Reflect (Robbie Rust)

Delinquent who can teleport can create duplicates


Reflect is a 17 year old boy with powers of teleportation and can create illusory duplicates of himself that cannot interact with the world. The duplicates are visually identical, though they are reversed like a reflection. His costume is made of a molecularly unstable material provided by the Outsider which is easy for him to duplicate or teleport along with himself.


Robbie Rust was a lonely, quiet kid growing up. His career minded parents hardly saw each other, let alone him, he had no siblings, and no close friends. He always felt separate from the world, like people were naturally pushed away from from him. He found solace in his art, and excitement and an audience in vandalism.

His world changed on a high school field trip to a science lab (possibly run by Thule if that’s not too convenient?). After breaking off from the group to get some time alone, he wandered into a test chamber for a new experiment. The test was for a new molecular disruption beam, intended to break down plastics into their base atoms as part of an environmental cleanup process. The door sealed behind Robbie, and he panicked as he saw the beam start to warm up. There was a loud, cracking sound as the beam fired, and then…

… nothing…

Robbie’s consciousness still existed, but without any sensory input, it felt like he was floating in an inky black void, screaming and crying for help silently. It’s impossible to tell time without any senses, but it felt like weeks, months, years, trapped alone in the silent dark.

Eventually, Robbie learned he was able to, with great effort, pull matter towards himself. Scientists were startled when working on the molecular disruption beam to see a naked teenage boy suddenly appear out of nowhere, before quickly bursting into nothingness yet again.

With practice, reforming himself became easier, as did holding himself together. Eventually, he was able to remain solid long enough to make his way home, for the first time in a long time excited to see his parents, and to break the news he was alive after being gone for so very, very long! It turns out that, in real time, he was only gone a couple days, and his parents still hadn’t returned from their latest business trips. They’d never known he was even gone.

Robbie practiced with his abilities hard after this. He learned that consciousness doesn’t tie into physical locations, and if he let himself fall apart, he could reform himself wherever he wants. He needs to be able to have a clear image of the place he’s teleporting to in mind in order to do it, though, so teleporting to a place he can’t see is difficult and dangerous. He also found that he could use the same force of will to pull together molecular copies of himself that he can control. Without the central consciousness, though, the bond between the molecules is weak. The copies cannot interact with the real world, and fall apart easily.

But the hardest thing he worked on was keeping his body in one piece. For a while, any distraction would cause him to just fall apart, but with practice, he found that he could hold himself together for longer and longer periods. After some time, it became second nature, though it still takes a little effort to stay together. The boy who always felt like the world was pulling away from him now needs to focus to keep the very atoms of his body from doing the same.

A few months later, life had returned more or less to normal and was out spraying when Outsider came across him. He tried to flee from the scene, but Outsider followed. While Reflect was worried about the superhero chasing him, Outsider, still new to this world, didn’t even realize what Reflect was doing was a crime. He wasn’t new enough to not realize that teleporting was weird, though. After a short fight, they cleared up their misunderstandings and became friends. Outsider introduced Robbie to Michael and Gary, and the Delinquents were born!

Reflect (Robbie Rust)

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