The Fourth Generation

The 'Fun' in Dysfunctional
Broken Promises

Pete took Frankie to the Oolu council, leaving his ship with recorded instructions for Lio to drive it. Robbie gets the message instead but that works out.

The respective halves of the team get filled in, in bits and pieces, about Bright's capture, Vanquish taking over his crime syndicatePete getting bodyswapped, Midas's escape, and Siphon's house arrest.

Joey and Lio have a talk about his becoming 'Ghost'. Lio denies his being Ghost, insists that he has his whole life still ahead of him and can be whoever he wants, and tries to encourage him. Sarah joins her side and they both hug Joey.

Miracle Woman shows up at the Sanctuary door. Joey, Sarah, Lio, and Robbie meet with her. She explains that the Exemplars are over but she and some other supers are trying to form a new team, Aegis, and want the Wildcards under their banner since the Wildcards are, at the moment, the only stable Halcyon team. She also wants the Wildcards to use their influence with the fractured Exemplars to bring Dr Cosmos and Omega to justice. Lio tells her to wait and has Sarah call M.

While M talks to Miracle Woman, Lio pulls Robbie aside to get her some brass knuckles. He agrees but on the condition that she replace Joey's tracer bullets with blanks. She agrees.

Vanessa arrives, having bought a camera, not knowing Pete and Frankie are gone. She takes Sarah into her room and goes metallic, cryptically ordering Sarah to use her null power. Sarah refuses and Vanessa knocks her out, leaving her on the bed. Vanessa calls in Joey, tells him to ignore Sarah and asks him about Ghost. His answer satisfies her.

Joey tells Lio about Sarah being passed out and Lio goes to check on her. Sarah wakes up and warns them about Vanessa. Vanessa approaches to try and test Sarah again, but Joey and Lio get between them. Lio breaks her stun gun against Vanessa's metal skin. Sarah puts a bubble around Vanessa which she tries to break through.

Siphon opens the door to the soundproofed room, getting M's attention. They send Miracle Woman away. Activating their Moment of Truth, they sprout branchy prisons around the team and speak to their captive audience. They apologize to each teammate in turn, generally for not being more empathetic, and reveal that they know about Vanessa's plan. Vanessa calms down and Sarah drops the bubble around her. Vanessa gives M a note she wrote for Cathy that explains about the plan to attack the Alaskan Bodyguard facility.

Vanessa explains about her paranoia and need to verify everyone's identity, and that she attacked Sarah because she wouldn't identify herself. Sarah in return explains about her trauma using her null power against a Bodyguard only the night before. Vanessa's voice rises to a hysterical pitch near the end, attracting Cathy's attention. M distracts Cathy while Lio comforts Sarah and then Vanessa in turn. She asks if Vanessa wants to hold off on the plan, to which Vanessa says no, and asks if she wants Lio to take charge of explaining things, to which Vanessa agrees.

Lio explains to M, Sarah, Robbie, and Joey about the plan, lying that there were concerns about mindreading and that they need half the team to secure the city when things go down. Since Pete is gone, Sarah agrees to remain in the Sanctuary and in contact with everyone via communicators. While Lio is explaining, Vanessa gets a call from Betty that the Railroad is ready to support them. She gives Vanessa the names of two inside agents and three Bodyguard numbers that will need to be found and evacuated, and says they have a small window of time. One of the inside agents is a doctor who tortured Vanessa, but she doesn't share that. Sarah is able to get GPS trackers for Robbie, Lio, and Vanessa.

M and Joey discuss infiltrating the local Bodyguards while Robbie gets Lio the brass knuckles she asked for, and Lio and Sarah discuss weaponizing her saliva. Cathy has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. Vanessa asks M to keep the letter and an envelope of money, to give them to Cathy if things go south. They agree.

Cygnus arrives somewhere in here. Only her camera drones are needed in Alaska, she herself is shuffled off onto M's half of the team.

Max suddenly begins to sound an alarm for a "Supernatural" incident. A satellite feed shows a group gathered near Halcyon High, and a notification says that Bodyguards have been dispatched to deal with it.

The window to attack the Alaska base is closing. L'Esprit, Shield, and Reflect board Pete's ship and head for Alaska while Ugat and Joey head for the gathering, presumably with Cygnus. Sarah remains in the Sanctuary as mission control for both groups.

Gold Team – The Cult Rally

I was only partially paying attention to a lot of this half so it's skeletal, sorry.

The gathering appears to be some kind of peace rally, with Roy and Joshua both present along with several other students. Also present is the temporal anomaly Pete noticed before.

The Bodyguards dispatched there are lead by Barb Sharpton, but Bodyguard 12 is conspicuously absent from her entourage.

Joey takes Josh off the scene to the Sanctuary and tries to do the same with Roy.

Omega shows up.

Jessica appears and looks straight up at the satellite Sarah is using to monitor the situation. She switches bodies with Omega and he breaks the satellite.

Joey succeeds in removing Roy to the Sanctuary. Sarah greets him and Josh and tells them there's food. Roy thinks this is all pretty awesome.

Ugat informs the Bodyguards that Jessica is possessed by a bodyswapping interdimensional demon, then promptly wades in and grabs her. For some reason the Bodyguards do not immediately believe this and surround them. Ugat shakes Jessica unconscious and instructs Joey to go find The Teacher's mirror, then surrenders to the Bodyguards.

Joey starts off, only to be interrupted by an old familiar face: Sasha Blaze. She stops time in the immediate area, catching Joey and Ugat. Taking Joey's earpiece, she contacts Sarah and demands that she come out to face her.

Sarah resists leaving the Sanctuary. She puts a bubble around Sasha but it fails to disrupt her powers, and Sasha makes her demand again. Sarah puts some of her saliva into a perfume spritzer and teleportals to Sasha, spraying it at her. The spray doesn't quite reach her, but Joey is able to break loose and push her into it, losing his own powers in the process. Time resumes its normal speed and Ugat knocks out Sasha. Unfortunately Jessica's body has disappeared once again.

Joey kisses Sarah on the cheek, and the team locks up Sasha and discusses what they're going to do with her, seeing as there's no evidence she's broken any laws.

Blue Team – The Alaskan Bodyguard Facility

Despite Reflect's protests, Pete programmed the ship to respond to Lio and so she's the one who flies it.

Cathy is discovered hiding in the ship. It's too late to bring her back, so she's assigned to stick with and protect L'Esprit. She doesn't actually know where they're going and is shocked to find out, but still determined to help.

As they reach the base, L'Esprit asks for a minute with Shield. She offers a deal that they'll fight for each other, to make sure they both get through this. Stony-faced, Shield agrees and they shake on it.

Shield jumps from the ship and punctures a hole into the underground facility. Cygnus's cameras follow, as does Reflect, who realizes that jumping from several hundred feet without a parachute or metal skin is maybe not the best idea, but makes the best of it anyway. L'Esprit brings the ship down and cloaks it while the two start distracting Bodyguards.

Shield is met almost immediately by Bodyguard 12. She leads him on a chase rather than engaging. Another Bodyguard, designated 91, gets in her way. He's one of the ones they need to rescue so she knocks him down without hurting him and starts dragging him along. 12 catches up to her, tendrils of metal latching onto her skin and manipulating her plating. Before he can attack, she drops him with a devastating crotch-kick, reverses the manipulation to take control of his powers, and fucking decks him. 91 is suitably impressed.

Reflect locates one of the doctors, whose name I cannot recall despite it being a reference, I was a little distracted okay. He's the one who tortured Vanessa so he's Dr Douchebag. Dr Douchebag notices Reflect's evil arm and suggests that he can create a new metal arm. Reflect agrees to let the doc analyze his arm. While he's in the machine, a Bodyguard rushes into the room. DD says that he's captured one of the intruders. The Bodyguard almost believes him until Reflect attempts a punch. Reflect and DD escape, Reflect teleporting him up to the ship.

L'Esprit and Cathy drop in after a short interval and successfully sneak to the control room. There are five people present, three appear to be staff, one is a Bodyguard, and one is a woman in armor like Barb Sharpton's. Cathy goes after the Bodyguard with relish while L'Esprit unleashes her power on the machines, taking control of the facility computers and shutting down the collar controls. She gives control over to Sarah, who is able to locate the other inside agent and one of the Bodyguards. L'Esprit rips a cable out of the collar control machine and uses it to zap the armored woman, shutting down her armor.

Shield arrives at the control room. Cathy is distracted and at a disadvantage against the other Bodyguard. L'Esprit zaps him and Shield knocks him into a wall. Shield gathers everyone so they can be teleported out as Reflect arrives, but avoids it herself. (I assume she also removed and/or destroyed her tracker.)

Seeing her intention, L'Esprit resists as well and follows her and the cameras down to the bottom floor of the facility, to a room with the golden metal sphere that generates the base's power.

Shield turns to the cameras and announces Bodyguard's intentions, decrying anyone who would submit their children to the program. She apologizes to Betty, to Cathy, and to the Wildcards, then turns and plunges her hand into the golden metal, forcing it into a meltdown and bringing the facility down around her. L'Esprit tries to reach her, although there's nothing she can really do. Reflect teleports L'Esprit to the ship.

In the ship, Cathy screams and tries to claw her way out to get to Vanessa. Robbie tries to calm her and she nearly eviscerates him, but holds back and just cries.

Lio is unresponsive. A timely message from Pete lets Robbie fly the ship. They drop off the evacuees in Iceland with Betty, who asks that they leave Cathy with her. Robbie okays it.

He and Lio fly back alone.

Meanwhile, in Alaska

In the midst of a massive sinkhole, a silvery, gold-veined arm bursts through the snow.

The Sting

- Officer heads home and finds Ghost who demands Joey steal some drugs from Mr Brights men.  

- Robbie heads home to find his mom there and in a wheel chair. He is upset. Next morning Robbie's class has a new substitute, Robert Russ, which is Dark Reflect.  Robbie asks whats your game?  Dark reflect responds with a vague answer.

-Officer tries to call the police about the drug bust but they do not believe kid.  Robbie convinces him that stealing is a bad idea.  Robbie wants to stop then give the drugs to the police.

-Ugat runs into Cygnus.  Cygnus is excited about the plan.  She states she is ready but hte cameras may need a boost.  Ugat explains he knows a person who can help.  He eventually gets all the information that Cygnus knows about a plan.  He explains to Cygnus that she and Pete are a item.  This takes all the self confidence out of Cygnus.

-Calovera appears next to a body guard.  She tries to talk to the body guard but in a very robotic way it responds with force.  It wraps its metal around her neck.  She uses her doom power to teleport her to another scene.

Robbie sees Dark Reflect with his mom.  Robbie threatens Dark Reflect to leave his mom alone.

-Robbie and Joey go to the drug exchange.  Vanquish is there dressed in a very nice outfit.  Joey is ready to call it off but Robbie states its ok.  Vanquish pops the trunk and Cosmos is in it.  Joey runs into the trunk with Cosmos.  Cosmos mentally links with Joey.  He wonders what he doing here?  Hasn't he talked to Badger yet?  Robbie starts taking out the thugs.  Calovera appears with the body guard still attached.  Calovera puts up a shield that protects her and the body guard.  She then shrinks the shield so the thugs can shoot the bodyguard instead of her.  The bullets bounce off the bodyguard.  calovera uses her Saliva to diminsh the capacity of the bodyguard.  She then gets the body guard to agree to fight a common enemy.  Vanquish gets away with Cosmos in the trunk.  Calovera and Reflect get into a car to give chase.  There are bad guys already in the car.  Reflect ends up crashing the car.   Joey gets out of the trunk and gets into the fray.  T  Joey is swooped up by Miracle Women while the thugs are being defeated.  Miracle women takes a bullet for Joey.  She passes out while flying him out of trouble.  Joey makes whirlwinds  with his hand to soften the blow.  Joey then swims both of them to shore.  He then calls badger to find out what hospital to take her to.  Badger comes over personally and using a special substance to help Miracle Woman's wounds.

Ugat goes and sees his mom taking Cygnus with him.  He sees multiple screens that are watching the fight that just happened, as well as Badger actions.  His mom agrees to help Cygnus.  Ughat asks her in a mix of Spanish, English, hand Philapino that she makes it so they can ease drop on those cameras.  The mother tries to convince Ugat to join the Exemplars.  She states how proud that they are helping out.  She also states that with Badger on a side mission and they will need to follow the car.

Badger gives Officer a ear peace where he asks who is it speaking ot him.  Eventually Ugat mentions its his mother.  Everyone follows the car with Cosmos in the trunk.  Officer and Reflect go into the gate.  Ugat and Calovera get ready to fly over the gate.  Mr Bright comes out of the house vanquish parks in front of.  Vanquish opens the trunk and seems to win a mental battle.  He then knocks out Cosmos.  Reflect teleport to Dr Cosmos.  Vanquish gets ready to blast Reflect.  Vanquish asks what is Reflect doing here.  Reflect coyly states that he is there to take Dr Cosmos away.  Vanquish offers Reflect to join him.  Reflect then starts attacking the thugs.  Officer knocks out Mr Bright.  Calovera hops over the fence.  Vanquish attacks her.  Vanquish grabs Cosmos and starts flying off.  Officer grabs vanquishes feet.  Vanquish blasts Officer off but not before he can grab Cosmos.  Calovera catches Officer so the fall is not so hard.  

Cosmos and Badger want the Wildcards to join the Exemplar.  Reflect states Exemplar are not as prestigious as they used to be.  he felt they are trying to shore up ranks because they are in the middle of a war.  Ugat states that if they join it has to be puble and all mind control has to be done so everyone knows what is happening.  the exemplar do not agree. Officer goes into the house to have a mental command that he found nothing.  He still gets selfies of him and the house.

Officer states that he is not Badgers partner.  Badger states that if he is going to train then he will be his apprentice.  Joey declines because he can not serve two teams.  Ugat states that Joey needs some control.  He states that he will not call him Officer because officers serve and protect.  If Joey would have protected the Katiana would still be alive.  Joey runs from the scene.  Reflect suggests that him and Ugat go for tacos.  Ugat thinks this to be a good idea.

Joey finds a wet note stating help me, that Miracle Woman put in his outfit.  Joey goes to Badger's safe house and finds Miracle Woman captured.  Joey tries to free her but gets caught by one of badgers security traps.  Joey wakes up and finds himself in a cage for days.  he eventually figures out that badger told Ghost a way to escape.  He frees miracle woman.  Once free he grabs alcohol from Ghosts stash.  he runs to a barn with her.  She gets fed up with Joey drinking.  It reminds her to much of Ghost.  Joey then breaks into Sanctuary.  This sets off a alarm.  This summons Calovera.  Calovera agrees tha Joey can stay but he can't drink there.  Calovera convinces Joey that he still can choose not to be Ghost.   




Good Wholesome Family Fun

The good news: We appear to be back in our own time, in our own timeline (or close enough that the differences aren't immediately obvious), finally. It's been a couple months since The Wedding.

The bad news: We're back in our own time and none of the associated problems have gone away.

Except the invasion, I guess. There's a handful of Oolu still around and only two warp-capable ships, including  Pete's. Mother Dearest is handed over to Oolu authorities while Midas and Frankie are imprisoned in the Sanctuary along with Dark Reflect and Siphon, who I guess Max has been taking care of in our absence or something. Dark Reflect teleports away as soon as he is conscious.

So, one problem down. That only leaves… eighty-seven or so?

Pete and Vanessa go back to school to play catch-up. Pete is surprised to find Mrs Hutchison teaching again. He also notices a minor temporal anomaly in the form of a sort of deja-vu. Vanessa makes a new friend, a nerd named Joshua. Kelsi still isn't talking to her.

Vanessa, paranoid ever since Frankie demonstrated his shapeshifting ability, talks to Cathy and arranges passphrases so they'll know neither of them is an imitation. She also starts working out similar tests for the other Wildcards.

Lio finds her apartment empty and for rent. She discovers her parents and sister living in a home in Encinitas. Lio crashes at the Sanctuary with Vanessa and Cathy while she works up the courage to confront her family.

There's also some evidence of a missing Bodyguard and Lio investigates it a little but that never got followed up on.

A couple weeks pass in this way.

One day Joshua tells Vanessa that they've been invited to a thing after school by Jessica, Roy's bitchy cheerleader ex-girlfriend. Vanessa is immediately suspicious of Jessica's intentions but agrees to go with Joshua. The 'thing' turns out to be a meeting of kids around the bleachers. None of them would normally be hanging out together. Jessica explains that she wants to get a group together to clean up after all the superpowered disasters lately, starting at Ocean Beach tomorrow. None of this allays Vanessa's suspicions.

Meanwhile, Pete rigs up the school clocktower to pick up the temporal anomaly he's been noticing. It gives him coordinates that lead him to the afterschool meeting. Nobody there saw anything.

Vanessa leaves the meeting to go pick up Cathy, but she's already back at the Sanctuary. Vanessa finds her talking to Frankie. Cathy doesn't understand Vanessa's paranoia and argues that she'll know if anyone is a fake. Her solutions mostly involve punching.

Pete stops Mrs Hutchison on her way to her car, under the excuse that he missed a lot of History work and needs help. He's unable to get anything from her, including whether or not she's still possessed by The Teacher. He does, however, succeed in seriously weirding her out.

A student calls Pete over and warns him that Jessica has been acting weird lately. After chatting a minute, Pete is jumped by several other students and knocked out.

Spying on her family, Lio spots her little sister Ellie sneaking out late at night and meeting a car. Lio follows them to a bad neighborhood south of Downtown. Ellie reappears dressed like Lady Night and goes on a patrol. She handles herself well and Lio only intervenes when a thug puts a gun to Ellie's head. Ellie mistakes Lio for another enemy and kicks her in the face. When she sees Lio's face, Ellie freaks out, saying Lio is dead — they had a funeral and everything. She runs off. Lio follows her, but the thugs make nuisances of themselves. Lio takes out her frustrations on them and lets Ellie go.

Pete comes to among a bunch of figures in robes. Jessica is among them. Stuff happens and she reveals she's The Teacher. She cuts her arm with a weird knife and somehow causes her and Pete to switch bodies. Pete is left with only his mind blast abilities. Teacher runs off with his body.

Lio returns to the Sanctuary to find Cathy trying — and failing — to cook. Vanessa puts out the fire while Max orders them pizza because none of them can cook. While Cathy goes to watch TV, Lio talks with Vanessa, asking how she's doing. They must wander over near the cells because Midas speaks up, saying he can help them. He demands to be let go. Lio tells him to bring up his objections to Ugat.

Moving away, Vanessa privately confides in Lio a plan to deal with the Alaskan Bodyguard facility, using Lio's technopathy, Pete's technical skill, and Cygnus's cameras. She wants to keep Ugat out of it. Lio suggests adding Robbie and Joey to the plan to help create a diversion, though later backtracks on Joey.

The conversation screeches to a halt as Pete rushes in, disheveled. He tells them that he escaped from Jessica/Teacher, but she might have followed him. Vanessa tells him Cathy was talking to Frankie, he says he'll talk to her and takes Cathy back toward the cells.

Vanessa and Lio head outside, Vanessa to stand guard while Lio scouts around. Lio spots Jessica approaching with a mob of students not far behind. Vanessa knocks over a tree to slow down the mob and let them deal with Jessica alone. Jessica, however, insists that she's the real Pete and that Teacher stole his body. He answers badly when questioned so Lio opts to just knock out both 'Petes' and sort it out later. They take Jessica's body back to the Sanctuary, the mob still on their heels.

The doors are starting to close and lock. Vanessa rips them back open. Lio tosses Jessica's body on the couch and rushes toward the cells. Vanessa knocks the mob's feet out from under them with a chain whip and starts to pull the damaged doors closed.

Lio is intercepted by a mind blast from Midas. She recovers and punches him and he flies away, just getting out past Vanessa. To add insult to injury he freezes Vanessa before he retreats.

"Pete" has also released Siphon and Frankie. Cathy tries to stop Lio, saying that Pete said this was okay.

Real Pete Who Is In Jessica's Body wakes up and rushes in, and between him and Lio they're able to convince Cathy that the blue Pete is not actually Pete. Teacher-Pete draws the strange knife from before and takes Real Pete hostage. A mind-blast from Real Pete causes them to start wildly switching bodies.

Leaving them to sort that out, Lio punches Frankie. He alters her perception so that she can see three of him. She tries to make him attack her to get around the effect but he doesn't take the bait.

Siphon sneaks past the chaos and gets as far as Vanessa who has broken Midas's freeze. The two are at a stalemate for awhile. Cowering, Siphon offers to work with them, he just doesn't want to be locked up anymore. Vanessa takes the offer. She gives him her powers and tells him to go focus on recapturing Frankie.

Pete finally gets control of his own body and is promptly punched by Cathy, who still thinks he's not-Pete. He yells at Vanessa to control her. Lio distracts Cathy, who nearly punches her too but stops herself.

Teacher-Jessica escapes at some point in the confusion.

Frankie is recaptured. He tries to talk his way out and only pisses everyone off. He insists that they can't keep him trapped forever. They concede the point but still stick him back into an intact cell for the present.

Vanessa decides to keep Siphon under house arrest rather than put him back in a cell. Pete makes a tracker out of the TV remote. This gives Siphon the ability to change the channel with his mind, as well as keeping him within the Sanctuary. He seems chill with the new setup.

Vanessa pulls Cathy aside for a talk. She wants Cathy to think about what she wants out of life. They have the freedom to choose now, and Cathy doesn't have to be a hero or a fighter. Whatever she chooses, they can help her with it. Afterward, Lio tells Vanessa that the same applies to her.

They spend the rest of the night watching TV and eating pizza.

Next day, Lio goes to see her family. Her dad answers the door. Like Ellie, he assumes she's an impostor, knocking her down and pulling a gun on her to demand answers. When she doesn't answer, he breaks her leg. She shows him her necklace but he pulls out an identical necklace. He warns her and whoever she's working for not to try this again and slams the door on her.

Lio calls Pete to pick her up. He and Vanessa are already in the ship, Pete having been filled in on her plan, and it's a quick detour on the way to Iceland. The ship fixes her leg along the way.

In Iceland, they're met by Betty. Vanessa warns her she's going to attempt a jailbreak and wants the Railroad ready to move the freed Bodyguards out. Betty is not cooperative, even says that she'll keep her people as far away from it as possible so they're not endangered. Our heroes leave, and Vanessa opts to give them time to make whatever preparations they're going to make.

They head next to see Cygnus. Cygnus is mopey and has taken up alcoholism since her failed wedding and is not happy to see them. Pete pitches the jailbreak and their needing her cameras. Cygnus suggests that she and him can spend some time alone. He agrees, as friends, and she perks up and agrees to meet at the Sanctuary the next day.

Lio does a little research. She finds that she died during the wedding in this timeline, and that Bodyguard 12 works for her parents.

She asks Vanessa and Pete to accompany her and goes to confront her family once again. They wait in the living room until her parents come back from a date. Lio's mom pulls a gun on her. Vanessa steps between them when she opens fire. Vanessa also notices a Bodyguard security system activated and tells Lio they don't have much time.

Lio's parents ask who she's working for, suggesting Mr Bright or Bodyguard. Unable to convince them, Lio gives them her necklace and the ring to be tested for authenticity. She also leaves a piece of paper with some writing from The Spectre, with her phone number on the back.

They leave.

Pyrrhic Victory

Mid October, 1938. Night.

Sarah awakens in an alley, covered in trash, some kid going through her pockets. Upon realizing she's awake the kid takes off, taking her wallet and phone. Sarah checks herself for wounds before she follows. The kid is long gone, but she sees civilians hurrying to get off the street, and a distinctly Oolu-fied zeppelin flying overhead. Campaign signs everywhere proclaim 'Frankie for mayor!'

Lio and Joey wake up in the apartment they rented with  Robbie. It's dark and boarded up, but a police scanner is still present. The scanner turns on with a report that The Spectre has been located. Joey and Lio rush to the scene.

Ugat wakes up to find himself stuck in the ground and unable to move, for all intents and purposes a conscious tree. He is approached by a blond-haired stranger in a long coat, large hat, and carrying a staff. The man, Aspen, informs Ugat that he can hear him, though he considers Ugat unnatural. Ugat briefly describes each of the Wildcards and asks if he's seen any of them. Aspen recognizes mention of The Spectre. Ugat is able to wrench himself free of the ground and turns into a slightly green-tinted human form, bearing a striking resemblance to one Daniel Gil.

Lio and Joey find police surrounding an area and the zeppelin overhead shining spotlights down. Lio orders Joey to get in and get The Spectre away while she provides a diversion using his Oolu laser rifle. Joey is reluctant but heads in. He's intercepted by Katiana, the Russian princess, three years older now and wearing a mask of her own. She slaps him for abandoning her. The Spectre looms over the two of them and shushes them, then throws a set of grenades under two police cars. While Spectre, Joey, and Katiana retreat, Lio draws further attention away from them and is quickly surrounded by police. She aims the laser rifle at the zeppelin but is knocked out before she can pull the trigger. Joey attempts to go back for her but Spectre drags him away, cuffing his ankles so he can't run.

Sarah decides her Resistance clothes are too conspicuous and breaks into a shop. She's confronted by the shop owner with a shotgun, but he recognizes her as being related to his girlfriend Margaret, Sarah's grandmother. Vince, however, is not her grandfather, though he confesses he wants to marry Margaret. Sarah claims to be a 'cousin' on a visit. Vince helps her out with some clothes.

Leaving her not-grandfather's shop, Sarah passes the scene of the exploded cop cars in time to see something loaded into the zeppelin, and a limousine pull up. Frankie steps out of the limo and gets a report from the police. He notices and doesn't quite recognize her, but calls her over and asks her to join his campaign. She refuses and beats a hasty retreat.

Joey starts to phase out of his clothes and the cuffs to escape Spectre. While he's in the process, Spectre is stopped by entangling vines. Joey swiftly re-dresses while Aspen and Ugat approach. Ugat starts asking questions, but when he mentions the word 'natural' Aspen scoffs that Ugat wouldn't know anything about what's 'natural', prompting Joey to get in his face. Aspen is unimpressed.

Ugat asks about L'Esprit. Spectre identifies her as a counterfeit and becomes annoyed when Ugat and Joey both call her his granddaughter — he doesn't even have children, much less any that could have an eighteen-year-old of their own. Ugat starts to walk away but Aspen stops him, says he can't let Ugat be wandering around un-tracked, and causes him to grow a couple of weird fruits.

Katiana starts mooning over Joey, but girls have cooties so Joey is all too eager when Ugat sends him to scan the city for the other Wildcards. He finds Sarah and brings her back. Aspen fucks off and everyone else retreats to one of The Spectre's safehouses.

Lio wakes up in a bed, in a dress. A nearby window shows that she's in a room in the zeppelin. The Golden Master comes to meet her. Lio finds that Altaa can't be swayed to their side like she thought, and is only keeping Lio alive out of curiosity. Lio tries to take down the zeppelin, but Altaa won't let her use her powers, and also stops the attempted punch that follows. Annoyed, Lio climbs out the window and sulks, although that accomplishes very little other than mildly inconveniencing Torrid Typhoon who has to come get her.

The Spectre lays out a plan to the group. Frankie is holding a banquet tomorrow for his mayoral campaign, and Spectre, Katiana, and two of his best agents are going to be there. He stations Ugat outside in the garden and Joey as a busboy. Upon finding out that Sarah was offered a position in the campaign, she's instructed to take up the offer.

(There was a misunderstanding that Frankie was hitting on her and deliberation of whether she should take him up on that offer, but that was retconned.)

The Spectre also fucks off. Sarah and Ugat make a temporary peace, having been on opposite sides in the Oolu fight, and discuss plans. Joey and Katiana chat as well. Ugat gives Joey some cash, intending to set up a savings account for the Wildcards in the future, but for now figures Joey can use it to see which cops are bribable and therefore corrupt. Joey also tells Ugat about Brass Brilliant nearly killing Lio and Joey's snapping afterward.

The next morning, Sarah goes to see not-grandpa Vince and grandma Margaret. They're enthused about Frankie and that she's working for him and set her up with a nice outfit for the event and some money since her wallet was stolen.

The banquet starts. Lio, dressed up by Altaa, is accompanied by Brass Brilliant who is amused by her attempts to be aggressively unpleasant. The Spectre dances with The Golden Master, both apparently friendly. Joey figures out that there's something in the food, but not before Katiana and Sarah have both eaten some. Katiana goes to purge. A cop notices Joey wandering around and grabs him. Joey offers the bribe money and gets tossed into a side-room, which he phases out of but has to lie low after, so he heads for the garden. He and Ugat spot Altaa giving The Spectre some of the dosed food, but Ugat decides not to interfere, saying that it'll give Lio a chance to see that The Spectre isn't all she's built him up to be. Joey is horrified by this decision.

Lio catches Sarah's eye while dancing with Brass. Sarah asks to cut in, charming Brass, but when he steps away she dances with Lio. They quickly attract a scandalized audience. Sarah fills Lio in quickly. When the dance ends, Lio asks the shocked Brass to take her into the garden for some air. Ugat knocks him out and Joey zips off to run him up a pole.

Ugat has Lio get him samples of the food and absorbs it, synthesizing an antidote. Aspen senses what he's doing and stops him after he's made three doses. Frankie starts a toast and champagne is being passed around, so Joey gets a dose to Sarah and gives the other two doses to Lio. She gives them to The Spectre and to his agent Evelyn.

After the toast has been drunk, everyone affected by the dosed food freezes, including Ugat. Only eleven of the attendees are unaffected civilians. A corrupt cop kills one of them. Joey disarms the cops while Spectre draws weapons from under a table and aims for The Golden Master, but Frankie drops him with a psychic attack. Lio punches Frankie and resists the same attack through sheer pissed-offedness.

Some of the patrons start to flee, but at a snap of Altaa's fingers the mind-controlled masses being to attack. Sarah manages to bubble the unaffected innocents. She also uses her telekinesis to get Lio one of the hidden guns.

Joey sees Katiana being dragged away, but rather than go after her he attacks Frankie. Lio uses the distraction to try and pistol-whip The Golden Master, but GM takes control of her and makes her shoot Joey. He loses control of his speed and retreats. Seeing Lio under control and Joey hurt, Sarah unleashes her power to put Altaa in such a thick bubble that it disrupts her psychic powers.

Ugat breaks through both Aspen and Altaa's control and produces more of the antidote in pollen form. He breaks into the ballroom and showers everyone in pollen, while reminding them all that this was Frankie's shindig.

Joey gets ahold of his powers, but he finds Katiana has been killed. In his grief he returns to the ballroom and rushes The Spectre. Spectre knocks him aside and Joey blacks out.

Lio grabs The Spectre and tells him to take his agents, David and Evelyn, and get them out of there. She shows him her necklace. He demands to know where she got it; she tells him that Golden Master wants their family dead, that she's trying to save them, and pleads with him not to get in her way. He checks on Evelyn, then looks at Lio in surprise. While he's distracted, a cop pulls a gun on him. Lio shoots the cop. Presumably Evelyn and David are evacuated, though the Spectre remains.

Frankie turns into an animal and escapes. The Wildcards turn to Spectre to decide what to do with The Golden Master. Despite everything, he's reluctant to kill her, but arranges a sort of psychic lobotomy that will protect him and his people while he keeps trying to turn her good. The process scars her face and messes with her memory, so she only recalls later that Lio was involved.

At this point the game was already running long so the rest happened off-screen.

Ugat has a theory on how they can get forward in time, but they're stuck in this time period for about a week. Sarah treats everyone to a celebration dinner. Ugat checks out a Frida Kahlo exhibit and tries to figure out the savings account thing. Joey focuses on dismantling Frankie's empire and taking out any criminals he comes across. Lio has a discussion with The Spectre and attempts to find Frankie himself. The Spectre arranges Katiana's funeral.

In late October, the group travels to Grover's Mill, New Jersey, where the War of the Worlds broadcast took place. Finding that there are indeed "Martians", they fight the aliens and are able to rig up the temporal explosion that brings them to 1973, though it scrambles their memories a little on the way.

The El Cortez is a Pit of Evil

The Wildcards, still unstuck in time, meet back up in what they soon discover is 1973.

Lio, Michael, Joey, and Sarah's memories after leaving the alternate future are vague and fragmented. They were in the 1930s, probably 1938. There were zeppelins. The princess slapped Joey. Michael was rejected by his ancestor Aspen. Lio went to speak to The Golden Master. Sarah checked on her grandparents. None can recall exactly how they got to 1973.

No sooner have they regrouped than trouble catches their attention, in the form of a 50-foot robot headed for the newly-opened Hall of Heroes building. There are civilians everywhere, moments earlier celebrating the aforementioned opening, which Dr Infinity has decided to robo-crash. Robbie's suggestion that the team go for tacos is ignored. Officer zips ahead to scout, and discovers among the civilians his father. While moving him to safety, Officer briefly encounters himself, about a year younger.

Surprisingly, Midas appears and rips off one of the robot's arms, tossing it aside and endangering bystanders. Pete drops the density of the arm so it doesn't do any harm. Shield charges in to attack. (Or did Vanessa tear off the arm? I honestly can't remember.)

The robot's head opens and Chompers begin to pour out, heading for the HoH building. Robbie senses (I guess?) the 'Dark Reflect' inside another section of the robot and goes to engage him. Meanwhile, Sarah contacts Max 2000 with her earpiece and is able to get him to shut down the robot, but her access is overridden before she can shut down the Chompers.

It's right about there that, of all people, Frankie arrives, sporting an 'E' chest emblem and backed up by the young ExemplarsOmega, Dr Cosmos, Miracle Woman, and Gold Raven. They pose. Joey thinks this is very cool, everyone else rolls their eyes. MW sets about evacuating civilians while the others engage.

Ugat sends up plant walls to keep the Chompers contained. Omega attacks him, but the damage is negligible. Ignoring him, Ugat uses Pete's telepathy and instructs the Wildcards to not punch any Exemplars. Yes, even Frankie. No one is happy about this.

Chompers start to attach to the building, a few exploding and starting to damage the foundation. Vanessa ducks into the basement level and expands the metal off of her and around the structure, hoping to reinforce it. A pair of Chompers get near her but Lio, following, shuts them down and disrupts the others.

Pete gets into the robot's control room and takes control of the Chompers, making them form a pyramid in the middle of the street.

Somewhere in here the Badger jet flew by and hit the big robot with a couple of missiles. They did not do much except shake it around a bit.

Calavera flies to the top of the robot and introduces herself to Gold Raven, asking to help. Before she can do much, she's suddenly frozen. In her mind she hears Frankie say that he won't let her interfere with his plans. GR, confused, burns her way into the robot and finds Reflect and Dark Reflect fighting. Dark Reflect pulls a 'laser knife' and slices Reflect a few times, then pulls off his mask. GR recognizes Robbie but I missed the end of this fight.

The Hall of Heroes begins to glow and a shield descends. The Chompers explode. Due to their poor position they don't take out the building, but they damage it enough that Joey, Lio, and Vanessa are endangered by falling rubble. Vanessa gets hurt and curses at Joey, causing him to cry. His past self comes out to comfort him.

Ugat sends psychic orders to meet 'at our old meeting place', meaning Balboa Park. Everyone but Robbie and Joey head there. Robbie instead tracks Dark Reflect, and Joey, for some harebrained reason, zips off to photograph the Badgercave.

Joey enters easily and takes some photos, but encounters a trap on his way out. Badger appears and questions him. Joey phases out of the trap, but isn't able to un-phase himself, or use his speed. He runs away from Badger. I missed this part, but he gets caught, all his tech is taken away and he's knocked out.

Robbie follows Dark Reflect to the basement of the El Cortez where he finds Golden Master expecting him, flanked by Blue Hydra and Dr Infinity as well as DR. Golden Master boasts that she controls all of Halcyon and tells him that Dark Reflect has been a great help to her, but is not 'complete' and they need him for that. Robbie tries to dissipate DR, but finds his powers blocked. He's allowed to teleport away and joins the group in Balboa Park, where he reports the villains' location.

While the others plan, Lio sneaks off to the El Cortez alone. Robbie, Vanessa, and Sarah follow shortly. Ugat and Pete remain to try and get in contact with Joey, and to figure out how to secure another Oolu engine to overload. Recalling the scout ship meant to be in the area around this time, Pete contacts the scout, Groovy With It. He finds out that the ship is parked not far away.

Joey wakes up in a weird, dark room. He attempts to phase out but going through the wall feels like walking through fire. He locates some kind of machine and destroys it, but doing so causes him pain. Pete tries to contact him but is also hurt. Micah kisses Pete better and the two head for the El Cortez. Meanwhile, Joey has started vibrating violently and is causing damage to the buildings overhead, including the El Cortez.

Lio arrives at the El Cortez to find Frankie, Gold Raven, and Midas in front. She sneaks around back. The Golden Master contacts her telepathically, saying they've been expecting her. Lio asks for an audience and is let in.

Robbie, Shield, and Sarah arrive and engage Frankie, Gold Raven, and Midas. Frankie maintains his heroic posturing. Dark Reflect teleports up to engage Robbie and they have a duplicate fight.

Frankie goes after Shield and makes the remarkably poor decision to shapechange into Kelsi. Enraged by the attempted manipulation, Shield punches him down and keeps punching him. A lot.

Midas telekinetically attacks Sarah; she turns it around and drags him to her to kiss him, draining his power. Frightened, Midas tries to surrender, saying he's only following his father's orders. Then Pete turns into a three-headed space moose and rams him into the side of the building.

Gold Raven sets Pete on fire. Pete freaks out and his shapeshifting powers go haywire, causing him to grow uncontrollably into a blobby mass that surrounds the El Cortez. Although he can't communicate or do much he does manage to use the weird mass to crush Dark Reflect's duplicates, sending the real DR running. Sarah bubbles DR and manages to make her bubble travel with him, keeping him from escaping despite his teleportation.

Robbie unmasks and identifies himself to Gold Raven. She takes very little convincing to join them against Frankie. She takes the nearly-unconscious and badly battered Frankie away from Shield. When Shield goes after her, still very much pissed off, Gold Raven flies out of reach.

Ugat leeches his roots into the ground in order to infiltrate the basement.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Lio confronts The Golden Master. GM reveals that she was involved in Spectre's death and wants his entire family wiped out so that they won't stand in her way. Demoralized, Lio invites them to kill her, standing strong but not putting up a fight when Blue Hydra and Dr Infinity attack her. Dr Infinity plants a device on the side of her head. Lio calls to GM, asking what happened to turn her against The Spectre. GM tells her that Frankie 'changed everything', and also reveals that Lio is responsible for a scar on her face, which Lio doesn't remember. Lio asks what happened to The Spectre's ring and is shown it on GM's finger. Dr Infinity activates a machine with a conspicuous crystal and the device in Lio's head starts to spark.

Officer arrives at the basement, still vibrating such that he's disrupting the El Cortez's structure, and attracts the attention of the assembled villains. Ugat's roots, meanwhile, snake out and crush the crystal. The device stops sparking. Lio stun-guns The Golden Master and takes the ring from her. GM recovers and slices her face, but Lio zaps her again. The building starts to collapse. Blue Hydra and Dr Infinity retreat. Lio grabs Joey by the collar and drags him out, deliberately leaving GM to die, to Joey's horror.

Outside, the group more or less reconvenes and they hash out a few final matters.

Ugat refuses to let Vanessa kill Frankie lest it cause an incident when they get back, although Vanessa and Lio both argue otherwise. Ultimately they bring him back alive.

Midas is thoroughly cowed, and it's decided to bring him with them so he can't screw with the timeline here.

Ugat explains to Joey that since they're about to engineer the explosion where he got his powers, he has to decide if he's going to stay in 1973 and take over where he left off, or if he's coming back with them. Joey says that Lio needs him. Lio won't look at him. Sarah hugs her.

Joey reclaims his things that Badger took from him, including the phone with the photos.

The Wildcards and their prisoners Frankie, Midas, and Dark Reflect, return to Balboa Park and commandeer Groovy's ship. While Pete rigs it to overload, Ugat sends Joey out to get his past self's attention and ensure that the time loop is closed. Joey tells his past self to be a hero, then returns to the ship, and Pete hits the button.

And finally, they return to the 2017 they left after the Wedding.

…Well, more or less.

Outta Sight Invasion

Reflect wakes up in a girls room in his underwear. There is an Elvis poster on the was. A girl enters a room and says she found him falling out of a tree and decides to help him. She introduces herself as Deborah and she seems oddly familiar and asks if he is a superhero. Reflect says he is and Deborah asks if he can teach her and shows him that she can create a small golden flame and a superhero costume based of her mom's flight attendent uniform.

Pete Friendly wakes up in a sheriff cell and over hears a cop asking what to do with someone that looks like Frankie for Real. Pete tries to talk his way out and phases through the bars. A strange robot enters the room and a Pete goes to shake his hand. The robot takes his hand and say "Frankie will see you now" then shocks Pete and he passes out. 

Shield wakes up to a young Blue Hydra flipping a cop car. She runs over and smacks her and she surrenders. Blue Hydra describes that she was trying to help her as she picked up a dimensional portal and wanted to find out more. She said she flipped the cop car because she stole some money and plutonium to create a dimensional portal that got her the hydras on her back. Shield notices that Blue Hydra does not seem to be in full control of the hydras.

Reflect decides to head to downtown and paint his sign on building to find the others. Deborah calls her friend to drive them. John shows up and they head out. John says he is a superhero too and plans to form a super group. Says he is going to call himself "Alpha". Reflect instead recommends "Omega" and John agrees. Deborah seems to flirt Reflect a lot.

Pete wakes up next to Frankie in a skybox and Balboa Stadium where the Chargers are about to play their first game in San Diego. Pete realizes that the year is 1961, the same year as the Oolu invasion. Frankie confirms and says it will happen soon. Pete notices that Frankie is partially under control of The Golden Master as he can sense her in his mind. He questions Frankie's masculinity and he shoots the robot and they run out back. Pete is able to contact Shield and Reflect.

Pete has Frankie take him to his ship where Pete contacts the invasion force. He realizes the Commander of the Oolu force is his father "Roach Clip". He tries to convince his father he is making a big mistake but delays him as he sends down a small scouting force.

The rest of the group shows up and start to plan how they are going to take down Frankie (who left to watch the game) and Golden Master. Omega becomes inpatient and flies to find Frankie and Shield is right after him. She creates metallic chains and wraps Omega in them but he flies off pulling her with. The talk it out as Shield explains she was trying to keep him from doing something stupid but the Oolu ship reveals itself and blasts Omega knocking him out. Shield uses her liquid metal to wrap around the ship and grabs Omega before he falls. 

Reflect teleports to Frankie and hits him hard but Frankie hides in the crowds. Pete tries to find them but thinks the only way to do is to disperse the crowd by ending the game. He tries and lands on the field but gets hit by a linebacker just as the Oolu ship reveals itself.

Pete heads straight for the ship and talks to his dad who has him arrested. Shield claws her way into the ship and knocks out the guards. The go back to Roach Clip and threaten him to stop the invasion. Omega wakes up and starts to destroy the ship from the inside.

Reflect is confronted by the robot but distracts him with a duplicate. He realizes the robot is being powered by 4 energy cells and takes two of them. As he is going to take two more Deborah tries to fly by forcing her golden flame downward and launches herself into the air. Reflect teleports to save her and when the are safe she kisses him causing enough of a distraction that the robot shocks both of them. This causes Reflects powers to go crazy as 100s of duplicates start to appear and Reflect becomes transparent. 

Roach Clip, feeling trapped, decides to launch the invasion. Shield proceeds to show him physically why that was a god awful idea, while also hating the fact that the ships integrity is shot thanks to Omega. Shield doesn't like flying anymore.

Pete calls upon the powers of being an alien, to change his appearance to Roach Clip, and proceeds to call off the invasion. With the entire armada at his disposal, he tells them to make a record to keep Earth off the examination list (for the time being). He also, at Shield's request, shoots a laser at an undisclosed location in Alaska (don't ask why, it didn't work anyway.) Lastly, he sets up a date between Roach Clip and (whoever-Pete's-Mom's-Names-is-here) since Shield beat the confidence out of Roach Clip.

(This is where my memory gets hazy) Reflect's dups, in the meantime, have run amuck. Football player Reflects are doing football things (you expect me to know sports?) There's a bunch of Reflects selling hotdogs and pretzels in the stadium starting to fill with excited Reflect fans. Cheerleader Reflects are supporting their respective Reflect teams. Reflect Umpires are arguing over god knows what. It's pandemonium.

The next part I remember happening was all of them stopped being wacky and started to soldier on towards Blue Hydra, who is starting to act a little more like Modern Blue Hydra now. With the exception of affectionate Kyle-Hydra-Head being scolded again for demanding attention right this second. And I think they follow her out of the stadium?

Omega, after wrecking the ship, did see Gold Raven kiss Reflect, and is now super pissed. Reflect, see's the intent he has of pummeling him because Omega needs to work on his jealousy issues. He tells him that he's justified (or something), and ends on a witty comment about seeing him in the future. Before getting crushed/time jumped by the crashing space ship.

As they travel through time, they notice that the timeline has been restored(?) enough. New memories might occur but everything seems (relatively) unchanged. With the exception that now there's a goth Nega-Reflect who hitched a ride with them.

And that's all I remember. I'm probably missing stuff.

The Renegade Present

When last we left our time-displaced heroes Lio, Joey, and Robbie, they had just been rudely dragged out of 1935 and into an Oolu-controlled present.

They are spotted almost immediately by an Oolu patrol. They retreat, Robbie pausing long enough to make rude gestures at the patrol, and find an abandoned building wherein to lie low. Lio is able to connect to the internet. Although it's mostly Oolu propaganda, it still gives them a pretty good idea of what went down: Frankie, left behind in the past, engineered the invasion and is now Emperor of Earth alongside his wife, The Golden Master. Supplementing the Oolu control are the Bodyguards.

Also, Pete's a good Oolu overseer and is responsible for nuking Australia, and he married Cygnus. So that's a thing.

While they're researching, a broadcast cuts in: Roy Goldsmit, apologizing for his work with 'The Renegades' and imploring Sarah to give herself up.

Meanwhile, footage of Robbie from the Oolu patrol has made its way up the chain to one of the top  Oolu enforcers: Ugat. Ugat speaks to her superior, Pete, noting that Robbie's convict tattoo isn't in their system. Pete suggests bombing the area, but Ugat points out that Mother Dearest is vacationing nearby and would not appreciate bombs disrupting her spa day.

Lio, Robbie, and Joey set out toward Mission Trails, but are quickly waylaid when they cross paths with Vanessa. Robbie calls out to her. Luckily, she is part of the Renegades and does not immediately attack them. Unluckily, a drone catches sight of the meeting and relays the information back to Pete and Ugat before Vanessa smashes it.

Pete, Ugat, and a squad of Oolu and Bodyguards (including Cathy) teleport onto the scene and a skirmish erupts. At an order from Vanessa, Joey retreats, but Lio and Robbie engage. During the battle they notice flashes of recognition from Ugat and Pete.

After some brief and exhilarating fisticuffs, Vanessa figures out that Robbie is their target. She contacts Sarah at the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary teleportal brings Sarah into the fray, and by straining her power she's able to grab Robbie and return him to the Sanctuary.

Pete receives an order to retreat — directly from Emperor Frankie. Lio tries to remind him of the other universe, where they were friends and none of them liked Frankie. He teleports out before she can find out if it worked. Lio tries the same on Ugat. Instead of teleporting out with the rest, Ugat grabs her and runs off down a side-street. Joey follows at a distance, toting a laser rifle that he liberated from one of the Oolu.

In the Sanctuary, Robbie finds that the Renegades are lead by Dr Cosmos. Cosmos wants to recruit him, while Robbie tries to explain that he's not the Robbie from this timeline.

Pete returns to the Dreadnought, confused and mind whirling from the incompatible memories. He is confronted directly by Emperor Frankie, who commands him to stay away from the new rebels, and that they're to be destroyed on sight. The Empress also speaks with him, but Pete's able to convince her he's still 100% on their side. When asked where Ugat is, Pete bluffs that she's doing reconnaissance. 

Ugat, now powered down to humanoid form and answering to Mika, takes Lio to what would have been the Hall of Heroes, now a horticultural garden powered by the remains of this universe's Atomic, which keeps the area warm enough that Oolu tend to avoid it. Mika confirms that she has Michael's memories now, and Lio hugs her.

Pete goes to see Cygnus, his wife. He brings up her memories as well, but realizes she's happier in this universe. He lies, reassuring her that he has no intention of resetting the timeline.

Vanessa tracks Mika and rushes in to attack. Lio and Joey attempt to stop her, but Mika is able to stimulate her memory and reassures her that they're allies again. They have a brief scuffle with another Oolu patrol, but Vanessa is able to take them out without trouble.

Joey takes Vanessa back to the Sanctuary while Mika gives Lio a crash-course on this timeline's history and their available resources. From Michael's memories, Mika recalls that they'd jury-rigged a device to bring Lio, Joey, and Robbie back, and their best bet is to recreate that. Mika gets in telepathic contact with Pete, and they start planning a controlled explosion of the Dreadnought's hyperdrive.

Meanwhile, in the Sanctuary, Dr Cosmos outlines a plan to destroy the Dreadnought, if only they can get it close enough to a superweapon they have set up at the El Cortez. Joey and Vanessa show up. Between them and Robbie, they bring Sarah's memories from the alternate timeline. Her first reaction is confusion over why Joey is carrying a gun. He argues that he's a fine shot and offers to demonstrate. They argue back and forth about that for awhile before giving him an earpiece to deliver to Lio.

Lio and Sarah excitedly reconnect. Lio's able to add her phone into the call so that Mika can explain the plan. Robbie insists on following through the plan to destroy the Dreadnought, as well, since they don't know for certain that this universe will disappear once they're gone.

Joey, Lio, and Mika use Mika's clearance to board a shuttle in order to get aboard the Dreadnought. Pete sends the teleport codes for the Dreadnought to the Sanctuary computer, as well as the news that the Sanctuary's location has been discovered and the Dreadnought is maneuvering to destroy it. Robbie, Sarah, and Vanessa try to convince Dr Cosmos to evacuate the Sanctuary but he refuses.

Pete prepares the Dreadnought's teleporter room. Before he can bring them up, Lucy walks in and draws a gun on him, intending to take him hostage for her own rebellion. She knocks him out, but he just manages to activate the teleport anyway. Vanessa subdues Lucy, and Robbie convinces her to help them. They head to the engine room.

Lio, Joey, and Mika dock with the ship and head towards the engine room. On the way they are intercepted by one of Frankie and Altaa's children, Midas, and a group of guards. Lio demands that they be taken to the Empress. Along the way, Mika convinces Midas that the escort is unnecessary and she has this under control, and he should really go consult his dad. Midas and the guards leave and our heroes resume their course to rendesvous with the others.

Sealed in the engine room, Pete and Lio take contol of the ship to send it toward the El Cortez and to start a reactor overload.

Shortly, the engine room door is cut away, revealing Gold (Black? Blue?) Raven on the other side. Vanessa readies to charge, but Mika holds her back, insisting that they all stay together, and Sarah puts up a shield instead. Gold Raven gets around it by melting through the floors. Now that she's in the room anyway Vanessa lets loose on her.

Joey starts up a defense but quickly loses control of his trajectory, and between him and Gold Raven the engine controls are damaged and the ship stalls. Pete's able to bring them back up with encouragement from Mika, but the ship remains motionless. Lio figures out the PA system enough to broadcast a general order to evacuate the ship.

Gold Raven gets telekinetically pushed into the engine, her power flares kickstarting the reactor core and the not-so-controlled explosion. Moments before it goes off, Midas charges into the room.

Everything goes white.

When it clears, everyone is back in the 1930s — but separated once more.

The Spirit of The Spectre
we dun hecked up guys

The place: Halcyon City.

The time: Approximately 9 PM.

The year: 1935.

Three heroes awaken suddenly with no idea of where — or, indeed, when — they are.

It is dark. They are likely to be eaten by a grue.

- L'Esprit and the nearly-unconscious Frankie find themselves blocking traffic. The driver and passenger of the car recognize L'Esprit's Spectre-like outfit and step out to confront her. After unsuccessfully attempting to intimidate them, she manages to stun gun them both, though one gets off a shot that grazes the back of her head. Loading Frankie into their car, she heads to one of The Spectre's safehouses. Several police cars pass her on the way.

- Reflect finds himself in an alley. He discovers his powers are acting up, causing him to randomly become immaterial. He checks his phone; finding there is no signal, he wanders out of the alley. He encounters a couple, a man and woman, out on a stroll. Announcing himself to be From The Future and demonstrating his teleportation ability, he impresses the man, who suggests they get him on stage. Reflect thinks this is a great idea.

- Officer is shaken awake by a stranger, who informs him that he's near the El Cortez hotel. The man comments on how Officer appeared out of nowhere, and tries to bribe him into getting into a nearby car. Officer backs out, but opts to follow the car once it starts on its way.

- Reflect spots who he thinks is L'Esprit up on a rooftop and ditches his new friends. Appearing behind the be-coated figure and yelling "Boo" turns out to be a bad idea as the figure promptly opens fire on him. Reflect quickly figures out not only that this is The Spectre, but that The Spectre is not interested in hearing what he has to say. Reflect makes the wise choice to remove himself entirely from the situation.

- L'Esprit leaves Frankie in the safehouse. She calls up The Spectre's night contact and instructs him to send the doctor to the safehouse. Leaving a letter to explain his condition, she heads out to try and follow the police cars. She finds them clustered in front of a bank where a robbery has just been foiled, and recognizes the scenario as a distraction for another crime.

- Officer follows the car down to the navy base at the docks. The car and several others are let into the base. Officer rides in with the last car. Figures emerge from the car, one shooting two navy guards with a silenced pistol, and begin to advance on a docked ship.

- Figuring he might not be alone, Reflect finds a tall building and spraypaints the Delinquents symbol across the top. He sets down to wait.

- On her way to the docks, L'Esprit passes by the hotel and sees the symbol. She's able to turn her phone into a wifi hotspot and directly connect to Reflect's phone and texts him to get down to the street. He joins her and she fills him in on the kidnapping they're going to go foil.

- Officer darts up onto the ship and rushes through it, finding it full of Russians. He warns them of the impending attack as best he can while also trying to find whatever it is the attackers want. Finally he finds a room with a young girl under guard. Shots begin firing elsewhere. Officer negotiates with the guard. The girl, a Russian princess, decides she trusts Officer, so the guard lets him take her to keep her safe. Officer removes her from the scene.

- L'Esprit and Reflect literally gatecrash the navy base, setting off the alarm. Reflect hops to punching thugs while L'Esprit finds the controls for the PA system and broadcasts an approximation of The Spectre's laugh. She regroups with Reflect and gives him her hat and coat, so that his duplicates can all look like The Spectre. The attackers surrender promptly. Figuring the navy and Russian forces have things under control now, L'Esprit and Reflect retreat.

- The princess asks Officer to take her to a soda shop. It's late, so none are open, but Officer breaks into one anyway and shows off a bit to impress her.

- L'Esprit and Reflect return to the safehouse to find Frankie gone. They start to try and track him, only to be confronted by The Spectre. L'Esprit tries and fails to convince him to help them. He tears off her uniform and tells her and Reflect to leave the safehouse. L'Esprit gives up and they set off to find Frankie.

- The princess points out the spray-painted symbol to Officer. He takes her up there to see if anyone is still around. Finding no one, he asks her to wait while he goes back to clean up the soda shop. When he returns, she is gone, but he spots someone flying away and goes after them as best he can. He tries to get some police attention but doesn't manage it so well.

- Back with Lio and Reflect, they're able to track Frankie to not far from the El Cortez, where it seems he met with someone. Lio gets knocked upside the head by a pair of guards. Reflect surrounds them with duplicates. They explain that the top floor of the El Cortez is the base of operations for The Golden Master. At Reflect's order they disarm and leave.

- Officer tracks the flying kidnapper to the El Cortez, finally re-uniting with Lio and Reflect. The three of them hatch a plan to get into The Golden Master's base via the service elevator. On the way, they find and borrow some hotel uniforms. They encounter guards who stop Lio, demanding to know who she is since they control the hotel hiring and don't recognize her.

- Officer attempts to punch the guard who grabbed Lio, but is caught by The Golden Master's right-hand man Brass Brilliant. Brass dangles Officer out the window. Lio stun guns the guard, but since he's holding her she zaps herself in the process. Her new technopathy ability goes crazy and causes all the lights to explode. Brass drops Officer, who catches himself on a projection. Reflect attempts to spraypaint Brass's eyes, but both he and his spraypaint are immaterial and pass straight through. He takes advantage of the temporary incorporeality to pass through the locked door at the end of the hall.

- Reflect finds the flying villain negotiating with The Golden Master to turn over the princess. The Golden Master notices him and causes him to freeze. His wavering powers fail him, leaving him solid and unable to teleport away when the guards grab him. The Golden Master unmasks him. She begins stroking his face and speaks admiringly of his powers. He bluffs that The Spectre is on his way and that he's a close friend.

- Lio attempts to take out the guards in the hall. Brass Brilliant gets ahold of her and starts choking her.

- Officer ducks back in through a window — incidentally leading into a bathroom where a woman is bathing — and rushes back up the stairs. He attempts to rush into the room with the princess but finds the door locked.

- Reflect's powers return and he blips back into the hall. He again attempts to spraypaint Brass's eyes, this time succeeding. Reflect's luck again fails as he tries to grab Lio to teleport her away.

- Seeing Lio in danger, Officer snaps and picks up a gun, shooting Brass Brilliant with intent to kill, though he only hits Brass's shoulder. It's enough to get Brass to drop Lio. Brass retreats into the next room, the door of which is now unlocked for reasons I missed.

- Officer — still thoroughly snapped — starts into the next room and threatens to shoot the princess if they don't hand her over. Lio calls to him and un-snaps him out of the murderous cold rage. The Golden Master laughs at his threat and offers to kill the girl herself. Officer tries to guilt-trip her over this, but fails.

- Lio instructs Reflect to focus on getting the princess out of there. She steals a coat, hat, and scarf from a nearby room to re-approximate The Spectre's uniform. Stepping into the room after Officer, she impersonates The Spectre, calling on his personal relationship with The Golden Master. While she keeps the Master's attention, Reflect attempts to teleport the princess, but his solidness continues to fail him. Officer grabs her to run her out but the ways are all blocked. Lio tells The Golden Master that the princess is one of The Spectre's people. The Golden Master agrees to let them all go, but first cuts Lio's forehead badly enough to scar.

- On the way out they are met by Frankie, suddenly refreshed and in a fitted tuxedo. He rebuffs their attempts to bring him with them, and in the interest of not renewing trouble, Lio orders them to leave without him — they'll deal with Frankie later.

- They find somewhere to lay low for awhile. Robbie tracks down the man from before and makes some money doing stage shows. Joey shows the princess around town — finally learning her name is Katyana(?) — and spends his nights beating up crooks. Lio spends her time trying to figure out how to send a letter to the future to let Michael know where they are, and occasionally helps out The Spectre from the sidelines with her knowledge from his files.

- After approximately two weeks, the three Wildcards suddenly black out again. They awaken to find themselves back in what seems to be the future — but the sky is dark with Oolu dreadnoughts, the streets full of Oolu guards and dispirited, controlled humans.

Fuckin' Frankie, man.

Be My Bodyguard

It has been two weeks since the events at the wedding and L'Espirit, Reflect, Officer and Freddie for Real are missing if not dead. BodyGuards have been brought in to guard the remains of the Oolu ship and The Hall of Heroes.

Roy secretly passes a note to Sarah asking her to meet him out back after school. She later gets a text from her mom saying to meet her directly after school. Sarah asks Pete Friendly to give Roy the bad news.

Vanessa meets up with Sarah at lunch and sees Kelsi has returned to school but has her arm in a sling. They talk and are getting along. 

After school Pete gives Roy the bad news that Sarah can't make it. At first he thinks that she doesn't like him but Pete convinces him that she does actually like him. He overreacts and decides to meet at her place. Pete gives him a modified calculator that can defect if someone has powers. 

Sarah returns home and her mother gives her a talk about how she should rejoin the Bodyguard Program. She says they have changed and are now based out of Halcyon City. She can continue to go to school and hang out with her friends. Sarah says she is fine the way things are and asks about her two friends who are Bodyguards. Her mom says the Bodyguards are already dealing with them. Sarah is shocked and decides to leave only to run into Roy who tried to kiss her but she dodges and takes him to a coffee shop.

Vanessa returns home to find her place devastated and Cathy and Betty missing. Ugat and Pete show up to help. Ugat sees tracks for an Excursion and head to their secret base. He gets Sarah's help to track the vehicle which goes to the peer and meets up with a submarine. The figure they are heading to the underwater THULE base.

They take Pete's ship underwater and Pete makes a deal with Mother Dearest that he will let her go if she helps him break into THULE. She agree. Pete disguises the ship as a whale and they connect and sneak in. 

Meanwhile Sarah is on her date with Roy at a Starbucks. Roy's x-girlfriend, Jessica, walks by calling Sarah a freak and making Roy choose. Roy chooses Sarah and Jessica walks away pissed saying he will regret his choice.

The crew finds Cathy being held and guarded by Bodyguard 12Colleen Drake and 2 other bodyguards. Vanessa charges in attacks Colleen and grabs Cathy. They end up in a nasty fight but Ugat and Vanessa get away with Cathy and Colleen captures. Pete turns into a giant rhino squid monster preventing the bodyguards from following. 

Sarah goes to the bathroom and when she comes back out runs into Barb Sharpton. She also tried to convince Sarah to rejoin saying she doesn't need combat training. Barb leaves saying she is under constant video surveillance. 

Ugat and Bodyguard find Betty getting something injected into the side of her head. Colleen says it is a tracker bomb and Ugat flings her around and she reveals the device to remove but Ugat damages it. The Bodyguards push past Pete and lock him in the room that Cathy was being held in. Mother Dearest makes a deal with Pete that he will let him out of his cell (since she hacked and has control of the facilities in the THULE base) if he releases her from her cell in Pete's ship. Pete agrees.

Sarah sits down to enjoy her coffee but after a few minutes sees someone in a suit of power armor blast at her. Sarah forms a shield around her and Roy and they run but the armor jumps in front of them. The armor holds up her hand causing a noise and Sarah's shield to fail. She telekinetically pushes the suit back accidentally harming civilians. The armor presses the attack and Sarah decides to teleport herself and Roy to the THULE base.

By the time Sarah blips into the fray, Bodyguard holding Cathy and Betty, and Ugat holding the broken removal device, are running from Bodyguards. Roy has a minor freak out (because teleporting is weird), and all of them begin booking it to the whale ship. Bodyguard-12 catches up to Vanessa quickly, forcing her to toss Cathy and Betty to Calavera, while she focuses on fighting/distracting 12.

Mother Dearest has made it perfectly clear that she had no real intention of keeping her word on helping The Wildcards with their plan, as trouble seems to be boiling over (curse you inevitable betrayal!). Calavera is the first to make it back to the ship, and bubbles Mother. Mother fights back, but Calavera holds out for Pete.

Pete was able to fight the Bodyguards for a while before they finally figured out how to fight a squid with horns. He gets whaled on pretty hard. (I don't remember what exactly Ugat was doing in this instance). Vanessa has been blocking and dodging 12 surprisingly well, before flinging him to the guard beating up Pete, giving him the chance to go to the ship. Vanessa doesn't see the third guard coming though, and gets knocked out in the fight. Pete fights for control of his ship and wins, and locks his mother back in the laundry room. She screams dramatically.

Ugat, for lack of a better description, joins forces with the rest of the plant life and trees in the THULE facility, in this ever growing singular hive mind of Ugat tree mess. This massive growth/connection however causes the building to be too small to hold all of him, and ocean water pours through. People start evacuating, and he tosses Vanessa and Roy into the Whale ship, and everyone escapes.

Calavera and Roy have a talk about how crazy being a super hero is, but even with the minor freak outs he's over all okay and excited about the adventure. Sarah seems to appreciate Roy's enthusiasm. Ugat tells Pete that Betty has an explosive in her head, and Pete creates a one time removal device using the broken parts. It works, before falling apart. Vanessa wakes up, and quickly checks on Betty and Cathy. Betty has come to and is unharmed, essentially, and tells Vanessa they need to leave Halcyon. Vanessa agrees that Betty needs to leave, but that she's staying in the city. They have a spat.

Cathy wakes up, and is also luckily unharmed. She shares her story of how she fought 3 bodyguards by her awesome self, but that 3 versus 1 was unfair. Vanessa praises her for her it. Pete drives the ship to Iceland, to which he understands the language easily (because English is hard guys). Betty waits in Iceland, and Vanessa tells Cathy that Halcyon isn't safe anymore and to choose between staying or leaving. Cathy breaks Betty's leg.

Pete helps fix Betty's leg, before leaving her in Iceland alone. Vanessa proceeds to scold Cathy that she shouldn't hurt people weaker than her just because they are jerks. The team return to Halcyon, mostly unscathed. They drop Mother Dearest off at General Mikey's current home in La Jolla, and with the help of Lucy they make plans to try and follow the rest of their team into the past!

Wedding Crashers
The Wildcards have a Very Busy Afternoon

The crashed Dreadnought is still in the bay. Coronado Bridge has been rebuilt, part of it going through the ship.

Joey visited Lio briefly to return her housekey before returning to training with Ghost and Badger. Lucy and Robbie got metal sleeves to block the signal from their evil tattoos. Blue Hydra has awoken and been informed of where she is and that she'll be turned over to the authorities as soon as we have the chance. Vanessa has been out of contact, working with Betty as agreed, while spending her free time working with Cathy and sneaking out at night to stay by Kelsi.

Michael finally passed Vanessa in the hospital and took her aside for a talk, during which she agreed to be publicly known as Shield. She went on to see Kelsi, finding her awake, and the two talked, Vanessa making the significant gesture of taking off her gloves to hold Kelsi's hand.

We rejoin our heroes on the day of Frankie and Cygnus's wedding, and a team interview scheduled with 60 Minutes. The team arranges to meet up at the Sanctuary.

Before the meeting, Joey reveals to Pete, Michael, and Robbie that The Badger stuck a tracer in his neck. Pete removes it. Lio investigates Dr Infinity's house and finds a hidden laboratory with diagrams of the death orbs and two tubes of the liquid metal.

In the Sanctuary, Sarah familiarizes everyone with the setup. They discuss the team name, throwing out a couple ideas before settling on Wildcards. Michael arranges to get his mom, Sarah's parents, and Dr Betty in contact with each other. Although several members of the team are hesitant about the interview, Michael insists that everyone be present so that Halcyon residents will be able to recognize them for heroes. Vanessa is allowed to opt out for reasons that I missed.

Pete and Ugat take the helm during the interview. The only really interesting part is that the new name is publicly unveiled. The proceeding is thankfully interrupted by an intruder alert from Max 2000. A reporter attempts to come with them, but Pete shoos them off. Alerting Vanessa, the team heads back to the Sanctuary, prepared to deal with Dr Infinity trying to take her old base back.

They find not only Dr Infinity, but also Siphon and Black Raven in the Sanctuary, Blue Hydra broken out and Dr Infinity working at the computer. Along with her are four (six?) of the death orbs.

Black Raven attacks Calavera at the head of the group; both Bodyguard/Shield and L'Esprit move to protect her, and Black Raven flees when Shield presses the attack. Siphon attacks Reflect, stealing his teleportation powers and teleporting the two back outside. Ugat takes control of one of the death orbs and uses it to blow up another. Officer and Pete go after Dr Infinity but are brushed off ("Unhand me, small disco child!"); Calavera finally succeeds in getting her away from the computer. L'Esprit tries to engage Blue Hydra, who grabs her. Dr Infinity says that they got what they came for and vanishes with Hydra, L'Esprit, and the remaining death orbs.

Siphon surrenders. Ugat turns the captive death orb over to Pete to add to his growing trophy collection. They start preparing to deal with the wedding in less than two hours and, more importantly, the imminent alien invasion after that. Lucy joins them for this process.

L'Esprit finds herself in a dark, unfamiliar room. Dr Infinity offers to let L'Esprit work for her, using the super-steroids until Infinity can turn her into a cyborg. An Oolu guard lets Infinity and Hydra know that the wedding will be soon. It turns out that L'Esprit is in the basement of the Hotel Coronado. Dr Infinity has one of the orbs pin L'Esprit to a wall to deal with later. Lio contacts Pete, letting him know where she is and about the guard, and she tells them not to do anything dangerous to get her. Joey wants to rescue Lio anyway, but Sarah talks him down.

Pete contacts Cygnus to try and get her to make a distraction. Cygnus is not cooperative. Lucy loses patience with the team's dithering, so sheds her arm-guard and heads out on the Kirby-scooter to cause the needed distraction. Immediately the guard at the hotel musters shuttles and scooters to give chase. Reflect teleports out to join her. The remaining team hurriedly finishes planning and sets out for the hotel.

Left alone, L'Esprit frees herself and scouts out the hotel, locating General Mikey and Mother Dearest at Pete's suggestion. Vanessa shows up to challenge the General to public combat. L'Esprit passed on that the General, Lucy's dad, is worried about her and could be turned against the invaders for her sake. Vanessa confronts the General and talks him into take a dive. He won't fight her until after the wedding ceremony, though, relegating that to Plan B.

Meanwhile, over with Plan A, Officer shows up to bug Frankie. Frankie reacts quickly enough to grab him, and Officer is arrested and shuffled off to the side. His Badgerphone buzzes, but he's unable to answer due to the whole handcuffs thing. Pete confronts his brother, but Mother Dearest density-pins him and tells him to stand by as the Best Man like he's supposed to be.

Also meanwhile, Ugat asks the hotel plants where the villains have gone. They direct him to the crashed dreadnought.

The wedding ceremony begins. Frankie is beyond pleased. Cygnus is beautiful. Everything is perfect so long as you ignore the sounds of the scooters chasing Lucy and Reflect. Even L'Esprit stun-gunning the guard and freeing Officer fails to disrupt the ceremony.

Then Pete gets free of his mom, drawing his peashooter and demanding Frankie admit before the cameras that the invasion is already underway. Frankie starts to comply, but before he can say the words, he's blasted aside — by none other than Mother Dearest. Mom announces that the ceremony will continue, but Pete will marry Cygnus instead. Calavera bubbles Pete and Cygnus while Officer steals Mom's gun.

Seeing that the ceremony is all but off, Vanessa and the General begin their duel.

Meanwhile, Blue Hydra, Dr Infinity, and Vanquish have taken over the dreadnought. It begins to lift off, destroying Coronado Bridge (again). Reflect, having taken care of the Oolu chasing them, crashes the Kirby scooter into the dreadnought cockpit. He teleports he and Lucy off it at the last second and onto the hull of the dreadnought. Although tragic, the sacrifice of the scooter does very little except give Ugat an objective when he starts climbing up the dreadnought. Officer finally picks up the Badgerphone and is instructed to head to the dreadnought.

Black Raven shows up, proclaiming that she and the three supervillains are the New Exemplars. She is ignored as Ugat gets Officer to use Mother Dearest's gun to cut them a path into the cockpit. Black Raven is not pleased by this and in response melts the hull open. Officer tackles Dr Infinity away from the ship's controls while Reflect handles Vanquish.

Back at the wedding grounds, a ring has gathered around Vanessa and General Mikey as they battle, her holding her own while remaining visibly human. She hears Bodyguard 12's voice in the crowd urging her on.

Cygnus tries her voice power at Pete's urging, only for it to reflect off the bubble and knock her out. Calavera pulls the bubbles off them and onto Pete's mom instead. Pete starts to fly off with Cygnus and his mom despite the latter continuing to fight him.

Dr Cosmos — a wedding guest — mind-freezes everyone who is fighting. Vanessa breaks through it, in the process going fully metallic. L'Esprit sneaks up and stun guns him, releasing the freeze. Vanessa knocks Mikey down and he concedes the fight. Pete and Sarah fly to his ship with Cygnus and his mom. L'Esprit picks up the wounded and unconscious Frankie and heads out to find him medical help.

Once more back to the dreadnought, Badger calls Officer back to the reactor room. As Officer arrives, he recognizes that it's about to overload and grabs Badger to get him out.

The dreadnought explodes, throwing the fighters in the cockpit clear and sending massive pieces of shrapnel everywhere. Vanessa deflects a piece from the wedding party but it still critically injures a civilian.

When the blast clears, L'Esprit, Officer, and the unconscious Frankie suddenly find themselves no longer by the bay, but rather in the middle of a street — with the irate driver of a 30s-style roadster honking at them.


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