The Fourth Generation

Infinite Possibilities

Vanessa Signet (Bodyguard) returns to school after her step-mother, Betty, kept her home for intense training. Outsider sees her and fills her in on what happened the last few days.

Michael shows up to school for the first time since his transformation. The teacher greats him but students come out and stare. 

Delinquent skips class and hangs out with Carl Tabor (Vanquish).

Outsider gets a call from his people's central command. They demand that Outsider make a decision on Earth but he refuses. They tell him his brother will be joining him soon to help him make the decision.

The group decides to skip class and try to find Doctor Infinity. When Michael tries to sneak out the window Lesley grabs his branch and asks him not to go and that he has a chance to fit in. He sneaks out anyway. 

As they are walking out Principal Hutchinson is in there way. He tells Gary that if he leaves school he will report it to the Exemplars which will hurt his chances of getting in. Gary and the team just keep walking.

They meet up with Delinquent and head out east in Cuyamaca Park and find Dr Infinity's house. It has been damaged like a fight occurred there. Outsider flies up to get a better look and the rest head into the house. 

Outsider is suddenly captured by a net fired from a drone. The rest of the group doesn't notice as they investigate the house and see that a fight occurred there. They are then attacked by three large robots.

Outsider finds himself face to face by Bodyguard 12 who questions him. Outsider makes himself look like a giant bear then runs for it. Bodyguard 12 is on him but is called back by someone named Colleen Drake.

The rest of group is handling the robots when Atomic tears apart the entire house to the molecular level and reforms it as though it had never been damaged.

Everyone regroups and finds Dr Infinity's secret server room. Reviewing the security footage the find she has a secret passage out into the park. The follow it just as Gold Raven and Dr Omega show up at the house. They find Dr Infinity standing next to a jeep. 

Questioning her they find out that Dr Infinity is in witness protection with Exemplars and they give her the level of freedom for helping them build tech. She also secretly worked with Colleen Drake and the THULE Corporation to help build an automated system to distribute a new powerful agriculture chemical that shouldn't be handled by people. She is not sure why the company attacked her.

Gold Raven and Dr Omega show up and question The Delinquents on what they were doing there and ask them to keep Dr Infinity a secret.

When everyone gets back they get texts from Kelsi to a concer that night. Outsider finds his brother waiting for him. Betty tells Vanessa that she can't go to the concert and must train more. Delinquent decides to scout out THULE HQ and steals a guards clothes.

Gary and Vanessa make it to the concert. Another kid starts to pick on Kelsi but Vanessa makes him back down.

Colleen Drake shows up outside the concert and offers Michael a business card and a vial full of some sort of drug before leaving.  Michael does not take the free drugs from the strange lady at a concert.

Outsider's brother is here to complete the report on Earth, so that "Pete Friendly" can go back to exploring other planets, and Earth can be conquered or destroyed.  Otusider wants his planet to leave Earth alone.  Pete sends his brother to Disneyland in order to examine the technology and culture that Earth has available.

Nova is sent out to space for advanced training, having "graduated" from Earth.  His parents take him off to space to learn to use his powers on an intergalactic scale.


Colleen Drake gives Ugat drug at concert.

Infinite Possibilities

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