The Fourth Generation

I See Dead People

A week has passed for the Wildcards. Pete has taken off to investigate the attacks on the Oolu colony. Possibly he has taken Reflect with him. Possibly he still has Blue Hydra locked in the laundry room. We are unsure. Dr Infinity has not regained consciousness. Progress on the plant-death-wave and Sarah's hyperdimensional parasite is unknown.

Seeing as Lio is worried over Sarah, Joey opts to postpone a talk he wants to have with her.

M stops Joey from leaving.  They compliment Joey for doing a good job saving Calavera.  They state they want to start complimenting Joey for his good deeds.  Joey brushes M off when they say this.  M heads off to the desert to commune with his ancestors, or nature itself, it isn't clear.

The Wildcards hear rumors of Dr Cosmos appearing in Canada, talking to old friend Blue Flag of the Northern Guard. They suspect he's looking to influence the Northern Guard and/or their youth division the Junior Guard. L'Esprit and Joey/Officer/Ghost teleportal to Vancouver to investigate.

We join our heroes in Vancouver. Le Quebecois and a Bodyguard answering to "84" are racing after Satin, a young villain who's stolen a supply of supersoldier serum. Spying from the rooftops, L'Esprit and Joey recognize Satin: He's Dio, a member of the pre-Delinquents Corps… until he died while they fought Barb Sharpton.

Joey rushes to Dio. In the time it takes him to tell Dio to come with him, Quebecois ices the ground under them so Joey can't run off. 84 skates in, bodychecking Joey and shoving Dio against a car. Quebecois grabs Joey and knocks him out. L'Esprit attempts to swing in on a grappling line and knock the Bodyguard aside, only to be flipped and knocked unconscious. Seeing her, however, 84 freezes. Dio escapes in the confusion.

Quebecois takes Joey up to the rooftop, and Joey awakens being dangled over the edge. QB questions who he is and what he knows about Satin. Joey can't answer since he doesn't know the name and doesn't connect it to his long-lost friend Dio. QB allows Joey to make a call to Badger, to have an Exemplar vouch for him, but Badger refuses. QB puts in a call of his own to Blue Flag and they discuss in French. Joey offers to come quietly but QB continues to interrogate him.

Meanwhile, below, L'Esprit awakens being held by Bodyguard 84… who she recognizes as Vanessa. Distraught, L'Esprit backs off, much to 84's mounting confusion. When L'Esprit runs away, Vanessa follows.

QB sees them running off and calls 84's communicator. She tells him she's chasing L'Esprit. He recognizes the name and questions Joey further, wondering why L'Esprit and her partner are working with a villain, and what are they even doing in Vancouver? Joey breaks into hysterical sobs. When a slap doesn't break him out of it, QB ties him up and slaps some tape over his mouth to bring him back to the Junior Guard base. Joey phases out of the tape and continues making a scene so QB knocks him out again.

L'Esprit is able to temporarily slip Vanessa, though the latter is still on her trail. Lio, near hysterics herself, calls Sarah for help. Sarah tracks her phone and teleportals nearby. She spots the Bodyguard, shortly before Vanessa finds L'Esprit's hiding place. Not wanting Lio to run away again, Shield shoots barbed wire at her, but a bubble from Sarah stops it. Shield charges Sarah and knocks her into a wall. A shout from Lio stops her from further attacks, however, and she backs off.

Sarah questions Vanessa while Lio looks on, trembling. Sarah brings up the destruction of the Alaska base; Vanessa remembers that part, and sort of remembers making a promise to Lio before that, though she's missing a lot still, and she quickly starts to get agitated and metal up. Reassured that it is most likely actually Vanessa, Lio abruptly steps forward and kisses her. Lio apologizes for leaving her behind.

Vanessa remembers Calavera now, although her memories are from the Oolu timeline and their time in the Rebellion. Lio and Sarah try to explain about the time travel and the separate timelines, which mostly confuses her further. They try to figure out exactly what she does remember.

At the base, QB calls the other Junior Guards. Donut is currently on a publicity thing, Dany is offline, Shield is busy, and Moose is working, so he makes do with Coffee. Coffee and Joey quickly bond.  Quebecios tells his speedster not to let Officer go free.  Coffee manages to learn the reason the Wildcards are in Vancouver, that Satin is a long presumed dead Dio, that L'Esprit is the dangerous one of the Wildcards in town, that Calavera has some sort of super-powered illness, all about the Thule corporation and the Mark 2 Bodyguards, that M is angry and tough and the actual leader of the Wildcards, that the Wildcards don't know Vanessa/84 is alive yet, and that Joey/Officer/Ghost is a good kid with terrible role models.  Joey learns that Quebecois is French, angry and tough, Dio is going by Satin now and that he is working with someone villanous, that the Junior Guard have encountered Thule's Bodyguards Mark 3, that Coffee appears to be able to acquire Tim Hortons' donuts and coffee at whim, and that Coffee is the nicest hero Joey has ever met.  An equal exchange of information, obviously.

Quebecois gets a call from Blue Flag, informing him that the Wildcards may be dangerous and need to be watched. QB calls Vanessa to pass on the warning. Shortly thereafter he gets a conflicting order from Blue Flag saying that Dr Cosmos is dangerous, not the WildCards, and that he should let Joey go immediately.  QB gets angry and more French.

Joey calls L'Esprit, telling her he's in the base with Coffee and is fine. Coffee, listening to Joey's phone, inquires who she's with, still fishing for information.  L'Esprit hedges that she's found somewhere to lay low and tells Joey to call her if anything changes. After she hangs up, Sarah asks if they can continue the conversation somewhere inside and out of the cold, so they head toward the base while they talk, unaware that they are headed directly towards Joey, Coffee, and an increasingly frustrated Quebecois.

Quebecios demands Joey tell where Satin is and what he is doing there.  Joey runs into a wall knocking himself out.  Coffee and Quebecois discuss that "Ghost" seems like a henchman at best, but it seems clear the Wildcards are not working with Satin, although they may be the pawns of Dr. Cosmos.  Quebecois tells Coffee not to let Joey go until they've figured this all out.

Coffee decides to disagree, and Joey and Coffee go to see the Vancouver sights, much to Quebecois' annoyance.  Joey and Coffee bond over the hazards of superspeed in combat, although their powers work very differently. 

Shortly thereafter, Dr Cosmos arrives. Shortly after that, L'Esprit, Calavera, and Shield arrive. Quebecois warns them to get out, he'll deal with this, and attempts to attack Cosmos. Cosmos mentally freezes him. L'Esprit questions Cosmos while Vanessa amuses herself posing Quebecois and balancing donuts on his head.

In the course of questioning Dr Cosmos, L'Esprit determines the following: He is definitely influencing Blue Flag, he was not counting on the Wildcards showing up (and thus probably did not plant Dio or Vanessa in order to mess with them), and he has a bit of a one-track mind about taking down Omega.

Quebecois manages to shake off the paralysis and attempt to launch another attack. This time Cosmos force-tosses him into a wall, stunning him. Vanessa leaps at Cosmos. He reaches into her mind and shows her the memories of her attacking Kelsi. The memories and accompanying emotions drop Vanessa to her knees and her powers go haywire, spikes shooting out of her and draining electricity from every available surface, which is a lot. One of the spikes stabs L'Esprit, as her powers and armament register as a source of electricity.

Dio knocks Coffee down as the speedsters are running between cites.  Dio tries to get Joey to run away with him.  Joey tries to intimidate Dio and fails miserably.  Dio mentions that they need to save Lio.  Joey grabs Dio and runs.  When Coffee tries to follow his body does not respond.  Dio explains that his boss, Dr. Cosmos, will have all the answers.  Coffee texts Joey, who responds by leaving Dio to make sure Coffee is OK after his "accident."  They discuss Dio/Satin's powers and life choices.  Coffee hints that Dio may not be the only teammate of Joey's who is not really dead.  Joey runs off to rejoin Dio, who tries to convince him to return to Dr. Cosmos.  Joey has his own plans for Dr. Cosmos, so he agrees.  He also agrees to text Coffee with updates on his position.

Calavera severs the spike in L'Esprit and L'Esprit bandages it with her scarf. Coffee arrives back at base with snacks, having to phase through the doors that are malfunctioning due to the power drain.  With Cosmos distracted, L'Esprit rushes and tasers him. The electrical burst attracts a new spike so he also gets stabbed. Cosmos manages to render himself invisible, but the spike prevents him from moving.

Coffee, Quebecois, and L'Esprit urge the still out-of-it Shield/84 to channel the electricity she's draining directly into Cosmos. Coffee and QB intend it to stun him into unconsciousness but L'Esprit says to kill him. Shield directs the electricity and knocks Cosmos out. Coming back into her own mind, Shield curls up in a ball, apologizing over and over again.

L'Esprit pulls a pocketknife and approaches Cosmos with clear murderous intent. Calavera tells her to stop and argues long enough for Coffee to speed him to their own holding cells. L'Esprit stabs the floor in frustration before going to hug and reassure Vanessa.

Joey and Dio arrive.  Coffee hands around cups of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Calavera gives him her card and tells him to let her know how they deal with Cosmos.  Coffee agrees.

Blue Flag arrives and demands a report from Quebecois. When told about Cosmos, Blue Flag argues that Cosmos is a perfectly upstanding hero. He refuses to believe that Cosmos might be manipulating him, even going so far as to grab and shake Quebecois over the accusation. This sets off Vanessa who swings at Blue Flag, but he flips her to the ground and puts a boot on her neck. Joey, L'Esprit, and Sarah all move to her defense. Joey is intercepted by Coffee. Sarah uses the residual power she built up to animate a piece of flooring into a teddy bear construct that proceeds to knock down Blue Flag. With Vanessa out of danger, L'Esprit attempts to convince Blue Flag to at least accept the possibility. Blue Flag seems to grudgingly consider it.  Everybody stops fighting for a moment.  Joey states, again, his belief that heroes don't fight heroes despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Blue Flag tells Vanessa that she belongs with the Junior Guard. Quebecois tells her she always has a home with them. L'Esprit tells her it's her decision, but she has a home in Halcyon as well. Vanessa is a bit conflicted, especially after finding out the person she's looking for is no longer in Halcyon but rather in Iceland. She decides to go back to Halcyon, at least for now.  If she can't find her quarry, maybe she can find some answers.

The problem of Dio arises. He did still steal that supersoldier serum. He explains he was working with Dr Cosmos and stole the serum to get it away from bad guys (THULE?). Dio also believes that Cosmos was a great hero and can still be influenced back onto the right path, though he at least seems to acknowledge that Cosmos is capable of being sketchy. Calavera convinces Dio that turning the serum over to other good guys, namely the Junior Guard, would also accomplish that goal. Dio gives them the location, which Coffee checks.  Dio gets a donut as a reward.

When asked, Dio doesn't remember dying. He vaguely answers that he remembers fighting Barb Sharpton and Bodyguards and then suddenly he was working with Dr Cosmos. L'Esprit is too tired to question him further. Dio also seems to believe he and Calavera had something together. Unlike Vanessa, he opts to remain in Vancouver, but says he'll visit sometime. Calavera gives him her card as well.

After the Wildcards try to figure out which is the the least dangerous : they could hitchhike? jump onboard another train? Walk across the border? Leech onto semi trucks? Get shuttled one by one by Joey? Wait for Pete to return from space? Coffee buys the Wildcards bus tickets and they head homeward.

The Breakfast Club

Bodyguard-84 has lost more than a year of her life.

She remembers escaping from the Bodyguard facility with the help of the Railroad, but when she awakens, they are nowhere to be found. She's alone, strangely scarred, directionless. All she has to go on is a place Dr. Borne said they would go: Halcyon City.

There's only an entire country in the way.

84's slow progress south — first by foot, then by train-hopping — brings her to Vancouver, BC. She glimpses something in the cargo of the train coming in: Strange coffin-like crates, each carrying a human with circuitry implants.

While awaiting the next southbound train, an explosion suddenly goes off, separating three of the cars including the cargo car with the coffins and a couple of passenger cars. Three henchfolk in winged suits appear, one attaching rocket boosters to the cargo car that starts to propel it backwards down the tracks. 84 leaps into action.

Meanwhile, Vancouver's own Junior Guard is just getting out of school.

Noah, aka The Moose, has already headed out on his bike for his delivery job. He delivers some supplies to an office and is given a second delivery under the table — CAD500 if he can make it within twenty minutes.

Frank, aka Le Quebecois, gets a call from his mentor Blue Flag telling him to take the Junior Guard and investigate the explosion. Quebecois puts out the alert.

Tim and Willa, aka Coffee and Donut, the heirs of the Tim Horton legacy, run into the boy Tim has a crush on, Jean-Pierre. Jean is enthusiastic to see Willa but seems more hesitant about Tim. They get Quebecois' alert and head off with their super-speed.

Haley, aka Dany Do-Right, has already turned into a motorcycle and rushed off, but circles back to pick up Quebecois.

Noah gets the alert and stows the contraband package, switching to his Moose costume.

84 stops the motion of the cars, focusing her metal on holding them, which leaves her vulnerable when the winged mooks start firing small missiles at her. One of the mooks rips a hole into the cargo car and dives in, reappearing shortly with one of the coffins in tow.

The Junior Guard arrive. Dany shifts into robot form to help 84 hold the train while Quebecois, Donut, and Coffee take care of the winged mooks. A man in a long coat appears from the door in front of Dany and 84 to ask for help getting the passengers off. A portal opens on the tracks behind the train, and the remaining mook returns to pushing the train towards the portal. Dany attempts to punch the mook but her body gets hacked and she collapses. 84 sends barbed wire everywhere but it isn't strong enough to hold the train back; she only succeeds in entangling Donut, Coffee, and Dany. The train cars disappear into the portal, taking the cargo and potentially a couple of passengers who didn't get out.

As the situation winds down, 84 starts to leave. The Guard try to hold her back, she takes a swing at Quebecois but he flips her. Donut finally succeeds in luring her with the promise of, well, donuts.

Meanwhile, Dany calls her dad to reboot her body and he tells her that hacking her system should be impossible unless alien tech is involved. Coffee interrogates one of the winged mooks and learns that she can't tell them anything because she has an explosive implant. Dany is distracted by 84, recognizing her as Shield, a friend of Dany's favorite celebrity Pete Friendly.

Quebecois takes Shield to the cafe above their hidden base and gets her donuts, as promised. Dany takes the mook, the winged armor, and one of the rockets back to her dad for study. Donut and Coffee load up the one coffin that was recovered and take it back to the base. Moose quietly excuses himself to go deal with the long-overdue package delivery.

Noah finally arrives at the delivery address only to find that the package is empty, the bottom having disintegrated. The people he's meeting demand to know why he was so late, and he explains he stopped by the train station to see if he could help. They send people to check the train station for whatever was in the package, but let him go. Noah sneaks into the facility to get a better look at these people and what they're doing, using his elemental mimicry to blend into the bricks. While he's sneaking around a small creature appears, kind of a weird worm-y thing, and nuzzles up to him. Noah picks it up. He's then spotted by a guard and rushes off with the thing bundled under his coat.

Dany's dad, famed engineer Jared Leblanc, studies the rocket and armor and says that it's not alien technology, but is still far too advanced, by fifty or even a hundred years. She leaves the mook and tech in his care and returns to the base to badger Shield.

Shield is shown a couple of videos, one of Pete's and one of her final message. She's able to recall Pete, albeit a bit vaguely; the rest of it just makes her head hurt.

Quebecois has been researching, and between their mentors' resources he figures out that the being in the coffin is not only THULE technology, but is essentially 'Bodyguard 3.0', designed for blending into populations better. (Shield is a 2.0)

Dany suddenly gets an emergency alert from her dad. She rushes off. Noah is just getting to the base so she brings him with her. The others follow shortly.

Upon arriving at Leblanc Tower, they find that the power in the entire building is down. Dany climbs up the side with Moose on her back. The wormy-thing slithers onto her shoulder, and she vaguely recognizes it as being an alien creature, but there are more important things happening at the moment.

She crashes through a window into the darkened penthouse and activates her own lights, revealing Leblanc being dragged away by a Bodyguard. Moose creates metal spikes and she throws him at the Bodyguard to engage. Quebecois and Donut arrive shortly. Donut locates a couple of Bodyguards crawling through the ceiling ducts and Quebecois brings one down, and in panic the Bodyguard sends metal tendrils everywhere. Quebecois freezes and breaks them.

Meanwhile, outside, Coffee and Shield see that there are others on the roof and head there. They find a small cyborg (Nano) who has been interfacing with the building. Nano attempts to take control of Shield's metal but encountering the gold disrupts and hurts him. The man in the long coat from the train (Intrepid) appears, calling Shield 'Rook' and ordering that she not be hurt. Coffee and Nano grapple and phase through the floor, dropping into the penthouse below.

The electricity comes on and the security system reactivates, but this is not necessarily a good thing.

The remaining Ceiling Bodyguard grabs Moose and pulls him up. Moose copies the liquid metal but finds he can't control it, leaving him just liquefied. Dany punches through the duct, pulls the Bodyguard out, and throws them through several walls.

Shield yells at Intrepid, but he assures her that they'll get Leblanc, still calling her 'Rook'. Donut flies back to the roof and attacks Intrepid and his Bodyguard, but accidentally knocks Shield off in the process. Shield catches herself with a cable. Donut drops back into the Penthouse with the Bodyguard grappling her, attempting to wrap her up in metal.

Dany peels the Bodyguard off Donut. The Bodyguard stabs her. Dany loses control, shifting into an even less human form and shooting lasers everywhere, killing the Bodyguard in the process and hurting Quebecois.

Coat-guy appears with a portal and grabs Leblanc, dragging him towards the portal. Moose, still liquid, attracts Dany's attention, planning to let her shoot through him to Coat-guy. It works — sort of, as she does fire through Moose, but lasers off Leblanc's arm in the process.

Shield comes in through the window. Intrepid apologizes for failing, now calling her Commander Rook, and announcing that something is 'for the Rebellion'. He retreats through the portal. Shield starts to cover Leblanc's wound with metal.

Coffee finally calms down Dany. She rushes to her dad and temporarily adapts healing powers, regrowing his arm.

Blue Flag arrives at the tower while things are clearing up, and he and Leblanc question Shield about the whole 'Commander Rook' thing. She's just as much in the dark as they are and just as frustrated by it. They try to convince her to stay with the Junior Guard. She refuses, although is reluctantly convinced to think about it, since they can help get her to Halcyon as soon as things are cleared up here.

Also Dany still has the wormydoo.

In the Heart of the Beast

We rejoin our heroes shortly after Pete's distress call went out.

Pete's ship has chosen this as the opportune moment to settle down for maintenance procedures that only Pete can stop. While the computer can still be accessed, the ship itself is immobile.

Reflect is trying to get the ship to cooperate with him when a call comes through from Pete's father Roach Clip. He is nonplussed to see someone other than Pete at the controls, so Reflect bluffs that he is Pete. Roach takes his word for it and explains that several of their colonies have come under attack by an alien force, one they don't know although its technology is similar to the tech the Oolu use for their exiles. The colony closest to Earth has been attacked and Roach wants Pete to go check it out as soon as possible.

Towards the end of the conversation, L'Esprit appears suddenly in the ship, startling Reflect. She shuts down the camera that followed him and demands to know what's happened. Reflect fills her in on following Dark Reflect and the military truck and Pete disappearing suddenly with the experimental device, but after that he's in the dark.

L'Esprit mass-texts everyone to meet at the ship. The text catches Ugat just before they headed straight into the water on their own.

Joey, still near the Museum, is reluctant to leave the mummy. He texts Miracle Woman; she tells him that the New Exemplars will handle it.

In a second group text sans Siphon, Reflect asks if they're really bringing Siphon in on this.

Joey passes Siphon and offers to carry him. Siphon opts to just borrow his speed and get there on his own because being carried by a kid is weird.

While everyone is gathering, L'Esprit pulls up the map of the THULE base, but admits it's out of date. Siphon walks her through what he saw of the base that afternoon. Sarah makes contact from the Sanctuary and offers to try hacking the base with Max to get updated schematics, but seeing as they're both Infinity Tech it's decided that's a bad idea.

Joey tries to ask Siphon delicately about going against other villains. When Siphon gets impatient with his waffling, L'Esprit restates it by asking if he wants to be involved. He does, but would rather not be outed to them, so L'Esprit asks for a mask for him.

Reflect makes light of the situation. L'Esprit yells at him.

Joey and Ugat are both a bit suspicious of L'Esprit's sudden energy but don't bring it up.

L'Esprit lays out a quick plan to sneak in and get Pete while others cause a distraction. Recapturing the weird device is also an objective, but rescuing Pete is agreed to be first priority.

A laser appears out of the sky over Downtown, near the Hall of Heroes. Siphon curses and says that he needs to deal with this and it can't wait, and he needs Reflect. Reflect suggests Siphon grab everyone's powers before they go, which Siphon reluctantly agrees to and almost immediately regrets once he gets to Ugat and gets turned into a tree. Seeing as he's now a tree the whole mask issue is dropped.

Ugat calls him over to them and Calavera and warns him not to kiss anyone while he has the team's powers. Siphon is rightfully confused by this warning.

The group splits off, and here's where the story splits into three parts, all happening simultaneously, because we can never just handle one thing at a time.

Starting with the THULE BASE/PETE RESCUE TEAM because that's the part I was paying the most attention to.

Ugat heads into the water while Calavera, L'Esprit, and Joey head down in one of Calavera's bubbles. Ugat texts L'Esprit before hitting water: first, they tell her to check any guns she has, as Joey discovered that his gun was loaded with blanks. Second, they suggest checking Pete's livestream. L'Esprit is doubtful since she shut off the camera, but they check to find, surprisingly, Pete has gotten a stream going. Somehow. I missed that part.

Pete's being held in the room where Reflect got his robot arm. An upgraded, liquid-metal Dr Infinity has him in some kind of death trap setup, because of course she does, and a device in his head blocks his telepathy so he can't call out.

I think she threatens to cyborg-ize him and asks for "One good reason not to." He warns her that it'll make him more powerful than she is. The stream chat goes wild.

Ugat reaches the door of the hangar where the robot crab was being repaired and begins to tear it open. The security system releases something into the water that starts weakening them, but they still manage to get inside. The crab powers up, still minus most of its legs, but able to attack nonetheless. Rather than engage it, Ugat moves past, maximizing the destruction in their wake.

Calavera gets the other three to another entrance, but supporting a bubble large enough for three overextends her and she passes out as soon as they're in the airlock. Joey suggests putting her in a compartment to keep her safe but L'Esprit refuses to leave her.

Although L'Esprit didn't set off any alarms, three of the death orbs do appear outside the airlock to stop them. L'Esprit engages while Officer wakes up Calavera. L'Esprit's attempt to take down the orbs fails and she's pinned by one. Calavera, regaining consciousness, manages to bubble a second while the third fires a laser and clips Joey. Joey rolls back into the airlock and the door closes on him, the room beginning to fill with water.

Frustrated, L'Esprit snaps, declaring that she's not losing anyone else. Her technopathy takes over the base, shutting everything down for a moment before bringing it back up under her control. Joey is released as every door that isn't welded shut opens. Glitching L'Esprit faces on every monitor demand that Dr Infinity hand over her friend, or she'll bring the base down around her. Dr Infinity surrenders easily and retreats.

They find Pete being held in a room just near them. Calavera telekinetically removes the bars holding him. He seems fine, but tells them about the machine in his head, that it prevents him from using his powers. Oddly, neither Calavera nor L'Esprit can sense it.

While in control of the base, L'Esprit notices that it's been altered so that part of it will become mobile, collapsing the rest — which happens to be where they are. She also notices that a satellite with a rather nasty particle beam is warming up to fire. She redirects the beam towards the sun.

Ugat arrives. Once they've confirmed Pete is okay, they start to follow Dr Infinity. She appears on a camera demanding that L'Esprit release her base. Ugat takes the opportunity to try and convince her not to be a supervillain anymore, as her talents could go towards so much better — she could get rich off patents alone! She seems to consider it, but says that she needs to rid the world of supers first.

L'Esprit informs them that she can't keep control of the base much longer, so they commandeer one of Dr Infinity's submarines. As they leave, the mobile part of the base detaches and the rest collapses.

Pete stretches his arms to hug everyone.

Ugat suggests that they go celebrate with tacos.


Aka the part that I was only kind of following so somebody else feel free to jump in and fix this part.

Siphon and Reflect arrive to find that the laser burnt a hole into the ground, tunneling directly into the Hall of Heroes storage basement that Siphon was attempting to get into a few hours earlier. Dark Reflect is there, briefly, but teleports from sight. The New Exemplars are also present.

Siphon attempts to plug the hole, but it turns out suddenly having All The Powers is actually really inconvenient, and while he succeeds in plugging the hole he also winds up thoroughly stuck in it with his powers bugging out. Silver Cat jumps onto him, recognizing him and demanding to know why he has Ugat's powers. She calls him a liar when he says they were given willingly and punches a branch.

Vine's, er, vines reach through the earth and manage to dislodge Siphon. She asks if this was Ugat's or L'Esprit's idea. Siphon answers that it was Reflect's, which really explains everything. Unfortunately that conversation is cut short as Siphon blacks out while they pull him topside.

Reflect, meanwhile, teleports directly down into the basement. He finds four Dark Reflects with flares. I did not follow most of this but there was something about a hat, some bickering, Dark Reflect attempting to bribe him with a random artifact so he'll go away, and the requisite 'join me and you too can be awesome' schtick which Reflect completely no-sells. At some point Reflect grabs a power armor because fuck yeah power armor.

Back topside, Siphon wakes up to find the New Exemplars all passed out on the ground. Ghost is walking among them, looking rather pleased with himself, and Black Raven has appeared as well. Omega flies in looking distraught, but Black Raven intercepts.

While they do their thing, Ghost wanders over to tree-Siphon, experimentally kicking at a root and commenting that this isn't Ugat. Siphon promptly throws him. Ghost attempts to activate something (an orbital blast), but nothing happens.

I completely missed the end of this but I guess it got wrapped up.

Reflect, still in his armor, is totally in for tacos and heads to meet up with the rest of the crew. Siphon heads that way as well, but he's still having trouble and has had a long day so he heads to the Sanctuary to power down.


I barely caught any of this.

There was something about waking up inside a dragon's mouth, and then he was no longer in a dragon's mouth, but that may have been the origin of 'Re-Pete.' There are worse origins than being upchucked by an interdimensional dragon but I can't think of many.

And then something about Dr Infinity sticking Real Pete into a container of some kind full of liquid of some kind.

And then Real Pete was in a pocket dimension and there was Blue Hydra and her hydras, but they were separate from her and I think had their own bodies?

(I sound like I'm trying to describe a fever dream.)

He tries to convince her that the hydras are controlling her, reminding her that they met before in the 60s before she was fully controlled. She snaps out of it briefly and asks for help, which pisses the hydras off.

Other things, presumably, happened.

And then Pete turned into a spider-dolphin in order to break out of a Death Orb. He goes conspicuously unnoticed by Dr Infinity and some Dark Reflects, who are gathered around the military device that we completely forgot about.

The three scenes converge (sort of) once again as they activate it.

On the way to regroup for tacos, Ugat abruptly falls into a dead faint, while plant life all around the city begins to die. Ugat finds themselves back in the strange Silent Hill vision they had in class before. A vision of Aspen approaches them, saying that this is unnatural and needs to be stopped. Aspen is cryptically unhelpful when questioned but does give Ugat some kind of power. When Ugat takes it, their body glows and sparkles briefly.

Back in the mobile base, Dr Infinity says that this isn't what they wanted, and then Pete does something.

There is promptly a massive explosion about two miles out in the water. Joey rushes to clear the beaches, but gets knocked out and dragged out to sea. Reflect follows and also gets swept out. Calavera contains most of the tidal wave with a bubble wall. Re-Pete suggests that since she's responsible for saving the taco stand they deserve free tacos.

L'Esprit wakes up Ugat and explains what happened. Ugat, L'Esprit, Calavera, and Re-Pete head for shore as well to see what they can do. They encounter the New Exemplars who seem unsure of what to do. While Ugat talks to Diamond, Calavera continues to the beach, asking Max to track Joey's phone.

After listening to an earpiece, Diamond says that her team will handle investigating the explosion.

Joey and Reflect wake up in a control room and quickly find that they are, somehow, in the belly of the robot crab. A partially-melted Dr Infinity limps in. She recognizes Joey as a hero and Reflect's armor as 'Commander Vole' and asks them for help. She is clearly dying. Reflect drives the crab back up to shore while Joey finds out what Dr Infinity needs.

The coordinates she wants to be taken to are in LA, but Joey realizes that she'll be dead before they can reach it. Instead he takes her out of the ship and runs her to the Sanctuary, putting her into the cyborg machine at her direction. The machine fixes her and reverts her back to her previous body, but she is glassy-eyed and passes out almost immediately.

Re-Pete suggests that they all head to the Sanctuary since everything seems handled. Ugat spots L'Esprit palming her stun baton as she asks Pete a question. He answers and she abruptly zaps him. Ugat grabs L'Esprit, divesting her of the stun baton, and demands to know what the hell.

Calavera and Reflect arrive back — Reflect still driving the crab — to find Ugat holding L'Esprit in the air while Pete, frightened and hurt, pleads for mercy.

L'Esprit insists that Pete is acting wrong, that he's been replaced before and Dr Infinity has all kinds of resources at her disposal, and his not having any of his powers is suspiciously convenient. Ugat doesn't think she had enough time for that, and when Reflect asks Pete what's going on, Pete's answers sounds pretty much like Pete. The situation is tense.

The tension is promptly shattered when a second Pete, accompanied by Blue Hydra, suddenly lands next to Re-Pete.

Re-Pete explodes. The explosion knocks out L'Esprit and real Pete, knocks over the robot crab with Reflect in it, and stuns Ugat and Calavera. While Calavera is recovering, one of Blue Hydra's hydra heads grabs her and sticks something down her throat. Her saliva damages it and it jerks away, writhing, but she still feels something in her stomach. Ugat grabs Blue Hydra to shake for answers. She insists she has no control over them and doesn't know what they did. Calavera goes to purge but it doesn't help.

When questioned about the explosion and the plant-death-wave, Blue Hydra admits that she was involved in that and that the goal was to drain all superpowers, or something of that sort.

L'Esprit wakes up. This time she can sense a machine in Pete's head and destroys it. She demands he prove that he's Pete. He uses his telepathy, which she decides to accept for the moment. He calls his ship to pick them up and to scan Calavera.

The medical scanners in the ship pick up nothing wrong. Whatever it is, it's not technological, but somebody figured out that it was interdimensional. Blue Hydra is unable to help so gets locked in the laundry room for the time being.

While the ship lands at the Sanctuary, Pete gets another call from his dad. I missed most of this conversation but Pete mentions having talked to him in the 60s, which Roach is naturally confused over.

Inside the Sanctuary, Joey is making chicken soup for Infinity, who is still out cold. Ugat stalks towards Infinity, saying something about 'disarming' her. L'Esprit gets between them and Joey tells Ugat not to be a monster. Ugat yells at Joey to get back in the kitchen and L'Esprit says they'll handle this. Cowed, Joey backs off.

L'Esprit argues that Infinity might know how to help Sarah, and they're not going to do anything to convince her not to help. Ugat agrees but on the condition that if she refuses, she's theirs. L'Esprit agrees.

M contacts Lucy to find out about the explosion. Lucy reports that they found the device in pieces, and that Vi is looking worse for wear. M asks for the coordinates so they can check it out themselves later.

Once Pete has finished with his call, M drags him around a corner to make out.

Lio tries to comfort Sarah. While talking, she suggests that Sarah give other team members security clearance to Max, since they use him to track each other and if she gets captured they'll need to be able to use him. Sarah agrees to give Lio clearance, but only Lio.

M asks Sarah to stay at the Sanctuary to keep an eye on Infinity. Sarah agrees.

M, Lio, Sarah, and Joey talk for awhile, with very occasional interjections from Pete. Joey's been uncomfortable the entire mission and is thinking that it's time he return to the 70s. The others argue otherwise. The conversation encompasses mental health, alcoholism, therapy, heroism, moral standards, and identity, and then Joey's costume for a lighter change of subject. Joey agrees to think on it and not make any rash decisions.

M apologizes for not believing Lio, and Lio apologizes for not communicating better and for taking a chance attacking the fake Pete. Pete's pretty happy they all tried to rescue him even if they failed.

Robbie wanders off at some point with his new power armor.


A brief look back at Vanessa's funeral: Pete gave a speech, more emotional than M's. Robbie made a point to not make an ass of himself, but mourned on his own time. Joey cried a lot. Siphon attended, but his feelings were unclear.

In the time since, Joey has been doing a lot of research. He learns that the Bodyguard Program is laying low, but still doing private work, including a few still contracted in the city. Omega has been acting more extreme, but response to his forming the New Exemplars seems positive.

Returning to the present, some unspecified but short time after our last adventure.

As the school day ends, Robbie leaves class and finds Black Raven, otherwise Debra, waiting outside the school in civilian clothing. His older double Robert Russ approaches and kisses her. Robbie confronts the two of them, demanding to know if they're cooking up anything evil, only to be met with denial and confusion. Robert reminds Robbie that he agreed to stay out of Robbie's life and asks that Robbie do the same. Robert and Debra leave, and Robbie sets out to follow them.

Meanwhile, Jessica approaches Pete to apologize and make nice. He picks up that she wants to leech off his growing popularity, but agrees to hang out with her nonetheless. He checks briefly that Robbie is okay with whatever the hell he's doing, which Robbie confirms with meaningless hand gestures, because Robbie.

Ghost shows up at the other school and pulls Thomas (Siphon) aside. Thomas owes him a few favors and Ghost wants to cash one in. He instructs Thomas to copy Reflect's powers and then meet him later. Thomas agrees.

Ghost leaves to go drink, so either goes home or to a bar. Joey meets him to talk about Badger. Ghost insists that the Exemplars, Badger included, are washed up, and that Omega has things handled with the New Exemplar team. Joey gets nothing useful out of him and leaves.

Pete and Jessica head somewhere to chat. Jessica keeps touching his hand, though he shies away whenever he notices. He asks about her animosity toward Sarah and tries to convince her to be nicer to his friend and teammate. Jessica takes a surprise selfie with him and gives him a kiss before she leaves.

Robbie follows Russ and Debra to a hotel restaurant. He gets a text from Thomas asking to hang out and sends him the location. That done, Robbie steals a busboy uniform and formulates a quick disguise to get in close to Debra and Russ and listen in. He overhears her telling Robert her woes, that she's been in love with him for awhile, and that she only trusts her old friend Dr Infinity.

A high-ranking Navy officer, a general or admiral or something, interrupts to talk to Robert. Robbie overhears something about an 'exchange'. Before he can hear more, he realizes he's been spotted and ducks into hiding.

Glancing out, he spots Debra approaching, so he sheds his disguise and affects a casual pose. She demands to know why he's following her. He prevaricates. Annoyed, she grabs his arm, burning a handprint into his skin. She covers his mouth so he doesn't scream, and he can't concentrate enough to teleport away. When she repeats her question, he says that he has to keep an eye on them because they're both evil, which she again denies. Robbie distracts her with a duplicate long enough to steal her phone. She shoves him into the wall and tells him to leave, which he's happy to do.

Back at the Sanctuary, Joey is researching again. He starts to hear a voice in his head — aside from the one he's already hearing. The new voice is calling for his help. He contacts Pete who determines that it feels familiar, though not Oolu-like, and he's able to place its location as near Balboa Park. He agrees to go meet Joey but first needs to see Robbie.

Robbie meets Thomas outside the hotel. Thomas tries to touch him to take his teleportation, but continually finds duplicates. Thomas suggests he get his arm looked at but Robbie insists it's fine.

Pete joins the two of them. Robbie mentions using the stolen phone to get Dr Infinity's information, to which Thomas reveals that he can get into contact with Dr Infinity easily. After some brief deliberation, Thomas texts Dr Infinity and asks about the robot crab, saying he needs it for something (but not right away, since it's under repair now). She says she'll send a submarine to pick him up.

In return for the information, Thomas asks for Robbie's powers, confessing he needs them for a mission for Ghost. Robbie argues vehemently until Thomas reassures him that he only needs to copy the powers, not steal them. Once that's settled, Thomas copies Reflect's teleportation, and starts off to meet Dr Infinity so as to not keep her waiting. Pete makes a tracker out of his cell phone and gives it to Thomas to bug Dr Infinity's new hideout.

While they've been arguing, Robbie sees Robert leave with the Navy dude. Moments later he sees another Robert leave with Debra. Both Roberts seem solid, unlike Robbie's own illusory duplicates. Robbie and Pete decide to tail the Navy guy with Pete's ship.

Meanwhile, Joey decides not to wait on Pete and goes to scout out the park on his own. Midas shows up in civilian clothing, followed shortly by a young girl from school. Joey doesn't know her, nor does Pete when he contacts him, so Joey returns to the Sanctuary to look her up in the school records. He realizes she's Lio's little sister Ellie. Returning to the park, he finds the two of them gone, but is able to track them to the Museum of Man.

He enters the Museum to find Midas staring at an exhibit: a recently-recovered Mongolian mummy. Spotting Ellie, Joey approaches her. She knows him and confides that she's following Midas, and she seems worried about him. Joey realizes that the voice he's been hearing is coming from the mummy. He goes to speak to Midas. Midas tells him that the mummy is calling specific people and that they need to help it. Joey attempts to contact Pete again but only gets the mummy. Arguing, Joey reveals Ellie's presence, and Midas storms over to tell her to leave.

Meanwhile, Siphon meets Dr Infinity's submarine. He's brought down to what he recognizes as the damaged THULE base, where he's met by Dr Infinity and Blue Hydra. A number of the death orbs are rolling about the place fixing it up. He pets a few of the Hydra heads while Infinity tells him about the base, the state of the robot crab, and the device that she's arranging to get ahold of with contacts in the Troika and military. She tells him that it's Oolu technology and gets more powerful when wet. The tracker that Pete gave him starts buzzing incessantly, so Siphon breaks it, covering it as texts to his own phone while mentally cursing out Pete. Siphon starts trying to leave but Infinity continues talking at him.

Meanwhile, Reflect and Pete follow Robert and the Navy officer to some run-down building, landing on a roof that barely seems like it will hold the ship's weight. They can't see through the fogged skylights, so Pete infiltrates as a beetle. He sees the device being loaded onto a nondescript truck, Robert boarding after it. Pete flies into the truck, finding three armed naval guards along with Robert. The truck heads out, and Reflect follows in the ship.

Back with Siphon, he finally escapes Dr Infinity. He texts Robbie's phone about the base location and then goes to meet Ghost. Robbie does not check his phone. Siphon meets Ghost, who needs him to teleport into the melted Hall of Heroes to retrieve an intact artifact. Ghost shows him a picture of the room and Siphon attempts to teleport there. He appears partly in a wall, unhurt but stuck. The artifact — some kind of crystal-plant-thing — is within reach. Once he manages to get free, he chooses to teleport back up without the artifact.

Ghost berates him for leaving it behind. Siphon acts like he's hurt his arm and refuses to teleport back again. Ghost reveals that the artifact would 'take care of' any heroes instantly. Although he really wants it, he makes a deal to have Siphon bug the Sanctuary instead. Siphon agrees so that Ghost will leave him alone.

Meanwhile, back in the Museum with Joey. He gets between Midas and Ellie's argument. Everything goes suddenly dark, leaving only Joey, Midas, and the mummy. Midas insists that they need to do what they came here to do, while the voice in Joey's head grows steadily louder, "HELP ME". Joey stands his ground and demands that Midas apologize to Ellie.

Finally Midas relents and lets Ellie into the dark bubble with them. He apologizes for yelling at her. Joey moves to help him with the mummy, but before either can do anything, Ellie kicks Midas in the head and knocks him out. She accuses Joey of being up to something with Midas and attempts to karate-chop him, which he dodges. They're drawing stares, so Joey tries to talk Ellie into not fighting in public. She pulls a punch and agrees. They pick up Midas and leave.

Once they're outside, Midas starts to recover. Joey asks Ellie what's going on and she admits she doesn't really know. She reveals to Joey that she's Twilight. They argue a bit about Lio. Ellie agrees to work with Joey in the future, but on the condition that he can't tell Lio about it. She writes down a number for a phone Omega isn't tracking and leaves with the now-conscious Midas.

Meanwhile, back with Robbie and Pete. The truck drives to a yacht club in Embarcadero and parks in the lot. Dark Reflect creates three more solid duplicates, and as the four of them touch the device, it begins to glow. Reflect teleports around to set off car alarms, distracting the Dark Reflects while Pete mind-blasts them. A Dark Reflect swats at Pete but doesn't hurt him.

Reflect attempts to teleport inside the truck using Pete's visuals, but appears with his foot partly inside the truck. Like Siphon, he's unhurt, but stuck.

One of the Dark Reflects catches beetle-Pete and eats him whole, so Pete turns into a giant jellyfish, blowing up the duplicate from the inside. At some point Pete's camera was brought in, so this is all caught on livestream which is going to have some interesting effects on Pete's viewer demographics, let me fukkin tell you. Jellyfish-Pete then grabs the device, and both he and it abruptly disappear.

The Dark Reflects suddenly pass out. The armed guards turn their weapons on Reflect, but he convinces them that he caused all of this, successfully cowing them. They let him walk out. The camera follows him.

Pete finds himself in the base, surrounded by Dr Infinity, Blue Hydra, and a number of the death orbs. A strange thrumming sound in the back of his head blocks his telepathic abilities. He turns back into himself and tries to argue with the villains, meanwhile locating the 'sound' as being from a set of nearby speakers. He's able to break the speakers and send out a brief distress call before Blue Hydra descends upon him and knocks him cold.

The New Exemplars, Take Two

Following the exposure of the Bodyguard Program's practices, Halcyon City has publicly ended their Bodyguard contract. In the weeks that follow the biggest talking point is on protecting the city without the Bodyguards, as supernatural activity is a continuing problem. The Wildcards' name comes up time and again.

Concerned about the team's public image, Pete records and uploads a public statement about the events of the Wedding. This pushes him further into the public eye and he starts to feel more obligations toward his audience.

At some point M takes the ship up to Alaska and looks for remains to bury, finds nothing.

After a few days Lio removes the device from Siphon's back, telling him not to make them both regret the decision. He still remains in the Sanctuary. She forgets to mention this to anyone else.

A week after the Alaska incident, Vanessa's funeral is held. All of the Exemplars are in attendance, as well as Betty and Cathy. M speaks a few words and thanks the Exemplars for attending, being diplomatic as usual. Sarah and Betty cry and Lio continues to be unresponsive. At some point Cathy disappears, not leaving with Betty.

At some point M speaks to Principal and Mrs Hutchison, telling them that The Teacher is still around and possessed Jessica.

Another week later. Lio is out on her motorcycle getting some air. She spies a car with tinted windows that seems familiar and follows it to a nice place in La Jolla. Vanquish opens the car door for her cousin Marcus. Lio decides that the place is Vanquish's, but Marcus appears to be in no danger, so she leaves.

At school, Lucy talks to Pete. She seems dismissive of the Wildcards' ability to handle everything that's been going on. Pete determines that she seems to want them to fail, and accuses her of being jealous that her own rebellion failed.

In the period before lunch, M seems to see all the plants outside the window go brown and die. When they look back, the classroom is empty. They go out to investigate and find everything eerily silent and still. Despite the ambience, nothing happens, and M snaps back to find that they've missed the entire lunch period.

Sarah eats lunch with Roy. She's approached by a sheepish Jessica, who apologizes for what happened, even if she was possessed by a demon at the time. Sarah accepts the apology but that's all.

Max's sensors pick up a supernatural disturbance at the naval base and sends out a general alert. In the Sanctuary, Siphon sees the alert. He decides he's been cooped up long enough and heads out to check out the disturbance, but first he makes nachos, because nachos.

Sarah gets the alert and apologizes to Roy, saying she needs to go deal with this. He thinks it's all pretty cool and offhandedly mentions Lucy leaving an hour ago with a similar excuse.

Lio gets the alert and contacts Pete, who encourages her to come check it out. She reluctantly agrees.

Pete arrives first on the scene. He activates an old drone of Cygnus's and an eyepiece that lets him monitor comments while he livestreams.

Calavera, L'Esprit, and Siphon get there shortly thereafter. Ugat's arrival is belated due to their weird Silent Hill Otherworld fugue. The team finds a giant mechanical crab attacking the supercarrier USS Nimitz, supported by a number of the levitating metal laser spheres that Dr Infinity calls 'Chomper 2.0s' and everyone else calls Death Orbs.

Some unexpected familiar faces have preceded the Wildcards, though. A golden ray cuts into the giant crab courtesy of Midas. Cathy erupts through the middle of the thing. Lucy grabs a couple of the Death Orbs and flings them into the water, where vines from Violetta grab and subdue them. An unfamiliar punk-ish blonde rushes onto the deck of the ship only to be tripped by Ellie, who then dodges more lasers. Navy officers aim guns at the stranger, but she unleashes a vibrating power that disarms them.

Pete uses his density control to drop the stranger. Lucy notices him and argues that the New Exemplars have this under control. Lucy is now going by Diamond, Violetta by Vine, Ellie by Twilight, and Cathy as Silver Cat. Midas just uses his own name. While they argue, the stranger, Iconoclast, escapes Pete's hold.

L'Esprit tries to use her technopathy to take out the death orbs threatening Twilight, succeeding in mildly disrupting them and annoying Twilight. She dodges when Twilight tries to kick her in the face, again.

Ugat arrives, dropping directly onto the deck between Pete and L'Esprit. They ask if Iconoclast is on the same side as the crab. L'Esprit answers that they're both attacking Navy personnel. Calavera attempts to bubble Iconoclast, but she pops it with her vibration power. Twilight goes after Iconoclast, but dodging a laser blast sends her into the water. L'Esprit dives after her.

Vine throws a beam of solar energy. I'm not sure what she was trying to accomplish but she successfully blinds everyone for a few seconds. Iconoclast disappears in that time. Calavera contacts L'Esprit and pulls her and Twilight out of the water with a bubble.

Ugat speaks to the nearest Naval officer and is told that the villains are after an experimental technology being transported within the ship, one which absolutely cannot get wet. Ugat is incredulous but passes this information along. He peers into a cut in the ship's hull but isn't able to see the device.

Pete transforms into a butterfly-winged alligator and bites off one of the mechanical crab's remaining legs.

Siphon, having finished his nachos and seeing an opportunity, attempts to grab Calavera's powers. She blocks him with a bubble and she and L'Esprit demand to know what he's doing. Cathy grabs and throws him, demanding to know what he's even doing outside. He explains an idea to use Calavera and Ugat's abilities to protect the device, but concedes that Calavera could probably do it fine on her own. L'Esprit tells him to stick with her and Calavera takes them down into the hold. Twilight swings down after them.

Oolu warships begin to appear in the sky, apparently at Midas's command. Pete asks how he managed that and Midas just taps his head cryptically. An enemy shot passes through the fighters, revealing them to be illusions.

In the hold, the team find Iconoclast, two death orbs, another new villain called Shell, and a weird disc-cylinder-thing that is presumably the device. Shell shoots a couple of navy personnel. Calavera unleashes her telekinesis to push everyone away from the disc. Iconoclast retaliates with her vibration abilities, and they both lose the disc. L'Esprit attacks Shell but mostly just succeeds at keeping her attention.

The death orbs grab and throw the device outside to the retreating crab machine. Ugat intercepts and starts carrying it to shore, Pete covering them by density-dropping anything that tries to shoot at them.

Iconoclast starts to vibrate the entire ship apart. Calavera pulls it back together, in the process turning most of the ship pink. Siphon punches Iconoclast and she retreats, but is knocked out, I think by Twilight but I'm not sure. Violetta's vines grab and immobilize Shell.

Omega arrives, the New Exemplars gathering and looking to him. He commands them to finish off Iconoclast and Shell. Cathy readies to punch Iconoclast while Violetta starts squeezing Shell. Siphon argues and Cathy backs off. passes on a message from Ugat that they'll tell Violetta's mom if she kills someone. Violetta doesn't want to listen to L'Esprit, saying something about the Troika, but she backs off. L'Esprit yells ineffectually at Omega a bit, and Pete drops down and mind-blasts him. Twilight defiantly draws a sword and stabs Shell in the gut. Calavera and Siphon both grab Shell and Calavera gets her to the ship medical bay, leaving her in the care of the Navy. She leaves them her phone number in case they need somewhere to hold Shell.

Omega starts to leave with the New Exemplars. L'Esprit snaps out of it enough to call after Cathy and say she still has a home at the Sanctuary. Cathy sneers that she has a new home and Midas flies her off.

Ugat gets the disc to shore unscathed and into the proper hands.

They all go out for tacos afterward. It's a fairly somber 'victory' celebration. Pete and M kiss before Pete shuts off the stream.

M talks to Lio and Sarah about sparring with them and Joey to improve his skills.

Siphon asks why they're all doing the hero thing. Sarah answers that she's not been sure lately, but she's in this to protect innocents. M says that they're doing it because other people can't. Pete and Lio don't answer. Lio does thank him for not stabbing them in the back, although he points out that he didn't really have an opportunity at any point. Afterward, Siphon heads home instead of returning to the Sanctuary.

The next day Sarah stays home from school. She and Lio cuddle and eat icecream and cry at Disney movies.

At school, M and Pete talk about their relationship and M's concerns that they're manipulating Pete via his empathy. He assures them that it's fine. The two encounter Lucy, Midas, Cathy, and Violetta throughout the day and argue about morality as well as the advisability of following Omega. (Ellie is also at school, but they don't know her.) Violetta changes the subject on M by asking about their relationship with Pete.

Siphon sells weed under the bleachers. After school he's approached by Midas who strikes up conversation. He wants to be friends and is curious about the effect drugs will have on his body. Siphon agrees to sell him weed but only if he can be there to see the effect.

In the various conversations, Siphon, M, and Pete all learn that Lucy and Midas consider Omega to be Earth's Greatest Hero and that's why they're following him. Arguments otherwise prove fruitless.

Things peter to a close with Siphon and Midas getting high and hanging out in Mission Trails.

The 'Fun' in Dysfunctional
Broken Promises

Pete took Frankie to the Oolu council, leaving his ship with recorded instructions for Lio to drive it. Robbie gets the message instead but that works out.

The respective halves of the team get filled in, in bits and pieces, about Bright's capture, Vanquish taking over his crime syndicatePete getting bodyswapped, Midas's escape, and Siphon's house arrest.

Joey and Lio have a talk about his becoming 'Ghost'. Lio denies his being Ghost, insists that he has his whole life still ahead of him and can be whoever he wants, and tries to encourage him. Sarah joins her side and they both hug Joey.

Miracle Woman shows up at the Sanctuary door. Joey, Sarah, Lio, and Robbie meet with her. She explains that the Exemplars are over but she and some other supers are trying to form a new team, Aegis, and want the Wildcards under their banner since the Wildcards are, at the moment, the only stable Halcyon team. She also wants the Wildcards to use their influence with the fractured Exemplars to bring Dr Cosmos and Omega to justice. Lio tells her to wait and has Sarah call M.

While M talks to Miracle Woman, Lio pulls Robbie aside to get her some brass knuckles. He agrees but on the condition that she replace Joey's tracer bullets with blanks. She agrees.

Vanessa arrives, having bought a camera, not knowing Pete and Frankie are gone. She takes Sarah into her room and goes metallic, cryptically ordering Sarah to use her null power. Sarah refuses and Vanessa knocks her out, leaving her on the bed. Vanessa calls in Joey, tells him to ignore Sarah and asks him about Ghost. His answer satisfies her.

Joey tells Lio about Sarah being passed out and Lio goes to check on her. Sarah wakes up and warns them about Vanessa. Vanessa approaches to try and test Sarah again, but Joey and Lio get between them. Lio breaks her stun gun against Vanessa's metal skin. Sarah puts a bubble around Vanessa which she tries to break through.

Siphon opens the door to the soundproofed room, getting M's attention. They send Miracle Woman away. Activating their Moment of Truth, they sprout branchy prisons around the team and speak to their captive audience. They apologize to each teammate in turn, generally for not being more empathetic, and reveal that they know about Vanessa's plan. Vanessa calms down and Sarah drops the bubble around her. Vanessa gives M a note she wrote for Cathy that explains about the plan to attack the Alaskan Bodyguard facility.

Vanessa explains about her paranoia and need to verify everyone's identity, and that she attacked Sarah because she wouldn't identify herself. Sarah in return explains about her trauma using her null power against a Bodyguard only the night before. Vanessa's voice rises to a hysterical pitch near the end, attracting Cathy's attention. M distracts Cathy while Lio comforts Sarah and then Vanessa in turn. She asks if Vanessa wants to hold off on the plan, to which Vanessa says no, and asks if she wants Lio to take charge of explaining things, to which Vanessa agrees.

Lio explains to M, Sarah, Robbie, and Joey about the plan, lying that there were concerns about mindreading and that they need half the team to secure the city when things go down. Since Pete is gone, Sarah agrees to remain in the Sanctuary and in contact with everyone via communicators. While Lio is explaining, Vanessa gets a call from Betty that the Railroad is ready to support them. She gives Vanessa the names of two inside agents and three Bodyguard numbers that will need to be found and evacuated, and says they have a small window of time. One of the inside agents is a doctor who tortured Vanessa, but she doesn't share that. Sarah is able to get GPS trackers for Robbie, Lio, and Vanessa.

M and Joey discuss infiltrating the local Bodyguards while Robbie gets Lio the brass knuckles she asked for, and Lio and Sarah discuss weaponizing her saliva. Cathy has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. Vanessa asks M to keep the letter and an envelope of money, to give them to Cathy if things go south. They agree.

Cygnus arrives somewhere in here. Only her camera drones are needed in Alaska, she herself is shuffled off onto M's half of the team.

Max suddenly begins to sound an alarm for a "Supernatural" incident. A satellite feed shows a group gathered near Halcyon High, and a notification says that Bodyguards have been dispatched to deal with it.

The window to attack the Alaska base is closing. L'Esprit, Shield, and Reflect board Pete's ship and head for Alaska while Ugat and Joey head for the gathering, presumably with Cygnus. Sarah remains in the Sanctuary as mission control for both groups.

Gold Team – The Cult Rally

I was only partially paying attention to a lot of this half so it's skeletal, sorry.

The gathering appears to be some kind of peace rally, with Roy and Joshua both present along with several other students. Also present is the temporal anomaly Pete noticed before.

The Bodyguards dispatched there are lead by Barb Sharpton, but Bodyguard 12 is conspicuously absent from her entourage.

Joey takes Josh off the scene to the Sanctuary and tries to do the same with Roy.

Omega shows up.

Jessica appears and looks straight up at the satellite Sarah is using to monitor the situation. She switches bodies with Omega and he breaks the satellite.

Joey succeeds in removing Roy to the Sanctuary. Sarah greets him and Josh and tells them there's food. Roy thinks this is all pretty awesome.

Ugat informs the Bodyguards that Jessica is possessed by a bodyswapping interdimensional demon, then promptly wades in and grabs her. For some reason the Bodyguards do not immediately believe this and surround them. Ugat shakes Jessica unconscious and instructs Joey to go find The Teacher's mirror, then surrenders to the Bodyguards.

Joey starts off, only to be interrupted by an old familiar face: Sasha Blaze. She stops time in the immediate area, catching Joey and Ugat. Taking Joey's earpiece, she contacts Sarah and demands that she come out to face her.

Sarah resists leaving the Sanctuary. She puts a bubble around Sasha but it fails to disrupt her powers, and Sasha makes her demand again. Sarah puts some of her saliva into a perfume spritzer and teleportals to Sasha, spraying it at her. The spray doesn't quite reach her, but Joey is able to break loose and push her into it, losing his own powers in the process. Time resumes its normal speed and Ugat knocks out Sasha. Unfortunately Jessica's body has disappeared once again.

Joey kisses Sarah on the cheek, and the team locks up Sasha and discusses what they're going to do with her, seeing as there's no evidence she's broken any laws.

Blue Team – The Alaskan Bodyguard Facility

Despite Reflect's protests, Pete programmed the ship to respond to Lio and so she's the one who flies it.

Cathy is discovered hiding in the ship. It's too late to bring her back, so she's assigned to stick with and protect L'Esprit. She doesn't actually know where they're going and is shocked to find out, but still determined to help.

As they reach the base, L'Esprit asks for a minute with Shield. She offers a deal that they'll fight for each other, to make sure they both get through this. Stony-faced, Shield agrees and they shake on it.

Shield jumps from the ship and punctures a hole into the underground facility. Cygnus's cameras follow, as does Reflect, who realizes that jumping from several hundred feet without a parachute or metal skin is maybe not the best idea, but makes the best of it anyway. L'Esprit brings the ship down and cloaks it while the two start distracting Bodyguards.

Shield is met almost immediately by Bodyguard 12. She leads him on a chase rather than engaging. Another Bodyguard, designated 91, gets in her way. He's one of the ones they need to rescue so she knocks him down without hurting him and starts dragging him along. 12 catches up to her, tendrils of metal latching onto her skin and manipulating her plating. Before he can attack, she drops him with a devastating crotch-kick, reverses the manipulation to take control of his powers, and fucking decks him. 91 is suitably impressed.

Reflect locates one of the doctors, whose name I cannot recall despite it being a reference, I was a little distracted okay. He's the one who tortured Vanessa so he's Dr Douchebag. Dr Douchebag notices Reflect's evil arm and suggests that he can create a new metal arm. Reflect agrees to let the doc analyze his arm. While he's in the machine, a Bodyguard rushes into the room. DD says that he's captured one of the intruders. The Bodyguard almost believes him until Reflect attempts a punch. Reflect and DD escape, Reflect teleporting him up to the ship.

L'Esprit and Cathy drop in after a short interval and successfully sneak to the control room. There are five people present, three appear to be staff, one is a Bodyguard, and one is a woman in armor like Barb Sharpton's. Cathy goes after the Bodyguard with relish while L'Esprit unleashes her power on the machines, taking control of the facility computers and shutting down the collar controls. She gives control over to Sarah, who is able to locate the other inside agent and one of the Bodyguards. L'Esprit rips a cable out of the collar control machine and uses it to zap the armored woman, shutting down her armor.

Shield arrives at the control room. Cathy is distracted and at a disadvantage against the other Bodyguard. L'Esprit zaps him and Shield knocks him into a wall. Shield gathers everyone so they can be teleported out as Reflect arrives, but avoids it herself. (I assume she also removed and/or destroyed her tracker.)

Seeing her intention, L'Esprit resists as well and follows her and the cameras down to the bottom floor of the facility, to a room with the golden metal sphere that generates the base's power.

Shield turns to the cameras and announces Bodyguard's intentions, decrying anyone who would submit their children to the program. She apologizes to Betty, to Cathy, and to the Wildcards, then turns and plunges her hand into the golden metal, forcing it into a meltdown and bringing the facility down around her. L'Esprit tries to reach her, although there's nothing she can really do. Reflect teleports L'Esprit to the ship.

In the ship, Cathy screams and tries to claw her way out to get to Vanessa. Robbie tries to calm her and she nearly eviscerates him, but holds back and just cries.

Lio is unresponsive. A timely message from Pete lets Robbie fly the ship. They drop off the evacuees in Iceland with Betty, who asks that they leave Cathy with her. Robbie okays it.

He and Lio fly back alone.

Meanwhile, in Alaska

In the midst of a massive sinkhole, a silvery, gold-veined arm bursts through the snow.

The Sting

- Officer heads home and finds Ghost who demands Joey steal some drugs from Mr Brights men.  

- Robbie heads home to find his mom there and in a wheel chair. He is upset. Next morning Robbie's class has a new substitute, Robert Russ, which is Dark Reflect.  Robbie asks whats your game?  Dark reflect responds with a vague answer.

-Officer tries to call the police about the drug bust but they do not believe kid.  Robbie convinces him that stealing is a bad idea.  Robbie wants to stop then give the drugs to the police.

-Ugat runs into Cygnus.  Cygnus is excited about the plan.  She states she is ready but hte cameras may need a boost.  Ugat explains he knows a person who can help.  He eventually gets all the information that Cygnus knows about a plan.  He explains to Cygnus that she and Pete are a item.  This takes all the self confidence out of Cygnus.

-Calovera appears next to a body guard.  She tries to talk to the body guard but in a very robotic way it responds with force.  It wraps its metal around her neck.  She uses her doom power to teleport her to another scene.

Robbie sees Dark Reflect with his mom.  Robbie threatens Dark Reflect to leave his mom alone.

-Robbie and Joey go to the drug exchange.  Vanquish is there dressed in a very nice outfit.  Joey is ready to call it off but Robbie states its ok.  Vanquish pops the trunk and Cosmos is in it.  Joey runs into the trunk with Cosmos.  Cosmos mentally links with Joey.  He wonders what he doing here?  Hasn't he talked to Badger yet?  Robbie starts taking out the thugs.  Calovera appears with the body guard still attached.  Calovera puts up a shield that protects her and the body guard.  She then shrinks the shield so the thugs can shoot the bodyguard instead of her.  The bullets bounce off the bodyguard.  calovera uses her Saliva to diminsh the capacity of the bodyguard.  She then gets the body guard to agree to fight a common enemy.  Vanquish gets away with Cosmos in the trunk.  Calovera and Reflect get into a car to give chase.  There are bad guys already in the car.  Reflect ends up crashing the car.   Joey gets out of the trunk and gets into the fray.  T  Joey is swooped up by Miracle Women while the thugs are being defeated.  Miracle women takes a bullet for Joey.  She passes out while flying him out of trouble.  Joey makes whirlwinds  with his hand to soften the blow.  Joey then swims both of them to shore.  He then calls badger to find out what hospital to take her to.  Badger comes over personally and using a special substance to help Miracle Woman's wounds.

Ugat goes and sees his mom taking Cygnus with him.  He sees multiple screens that are watching the fight that just happened, as well as Badger actions.  His mom agrees to help Cygnus.  Ughat asks her in a mix of Spanish, English, hand Philapino that she makes it so they can ease drop on those cameras.  The mother tries to convince Ugat to join the Exemplars.  She states how proud that they are helping out.  She also states that with Badger on a side mission and they will need to follow the car.

Badger gives Officer a ear peace where he asks who is it speaking ot him.  Eventually Ugat mentions its his mother.  Everyone follows the car with Cosmos in the trunk.  Officer and Reflect go into the gate.  Ugat and Calovera get ready to fly over the gate.  Mr Bright comes out of the house vanquish parks in front of.  Vanquish opens the trunk and seems to win a mental battle.  He then knocks out Cosmos.  Reflect teleport to Dr Cosmos.  Vanquish gets ready to blast Reflect.  Vanquish asks what is Reflect doing here.  Reflect coyly states that he is there to take Dr Cosmos away.  Vanquish offers Reflect to join him.  Reflect then starts attacking the thugs.  Officer knocks out Mr Bright.  Calovera hops over the fence.  Vanquish attacks her.  Vanquish grabs Cosmos and starts flying off.  Officer grabs vanquishes feet.  Vanquish blasts Officer off but not before he can grab Cosmos.  Calovera catches Officer so the fall is not so hard.  

Cosmos and Badger want the Wildcards to join the Exemplar.  Reflect states Exemplar are not as prestigious as they used to be.  he felt they are trying to shore up ranks because they are in the middle of a war.  Ugat states that if they join it has to be puble and all mind control has to be done so everyone knows what is happening.  the exemplar do not agree. Officer goes into the house to have a mental command that he found nothing.  He still gets selfies of him and the house.

Officer states that he is not Badgers partner.  Badger states that if he is going to train then he will be his apprentice.  Joey declines because he can not serve two teams.  Ugat states that Joey needs some control.  He states that he will not call him Officer because officers serve and protect.  If Joey would have protected the Katiana would still be alive.  Joey runs from the scene.  Reflect suggests that him and Ugat go for tacos.  Ugat thinks this to be a good idea.

Joey finds a wet note stating help me, that Miracle Woman put in his outfit.  Joey goes to Badger's safe house and finds Miracle Woman captured.  Joey tries to free her but gets caught by one of badgers security traps.  Joey wakes up and finds himself in a cage for days.  he eventually figures out that badger told Ghost a way to escape.  He frees miracle woman.  Once free he grabs alcohol from Ghosts stash.  he runs to a barn with her.  She gets fed up with Joey drinking.  It reminds her to much of Ghost.  Joey then breaks into Sanctuary.  This sets off a alarm.  This summons Calovera.  Calovera agrees tha Joey can stay but he can't drink there.  Calovera convinces Joey that he still can choose not to be Ghost.   




Good Wholesome Family Fun

The good news: We appear to be back in our own time, in our own timeline (or close enough that the differences aren't immediately obvious), finally. It's been a couple months since The Wedding.

The bad news: We're back in our own time and none of the associated problems have gone away.

Except the invasion, I guess. There's a handful of Oolu still around and only two warp-capable ships, including  Pete's. Mother Dearest is handed over to Oolu authorities while Midas and Frankie are imprisoned in the Sanctuary along with Dark Reflect and Siphon, who I guess Max has been taking care of in our absence or something. Dark Reflect teleports away as soon as he is conscious.

So, one problem down. That only leaves… eighty-seven or so?

Pete and Vanessa go back to school to play catch-up. Pete is surprised to find Mrs Hutchison teaching again. He also notices a minor temporal anomaly in the form of a sort of deja-vu. Vanessa makes a new friend, a nerd named Joshua. Kelsi still isn't talking to her.

Vanessa, paranoid ever since Frankie demonstrated his shapeshifting ability, talks to Cathy and arranges passphrases so they'll know neither of them is an imitation. She also starts working out similar tests for the other Wildcards.

Lio finds her apartment empty and for rent. She discovers her parents and sister living in a home in Encinitas. Lio crashes at the Sanctuary with Vanessa and Cathy while she works up the courage to confront her family.

There's also some evidence of a missing Bodyguard and Lio investigates it a little but that never got followed up on.

A couple weeks pass in this way.

One day Joshua tells Vanessa that they've been invited to a thing after school by Jessica, Roy's bitchy cheerleader ex-girlfriend. Vanessa is immediately suspicious of Jessica's intentions but agrees to go with Joshua. The 'thing' turns out to be a meeting of kids around the bleachers. None of them would normally be hanging out together. Jessica explains that she wants to get a group together to clean up after all the superpowered disasters lately, starting at Ocean Beach tomorrow. None of this allays Vanessa's suspicions.

Meanwhile, Pete rigs up the school clocktower to pick up the temporal anomaly he's been noticing. It gives him coordinates that lead him to the afterschool meeting. Nobody there saw anything.

Vanessa leaves the meeting to go pick up Cathy, but she's already back at the Sanctuary. Vanessa finds her talking to Frankie. Cathy doesn't understand Vanessa's paranoia and argues that she'll know if anyone is a fake. Her solutions mostly involve punching.

Pete stops Mrs Hutchison on her way to her car, under the excuse that he missed a lot of History work and needs help. He's unable to get anything from her, including whether or not she's still possessed by The Teacher. He does, however, succeed in seriously weirding her out.

A student calls Pete over and warns him that Jessica has been acting weird lately. After chatting a minute, Pete is jumped by several other students and knocked out.

Spying on her family, Lio spots her little sister Ellie sneaking out late at night and meeting a car. Lio follows them to a bad neighborhood south of Downtown. Ellie reappears dressed like Lady Night and goes on a patrol. She handles herself well and Lio only intervenes when a thug puts a gun to Ellie's head. Ellie mistakes Lio for another enemy and kicks her in the face. When she sees Lio's face, Ellie freaks out, saying Lio is dead — they had a funeral and everything. She runs off. Lio follows her, but the thugs make nuisances of themselves. Lio takes out her frustrations on them and lets Ellie go.

Pete comes to among a bunch of figures in robes. Jessica is among them. Stuff happens and she reveals she's The Teacher. She cuts her arm with a weird knife and somehow causes her and Pete to switch bodies. Pete is left with only his mind blast abilities. Teacher runs off with his body.

Lio returns to the Sanctuary to find Cathy trying — and failing — to cook. Vanessa puts out the fire while Max orders them pizza because none of them can cook. While Cathy goes to watch TV, Lio talks with Vanessa, asking how she's doing. They must wander over near the cells because Midas speaks up, saying he can help them. He demands to be let go. Lio tells him to bring up his objections to Ugat.

Moving away, Vanessa privately confides in Lio a plan to deal with the Alaskan Bodyguard facility, using Lio's technopathy, Pete's technical skill, and Cygnus's cameras. She wants to keep Ugat out of it. Lio suggests adding Robbie and Joey to the plan to help create a diversion, though later backtracks on Joey.

The conversation screeches to a halt as Pete rushes in, disheveled. He tells them that he escaped from Jessica/Teacher, but she might have followed him. Vanessa tells him Cathy was talking to Frankie, he says he'll talk to her and takes Cathy back toward the cells.

Vanessa and Lio head outside, Vanessa to stand guard while Lio scouts around. Lio spots Jessica approaching with a mob of students not far behind. Vanessa knocks over a tree to slow down the mob and let them deal with Jessica alone. Jessica, however, insists that she's the real Pete and that Teacher stole his body. He answers badly when questioned so Lio opts to just knock out both 'Petes' and sort it out later. They take Jessica's body back to the Sanctuary, the mob still on their heels.

The doors are starting to close and lock. Vanessa rips them back open. Lio tosses Jessica's body on the couch and rushes toward the cells. Vanessa knocks the mob's feet out from under them with a chain whip and starts to pull the damaged doors closed.

Lio is intercepted by a mind blast from Midas. She recovers and punches him and he flies away, just getting out past Vanessa. To add insult to injury he freezes Vanessa before he retreats.

"Pete" has also released Siphon and Frankie. Cathy tries to stop Lio, saying that Pete said this was okay.

Real Pete Who Is In Jessica's Body wakes up and rushes in, and between him and Lio they're able to convince Cathy that the blue Pete is not actually Pete. Teacher-Pete draws the strange knife from before and takes Real Pete hostage. A mind-blast from Real Pete causes them to start wildly switching bodies.

Leaving them to sort that out, Lio punches Frankie. He alters her perception so that she can see three of him. She tries to make him attack her to get around the effect but he doesn't take the bait.

Siphon sneaks past the chaos and gets as far as Vanessa who has broken Midas's freeze. The two are at a stalemate for awhile. Cowering, Siphon offers to work with them, he just doesn't want to be locked up anymore. Vanessa takes the offer. She gives him her powers and tells him to go focus on recapturing Frankie.

Pete finally gets control of his own body and is promptly punched by Cathy, who still thinks he's not-Pete. He yells at Vanessa to control her. Lio distracts Cathy, who nearly punches her too but stops herself.

Teacher-Jessica escapes at some point in the confusion.

Frankie is recaptured. He tries to talk his way out and only pisses everyone off. He insists that they can't keep him trapped forever. They concede the point but still stick him back into an intact cell for the present.

Vanessa decides to keep Siphon under house arrest rather than put him back in a cell. Pete makes a tracker out of the TV remote. This gives Siphon the ability to change the channel with his mind, as well as keeping him within the Sanctuary. He seems chill with the new setup.

Vanessa pulls Cathy aside for a talk. She wants Cathy to think about what she wants out of life. They have the freedom to choose now, and Cathy doesn't have to be a hero or a fighter. Whatever she chooses, they can help her with it. Afterward, Lio tells Vanessa that the same applies to her.

They spend the rest of the night watching TV and eating pizza.

Next day, Lio goes to see her family. Her dad answers the door. Like Ellie, he assumes she's an impostor, knocking her down and pulling a gun on her to demand answers. When she doesn't answer, he breaks her leg. She shows him her necklace but he pulls out an identical necklace. He warns her and whoever she's working for not to try this again and slams the door on her.

Lio calls Pete to pick her up. He and Vanessa are already in the ship, Pete having been filled in on her plan, and it's a quick detour on the way to Iceland. The ship fixes her leg along the way.

In Iceland, they're met by Betty. Vanessa warns her she's going to attempt a jailbreak and wants the Railroad ready to move the freed Bodyguards out. Betty is not cooperative, even says that she'll keep her people as far away from it as possible so they're not endangered. Our heroes leave, and Vanessa opts to give them time to make whatever preparations they're going to make.

They head next to see Cygnus. Cygnus is mopey and has taken up alcoholism since her failed wedding and is not happy to see them. Pete pitches the jailbreak and their needing her cameras. Cygnus suggests that she and him can spend some time alone. He agrees, as friends, and she perks up and agrees to meet at the Sanctuary the next day.

Lio does a little research. She finds that she died during the wedding in this timeline, and that Bodyguard 12 works for her parents.

She asks Vanessa and Pete to accompany her and goes to confront her family once again. They wait in the living room until her parents come back from a date. Lio's mom pulls a gun on her. Vanessa steps between them when she opens fire. Vanessa also notices a Bodyguard security system activated and tells Lio they don't have much time.

Lio's parents ask who she's working for, suggesting Mr Bright or Bodyguard. Unable to convince them, Lio gives them her necklace and the ring to be tested for authenticity. She also leaves a piece of paper with some writing from The Spectre, with her phone number on the back.

They leave.

Pyrrhic Victory

Mid October, 1938. Night.

Sarah awakens in an alley, covered in trash, some kid going through her pockets. Upon realizing she's awake the kid takes off, taking her wallet and phone. Sarah checks herself for wounds before she follows. The kid is long gone, but she sees civilians hurrying to get off the street, and a distinctly Oolu-fied zeppelin flying overhead. Campaign signs everywhere proclaim 'Frankie for mayor!'

Lio and Joey wake up in the apartment they rented with  Robbie. It's dark and boarded up, but a police scanner is still present. The scanner turns on with a report that The Spectre has been located. Joey and Lio rush to the scene.

Ugat wakes up to find himself stuck in the ground and unable to move, for all intents and purposes a conscious tree. He is approached by a blond-haired stranger in a long coat, large hat, and carrying a staff. The man, Aspen, informs Ugat that he can hear him, though he considers Ugat unnatural. Ugat briefly describes each of the Wildcards and asks if he's seen any of them. Aspen recognizes mention of The Spectre. Ugat is able to wrench himself free of the ground and turns into a slightly green-tinted human form, bearing a striking resemblance to one Daniel Gil.

Lio and Joey find police surrounding an area and the zeppelin overhead shining spotlights down. Lio orders Joey to get in and get The Spectre away while she provides a diversion using his Oolu laser rifle. Joey is reluctant but heads in. He's intercepted by Katiana, the Russian princess, three years older now and wearing a mask of her own. She slaps him for abandoning her. The Spectre looms over the two of them and shushes them, then throws a set of grenades under two police cars. While Spectre, Joey, and Katiana retreat, Lio draws further attention away from them and is quickly surrounded by police. She aims the laser rifle at the zeppelin but is knocked out before she can pull the trigger. Joey attempts to go back for her but Spectre drags him away, cuffing his ankles so he can't run.

Sarah decides her Resistance clothes are too conspicuous and breaks into a shop. She's confronted by the shop owner with a shotgun, but he recognizes her as being related to his girlfriend Margaret, Sarah's grandmother. Vince, however, is not her grandfather, though he confesses he wants to marry Margaret. Sarah claims to be a 'cousin' on a visit. Vince helps her out with some clothes.

Leaving her not-grandfather's shop, Sarah passes the scene of the exploded cop cars in time to see something loaded into the zeppelin, and a limousine pull up. Frankie steps out of the limo and gets a report from the police. He notices and doesn't quite recognize her, but calls her over and asks her to join his campaign. She refuses and beats a hasty retreat.

Joey starts to phase out of his clothes and the cuffs to escape Spectre. While he's in the process, Spectre is stopped by entangling vines. Joey swiftly re-dresses while Aspen and Ugat approach. Ugat starts asking questions, but when he mentions the word 'natural' Aspen scoffs that Ugat wouldn't know anything about what's 'natural', prompting Joey to get in his face. Aspen is unimpressed.

Ugat asks about L'Esprit. Spectre identifies her as a counterfeit and becomes annoyed when Ugat and Joey both call her his granddaughter — he doesn't even have children, much less any that could have an eighteen-year-old of their own. Ugat starts to walk away but Aspen stops him, says he can't let Ugat be wandering around un-tracked, and causes him to grow a couple of weird fruits.

Katiana starts mooning over Joey, but girls have cooties so Joey is all too eager when Ugat sends him to scan the city for the other Wildcards. He finds Sarah and brings her back. Aspen fucks off and everyone else retreats to one of The Spectre's safehouses.

Lio wakes up in a bed, in a dress. A nearby window shows that she's in a room in the zeppelin. The Golden Master comes to meet her. Lio finds that Altaa can't be swayed to their side like she thought, and is only keeping Lio alive out of curiosity. Lio tries to take down the zeppelin, but Altaa won't let her use her powers, and also stops the attempted punch that follows. Annoyed, Lio climbs out the window and sulks, although that accomplishes very little other than mildly inconveniencing Torrid Typhoon who has to come get her.

The Spectre lays out a plan to the group. Frankie is holding a banquet tomorrow for his mayoral campaign, and Spectre, Katiana, and two of his best agents are going to be there. He stations Ugat outside in the garden and Joey as a busboy. Upon finding out that Sarah was offered a position in the campaign, she's instructed to take up the offer.

(There was a misunderstanding that Frankie was hitting on her and deliberation of whether she should take him up on that offer, but that was retconned.)

The Spectre also fucks off. Sarah and Ugat make a temporary peace, having been on opposite sides in the Oolu fight, and discuss plans. Joey and Katiana chat as well. Ugat gives Joey some cash, intending to set up a savings account for the Wildcards in the future, but for now figures Joey can use it to see which cops are bribable and therefore corrupt. Joey also tells Ugat about Brass Brilliant nearly killing Lio and Joey's snapping afterward.

The next morning, Sarah goes to see not-grandpa Vince and grandma Margaret. They're enthused about Frankie and that she's working for him and set her up with a nice outfit for the event and some money since her wallet was stolen.

The banquet starts. Lio, dressed up by Altaa, is accompanied by Brass Brilliant who is amused by her attempts to be aggressively unpleasant. The Spectre dances with The Golden Master, both apparently friendly. Joey figures out that there's something in the food, but not before Katiana and Sarah have both eaten some. Katiana goes to purge. A cop notices Joey wandering around and grabs him. Joey offers the bribe money and gets tossed into a side-room, which he phases out of but has to lie low after, so he heads for the garden. He and Ugat spot Altaa giving The Spectre some of the dosed food, but Ugat decides not to interfere, saying that it'll give Lio a chance to see that The Spectre isn't all she's built him up to be. Joey is horrified by this decision.

Lio catches Sarah's eye while dancing with Brass. Sarah asks to cut in, charming Brass, but when he steps away she dances with Lio. They quickly attract a scandalized audience. Sarah fills Lio in quickly. When the dance ends, Lio asks the shocked Brass to take her into the garden for some air. Ugat knocks him out and Joey zips off to run him up a pole.

Ugat has Lio get him samples of the food and absorbs it, synthesizing an antidote. Aspen senses what he's doing and stops him after he's made three doses. Frankie starts a toast and champagne is being passed around, so Joey gets a dose to Sarah and gives the other two doses to Lio. She gives them to The Spectre and to his agent Evelyn.

After the toast has been drunk, everyone affected by the dosed food freezes, including Ugat. Only eleven of the attendees are unaffected civilians. A corrupt cop kills one of them. Joey disarms the cops while Spectre draws weapons from under a table and aims for The Golden Master, but Frankie drops him with a psychic attack. Lio punches Frankie and resists the same attack through sheer pissed-offedness.

Some of the patrons start to flee, but at a snap of Altaa's fingers the mind-controlled masses being to attack. Sarah manages to bubble the unaffected innocents. She also uses her telekinesis to get Lio one of the hidden guns.

Joey sees Katiana being dragged away, but rather than go after her he attacks Frankie. Lio uses the distraction to try and pistol-whip The Golden Master, but GM takes control of her and makes her shoot Joey. He loses control of his speed and retreats. Seeing Lio under control and Joey hurt, Sarah unleashes her power to put Altaa in such a thick bubble that it disrupts her psychic powers.

Ugat breaks through both Aspen and Altaa's control and produces more of the antidote in pollen form. He breaks into the ballroom and showers everyone in pollen, while reminding them all that this was Frankie's shindig.

Joey gets ahold of his powers, but he finds Katiana has been killed. In his grief he returns to the ballroom and rushes The Spectre. Spectre knocks him aside and Joey blacks out.

Lio grabs The Spectre and tells him to take his agents, David and Evelyn, and get them out of there. She shows him her necklace. He demands to know where she got it; she tells him that Golden Master wants their family dead, that she's trying to save them, and pleads with him not to get in her way. He checks on Evelyn, then looks at Lio in surprise. While he's distracted, a cop pulls a gun on him. Lio shoots the cop. Presumably Evelyn and David are evacuated, though the Spectre remains.

Frankie turns into an animal and escapes. The Wildcards turn to Spectre to decide what to do with The Golden Master. Despite everything, he's reluctant to kill her, but arranges a sort of psychic lobotomy that will protect him and his people while he keeps trying to turn her good. The process scars her face and messes with her memory, so she only recalls later that Lio was involved.

At this point the game was already running long so the rest happened off-screen.

Ugat has a theory on how they can get forward in time, but they're stuck in this time period for about a week. Sarah treats everyone to a celebration dinner. Ugat checks out a Frida Kahlo exhibit and tries to figure out the savings account thing. Joey focuses on dismantling Frankie's empire and taking out any criminals he comes across. Lio has a discussion with The Spectre and attempts to find Frankie himself. The Spectre arranges Katiana's funeral.

In late October, the group travels to Grover's Mill, New Jersey, where the War of the Worlds broadcast took place. Finding that there are indeed "Martians", they fight the aliens and are able to rig up the temporal explosion that brings them to 1973, though it scrambles their memories a little on the way.

The El Cortez is a Pit of Evil

The Wildcards, still unstuck in time, meet back up in what they soon discover is 1973.

Lio, Michael, Joey, and Sarah's memories after leaving the alternate future are vague and fragmented. They were in the 1930s, probably 1938. There were zeppelins. The princess slapped Joey. Michael was rejected by his ancestor Aspen. Lio went to speak to The Golden Master. Sarah checked on her grandparents. None can recall exactly how they got to 1973.

No sooner have they regrouped than trouble catches their attention, in the form of a 50-foot robot headed for the newly-opened Hall of Heroes building. There are civilians everywhere, moments earlier celebrating the aforementioned opening, which Dr Infinity has decided to robo-crash. Robbie's suggestion that the team go for tacos is ignored. Officer zips ahead to scout, and discovers among the civilians his father. While moving him to safety, Officer briefly encounters himself, about a year younger.

Surprisingly, Midas appears and rips off one of the robot's arms, tossing it aside and endangering bystanders. Pete drops the density of the arm so it doesn't do any harm. Shield charges in to attack. (Or did Vanessa tear off the arm? I honestly can't remember.)

The robot's head opens and Chompers begin to pour out, heading for the HoH building. Robbie senses (I guess?) the 'Dark Reflect' inside another section of the robot and goes to engage him. Meanwhile, Sarah contacts Max 2000 with her earpiece and is able to get him to shut down the robot, but her access is overridden before she can shut down the Chompers.

It's right about there that, of all people, Frankie arrives, sporting an 'E' chest emblem and backed up by the young ExemplarsOmega, Dr Cosmos, Miracle Woman, and Gold Raven. They pose. Joey thinks this is very cool, everyone else rolls their eyes. MW sets about evacuating civilians while the others engage.

Ugat sends up plant walls to keep the Chompers contained. Omega attacks him, but the damage is negligible. Ignoring him, Ugat uses Pete's telepathy and instructs the Wildcards to not punch any Exemplars. Yes, even Frankie. No one is happy about this.

Chompers start to attach to the building, a few exploding and starting to damage the foundation. Vanessa ducks into the basement level and expands the metal off of her and around the structure, hoping to reinforce it. A pair of Chompers get near her but Lio, following, shuts them down and disrupts the others.

Pete gets into the robot's control room and takes control of the Chompers, making them form a pyramid in the middle of the street.

Somewhere in here the Badger jet flew by and hit the big robot with a couple of missiles. They did not do much except shake it around a bit.

Calavera flies to the top of the robot and introduces herself to Gold Raven, asking to help. Before she can do much, she's suddenly frozen. In her mind she hears Frankie say that he won't let her interfere with his plans. GR, confused, burns her way into the robot and finds Reflect and Dark Reflect fighting. Dark Reflect pulls a 'laser knife' and slices Reflect a few times, then pulls off his mask. GR recognizes Robbie but I missed the end of this fight.

The Hall of Heroes begins to glow and a shield descends. The Chompers explode. Due to their poor position they don't take out the building, but they damage it enough that Joey, Lio, and Vanessa are endangered by falling rubble. Vanessa gets hurt and curses at Joey, causing him to cry. His past self comes out to comfort him.

Ugat sends psychic orders to meet 'at our old meeting place', meaning Balboa Park. Everyone but Robbie and Joey head there. Robbie instead tracks Dark Reflect, and Joey, for some harebrained reason, zips off to photograph the Badgercave.

Joey enters easily and takes some photos, but encounters a trap on his way out. Badger appears and questions him. Joey phases out of the trap, but isn't able to un-phase himself, or use his speed. He runs away from Badger. I missed this part, but he gets caught, all his tech is taken away and he's knocked out.

Robbie follows Dark Reflect to the basement of the El Cortez where he finds Golden Master expecting him, flanked by Blue Hydra and Dr Infinity as well as DR. Golden Master boasts that she controls all of Halcyon and tells him that Dark Reflect has been a great help to her, but is not 'complete' and they need him for that. Robbie tries to dissipate DR, but finds his powers blocked. He's allowed to teleport away and joins the group in Balboa Park, where he reports the villains' location.

While the others plan, Lio sneaks off to the El Cortez alone. Robbie, Vanessa, and Sarah follow shortly. Ugat and Pete remain to try and get in contact with Joey, and to figure out how to secure another Oolu engine to overload. Recalling the scout ship meant to be in the area around this time, Pete contacts the scout, Groovy With It. He finds out that the ship is parked not far away.

Joey wakes up in a weird, dark room. He attempts to phase out but going through the wall feels like walking through fire. He locates some kind of machine and destroys it, but doing so causes him pain. Pete tries to contact him but is also hurt. Micah kisses Pete better and the two head for the El Cortez. Meanwhile, Joey has started vibrating violently and is causing damage to the buildings overhead, including the El Cortez.

Lio arrives at the El Cortez to find Frankie, Gold Raven, and Midas in front. She sneaks around back. The Golden Master contacts her telepathically, saying they've been expecting her. Lio asks for an audience and is let in.

Robbie, Shield, and Sarah arrive and engage Frankie, Gold Raven, and Midas. Frankie maintains his heroic posturing. Dark Reflect teleports up to engage Robbie and they have a duplicate fight.

Frankie goes after Shield and makes the remarkably poor decision to shapechange into Kelsi. Enraged by the attempted manipulation, Shield punches him down and keeps punching him. A lot.

Midas telekinetically attacks Sarah; she turns it around and drags him to her to kiss him, draining his power. Frightened, Midas tries to surrender, saying he's only following his father's orders. Then Pete turns into a three-headed space moose and rams him into the side of the building.

Gold Raven sets Pete on fire. Pete freaks out and his shapeshifting powers go haywire, causing him to grow uncontrollably into a blobby mass that surrounds the El Cortez. Although he can't communicate or do much he does manage to use the weird mass to crush Dark Reflect's duplicates, sending the real DR running. Sarah bubbles DR and manages to make her bubble travel with him, keeping him from escaping despite his teleportation.

Robbie unmasks and identifies himself to Gold Raven. She takes very little convincing to join them against Frankie. She takes the nearly-unconscious and badly battered Frankie away from Shield. When Shield goes after her, still very much pissed off, Gold Raven flies out of reach.

Ugat leeches his roots into the ground in order to infiltrate the basement.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Lio confronts The Golden Master. GM reveals that she was involved in Spectre's death and wants his entire family wiped out so that they won't stand in her way. Demoralized, Lio invites them to kill her, standing strong but not putting up a fight when Blue Hydra and Dr Infinity attack her. Dr Infinity plants a device on the side of her head. Lio calls to GM, asking what happened to turn her against The Spectre. GM tells her that Frankie 'changed everything', and also reveals that Lio is responsible for a scar on her face, which Lio doesn't remember. Lio asks what happened to The Spectre's ring and is shown it on GM's finger. Dr Infinity activates a machine with a conspicuous crystal and the device in Lio's head starts to spark.

Officer arrives at the basement, still vibrating such that he's disrupting the El Cortez's structure, and attracts the attention of the assembled villains. Ugat's roots, meanwhile, snake out and crush the crystal. The device stops sparking. Lio stun-guns The Golden Master and takes the ring from her. GM recovers and slices her face, but Lio zaps her again. The building starts to collapse. Blue Hydra and Dr Infinity retreat. Lio grabs Joey by the collar and drags him out, deliberately leaving GM to die, to Joey's horror.

Outside, the group more or less reconvenes and they hash out a few final matters.

Ugat refuses to let Vanessa kill Frankie lest it cause an incident when they get back, although Vanessa and Lio both argue otherwise. Ultimately they bring him back alive.

Midas is thoroughly cowed, and it's decided to bring him with them so he can't screw with the timeline here.

Ugat explains to Joey that since they're about to engineer the explosion where he got his powers, he has to decide if he's going to stay in 1973 and take over where he left off, or if he's coming back with them. Joey says that Lio needs him. Lio won't look at him. Sarah hugs her.

Joey reclaims his things that Badger took from him, including the phone with the photos.

The Wildcards and their prisoners Frankie, Midas, and Dark Reflect, return to Balboa Park and commandeer Groovy's ship. While Pete rigs it to overload, Ugat sends Joey out to get his past self's attention and ensure that the time loop is closed. Joey tells his past self to be a hero, then returns to the ship, and Pete hits the button.

And finally, they return to the 2017 they left after the Wedding.

…Well, more or less.


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