The Badger

Exemplar who is mostly absent. Gadgets and his wits



The Badger comes from one of the rich families of Halcyon city. He lost his parents when he was a child. He spent years training to hunt down those responsible for his parents death. He ran into a young super named Officer. Officer was wild and Badger knew this kid could get in trouble if not reigned in. He had him join him among the relatively young Exemplars.
He found his parents killer and was ready for revenge. The person responsible was none of the then the Halycon City’s king of crime the Spider. Badger finally cornered the Spider. He was ready to kill this person. Take the head of the snake and the body dies. He was surprised when out of no where a young speedster stopped him. Officer and Badger fought while the Spider escaped. Badger was angry at Officer for a time but he knew the kid was right.
Soon after the two became inseparable friends. No amount of chemical, mystical, or psionic coercion could ever get one to betray the other. They had many exploits together. They hunted the Spider, Vanquish, Dr. Infinity, and many others together.
One day the news paper showed that Officer was kicked out of the Exemplars under suspicious circumstances. Since that day the Officer was never seem again.
After the Officer disappeared, Badger started working alone. He still is part of the Exemplars. He is not known to be as active. He became more brooding and dark. He is now focused and relentless. The night and his work have taken over his personality.

“New Timeline Change”
Badger finds Joey. He acts exactly like his best friend only to find out it is his best friend. He is just younger. He can’t believe his fortune. How many people get a second chance to do things right. Badger has hired some of the Halcyon teachers to keep him appraised as to how Joey is doing in school. He starts to train the young individual. He knows he must be the most shining example to Joey. He works hard to show his best side. The young kid has livened up his spirits. He has been lobbying and finally approved. He is going to give Joey a invitation to join the Exemplar. It is everything the two have been working so hard on. He will get all the training to be a hero he needs. He has had to be flexible with Joey’s training. Joey often does not show up and Badge understands. He is a Wildcard. The exemplar will train him on everything he will need to know to be a hero like Media, Etiquette, culture, and international law. Joey will have to sign a morality contract.
The problem is Le Esprit. She has a family member that might have once worked with the Spider. That is WAY to close for the Exemplars to accept. He will have to agree to stay away from her. Its all part of the morality clause to join the Exemplars. Its a small price to pay in order to have Joeys dreams come true. He can’t wait to give Joey the good news.

The Betrayal
Badger loved his partner Officer. He put a lot of pressure on the kid. Imagine how much better of a super hero this guy will be if he had his powers and Badgers training. The kid became a adult and of coarse his closest friend. One time they had to run out so fast Officer ran through time. Badger knew that its not good to know to much about the future but he could not help himself. He found out that with Officer would die on a mission while he was with a descendant of Specter.
Years later Officer starts dating a much younger woman. They share the same love for the Specter. She was a super as well. Her name was Lady Night. Badger did not think much of the relationship. Supers have a tough time maintaining a romantic life. One day Officer asks for money to buy a engagement ring. Of coarse Badger agrees. This is where he takes to time to research who this person really is. To Badgers shock Lady Night is a grand daughter of the Specter. He has to get Officer away from her somehow. He knows Officer is to hardheaded to understand. Badger comes up with a crazy plan.
That day he plants evidence on Officer. He tells the team he is suspicious Officer has gone rogue. Officer is never officially accused but the circumstantial evidence with the Badger say gets Officer kicked off the Exemplars. Badger did save his best friends life. He always wonders if it was the better choice.


The Badger

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