The Fourth Generation

The Bright Side of Halycon

- The Outsider puts together a device to detect crimes. After a few false positives, he rallies L'Esprit and Reflect to an apartment in Clairemont Mesa. They stop a domestic dispute when the police show up and The Outsider detects another presence. The Outsider tries to deal with the police but gets arrested. Reflect and L'Esprit sneak up on the presence and find it is Lady Night who was watching them. She argues with L'Esprit over ownership of the black opals, revealing she and L'Esprit might be related. Lady Night tells L'Esprit to retire before she gets hurt and attacks to prove her point. L'Esprit is able to defend herself and even briefly subdue Lady Night. Lady Night tells her if she is going to imitate The Spectre she needs to do it for real and hands her automatic pistols before disappearing.

- Meanwhile, the cop takes The Outsider to a meeting with Mr Bright, who wants the Delinquents to leave petty crimes 'to the police' and offers to call Outsider with tips when real super villainy is going down. Outsider reluctantly agrees and gets a picture of Mr Bright for his contact information.

- As everyone is getting ready for bed The Outsider's crime device goes off for a crime in Chula Vista. At the same time Mr Bright gives him a call, saying Sacrifice is menacing a club in PB. Outsider and Reflect check out PB while L'Esprit heads to Chula Vista.

- Reflect and The Outsider find that anyone hurt by the Sacrifice's dagger seems to go crazy and attack people. They discover this after Reflect has already been cut. He briefly goes insane and attacks Outsider, but Outsider talks him down and they're able to subdue the other Sacrifice victims and confiscate the dagger. The cops show up and thank them.

- L'Esprit gets caught spying on a drug deal between a street gang and some corporate thugs. The deal goes bad and shots are fired; the corporate thugs respond by taking a drug that gives them super strength. Despite the drugs, the gang overwhelms them by sheer force of numbers. L'Esprit barely manages to swipe one of the briefcases they were fighting over.

- L'Esprit meets with the others and they find the briefcase is full of the same drugs. Outsider analyzes them and finds out they're a stimulant made with methamphetamines and alien technology, and are similar to the samples taken from the THULE lab. They find a gang member hurt but alive and question him, learning that the gang worked for Mr Bright, and that Bright's second-in-command is named Lobo. Oddly there are no cops to the scene despite the firefight.

- Next morning Pete Friendly wakes up to his brother asking him about a tux. Cygnus shows up and and says that Frankie and her are arguing about which planet to hold the wedding on. Pete tries to calm her but she kisses him. They both are confused and she leaves.

- Robbie runs into Roy, a running back for the Halycon High Supers. He talks about how they don't hang out anymore and wants to change that. He asks Robbie to go to the homecoming dance and game and he'll make sure he has a good time. 

- Lio finds Marq sitting on her doorstep. He says his girlfriend kicked him out and he wants to stay with Lio until he clears it up. Lio agrees.

- Robbie meets with Mrs Ellis and she asks him about some pictures of graffiti she took that Robbie did as Reflect. She compares it the art Robbie does in class and Robbie lies about how he is a huge fan of supers and the Delinquent Corp. She buys it and encourages him.

- Pete skips school and tries finding crime to fight to keep his mind occupied. He calls L'Esprit since she's not in school. No crimes happen so instead he spills to L'Esprit about the kiss. They talk and hatch a plan to undermine Frankie's credibility with homeworld, starting by sabotaging his communications on his ship. It's after school so they bring Reflect along. As Pete is doing so, High Command comes up on the screen. Pete, disguised as Frankie, tries to convince them not to invade Earth but he find out that Frankie already ordered a covert invasion and there are already other agents on Earth. Pete ends the call and finishes the sabotage.

- Frankie then shows up. He decides to have the wedding on Earth and to invite their family and members of High Command. He is annoyed his comm is down but Pete insists he'll get it fixed, and Frankie casually reveals he and Cygnus can access Pete's ship at any time.

- Back in Pete's ship, he contacts their father to find out if Frankie has told them the truth about his relationship with Cygnus. Frankie has been sending reports, but Pete checks Cygnus's camera feed and finds that it shows a different story. Their dad gets frustrated when shown this and says he'll talk to Frankie, then hangs up.

- Pete gets another call from Mr Bright, saying that an ex-villain is being attacked by robots. Moments later the crime detector goes off for the same area. They rush to the scene and find chomper robots terrorizing bystanders and destroying a set of condos. Pete and Reflect are able to protect the civilians and stabilize the building. L'Esprit panics after being attacked and flees. The robots cut out a wall of a condo and start moving on the occupant.

- Lady Night speaks to L'Esprit, says she'll take care of the problem if L'Esprit hangs up the Spectre coat, which motivates L'Esprit enough to return and start shooting the robots. Pete turns giant and Reflect teleports into the condo, and the three of them find the robots' target, retired villainess The Blue Hydra. They're able to protect her from the remaining robots. Police begin to show up, so Pete scoops all of them including Blue Hydra into his ship and they fly off, pretending they can't hear the police demand they return the witness.

- The Blue Hydra tells them that Mr Bright is a disgraced former police commissioner, and that she recently met with the Exemplar members Omega and Badger. Otherwise she can give them no new information and insists she's done nothing wrong. L'Esprit gives her her phone number in case she remembers anything else. Mr Bright calls Pete to ask about Hydra. He lies that they dropped her at a hospital at her request. Instead they leave her with Dr Infinity and Vanquish.



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