard 12 and Sara tries to suck the life from him using her saliva but Bodyguard flips Vanessa having her take to vitality attack. Bodyguard 12 is able to get away.

Michael sees Gary (Atomic) talking arguing with Lindsey. Lindsey walks away and Joey cheers her up but she says she is done with dating freaks. Michael talks with Gary who says things are great with The Exemplars. Michael secretly swaps phones with Gary.

Michael visits his mom whose condition is getting worse as her shoulder dissolving seems to spread. He knows that only Gary or THULE can resolve the issue. He doesn't trust THULE so he knows he needs to go to Gary.

Bring a Date

So, the world exploded. In a metaphorical sense, although there were some literal explosions involved. But, before that, we must return to a simpler, more innocent time… Thursday morning.

- Colleen Drake calls in the group (minus Vanessa, who listens in on a phone). She tells them there's been a leak of an experimental THULE super-steroid. She wants them to look into it being distributed at the school, find the dealers and their suppliers and confiscate the drugs. Getting drugs out of school seems like a good idea so they agree.

- Pete learns there's an Oolu destroyer out near the moon. He contacts it and is greeted by his mother, who wanted to arrive early for the wedding and plans to visit Earth on Saturday.

- Michael calls a group meeting and everybody gets caught up on the story so far. During the meeting, Sarah talks to Michael, Joey, and Lio, and decides to be more friendly with Roy but establish firm boundaries about kissing. Also during the meeting, Pete synthesizes an antidote for the drug out of a bottle of Mountain Dew, but it's single-use.

- They decide to have Robbie pretend to be a dealer, selling for far cheaper than normal. Their first plan is to have Kelsi spread the word. Vanessa approaches her, but Kelsi gets angry and storms away.

- Backup plan is to set up a sting operation. Joey pretends to take the drug given to him by Robbie and races football player Simon. Another player, Thad, trips/shoves Joey but Joey gets back up and still wins. Simon demands a rematch while Roy talks to Robbie, disbelieving that his old friend is now a drug dealer. Joey wins the second race. Simon tries to punch him, but fails repeatedly, tiring himself out and just making him more angry. The football players arrange to buy pills from Robbie for the game tomorrow.

- Later (next day?) there is a pre-homecoming pep rally. Joey, Sarah, Michael, Pete, and Violetta all attend. Lio and Robbie and I think Vanessa? skip out, remaining outside. Many things happen at once.

- Joey recognizes one of the teachers is actually Miracle Woman. She seems nervous. Sarah sees a brief glimpse of Sasha, but she's gone when Sarah tries to point her out to Joey. Michael gets called out onto the floor, everyone cheers him and cheerleaders hang off him. Lindsey is still cold. Back in the stands Violetta starts to show her own plant powers but is met with fright and disgust.

- The outside group spot a kid talking to Simon by the bleachers. Robbie recognizes him as another old friend, Thomas. Lio recognizes signs of him being on the drug or otherwise 'improved'. Thomas wants to talk to Joey, so sends Simon to find him. While he's doing that, Robbie greets Thomas and convinces him that they should work together. When Thomas leaves, Pete and Robbie follow in his camouflaged spaceship while Lio follows on the ground.

- Atomic appeared over the school. Pete mind-talked to him and was rudely pushed away, but learned that Atomic was after Miracle Woman. Atomic flew off. Michael went after him with Vanessa. They catch up to him. He is unfriendly, especially to Vanessa, who he sticks in the ground up to her waist. He's willing to go with Michael, though, as long as Michael promises to keep out of his way from now on. Michael and Atomic go to the hospital to see Rose. At the sight of her, Atomic freaks out, but Michael manages to talk him down. Atomic admits he attacked her, that he was just supposed to damage her car and didn't mean to hurt her, and he didn't know she was Michael's mom. He fixes her shoulder. Vanessa, who has dug herself out and thinks Michael is in trouble, crashes into the room through the ceiling and yanks Atomic's legs out from under him. Atomic retreats without a fight.

- Simon finds Sarah and gets her to call Joey out. Simon quickly becomes hostile and attacks Joey, gets ahold of his superhero uniform and pulls it out. Simon thinks it's ridiculous and taunts Joey. Joey agrees to another, public race against Simon, planning to lose this time to get Simon off his back. He snatches back his uniform.

- Lio, Robbie, and Pete see Thomas meet with a kid from Clairemont High, Bone. Thomas and Bone head to the pier and a submarine begins to emerge to meet them, but Thomas suddenly attacks Lio with metallic tendrils. Lio stun guns him. Robbie takes a dose of the drug and swings on Bone, stunning him and then breaking his jaw. Pete tries to go after the submarine, but Thomas recovers enough to hit him with the tendrils, stealing his telepathy. Lio zaps him again, Pete turns into a giant winged anteater and slings him into a wall. Robbie, still amped up, punches Thomas out and tries to keep hitting him. Lio pulls him away and Robbie teleports off to try and swim after the submarine, which is long gone. Lio and Pete stand by to see how long until the drug wears off. Once it does, they take Thomas into Pete's ship for questioning and tip off the cops to Bone.

- Onward to the Homecoming Game. Everyone attends, either for fun or to keep an eye on proceedings. Pete leaves Thomas locked in a room on his ship and sends it into space so he can't escape.

- The football game starts okay, Simon is doing better than expected. Then the other team from Clairemont High start juicing up, and there are several injuries, mostly of Halcyon High players. Lio approaches a coach and suggests they call the game due to clear outside interference. The coach agrees, to the ire of the players and crowd. The players are still amped and hostile, and Roy gets knocked unconscious in the confusion. Sarah puts a forcefield around him and rushes to make sure he's okay, revealing her powers to the school in the process. Joey dons his uniform and steals the Clairemont High mascot to make them chase him so they'll work out their excess energy.

- Then the Hall of Heroes explodes. Things go into a rapid tailspin after that.

- Robbie, Vanessa, and Pete rush to the Hall, while Joey, Lio, and Sarah remain in the stadium, and Michael says fuckit and heads home.

- At the Hall of Heroes they find Miracle Woman unconscious and the three rescued villains — Dr Infinity, Vanquish, and Blue Hydra — ransacking the place. I was not present for most of this so someone else will have to fill in this part.

- Meanwhile in the stadium, Omega suddenly crashes down from the sky into the middle of the football field, followed by Dr Cosmos. Sarah asks what's going on. Dr Cosmos instructs her to hold 'this criminal', indicating Omega. She puts a forcefield around him. Joey attempts to attack Dr Cosmos, but a quick mindlink leaves him in tears instead. Omega recovers and Sarah lets him go to keep Dr Cosmos occupied. Lio and Sarah start to clear the rest of the civilians from the stadium and try to get Joey to help.

- The Badger swings in, but his cord is cut by Lady Night. Lady Night tells Lio to take out Dr Cosmos while Badger tells Joey to go after Omega. Lio draws her guns but Joey steals them from her; she draws a third gun and fires anyway but Dr Cosmos has shields up now. Sarah puts another bubble around Omega. Dr Cosmos starts to shrink it so Sarah drops it. She and Lio agree that Dr Cosmos is the greatest danger and try to find a way for Sarah to get close enough to power him down.

- Cygnus spots Michael and asks him what the plan is. He decides to return after all and gets an update from Pete. Returning to the stadium, Michael sends up roots to break Dr Cosmos' shields. Sarah uses the distraction to kiss him, draining him of his powers.

- Back in the Hall of Heroes, Robbie and Pete convince the villains to come with them to fight the Exemplars. They rush off, leaving Vanessa behind dealing with Atomic. Again everything was very loud and chaotic here and I did not catch most of this interaction.

- Joey goes into hyperspeed to try and protect Badger and Dr Cosmos, knocking Sarah away in the process. Lio makes sure Sarah is okay. The villains arrive at the stadium and Robbie tries to get the Exemplars' attention so they'll fight the villains rather than each other. Lio and Sarah retreat on Lio's motorcycle.

- Michael sends Robbie and Joey back to the Hall of Heroes to make sure Vanessa is okay. They find he's removed her metal plating into a floating orb and she's struggling with it while he is despondent. Robbie yells at him. Atomic lets her metal return to her and tells them to leave. He melts the entire Exemplar tower down behind them, with no sign that he left it.

- The two Exemplar factions and the villains disappear, leaving a half-destroyed stadium in their wake.


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