The Fourth Generation

A New Low

- Betty organizes Outsider and Ugat to spar with Bodyguard. Things get out of control, especially when Ugat and Bodyguard use the fight to try and see how hard it would be to take Outsider's brother in a fight.  It turns out Mind Blasts are Super Effective!

- Cygnus joins the fight and makes herself part of the team.   Is she sincere, or is this just a reality stunt?  Either way, the Delinquents get some publicity.

- After the fight Outsider gets a call from Miracle Woman saying that an alarm went off at Reflect's house. The group investigates. 

- Vanessa (Bodyguard) gets a call from Kelsi asking her to hang out.  

- They found that chompers attacked and kidnapped (abducted) Carl, and what wasn't destroyed in that fight gets exploded when the team drives off the robots.

- Robbie's mom comes home and yells at the team saying she will disband them.

- The team heads to THULE HQ which was the last place they heard from Reflect. They find the guard he knocked out by a shipping area.

- Outsider lowers the density of the shipping door and Cygnus and Bodyguard get through to look for Reflect. Outsider loses control of his power and increases the density of the door separating them.  

- Ugat and Outsider set up a distraction for the guards. Outsider modifies a Ugat's phone so he can track the next person called. They call Coleen the CEO, and find out she is in her office. 

Vanessa finds out Bodyguard 12 is in the area and finds him instructing Reflect on moving. She smashes through the glass and they fight.  Reflect flees in the chaos, and it is unknown what his current status is.

- Outsider and Ugat break into Coleen's office and they find Dr Cosmos talking to her.  Dr. Cosmos trounces Outsider and Coleen shoots Ugat with a dart that transforms him back into a human.  

- In yet another attempt to make Outsider's brother gives a favorable review of Earth, the Delinquents convince Cygnus to take him out on a date.

- Vanessa and Kelsi spend the afternoon together, and Vanessa controls her powers enough to get her ears pierced.

-The Delinquents secretly meet with Miracle Woman, who informs them there is an Exemplar that has gone rogue and is exacting his or her own form of justice on "reformed" supervillains.

-Dr. Cosmos offers to supervise the Delinquents, which will mean working with Thule and the Bodyguards.  The team is very wary, but it's a lot better than sitting through another classroom lecture at Halcyon High…  



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