The Fourth Generation

A New Low

- Betty organizes Outsider and Ugat to spar with Bodyguard. Things get out of control, especially when Ugat and Bodyguard use the fight to try and see how hard it would be to take Outsider's brother in a fight.  It turns out Mind Blasts are Super Effective!

- Cygnus joins the fight and makes herself part of the team.   Is she sincere, or is this just a reality stunt?  Either way, the Delinquents get some publicity.

- After the fight Outsider gets a call from Miracle Woman saying that an alarm went off at Reflect's house. The group investigates. 

- Vanessa (Bodyguard) gets a call from Kelsi asking her to hang out.  

- They found that chompers attacked and kidnapped (abducted) Carl, and what wasn't destroyed in that fight gets exploded when the team drives off the robots.

- Robbie's mom comes home and yells at the team saying she will disband them.

- The team heads to THULE HQ which was the last place they heard from Reflect. They find the guard he knocked out by a shipping area.

- Outsider lowers the density of the shipping door and Cygnus and Bodyguard get through to look for Reflect. Outsider loses control of his power and increases the density of the door separating them.  

- Ugat and Outsider set up a distraction for the guards. Outsider modifies a Ugat's phone so he can track the next person called. They call Coleen the CEO, and find out she is in her office. 

Vanessa finds out Bodyguard 12 is in the area and finds him instructing Reflect on moving. She smashes through the glass and they fight.  Reflect flees in the chaos, and it is unknown what his current status is.

- Outsider and Ugat break into Coleen's office and they find Dr Cosmos talking to her.  Dr. Cosmos trounces Outsider and Coleen shoots Ugat with a dart that transforms him back into a human.  

- In yet another attempt to make Outsider's brother gives a favorable review of Earth, the Delinquents convince Cygnus to take him out on a date.

- Vanessa and Kelsi spend the afternoon together, and Vanessa controls her powers enough to get her ears pierced.

-The Delinquents secretly meet with Miracle Woman, who informs them there is an Exemplar that has gone rogue and is exacting his or her own form of justice on "reformed" supervillains.

-Dr. Cosmos offers to supervise the Delinquents, which will mean working with Thule and the Bodyguards.  The team is very wary, but it's a lot better than sitting through another classroom lecture at Halcyon High…  

Infinite Possibilities

Vanessa Signet (Bodyguard) returns to school after her step-mother, Betty, kept her home for intense training. Outsider sees her and fills her in on what happened the last few days.

Michael shows up to school for the first time since his transformation. The teacher greats him but students come out and stare. 

Delinquent skips class and hangs out with Carl Tabor (Vanquish).

Outsider gets a call from his people's central command. They demand that Outsider make a decision on Earth but he refuses. They tell him his brother will be joining him soon to help him make the decision.

The group decides to skip class and try to find Doctor Infinity. When Michael tries to sneak out the window Lesley grabs his branch and asks him not to go and that he has a chance to fit in. He sneaks out anyway. 

As they are walking out Principal Hutchinson is in there way. He tells Gary that if he leaves school he will report it to the Exemplars which will hurt his chances of getting in. Gary and the team just keep walking.

They meet up with Delinquent and head out east in Cuyamaca Park and find Dr Infinity's house. It has been damaged like a fight occurred there. Outsider flies up to get a better look and the rest head into the house. 

Outsider is suddenly captured by a net fired from a drone. The rest of the group doesn't notice as they investigate the house and see that a fight occurred there. They are then attacked by three large robots.

Outsider finds himself face to face by Bodyguard 12 who questions him. Outsider makes himself look like a giant bear then runs for it. Bodyguard 12 is on him but is called back by someone named Colleen Drake.

The rest of group is handling the robots when Atomic tears apart the entire house to the molecular level and reforms it as though it had never been damaged.

Everyone regroups and finds Dr Infinity's secret server room. Reviewing the security footage the find she has a secret passage out into the park. The follow it just as Gold Raven and Dr Omega show up at the house. They find Dr Infinity standing next to a jeep. 

Questioning her they find out that Dr Infinity is in witness protection with Exemplars and they give her the level of freedom for helping them build tech. She also secretly worked with Colleen Drake and the THULE Corporation to help build an automated system to distribute a new powerful agriculture chemical that shouldn't be handled by people. She is not sure why the company attacked her.

Gold Raven and Dr Omega show up and question The Delinquents on what they were doing there and ask them to keep Dr Infinity a secret.

When everyone gets back they get texts from Kelsi to a concer that night. Outsider finds his brother waiting for him. Betty tells Vanessa that she can't go to the concert and must train more. Delinquent decides to scout out THULE HQ and steals a guards clothes.

Gary and Vanessa make it to the concert. Another kid starts to pick on Kelsi but Vanessa makes him back down.

Colleen Drake shows up outside the concert and offers Michael a business card and a vial full of some sort of drug before leaving.  Michael does not take the free drugs from the strange lady at a concert.

Outsider's brother is here to complete the report on Earth, so that "Pete Friendly" can go back to exploring other planets, and Earth can be conquered or destroyed.  Otusider wants his planet to leave Earth alone.  Pete sends his brother to Disneyland in order to examine the technology and culture that Earth has available.

Nova is sent out to space for advanced training, having "graduated" from Earth.  His parents take him off to space to learn to use his powers on an intergalactic scale.

Night on the town.

Relfect and Outsider are on the Midway trying to spray paint it. Outsider thinks it is a bad idea and as Reflect tries to convince him otherwise they are caught be security drones. Outsider is able to mess with them but security is called and they make a run for it.

Gary takes Michael to party which his friend Kelsi is throwing. Michael has been around students since his tranformation to a plant. Kelsi greets Gary but as Michael enters everyone just stairs. He is able to pull his roots and vines together to make himself seem somewhat human. Everyone thinks it is super cool and start taking selfies and hangout with Michael. Lindsey Hutchison especially thinks it is cool.  

Michael fails to notice his roots stretching out and pulling apart the foundation. Gary is able to enforce the structure but it makes him light up and freaks out Kelsi and some of the other kids.

An explosion comes from East Village and the heroes rush out to investigate. They see a two story apartment building half destroyed and robots jumping around on hind legs and large jagged jaws looking for something but attacking first responders if they get in there way. 

Atomic is too afraid to use his powers in fear of hurting someone and hides. Outsider increases the density of the robots holding them in place while Ugat steps on them. Reflect sees an African American man running away with two robots chasing him. Ugat grabs and throws a robot as it detonates in a massive explosion. Reflect teleports himself and the man away.

Reflect teleported to his room. The man is reluctant to talk and he notices some capsule in his neck. The man open up and reveals he is Vanquish, a super villian that was captured in 1983. He says that he was released since he gave information to the Exemplars about other villians and as long as he wears the capsule and stays in Halycon city he is allowed to live as a civilian. He hates it and asks Reflect to steal the key to the capsule form the Hall of Heroes.

Ousider investigates the device and they figure out it is the work of Doctor Infinity, another villain who was caught years ago.

Atomic gets drunk and is attacked by Lady Night, a member of The Exemplars. He gets enraged and lights up causing Lady Night to back down afraid that he might destroy half the city. The rest of the group meets up but she insults Ugat. Reflect attacks her and steals her communication band that gives her access to the Hall of Heroes. Atomic knocks her away and she disappears.

With Ladynight's communication band the group decides to break into The Hall of Heroes. While sneaking around they find Omega there arguing with someone about how the Exemplars are barely holding it together. The others manage to access the computer and find out that Dr Infinity is staying out east in a secluded house. Gary runs into Omega and Omega tells him how he can become something better and he might be able to get him a better place to stay than the orphanage.

The next day at Halycon High Michael sits disguised as a tree when Lindsey walks up and starts sketching the tree. Outsider sees this and becomes jealous and tries to convince Lindsey to avoid the tree. She becomes upset and says she'll have her father tear it out.

When Our Team First Came Together
Battle against The Teacher

The Teacher assembled Atomic, Ugat, Reflect and Outsider as a team to help her manipulate other students and rob banks. The group rebelled when the teacher tried to have them kill a student during a field trip at Balboa Park. They fought and much of the park was destroyed. They were able to trick her and forced the creature back into the dimension it from. Mr Hutchison, the Principal, found the group suspicious and doesn't trust them.


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