Officer "Joey" Joseph Carrion



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Super speed
Growing in power -Guns, phasing, wall and water running, and Investigation

White knight
Making ammends
Straight up creepin

Aggressively defend a large area
spit in your face

Mentor Badger-Emobdies- Superior, Denies Freak


The officer AKA Joey “Joseph” Carron started off as a young boy in the 70’s. He adored supers especially the specter. He grew up with war stories from his alcoholic father who was disabled. His father jumped on a grenade and lost his his legs.
One day while collecting metal to recycle, he saw a spaceship crash. He immediately went into the chemical fumes and pulled two blue aliens out. He went back in to the ship to look for more survivors. While in there he saw a section of glowing lights where the fumes seem to come from. The light coming out of it was really bright. Suddenly Joey started feeling like he was going to pass out. He did not want to have someone else carry him out so he slowly crawled out of the ship. He was able to get a safe distance away before it exploded.
Joey woke up and the world felt like everything was slower. It took him days to learn how to speak or understand people. Fortunately he was moving so fast at the time most people did not even notice him. When he was able to slow down enough to speak, he went home. His alcoholic father did not even notice his son was gone. He told his mother that he got lost in the woods.
He found life as a speedster was different. School which used to be hard became super easy. It was like he had all the time in the world to study. Retaining the knowledge became much harder. It always felt like forever ago that he learned a fact even though it may have just been a couple of hours.
Joey knew he could be a superhero like his hero “the specter” with his new powers. Joey needed a a superhero name. He wanted to be a name synonym with honesty. There were only two he could think of. The two careers were officers and politicians. He chose officer because it was a subtle reminder that he was to serve and protect.
It was a rough start. How do you find villains? He just kept running through the streets till he found a criminal. After a while of doing this he started noticing patterns where things would happen.
One day he heard someone scream bomb. He ran into the library where the scream came from. He saw a grenade that had already exploded. There were civilians in the blast radius. Officer pushed his speed to the maximum and then everything went psychedelic.
He saw himself on new streets on cold winter night. Officer was confused for half a second. Cars were smaller and did not make a lot of noise. Cars looked glossier and the lights were brighter. More signs were on the streets. He saw a cloaked figure who seemed to be stalking a house. The cloaked figure seemed to have already notice officer. Officer says Halt Villain while making a impressive pose. With a closer look at the figure, officer notices similarities with specters costume. It was more then just the costume, Officer felt a connection with this person. He felt that they not only knew each other but have worked together before. Officer always worked alone. Officer knows that a heroes trusts their gut. The figure seemed to realize what was going on in Officers mind. The figure said lets talk somewhere less Officer went with her without question. She took off her coat and wrapped it around officer and said keep it closed. Officer was appreciative of the gesture of warmth. Later he found the house was Calovera’s.
The figure turned out to be L’ esprit. She asked officer a lot of questions which he replied honestly. When L’ esprit heard he did not have a place to go she offered to pay for a hotel for a night. Officer appreciatively accepted. Next morning L’ Esprit came with new clothes and found Officers older self. She offered to drive Officer to his place.
Officer hated the guy who answered. He smelled like stale alcohol. He showed no heroic characteristics. Officer started yelling at this old man and stormed out. L’ Esprit was waiting for him outside as if she had heard the whole thing. She offered to help Officer till he gets on his feet. Eventually Officer moved in with L’ Esprit.
Living with L’Esprit was fun and difficult sometimes. He kept burning and under cooking food till L’ Esprit taught him to use a timer. Officer often goes through all the house when he is bored. He sees all the really cool specter stuff he is not supposed to touch. He has read some of the journals when L Esprit is not watching. Specter was strange character to Officer. He drank a lot especially with his partners. It did not seem to matter if they were male or female specter would hold their hand if they were close. Officer is aware that different times different things were common and leaves it at that. Officer one time saw Ghost “his future self’s name” in a journal but L’Esprit came home so he had to put it away real fast and could not remember where the passage was.
Eventually L’Esprit introduced Officer to Calavera. She is closer the Officer age. Calavera has shown Officer a lot of patience while teaching him to use computers. When officer met Calavera he felt that same deja vu connection.
Officer, as Joey, likes to go into trash bins and recycle metals. He loves going to boy scout meetings where the kids remind him of home.


Section one-The begging
Ghost and Badger decide they both will teach Officer the things he will need to know. Ghost believes that Officer is to young to be a hero. Badger reminds Ghost that he was not older when he started being a superhero. Ghost accepts it grudgingly. They both decide that training should be in 5 different categories. The 5 categories are combat, investigation, breaking and entering, stalking/bypassing detection, and general Physical fitness. Ghost states that Sundays should be off and it looks like Badger wants to argue but somehow knows better then to argue on this point. Badger will have his butler , Jeeves bring food and water to the training that way they do not have to stop and cook. Badger and Ghost are always trying to get one up on the other. This puts Joey in a precarious spot because he is caught in between as the judge of who is better.

Section two-Combat Training
Badger does not believe it would be good for Officer to learn weapons. He starts teaching Officer akido, judo and jujitsu. Badger has a black belt in a number of styles and if kickboxer and tai boxing had a belt, he would be a black belt in those. Officer does not know why he is not being taught a better style. Karate or boxing seems better. Badger teaches Officer without having him use his powers except sometimes to help him escape. Badger often taunts Officer during training which causes Officer to attack badger. Every time Badger is able to stop him. Badger states that Officer has the same tells that his older self had.
Ghost pulls out two well taken care of 1940’s style Thompson sub machine guns. They have snub noses and missing stocks. They have both clip or drum feed options. Ghost states that these were given to him by Specter when they worked together. Ghost tells Officer even if you do not choose to use a gun. He will need to know there strengths and weaknesses. The temptation to use the weapons and feel like Specter was to great for Officer to pass up. Specter suddenly lets a grenade go which explodes in mid air. Officer wakes up with Ghost standing over him. That is a flash bang grenade. You will also need to know how to use those. Combat is not always about being better but about getting in your opponents head. Ghost shows the guns in use. 1 out of 4 shots are red tracer rounds. When a tracer round goes off there is a high pitch scream that goes with it. They reflect menacingly off of Ghost’s red reflective tape on his mask. He wraps his body with his trench coat and then uses the inhuman speeder winds to give himself a monsterous appearance.Officer has a hard time keeping one gun steady. Ghost tells Officer outside a certain range people have a tendency to use their sights on the gun. This means they are focusing in from of them not to the side. Our speed allows us to take advantage of this. Officer has a hard getting one gun to shoot straight.

Section 3-Investigation
This is one of the few areas where both seem equally skilled.
Ghost brings Officer to actual crime sights. He asks Officer to try figure out what happened. He states to focus on what is the purpose of the place? What are the people who spend time here like? With that information, it is easier to find what is out of place.
Don’t listen to Ghosts touchy feely crap. The law does not care what you think. Facts are whats important. Collect facts and let them tell you a story. This will hold in court and keep people in jail. Facts are inside computers, safes, and ledgers. Look for these things.

Section 4 Breaking and Entering
Your going to have to to learn programming Officer. High end security will always have a electronic component and since not many really understand it there is a easy victory. Officer mind with programming. So much to memorize which is so easy to forget.
Learn to pick a lock and a safe. A lot of people do not spring for high end and many of the high end. Most places that require high depend on people who use low end. Get there access and then use that to break in. These things are easier for Officer to pick up. he has a naturally good kinetic sense and learning to detect the the safes ping is like a game.

Section 5-Scouting-This is something Ghost and Badger agree completely on.
Following someone unseen requires silence. The two dump Officer in the woods at night and they stay walk and be silent. This is the best training. Officer constantly has to shift and detect leaves. At first he can not move faster then a slow crawl without making noise. He keeps at it and starts getting faster. Once this is done you will learn how to avoid sight and cameras.

Section 6-Physical Fitness—Joey loves these classes
Badger-Badger has Joey start with a security system which he has to decode. Then he needs to rewire the alarms quickly. Then he has to pass a set up moving lasers without breaking them as fast as he can. He has to practice this with and without powers. This is supposed to help Joey not just get past laser grid security but to help dodge gunman with bullets. the laser represents a gun barrel that a person would be pointing. Sometimes the lasers are random and others they track Joeys movements.
Ghost-Ghost shows Joey that he can phase through things. He tells Joey if he wants to get the chip out and keep another from being put in then he will need to learn the technique. He helps Joey with foot work. Often having Joey practice running on slippery substances and with marbles on the ground. He also practices endurance to get his speed up. He is starting to train Joey to step on a wall. So far Joey can only get one step. Ghost can run on water and run up walls.

Section 7 Aftermath
Badger-Badger seems happier as the training progresses. He is glad to have people entering his dark world. Even if it is just a ghost of his old friend. Ghost and Badger still fight but when they work together it is like they are using one mind. They just know each others movements.Something is bothering Badger. He is not training Joey for Ghost or even joeys sake. One time Joey asked Ghost about it and Ghost said harshly, stop asking dumb questions kid. That was the harshest thing Joey can remember Ghost saying to him. This makes Joey believes that Ghost knows whats going on and won’t talk about it.
Ghost-Ghost seems to sober up a bit because his life has purpose. When he orders food for Jeeves he makes sure to get something like a malt or pancakes with moms recipe. He is aware how much Joey misses home. He does not talk about it but he wants to try and make it easier. Ghost makes sure Joeys Sunday school clothes are clean. He also will often set them out for Joey on Sunday.
Joey-He is happy for the training. This will get him one step closer to being a hero. He is happy Ghost is getting better. His workouts take a lot out of him. He comes home and watches TV. He either watches cartoons or 70 sitcoms that he has already seen when he comes home. Ghost will turn the tv on for him after training. Joey is starting to act withdrawn and distracted at school. His grades in civics and history are dropping down to B+. This has his teachers concerned enough to contact Le Esprit to make sure Joey is doing all right.

At night when Officer prays :
That God takes care of Ghost and Badger. That LeEsprit and himself don’t end up in a fight. That God forgives him for threatening a innocent girls life even though he does not feel bad about it. That Joey understand s why this incident does not bother him. That he guilds him on how to fix the problem that was created by Franky.

Officers feelings for other character

Bodyguard-Officer has a newfound respect for Bodyguard. She earned her place on the team through training. Officer realizes how difficult that is now. He is a bit envious of how easy she makes it look.

Calavera-Being away from Calavera reminds Joey just how important she is to his life.

Le Esprit-The talk that Joey and Le Esprit looks like it is going to happen. Joey is trepidation because deep down he is afraid to let her down. He wants to convince her that is a real hero and not some lucky kid.

Outsider-Officer does not fully understand him but is thankful he is who he is. He is nice and does the right thing. What more can you ask for a teammate. He is also afraid to talk to Outsider about his brother. He does not want to bring up that he thinks his brother might be a villain.

Reflect-Reflects honesty is hurtful but he does it with a smile. It reminds officer that there is really a darker self inside of him. This is why reflect is a asset. He will tell you how things are even if its not popular.

Ugat-Officer misses Ughats advice. He knows he could really use some now.

Ghost-He really is not that bad of a guy. He got put in some really bad situations. He worries that Ghost is alone. This does not bode well for Officer or Ghost.

The Badger-Officer feels guilty about hating badger so much. This guy offered to train Joey and did not ask for something in return. Joey could have been a Hero with his training.

Roy-Who, Oh yeah that guy. It feels like forever since they talked.

Jeeves-This guy could be the key to figuring out what happened between badger and Ghost.

Officer "Joey" Joseph Carrion

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