The Fourth Generation

The Delinquent Corp

- Reflect snaps out of his mind control realizing that he was sent to kill Miracle Woman. He had been walking in circles fighting the conditioning brought on by the Bodyguard program. He meets back up with the other Delinquents.

- The Delinquents get together in Balboa Park to discuss their plans against THULE.

- L'Esprit saw Reflect leave the THULE building while she was investigating it. She follows him to Balboa Park and finds Outsider's ship. While investigating Cygnus attacks her. Calavera then attacks Cygnus. Everyone in The Delinquents and The Corp see this and a fight breaks out.

- After Reflect knocks out Calavera the fight comes to an end and they discuss the confusion and come to peaceful terms. They decide to work together.

- Freddie for Real shows up and Cygnus announces they are getting married which has brought both off them a lot of publicity. 

- Deciding to take the THULE offer, Pete called Dr Cosmos and arranged to meet the next day at Solana Beach. Since Officer expressed doubt about acting as a 'spy' and Ugat wasn't sure what THULE would want with L'Esprit, it was arranged that the two of them would instead shadow everyone else.

- Pete finished a device designed to block Dr Cosmos's mindreading and handed one out to everyone.

- Ugat got a phone call from Lindsey and bowed out of the meeting to go meet her.

- Reflect checked his messages, ignored several from his mom and returned one from Vanquish, who was freaked out about something.

- Calavera returned home, only to be confronted by her nemesis Sasha Blaze, who demonstrated time-control abilities. After tormenting Calavera, Sasha disappeared. Calavera called L'Esprit and they sought advice from Pete. He advised that they bring Sasha's presence to Dr Cosmos' attention.

- Dr Cosmos met with the Delinquents + Calavera and boarded a submarine with them. Pete left the keys to his ship so that L'Esprit and Officer could continue to follow. The submarine took the group to an underwater THULE base, the 'real' HQ. Aside from Colleen Drake, the THULE staff all acted drugged. Drake admitted to working with the Exemplars only begrudgingly and claimed to have ended THULE's contract with the Bodyguards.

- L'Esprit hecked up driving Pete's ship and wound up in space. Freddie Forreal showed up and helped, but only after psychically yelling at Pete. While the others stalled in dealing withCosmos and Drake, L'Esprit (with Freddie's help, again) downloaded as much information from the THULE computers as she could. The alien computer was not able to crack all of THULE's security, indicating another alien presence. L'Esprit and Officer infiltrated one of the testing rooms and discovered an unconscious Bodyguard being experimented on with some kind of alien goo that Pete did not recognize.

- Back with our heroes, they agreed to work with THULE to a limited extent. Their first assignment is to track down other kids in similar accidents to Ugat.

- Reflect left a duplicate and teleported to take samples of a tree on display and the alien goo. Unfortunately he got some of the goo on his hand.



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