Shield (Vanessa Signet)

An Escaped Bull who was created to protect whoever would pay.


“My alliances can not be bought.”
Maybe Dr. Borne is in Halcyon…Where is Halcyon?

  1. Character Description, Power Description, Stats, and Mechanical Notes
  2. Origin History and Civilian Identity
  3. General Relationships; NPC’s of Interest
  4. Special Interests; Player Character Perspective
  5. Influence

Shield is a built, albeit smaller, metal plated hero with short black hair. Her costume was made for mobility, and designed simply, but due to some collateral environmental damage, this uniform is no longer fit for disguise or combat purposes.The shield patch that once barely remained attached, has now been torn down the middle and is carried in her pocket for safe keeping until a new costume can be made.

Her powers were a result of genetic manipulation and a rigorous training program, keeping her in top form. Her powers manifest as a plated metal that covers her entire body on command. She can manipulate her form to create protruding spikes, intricate chains, other helpful tools, and can be extended to reinforce or protect other physical objects (at the cost of making herself vulnerable at times). She’s also been able to break through stronger mental controls by creating something akin to a helm made of this metal mutation. Her metal plating covers her entire head, hair included, to protect from outside sources. Her facial features disappear, and are replaced by cracked and intimidating mask. Her voice echos in a strange mixture of her voice and grinding metal when she speaks in this form. Many find the sound disturbing and off putting. She calls this upgrade “Soldier Form”.


-There When It Matters: When Defending, can hold 1 instead. Use the hold when they are in danger later.
-In a China Shop: When Directly Engaging, can cause collateral damage, even on a miss.
-Physics? What Physics?: When Unleashing Powers to break through a barrier, use Danger instead of Freak.
-Punch EVERYONE: When charging into a fight without assessing, shift Danger up and another Label Down.
-Never Give Up, Never Surrender: Taking a Powerful Blow from someone stronger than you, a hit you stand strong. On a 7-9 mark a condition. On a miss, you go down but stagger your opponent.
-Overwhelm a Vulnerable Foe: When you Overwhelm a Vulnerable Foe, roll + Danger. On a hit, the fight’s over. They’re done. On a 10+ choose one. On a 7-9, choose two.

  • You take a powerful blow in turn
  • You hurt your foe more than you intended
  • You cause serious collateral damage
    Moment of Truth UNLOCKED ; BodyGuard Facility Guard_D0G destroyed.

The Bulls Heart
-Defender: When Defending a Love or Rival, roll Danger instead of Savior.
-Friend: When you Comfort or Support your love or rival, mark potential on a hit. When your love or rival Comfort or Supports you, mark potential when they roll a hit.
-Listener: When you Pierce the Mask of your love or rival, you can always let them ask you a question to ask them an additional question in turn, even on a miss. These additional questions do not have to be on the list.

Danger: +3
Freak: -1
Savior: +3 LOCKED
Superior: -1
Mundane: -1

Current Conditions
The Dead Have No Regrets

Other Mechanical Notes
+ Currently holding 2 that act as team; received while performing a team move of sharing vulnerability and weakness to Lio.
+ Currently holding 1 for the move “There When It Matters” for Lio. [Spend hold when they are in danger later to arrive on the scene ready to help.]


Vanessa Signet is a seventeen-year-old, indigenous (possibly Inuit) teenager, and a lot has changed. Damaged hands remain scarred thanks to the electric shock, but have also left a large lightning scar from her right hand, up to her shoulder and neck, extending back down to parts of her chest and navel. What used to be only dark brown eyes, now show a golden ring surrounding the pupils. Her general outfit is now the bare minimum on her trek to Halcyon City. A heavy hoodie with a Red Dog long sleeved shirt underneath, her patched up uniform pants, and some of the most beat up sneakers this side of the planet. Her gloves, which used to hide her hands, were either burned or lost in the rubble during the melt down. She’s not comfortable exposing her hands, and makes due with periods of time hiding them in her hoodie’s pouch. Her black hair has started to grow a little longer from the periods of time without proper care, but hair maintenance is the last thing on her mind right now. The more common thought, along side with the constant need to keep moving, is hunger. Looking thinner, she’s been able to scavenge and scrape up whatever she’s been able to find to keep her going.


The Origins of Bodyguard-84
Bodyguard-84 was sold to the BodyGuard™ Program by her birth parents as a baby to clear their debt and records, giving them the means to start over in life. At the cost of their daughter having anything but a normal life. Raised from a child in the facility, they performed genetic experiments to enhance and change their products to suit the needs of clients with wealth, power, and reputation. Extensive physical training, and regular “medical” checkups built Bodyguard-84 to be a powerful weapon of destruction and defense to whoever had the means and funds to hire her services. Growing up under the thumb of her “guardians” caused a lot of emotional discourse and mental defiance from their usual soldier training. With the addition of Dr. Levar’s affinity with sadism, it’s not hard to see why she might be difficult to control. This created distrust in their defective “product” resulting in limited free-time to spar, and restraints when undergoing medical and physical procedures.

Bodyguard-84 knew very few others while growing up, one being her main sparring partner Bodyguard-12 (aka: Brent). Taller, stronger, and meaner than her, she was often humiliated and defeated during regular sparring matches. With the only true exception being her last fight with Bodyguard-12, when she turned the tables on the larger brute. With an incredible punch to the face, that was her only true victory against him. This was also the first time that any bodyguard created had bled from battle. This left the two, with already entangled disdain, rooted into a deeper hatred.
The other contact she had while under the watch of the facility, was the lead of medical and genetic research department; Dr. Agatha Borne. Bodyguard-84 has always wondered why Dr. Agatha Borne had taken an interest in her growing up, but every time she tried to ask, she retorted with silence or ignored the question. But if it wasn’t for her sabotage of Bodyguard-84’s restraints during a physical examination, she would have never escaped the BodyGuard™ Program.

“You were the easiest to control.”

Civilian Identity
Vanessa Signet, and her adopted mother Doctor Betty Signet, moved to Haylcon City from their original home in Alaska. Doctor Betty Signet had received a job opportunity in Haylcon that forced her to relocate. Vanessa, having been home schooled by private tutors her whole life, enrolled to Haylcon High School after their move. Her mother decided it would be a good experience for her to socialize with her peers and to make some real friends.

- Dr. Betty Signet/Dr. Agatha Borne: Previous Adopted Mother/Guardian, Previous Medical and Genetics Director for BodyGuard™. Current whereabouts identified, secret bunker in Iceland.
I don’t know what happened to the escape plan. I don’t know what even happened to me. Everything’s blurry. I followed the tunnel to Red Dog like you said. Where are you?

- Cathy – Bodyguard 102: A smuggled 12-year-old from the BodyGuard™ Program. Vanessa considers herself to be Cathy’s older sister, even though they’re not related.
I should’ve checked the ship before take off, I should’ve known she was going to do something this reckless. But we couldn’t go back, we were in too deep, and returning to Halcyon meant abandoning that plan for good. I needed to do this. I needed to destroy the shadow that loomed over me. That threatened me in the dead of night. That threatened to steal and hold Cathy hostage from me. If they ever grabbed her. If they knew how easy it would be to control me…The road to hell is filled with good intentions, and endless heartbreak.

- Bodyguard 12: Hated Enemy, Old Sparring Partner.
Post-Mortem: Who knows if you lived or died in the devils maw. Earth, snow, slush, and mud caked in this deep crater in the middle of the wilderness. Somehow, I think you’re still alive and out there. How do I know? Because…just like me on this day…failure, is never an option for you.

I hope your nuts freeze off.

- Ogre: Previous Sparring Partner, Odd Kinship in Bodyguards perspective.

- Kelsi Wong: One of the only human friends she knows, and trusts completely. Vanessa is more honest with herself now thanks to Kelsi’s support.
“I will always protect you. That’s what I was made to do.”
I think, deep down, we both knew that I could never be human enough for you Kelsi.

The earrings she held onto so dearly, have now been lost in the mix of rubble, mud, and debris.

Post-Mortem: Move on Kelsi. It’s the only true way that I can keep that promise to you.

- Joshua Clam: Recently obtained friend at Halcyon High. Another human, with surprisingly worse people skills than Vanessa. A huge math nerd, with a minor interest in computer code. Seems like the kind of kid to be an accountant one day.

- Roy Goldsmit: Highschool Jock figure who is pretty chill, regardless of who he hangs around. Seems to have a thing for Calavera.

- Frankie For Real: Pete’s older Jerk brother.

- Midas: Son of Frankie-For-Real in the alternative Oolu timeline. Current whereabouts unknown due to bullshit psychic powers.

- Blue Hyrda: Villainess with Hydras sticking out.

- Gold Raven: Post-Exemplar who emits fire and flies.

Special Interests

  • Outsider/Pete Friendly: Why didn’t you tell me you were taking Frankie home? Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving at all? I needed you on this mission, you were important! I’m sorry if it seemed like I was using you for your ship and your connections. It was important, you know it was important. We made due without you, thanks to Sarah’s forgiveness…I wonder how you’ll react when you come home, and notice the damage I’ve left behind?

Post-Mortem: I’m sorry if the others blame you for my choice. I’m sorry that I blame you as well for leaving so suddenly. Please be patient with them. You always are with us, which is such a gift. But when you do come home, be ready to live up to that name of yours again. Everyone here will need a friend desperately now that I’m gone.

  • Ugat/M-Micheal-Mika: Rival – You probably have no idea how much your words meant to me. I know we had our short tempers some times, especially on my end. You know I can’t help it, my heart is too strong to control. But when you truly empathized with me, and the rest of the team, that was the most honest I had seen from you. You shared your honest self with us, and that helped calm me down. We’re all so used to seeing you effortlessly lead us through conflict again and again. It’s easy to be jealous of someone who you think have everything together. It’s harder to see if they’re hiding behind that facade for the sake of everyone else. I’m sorry I couldn’t take you on this mission of mine. But it means the world to me that you asked me instead of joining regardless.

Post-Mortem: I don’t know how you’ll react to the video feed. I don’t even know how you’ll react to the rest of the team on this. But please, I beg of you, remember your empathy. We will want a leader when the time arises. But we will always need a friend in you. You are the rock that the group needs to ground them. Or at least you were to me for that one, human, moment.

  • Reflect/Robbie: You have no idea how much this means to me. Your participation in this mission was beyond helpful, it was life saving. I’m sure this mission was hard on you, and I didn’t help with the stress I placed on everyone about it. I’m sorry my emotions got the better of me. It’s hard to face your fears, and even harder when you need to face them. I hope that if there comes a time when you need to face your fears, you’ll do so without hesitation, and knowing that I will be there to support you.

Post-Mortem: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for coming back for her. I should’ve known she was going to follow after me. I should’ve known she was going to try and stop me. I didn’t keep my end of our promise, there was no way I could finish my mission and protect her. So thank you, truly, for keeping my promise to her for me. Thank you for saving Lio.

  • Calavera/Sarah: I’m so incredibly, desperately sorry for the pain I caused you. I didn’t know that you fought that other Bodyguard, and I’m sure having me demand that you hurt me was disturbing and a shock. Everything about my mind at that time was wrong, distorted and scared. I fumbled as soon as I started to question everyone, I tried to think steps ahead, to prepare myself. I didn’t want to be fooled, I didn’t want to be hurt by those I cared about the most. And instead, I grew more paranoid, I couldn’t talk to anyone besides Lio, and I hurt you. I HURT YOU SARAH. I’m so desperately, painfully sorry for the trouble I caused. And yet, even with my fear, you helped me with my mission. Without you, there would have been no mission. I didn’t want to include you, out of fear they would target you further.

I should have placed my trust in you more.

Post-Mortem: I’m sorry I couldn’t help you with Roy. I’m sorry that one of the last things you’ll remember about me was this tired, scared girl who was so ready to hurt you. I’m sorry I broke the trust we had together. The trust I gave to you, because for the first time I had a common enemy. I know Sasha is an enemy to you and Lio. She’s an enemy to the whole team. But until I met you, I felt that I had to face my enemy alone. No one knew what I knew. And those who did, didn’t truly understand the years I faced. I know you weren’t trapped in a facility, but the simple fact that I wasn’t alone in their mad fox hunt. You helped me feel that, against this giant, I wasn’t alone. Please offer that same sense of unity with Lio.

  • L’Esprit/Lio: Love – I’m a mess. I don’t know how you’ve been able to tolerate me. If Ugat didn’t interfere who knows what I might’ve done. I was so ready to distrust everyone, so ready to question everyone. But I couldn’t bring myself to question you. I questioned Sarah, and Joey, and Robbie. I’m sure if I had the chance I would have questioned Pete and M. But you. I didn’t want to question you. I couldn’t bear the thought that I couldn’t believe you. You brought me back down so many times when I couldn’t control myself. You supported me, and listened to me when I needed you. Even thinking about the fact that I opened up to you is embarrassing, but you never laughed. You made me feel valid. You made me feel the most human I have ever felt. Your comfort kept me grounded, and I’m sorry that I never got the chance to return the favor.

Post-Mortem: I’m sorry I didn’t keep our promise. I should’ve known better than to try and fool you at the end. I mean, lets be honest. I may be strong, but I’m not that smart. I’m direct and to the point, and you…you are subtle, observant and clever. You make the most with the skills you’ve carefully obtained, and you show the world exactly what you’re made of. You’re just as dangerous as me, if not even more so. I can take hit after hit, and stay standing ready for more. But without my metal mutation, I can crumble under pain. But you, you face that threat head on, and you conquer it. There is so much I can say about how much I admire the strength you hold, but I think it would be better if I showed you. Remain strong Lio. Stay calm and clever. Let our friends help you. And lastly, wait for me..

  • Officer/Joey: I never did apologize to you, instead I got into a fight with you. You held your own without a problem though, admirable and strong. I can appreciate that. Especially since me fighting within the team is not desired. I may not have mentioned it, but I did notice your costume change. It certainly is a fright, if you want to come across as that. But in the end, even if I think your taste in fashion is strange, I prefer the Officer I came to know. I don’t know the struggles you faced, I won’t pretend that I do. But I know that Ugat can be overbearing at times. He understands that this is your choice, but I think we all understand that Ghost doesn’t have to be you. I think if I had the time to speak to you, what I would say is this. Why do you want to be Ghost more than Officer? What does Ghost have that Officer can’t obtain? You wanted to help the law, and those who fought for the law. You wanted to protect and serve, and so did Ghost at one point. So what changed? In the end of it all, I think you and Ghost have the same goal. You want Officer to prove you both wrong. Be the change you want to see. Be the light, that shines in the dark.

Post-Mortem: I’m sorry that I didn’t take you on this mission, but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I needed Lio more than I needed you, and if she couldn’t focus on her mission, then my plan was doomed. It was selfish of me, I know. But I wouldn’t change it. I don’t know how you’ll react when only two of your three friends will return home. I don’t even entirely know if you ever considered me a friend to begin with. I guess, a part of me just hopes that you do. Everyone needs friends they can rely on and turn to. You do have friends here, in this time. Cherish them while we’re still around.

Dr. Betty Signet – Was received by somehow convinced her Mom that she at least needed to leave a notice for school if she was going to randomly skip. Betty proceeded to tell her that whether she was coming or not, training was going to happen again sooner or later.

Calavera – Sarah Mendez – Was received out of a mutual understanding and trust for each other as team mates and possibly friends. Also has influence over Vanessa.

Kelsi Wong – Was received after attempting to convince her to help Vanessa with a drug sting operation. She refused to cooperate, and left the scene offended and angry at Vanessa.

Ugat – Micheal Pena – Was received after accompanying him to look for Atomic instead of staying to reconcile her fight with Kelsi. This was further emphasized by following up with Ugat when he was at the hospital with Atomic, and (not knowing the full situation) proceeded to fight Atomic for what seemed like a fight between the two.

Pete Friendly – Was received via sympathy to Vanessa’s anger and stress. The usually cool-headed Pete Friendly, has finally experienced anger. Although he was able to calm down from it relatively quickly, he feels he better understands why Vanessa is pretty angry all the time now.

Lio Lahcen – Was received via growing closer to the team in adventure log “Good Wholesome Family Fun”. Also has influence over Vanessa during a heart to heart Team Move moment. Currently Holding 1 for Lio to be “There When It Matters”.

Shield (Vanessa Signet)

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