The Fourth Generation

South of the Border

Sarah and Mika start at the library, filling out college applications and scholarships. Mika needing a bit of extra help thanks to her memories not aligning with the current timeline. Dio, now visiting from Canada, finds Sarah and puts on the charm trying to convince her that he should join the Wildcards. Sarah doesn't outright tell him no, per say, but does express that the team isn't actively looking for new members. But maybe he should try filling out an application. Dio asks Mika how long it took for her to get into the Wildcards, and she answers honestly, offending Dio.   Sarah says that she was grandfathered in, and is an exception. Mika also points out that "Buzzard" guy wants to join too, and Dio is even more offended.

Buzzer calls Pete which is unusual because mental communication is more common.  Pete picks up and asks who it is, because its a new phone.  Buzzer introduces himself and tells Pete that maybe they should not hang out for a while.  Pete says well they'll help figure out some way for Buzzer to join the team.  Buzzer says that L'Esprit is still really mad at him.  Pete says we'll keep in touch and don't be afraid to call if he is in trouble.  Buzzer agrees to this.

As the phone call ends, Pete gets temporarily knocked out by a pink and yellow fluffy creature. Shield seemingly looking for something, arrives at Pete's ship as it's littered with holes.  The creature, a mixed hybrid between a rosy maple moth and a great Pyrenees dog, got pried off of Pete by Vanessa. As Pete regained consciousness, he catches Vanessa trying to sneak off with the creature. The two have a brief back and forth about the creature, Vanessa trying to pretend that she has no idea what he's talking about. And it almost succeeds, but she gives up in the end not wanting to have Pete question human senses of perception. As Pete asks Evil knife for a ship diagnosis, he realizes that the holes in the ship are connected with the creature. Vanessa admits that the she found the creature in the other half of Pete's ship, while she was attempting to repair it. She has since named it Pink Lemonade due to it's bright coloration and kept it as a pet, much to Pete's expressed concerns. And violent sneezing. Pete tries to deter her from keeping it, expressing that it'll damage the engine in the ship and is an overall pest. Shield doesn't seem the least bit concerned however, mentioning that she is the active engine and she's been trying to train Pink not to eat everything. Before they could continue talking about ship mechanics and odd power usage, L'Esprit interrupts them with a call.

When the two arrive, L'Esprit and Cosmica immediately ask about Pink, and once again Shield denies it. Reflect asks Pete about it, and Pete mentions what had happened before.  Everyone gives Shield a sideways glance, and she sheepishly confesses, admitting to having the pet for a short while now. Feeding metal scraps to it, L'Esprit shows mild offense to Vanna hiding it from her but continues to the subject of their meeting.

Cosmica confesses that she wouldn't mind having Dio back around, pointing out that he DID almost die to save them once before.  Plus, he IS still really hot. L'Esprit insists that there should be no new members, and that barely includes Mika as a special favor to Mike and doesn't include Buzzer or Rampage or Dior any of the former New Exemplars on anyone else.  

L'Esprit mentions that Dr Lavar and a drug lord El Leche are currently in Mexico. They have kidnaped some children and are doing some experiments on them.  Branch mentions that she remembers Issac Navarro, from Mike's memories, is working in Mexico.  He was the leader of the Clean Up Crew before being intercepted by the Wildcards. Branch calls Issac, who is confused amd wants to know who this stranger is.  Mika rememberes some of Michael's memories, and Isaac believes her.   He mentions they have not kept in contact much after the invasion on Thule,  but the Clean Up Crew and Violent Gang intermixed and became coworkers.  Then they all went freelance.

Buzzer, following his original plan to find Midas, gets a call from his superiors in the future. They demand he rejoin the Wildcards to observe and report back to them. He argues, saying that there's no way to join them. Buzzer does not think it can be done, but Ghost tells him that he needs to find a way to do it. Orders are orders. 

The team splits into two parties. L'Esprit, Reflect, and Cosmica go off towards the Hall of Heroes to meet Miracle Woman who they suspect might be under mind control (I think by the alien spiders?). Pete, Branch, Shield, and Rampage move out to Mexico to meet up with Gardenia, being the only friendly one of the three ex-Thule antiheroes in Mexico, (instead of Toxiplasmosis and Psilocybin)

As L'Esprit, Cosmica, and Reflect arrive on the scene, Miracle Woman and her Aegis agents are already waiting for them including a woman called Iconoclast. L'Esprit notices that they are there to launch their own surprise attack, but Refelct deflects this plan by teleporting in and socking Miracle Woman straight in the jaw. This knocks the spider out, and Cosmica crushes it. There a small fight that breaks loose, but Miracle Woman, no longer under the influence, tells her team to stand down. L'Esprit takes the opportunity to inform them what's up, and all but one soldier comply to a mind control test. The soldier is dealt with quickly.

In two space ships, Pete, Branch, Shield, and Rampage arrive in Mexico and find a drug field of poppies. Gardenia is there watching the field and some armed soldiers. Pointing their weapons at the 'intruders' Rampage is able to lower their guard slightly, but it doesn't last for long. As Gardinia starts to run to a truck, Branch gets out to slow Gardinia down. Gardinia turns around and entangles Branch into the poppy field, as Pete threatens to burn the field down. As soldiers are beginning to surrender, Shield jumps out and pulls Branch from the vines, getting her away from the field to make the threat less of a problem for them. Branch is rescued and out of the field, but  Shield gets captured in the process. In the end has to get Pink to dig her out of the ground.

The soldiers begin to shoot, but Branch is able to stretch out of the way. Knowing that Branch is out of the blast radius, Pete burns the field, much to the enjoyment of the Evil Knife AI. The poppies fumes knock the soldiers out. Branch is able to grab El LEche'sman,m who orders Garninia and the narcos to stand down, but Rampage runs off in the chaos.

Buzzer tracks Midas to Mexico.  He lets Pete in on the conversation visually.  Buzzer approaches Midas.   Midas says Aren't you supposed to be dead.  Buzzer is taken a back and says "You can see me."  Midas confidently says "Of coarse, I am a master of Illusion."  Buzzer feels another mentalist, Toxoplasmosis.  Toxoplasmosis says "Leave Midas alone."  Buzzer defiantly responds "Midas is one of ours."  The cat girl forces Buzzer to leave.  Pete concerned says "I will come get you."  Buzzer says "I am not in trouble."  Pete says "I don't know if you know what trouble is.  Someone is controlling your mind."  Pete takes his ship to pick Buzzer up.

Gardinia is worried because they are holding some of the other crew so she is not willing to reveal any information.  Branch convinces that they will save them.  Gardinia gives the location of El Leche's compound. The two ships fly to El Leche's compound.

Back in Halcyon, despite some apprehension, L'Esprit, Cosmica, and Reflect take Branch's Magic Portal to Mexico, all exiting somewhere near Branch.

Robbie teleports out and punches some soldiers.  Buzzer gets taken control of again by Toxoplasmosis.  He throws a flash bang grenade at Pete.  With Pete nearly out of commission, Evil Knife takes control of the ship with the intent of destruction.  Pete says "Protect those soldiers."  Evil Knife says "You wish I would protect those soldiers" and lets weapons out on them. Shield's ship gets attacked by a blast and crashes.

L'Esprit sneaks into the compound and spots a child using telekinesis to hold back a large piece of burning rubble. The child is barely keeping it away, protecting two paralyzed children.  L'Esprit pushes the children to get it out of the way, including the one trying to save them, but she gets buried by the rubble afterwards. Cosmica rescues L'Esprit.

Reflect, having a moment away from the soldiers fleeing the scene, spots a girl who is oddly calm in the chaos. As he attempts to collect some of the fleeing children to safety, the calm girl refuses to cooperate. He figures out quickly that she is (being controlled) by Golden Master, and shouts out this revelation. Shield does not see L'Esprit in trouble, and instead attacks the child (being possessed) by Golden Master. Pissed off that she got punched, she controls some of the children to attach themselves to Shield. Before she can get another hit in, she spots another villain running into the burning building with intent, and chases after her. Mind controlled children chase after Shield, and the next thing she sees is Dr. Lavar, hurt in a room with two more children strapped to familiar torture devices. There's a silent exchange between Shield and Dr. Lavar, but in the end she's unable to face him. She instead goes to the two trapped children and free's them from their binds. Branch asks through Pete's party line, if anyone has found Dr. Lavar. Shield hesitantly gives her position before gradually leaving the scene. By the time she's out of the building with the five children, she's emotionally distressed and flee's the entire scene via her ship.

Pete decides to pull the knife from the AI system and ends up getting taken over by the evil knife.  He stabs Buzzer.  Buzzers eyes dilate as his body starts to go limp.  Through sheer will he is able to stay standing.   Buzzer says "Fuck, go ahead and stab me again."  This is the first time Pete has heard Joey cuss, and wonders if it really is Joey.  Pete tries to stab Buzzer again.  Buzzer leans on his intense training and is easily able to disarm Pete.   Buzzer then passes out.

Branch points out to Toxoplasmosis and Dr Lavar that the basement of a burning compound is not a  good place for a fight.  They call a truce until they're out of the building. 

L'Esprit gets out of the rubble.  She sees a child.  The eyes of the child show behind them Golden Master.  The child smiles at L'Esprit Recognition.  She says "You will never defeat me.  I will tear your family apart."  L'Esprit takes her stun gloves and zaps the child dead right in front Cosmica.  Cosmica puts her hands on the child and shocks her back to life.

Toxo and Dr. Lavar look at the situation and surrender.  Psylocibin apparently decided to leave as soon as Rampage showed up,  so Gardenia rescues her people and heads back to Halcyon.   By the nature of her power, everyone forgets about her.  Dr. Lavar and Toxo are turned over to… AEGIS? but only the ones that Miracle Woman vouches for,  or that Reflect can punch in the mouth to check for spiders.

The Experimental Kids are taken to Canada, where the Junior Guard will get them placed in good homes due to the excellent refugee programs in Canada.  Some of the kids  have weird Alien DNA now.

Everyone meets back up in Sanctuary, which is slowly being rebuilt.  Buzzer says out loud "Everyone knows I am Joey except Branch.  Branch surprised says "What?"  Robbie says "death does not matter."  Pete asks Buzzer if he is ok.  Buzzer says that he is ok.  Pete says you looked pretty messed up after he stabbed him.  Buzzer offers to help Pete fix his ship.  L'Esprit points at Buzzer and said I told you, you can't trust him.  What was the first thing he did when he got into combat.  You leave.  Reflect steps in and says "Can't we have a vote."  Cosmica comes in right after, "I vote he should be a part of the team."  Leo reluctantly says "Fine if the team wants a vote, we will have a vote.  Looking at Buzzer, Branch says "You have to agree to not go out on missions alone.  You got killed because you went out alone."  Buzzer initially upset, figuring she is working an angle.  He takes a closer look at Branch and realizes she is genuinely trying to set something up.  Buzzer calms down.  Buzzer agrees to not take missions alone.  He admits that he has a bit of PTSD when he goes out alone.  This gets Cosmica a bit worried.  Pete says "I hope I don't regret this but I agree that Buzzer should be a part of the team."  Lio quietly disheartened says "Fine, if you want him on the team, see how it ends."  Buzzer spirits brightened at the sudden team support, looks to Cosmica "Are we ok?"  She says "I do not want you going on missions alone.  There are other people who want to get on the team.  It is not just for you but for everyone.  Last time Shield went out she ended up with amnesia."  Lio quickly steps in "When she went out and she accomplished her mission."  Cosmica continues "I just don't want to lose anyone."  Branch supporting Cosmica's words "You don't have to be watched all the time.  You can go home if you want to."  Buzzer offers to help Pete fix the holes in his ship.

Buzzer very relieved at the turn of events.  He turns to Lio and apologizes.  Lio says "You are just saying the words.  You don't mean them."  Buzzer feeling a bit rejected but confused because he does not know what  to say next.

Lio suggests to Pete that he try and restore MAX to be the new AI of his ship instead of Evil Knife.  Pete insists that he can still fix Evil Knife AI  in the next update, but he'll consider it.

Night at the Museum

L'Esprit sneaks into Ghosts apartment at night, finding him passed out on the couch with a bottle. L'Esprit pulls out a gun, after confirming her orders from the Troika to execute Ghost, only to have it taken away by Shield who had followed her.  Shield (weakly) defends Ghost, saying he wasn't always absolutely terrible.  L'Esprit says that he chose to be a bad person and pulls another gun.  Shield takes the gun away again, and bends the metal on them, rendering them useless.  Badger arrives on the scene to defend Ghost.  L'Esprit speaks to him for a moment, mentioning that there is only one reason he still lives.  Shield, with terrible impulse control, punches Badger in the head. He fills the room with smoke and then runs away with Ghost. L'Esprit is frustrated that her mission failed, but doesn't leave Shield behind. They both ride off on her motorcycle.

Buzzer contacts Coffee and Dani and lets them know that Officer is alright but powerless.

Buzzer hears a voice in his head.  The voice is a familiar one leading him to the Mongolian Sarcophagus.  He calls L'Esprit with no answer.  He calls Twilight who is suspicious and majorly creeped out by a strange man calling her.  He tries to convince Twilight to meet him at the Museum, and she hesitantly agrees. After the call, he decides to go check out the Sarcophagus.

Reflect hears a knock on the door and its Rampage. Reflect calls Lucy to come over if she wants and nonchalantly mentions that a monster has shown up to the door. He reassures her that he can definitely handle it, but if she comes over to help that he's not going to turn her away. Reflect is met with a situation where Rampage speaks to him with civility, and tells him that she barely escaped Aegis.  She used to run drugs and smuggle children but assures him that she is not a bad person.  She asks for asylum.  Reflect offers her to have her sleep at his place for the night. He also offers Sanctuary as another place to stay.

Twilight calls L'Esprit, asking for her help, and explains that some creepy guy called her about Joey and the Museum.  She tells her to stay away from him, and that she'll handle the creep. The two share a moment of trust that hasn't been seen often between the two, and L'Esprit ends the call by reminding Twilight that she can call her if she needs anything. Shield (after being informed about the creep) agrees to join L'Esprit to help her handle whoever is harassing Twilight, and they drive towards the Museum.

Lucy arrives at Reflect's house, and attacks Rampage with a mind blast. Reflect, a little too late, stops her from continuing and mentions that Rampage isn't a bad villain.  Lucy gives Rampage a death look to let her know that reflect is hers. Reflect convinces Lucy that he has everything under control.  Rampage tells Reflect that kids are being held by Aegis. Reflect leaves to check it out.

Buzzer works his way to check out the sarcophagus, but later gets the mental pull leading him towards Mexico.  Buzzer does not see anything happening so decides to get a Uber to head out.  While waiting for the Uber, L'Esprit recognizes something familiar about him.  She thinks it might be the creepy guy who bothered her sister.  She stops and asks Buzzer if he is a super hero, much to Shield's confusion.  Buzzer replies "Why yes, I am a super hero."

She then asks if he was the man who called her sister.  He responds that he felt someone from her family should take care of this. Shield proceeds to hit him for bothering Twilight. Buzzer rolls with the punch, much to Shield's confusion and annoyance.  He looks upset.  Buzzer provokes Shield to hit him again, and Shield complies. Buzzer continues to roll with the punch, pissing Shield off more, and asks if she is done yet. Shield hits him for a third time and this time he is not able to brush it off.  L'Esprit shoots him with a taser, and Buzzer parkours away.   L'Esprit tells him not to call her sister again, or that they will find him and punch him again. After the strange encounter, Shield decides they should continue to investigate the situation with the sarcophagus. L'Esprit agrees, mainly because Shield would be breaking and entering by herself otherwise.

Reflect goes to a secret Aegis location where the kids are being held.  Lucy gets knocked out with a mind blast. One of the kids who looks half Oolu and responsible for the mind blast.  Reflect sees a bug like creature acting as a guard, and proceeds to take it out.  He then asks the kids if they want to stay, but it seems the kids don't understand what he's saying.  The kids do not seem mind controlled, not really in danger, and are happy where they are at.  Reflect leaves to Sanctuary with Rampage and carrying a now unconscious Lucy.

Shield and L'Esprit sneak into the Museum, and after cutting through the display glass, Shield opens the case.  Tendrils start to grab Shield as the case opens. Before she could get sucked in, L'Esprit throws a flash-bang at the shadow-like tendrils. By defending Shield, the shadow limbs grab her instead and pull her in. L'Esprit sees Golden Master behind Shield as she gets dragged in, yelling a warning before the sarcophagus slams shut.  Shield, in a panic, starts to rip open the sarcophagus to get her out. But as she tries, her power becomes unstable and starts to melt off her body instead.

Buzzer loudly approaches Shield, just as she's starting to panic. As she's grabbing items to toss at the metal sarcophagus, she grabs Buzzer and throws him. Using the momentum of the throw, he uses his athletics to land on top of the steel case instead. After convincing Shield that she needs to calm down, he asks her what L'Esprit would do. Shield looks at him, thinking this is a stupid question, and says she doesn't know.  Looking at the markings on the sarcophagus, Buzzer is able to figure out that he could mentally enter the realm that was on the other side.  He proceeds to do so.

L'Esprit finds her in a empty mental landscape.  Standing before her is the Golden Master.  The Golden Master says that no matter how much time changes L'Esprit continues to look the same age.  L'Esprit responds this coming from a couple century old woman. Golden Master offers her a position to join her, seeing the darkness growing in her. L'Esprit declines the offer. She says that she is gaining control of those who control people.  L'Esprit says we have beaten you before and we will again. Buzzer appears. Golden Master addresses Joey by name, to the surprise of L'Esprit, stating she felt a connection with him. Buzzer coolly states that she killed Katiana.  Golden master merely reinforces that they are connected by his pain.  She then releases Buzzer and L'Esprit.  Buzzer passes out as Shield anxiously checks on L'Esprit. Knowing she's safe, Shield stuffs a night guard in a closet, picks Buzzer up, and takes him to Sanctuary with L'Esprit.  They put him in one of the prison cells.  L'Esprit says that Buzzer might be Joey, before demanding to know if Shield knew about this. Shield is just as confused as she is.

Reflect shows up to Sanctuary and is greeted by L'Esprit with Rampage in tow. After being reassured that she is an okay Villain, Rampage mentions that she has been working with El Leche who is in Mexico. That Aegis is holding more kids in Mexico. Reflect mentions that Aegis is being infiltrated and that you can tell who is possessed by punching them in the face, and an eye twitch tell.  Rampage mentions that the drug lord has been working with Dr.Lavar.

Buzzer has a flashback of Rook holding him in the air.  Whether this is his own memory or one of Ghost is not specified.  It is in the future and Buzzer is in a Western Ranger outfit.  She tells him not to  trust Aegis or the Wildcards.  She says she is going to let him go because she knows he is going into the past to change things.  

Buzzer looks up to see Shield approaching him with suspicion. She asks him if he is Joey, he attempts to evade the question by asking if it really matters.  Shield repeats herself, annoyed with Buzzer's avoidance. He caves, looking at her and nods as he says yes.  She takes the barrier down and grabs Buzzer by the collar, shaking him as she yells at him reminding him about their conversation from before. Shield is stopped by L'Esprit telling her that she needs to listen to Rampage.  Rampage reiterates that Dr. Lavar has been doing experiments on children.  This gets Shield's attention quickly, and attempts to leave to foolishly dig up all of Mexico by herself. L'Esprit stops her and comforts her when Shield expresses vaguely how she feels. L'Espirt commands Buzzer to leave and he complies. Reflect questions her action, but she counters that they do not know what time line that Buzzer comes from. He could be from the Oolu timeline, or some other confusing variant.

L'Esprit calls Twilight and says the creepy guy is likely to pretend to be Joey and to avoid him.  Twilight confidently says that if he comes around, that he can easily take Joey out with a knock out point. She also says that it was sad that Joey never really had any fun except with her. All he wanted to do was train.  L'Esprit agrees that it was sad.

Joey researches and finds out that Badgers alter ego as a billionaire is all right.  


Not so Secret Invasion

Pete gets a tip that Mr Bright is leading his gang from inside prison and is smuggling something across the border.

Pete and Reflect investigate and find a semi truck. Pete tries to pull it over but it is automated. He then gets contact from Mikey Likes It saying that another alien race is invading earth from orbit and he needs Pete's help now. Pete flies off leaving Reflect to deal with the truck.

Reflect teleports the back doors off the semi and finds a creature calling Rampage and six alien like children that each seem to part of a different alien species. Reflect fights with Rampage but eventually it traps itself in the semi. Reflect sits on top and waits for AEGIS and the cops show up.

Pete finds three alien ships attacking Mikey's ship. He disables one ship but the other cuts into Mikey's and pulls him from the hull. The third ship fires three pods into earth's atmosphere. The two ships leave but Pete is able to board the disables ship. He finds two alien creatures who attack him. He is barely able to escape as the ship regains power and leaves.

Sarah is heading out of school when she runs into Satin who wants to get back on the team and possibly back together with Sarah. Sarah says she'll talk to Lio and head off to help Reflect and Pete.

Reflect goes to investigate one of the pods that landed near him. He finds that it crashed into the earth just east of Otay Ranch. He finds tracks of what looks like hundreds of insects coming out of the pod. He follows one set of tracks to an electrician. He talks to him about any bugs but the guy gets mad and walks off. Reflect tries to grab his shoulder but get backhanded and knocked 10ft back. When Reflect hits him his jaw dislocates and an alien spider comes out. Reflect steps on it.

Pete, Branch, Sarah (now calling herself Cosmica) meet up in the suburbs and Reflect notices a few people who's eye is moving strangely. The same thing happened to the electrician right before the bug came out of his mouth and they start to investigate.

An minor earthquake occurs and they figure out that the spider aliens a wrapping liquid metal around the underground infrastructure. A giant spider the size of a house than erupts and starts rampaging through the suburbs.

The crew is able to tear it apart. AEGIS shows up and Reflect notices that Miracle Woman now has the wiggly eye.

Prom Night, Everything is Not Alright
Season 1 Finale

While browsing social media, Pete finds a tweet from Lindsey Hutchison announcing that she's going to prom with M. After determining her identity he promptly forgets this information.

Joey approaches Lio to make sure he looks alright, to ask about fixing his hair, and a ride to prom. Lio says they'll take care of his hair when they get there and sends him to ask Sarah for a ride. Sarah tells him that she's not sure if she or Roy will be driving, but promises to talk to him later once she knows what's going on.

Vanessa has gone to Little Italy to find the New Exemplars' new base of operations. She arrives in time to find Midas getting thrown around by Cathy. She's worried that they're fighting, but he sheepishly says it's his fault and it's no big deal. Vanessa steps over him to go talk to her sister. She asks Cathy about her time in Iceland, but Cathy doesn't seem to remember a lot, especially having to do with Dr Lemar. (Levar? Seriously wtf is this guy's name?)

On her way out, Vanessa is confronted by Midas again, who pulls some shapeshiftery BS that she does not appreciate. It had something to do with prom.

Mika and Pete return to the Sanctuary after spending some time in Pete's newly-refurbished ship. They find that Miracle Woman and two Aegis soldiers are the door. L'Esprit meets them. Miracle Woman says they're here for the prisoner.

"What prisoner?"

Despite L'Esprit playing dumb, Miracle Woman knows that they have Sasha and are here to take her into custody. L'Esprit says that they need Sasha, and rather than try to explain the whole dragon thing, lies  that Ugat will be back soon and he can explain everything. Pete, Mika, and Sarah back up this claim. Miracle Woman gives in as long as they send her a report within three hours, and leaves. Sarah offers to write up the report since Lio is already stressed.

Lio takes Mika aside. Mika asks where she signs up to be a Wildcard, and shows her new abilities. Lio explains that she's willing to trust Mika despite the misgivings Sarah, Joey, and Vanessa have, but she wants Mika to know that she doesn't have to be Mike. Lio ends the conversation with a comment that Mika looks better in Lio's clothes than Lio does. Mika confides that she 'cheats' with her body elasticity.

Mika explains Mike's plan as best she can, which basically amounts to "gather everything at the Gardens and hope for the best." Nobody has any better ideas so they run with it. Conveniently, Prom is being held at the Gardens, so it's just a matter of making sure everyone involved will be there.

Back with Vanessa, on her way back from Little Italy, she's approached by Dr Betty. Betty plays innocent when questioned about Dr Levar's sadistic tendencies, and Vanessa calls her out for it, but to no avail. (Although Vanessa doesn't realize it during the conversation, Betty is responsible for removing certain memories of Dr Levar's tortures, and probably responsible for Cathy's odd memory loss.) Betty wants Vanessa to join her and live a normal life. Vanessa brushes her off. Failing that, Betty tells her to go to Prom, just to participate in something normal. Vanessa continues on her way back to the Sanctuary.

Lio checks with Sarah about prom plans. Sarah calls Roy, who reveals that he's ordered a limo for the night. He's cool with sharing it with others. Sarah finally gets around to asking Robbie out on Lucy's behalf. Robbie accepts so presumably Sarah goes to call Lucy.

(More discussions happen, mostly about prom things.)

Lio contacts The Spectre and arranges for him to meet her at the Gardens.

Prom ride arrangements are settled. Lio and Vanessa will be arriving on Lio's motorcycle. Mika and Pete will pick up Jessica in Pete's ship, while bringing along Sasha and the branch that was torn off Mike. Lucy, Sarah, Roy, and Robbie will arrive in the limo. Joey and Ellie will be in either the limo or the ship, to be determined once Joey returns from whatever he's doing.

Speaking of Joey, all of the Wildcards and two of the Junior Guard suddenly get a livestream link. Joey appears on stream, in his Officer getup, in what appears to be a warehouse. He explains he's tracked Vanquish to a safehouse where he's meeting with a hitman. Lio texts and attempts to call him, but he doesn't answer, leaving the phone to record what follows.

Ghost shows up. Vanquish tells him, "He's not you", that he needs to prove his loyalty, and calls out Officer. Officer steps out and excitedly greets Ghost, saying they'll take down Vanquish together. Ghost draws two tommyguns, but turns them on Officer.

Badger appears from the shadows and jumps between Officer and Ghost, too late to do more than get hurt himself. Ghost stops, though. He takes off his mask, tells Vanquish to tell his masters he's coming for them, and then takes Badger and escapes.

A member of the Southwest Rangers appears over the fallen Officer. They crack a blue crystal and promptly both disappear.

Vanquish starts to fly off.

Badgertech has been blocking Max's attempts to locate the scene. Reflect suggests he can teleport there since he can technically see the location. Pete gives him a flaregun and Calavera readies to teleport with him; however, when he attempts it, he teleports alone. He banters with Vanquish to keep his attention. Vanquish attacks him. Reflect almost dodges.

The Badger finally gets out of range and Max is able to lock on. The teleportal opens behind Vanquish. Shield, Calavera, and Branch promptly pile out to beat him up and steal his pants.

L'Esprit meanwhile slips past and investigates the rest of the warehouse. She finds Joey's phone and ends the livestream. She senses someone else is there with them, but can't tell who or where, just that it seems magical and reminds her of Ugat or the dragons. Calavera, standing back from the conflict, has a similar sensation.

Calavera sees the others suddenly spasm in pain and then freeze. Everyone but Calavera and Vanquish finds themselves in the fiery hell dimension. Calavera feels a pull, but resists it.

Miss Ellis, Robbie's art teacher, approaches him — or at least something looking like her. She insists that she's trying to save the world, that it was destroyed in the explosion Dr Infinity set off way back when all this started. She refuses to explain exactly what she means by 'saving the world'. Reflect gets distracted and picks up one of the smaller dragons.

Pete gets asked again how the world will end. He tries to get around it by suggesting the scientific answer, that it will die of old age in the eventual heat death of the universe. The being pretending to be Miss Ellis accepts that answer.

Pete remembers that he built a dimension-hopping ability into his refurbished ship. He calls it and transports everyone back to the warehouse.

Oddly enough, the frozen versions of them are still present and frozen, so Calavera is understandably put-off when the ship appears with new versions. Especially when the un-frozen Reflect shows off the dragon he brought back. However, there isn't a lot of time to deliberate the matter, as there's an explosion outside.

Branch races outside first to find that a crashing airplane is headed right for them, and a piece of shrapnel hits her. She yells for Calavera to bubble the warehouse to protect them. Calavera opts instead to bubble the plane. Her bubble cuts a piece off that falls toward her, but she's able to catch that as well, and sets everything down safely.

It seems that the Teacher decided to accelerate Pete's end-of-the-world scenario, basically increasing the rate of entropy so that everything is falling apart at an alarming rate. Closing the rift seems to be the only way to deal with things.

Vanquish, at some point, escaped in the confusion.

It's decided to load the still-frozen doubles into Pete's ship. While that's happening, the warehouse is also inspected. L'Esprit recognizes it as belonging to the Troika. Reflect is much more interested in the Armani suits he finds, and promptly loads up a box along with everything else, justifying it as Prom supplies.

That all done, they return to the Sanctuary to plan. Lio gets a call from her sister asking about the livestream, which she was able to spy on. Lio snaps at her that the world is ending and there are missions more important than one dead agent. Ellie reluctantly agrees but demands to be included. Lio instructs her to go with Pete.

Lio continues to pace and call around, trying to arrange a plan to ensure Mike will be there. Roy shows up at the Sanctuary and gets shoved onto the couch and told to stay out of the way. Vanessa tries to comfort Lio. She tries to kiss her, but Lio  pulls away without noticing.

Eventually Pete remembers that M is going to be there with Lindsey, so the whole plan to go down into the catacombs after Mike is scrapped.

The Wildcards head to Prom. Everything is dying, but they seem to be the only ones to notice. Prom is 80s themed and seems to be going along fine.

The limo arrives first. Robbie goes to dance with Lucy.

Lio and Vanessa arrive next. Lio notices a shadowy figure on the roof and heads up to meet him, while Vanessa reluctantly heads into the dance. Vanessa spots Mike, Lindsey, and Kelsi — she promptly ignores the latter two and launches herself at Mike.

Pete's ship makes its dramatic entrance last, having had to go pick up Jessica and Ellie. Ellie pokes fun at Pete for taking two girls to prom. Mika zones out as she's contacted by Aspen. Aspen tells her that Michael was being mislead by a fake Aspen and that bringing everything together will just cause chaos. Mika hits the emergency button on the ship and teleports them back into the hell dimension.

A portal remains where the ship was and begins to slowly grow larger. The duplicates from the warehouse wake up and come through it. Robbie notices it just as Lucy is attempting to kiss him, much to her chagrin. He darts off to the bathroom to change.

Mike avoids Vanessa's attack by sinking into the ground. The plants in the Gardens all start going crazy again.

Lio reaches The Spectre just as the duplicate Shield attacks him. She calls out, but Shield doesn't respond. Midas is on-hand so Lio calls to him to mind-blast the duplicate.

Mika's duplicate charges Sarah, knocking Roy aside.

Pete amplifies his ship's telepathy to get back into contact with everyone. Mika explains what she did and why. Lio tells them to disregard Aspen and carry through the plan, unless anyone has any better ideas. Nobody does. Lio says that the worst that'll happen is they'll end the world a little bit faster.

The ship returns. The portal continues to grow.

Mika leaves the ship and attacks her duplicate. She succeeds in slicing it up, but the pieces simply swarm her.

Omega, Dark Reflect, and Blue Hydra show up, and Ugat reappears in full monster-tree-mode.

A new portal opens and discharges a disco-themed dude. He throws a couple of Badgerangs to fight off the plants attacking Sarah. She recognizes him as 'Casper'. He requests Pete let him into the party line. Pete also recognizes him enough to do so.

Reflect returns and dupes up to engage Dark Reflect and the other duplicates.

Everything is chaos and the problem is not improving, and a lot of civilians are in the way. The plan is dropped.

Pete opts to teleport the ship back into the hell dimension. Omega flies into the portal after him. Pete spins the ship to knock Omega off.

Vanessa attacks Mike again, ripping him out of the ground and throwing him into the portal. He tangles Mika up, dragging her through with him.

Sarah, seeing that things have spiraled far out of control, accesses a level of power she's never used before. She rises into the air, glowing with pink energy, and rips every ounce of draconic energy out of her surroundings. Blue Hydra's hydra heads, the duplicates, the eggs in Sasha and The Spectre and the garden and herself, Dark Reflect's powers, even the little dragon Robbie brought back with him are all forced back through the portal and she closes the rift. In the process, she kills the pink dragon that was slowly killing her.

Pete's ship returns, with Pete, Jessica, and the newly-depowered Sasha.

Lio checks on Sarah. Sarah shows her a fire opal that the pink dragon's powers crystallized into. She asks if Lio can have it set. Lio tells her to hang onto it and she'll see what she can do.

Sarah goes to check on Roy and finds that he's dislocated his shoulder. She's worried about his football career but he has time to heal before next season.

Adult-Joey approaches, he speaks to Pete in Oolu and then introduces himself to Lio as 'Buzzer', an agent of Aegis from the future. He mentally asks Pete and Sarah to stay quiet about his real identity. Lio greets him brusquely and tells him to deal with the civilians.

While they're talking, The Spectre approaches and demands answers. He's surprised and more than a little insulted that Lio manipulated him. 'Buzzer' tries to defend her but they both tell him to stay out of it. Lio says that she didn't manipulate him, just left out a few details, but they'll talk about it later — she has something else to take care of.

Mike and Mika are both still on the wrong side of the dimensional issue. (And Omega, but everyone agrees that they'll only rescue Omega if it's convenient.)

Lio, Reflect, and Pete get into Pete's ship and head for the dragon dimension one more time. Jessica comes along because she never left the ship. They find a monstrously huge Ugat, sprawling across kilometres, while Mika is running for her life. The ship swoops down to pick up Mika.

The ship has a loudspeaker, so Lio asks Reflect to talk to Mike. He instead tries to locate the dragon he brought back. He sees it among the other blue dragons running from Ugat.  He does not see a way to pick it without getting smacked by Ugat or swarmed by blue dragons.

Lio takes over and tries to reach out to Mike. She's able to contact a part of him and tries to convince him to come back with them, that they need him. He says that there's no way, that even if he could leave he has to stay to hold back the dragons, but tells them to plant the branch. He asks Lio to take care of Mika and the team. Lio tries to keep arguing but they're out of time and Pete has to bring the ship back.

Mika recovers and calls over Jessica. She tells Jessica that she doesn't mind her chasing Pete — because when it came down to it, Pete chased Mika. Jessica kisses Pete but it fails to ruffle Mika.

Robbie finds Lucy and finally kisses her. There is much rejoicing.

Lio goes to find Sarah and Vanessa.

Buzzer offers to help Pete fix his ship.  Buzzer says that he is not going to call him Pete anymore because what it means in Oolu.  Then they both laugh at its meaning.   Buzzer explains that there is no Alcohol, tobacco, and sugar products in the future.  Pete suggests getting some candy.  Buzzer fills himself with candy.  

Dark Convergence

We join L'Esprit and Shield at the end of their impromptu road trip, as they make it to the Canadian Aegis facility and are able to gain access to Dr Cosmos. He is imprisoned and has a metal band around his head that blocks his mental abilities.

After some arguing, they ask for his help in returning Shield's memories. L'Esprit appeals to his sense of heroism. He agrees on the condition that they make his help public, which is a small price to pay. He opens Shield's memories. Along with the other memories, he unearths a repressed memory of her time in Bodyguard, being tortured and nearly murdered by Dr Lemar(?) during the metal-bonding process.

While Shield is recovering, L'Esprit talks to Miracle Woman, asking her to be prepared for taking in Omega. Miracle Woman brings up the Wildcards becoming the Halcyon representatives of Aegis, saying she can arrange for upgrades to the Sanctuary and whatnot. L'Esprit insists that them holding villains for long periods of time is not workable and that she's not making any deals. Miracle Woman agrees to have an Aegis team nearby to take Omega off their hands.

Meanwhile, back in Halcyon, Robbie is attending school as usual. He hears a rumor about Siphon and Vanessa and one of them owing the other a favor. As the school day ends he spots Lucy, but as soon as she sees him she veers away, avoiding him. He considers making a big deal about it but instead skulks off sadly.

Robbie skulks right into Deborah Holland, otherwise Gold/Black Raven. She tells him that she thinks Robert Russ, Dark Reflect, is evil (no shit), that there's a duplicate following her (oh shit), and she wants Robbie's help dealing with them. Robbie and Deborah brainstorm on how to deal with Dark Reflect.

Black Raven manages to knock out the DR duplicate while regular Reflect distracts him. He asks Deborah if she knows any science-y people. She lists Dr Cosmos and Dr Infinity. Seeing as the Wildcards have an uneasy alliance with Dr Infinity, Robbie texts Lio to ask how to get ahold of her. He's told to use Twitter.

Joey gives Lio a call, asking her permission to ask Ellie to Prom, since he doesn't know if their parents will be too happy with him. Lio tells him that Ellie is her own person and if he wants to ask her then he should ask her, not anybody else's permission. Joey is not entirely on-board with this but goes to ask Ellie out anyway. Ellie, grinning, says yes. He gets the feeling she's planning on causing trouble.

Afterward he gets a call from Ghost asking to meet him. Joey goes and finds Ghost in conversation with The Spectre. Joey scoffs at The Spectre's costume. The Spectre tells him that he's in over his head and promptly vanishes. Ghost seems annoyed by the whole thing and eager to move on. He gives Joey a tracker and tells him to go through the tunnels created by the evil Durians. Joey asks that the map be emailed to him afterward. Ghost says that he might. Joey argues a little but heads into the tunnels anyway.

Dr Infinity calls Reflect back and, shortly, flies in with a jetpack to meet him and Raven and their unconscious DR Dupe. She has a small base setup and confirms that it can contain a Dark Reflect, however she refuses to tell Reflect where it is, purely on principal. He eventually agrees to take the Uber there with the rest of them. He points out that he'll know where it is anyway but Dr Infinity is nothing if not stubborn.

Underground, Joey runs into Mike, under the influence of the evil energy. Mike throws Joey and takes the tracker. There's a box with a tommy gun, which Mike picks up. Joey tries to get a picture of Mike but gets grabbed again and a vine shoved down his throat. He blacks out.

Reflect, Raven, Dr Infinity, and their unconscious burden make it to Dr Infinity's new base. Dr Infinity instructs her AI (also named 'Dr Infinity') to activate an Anti-Reflect Field. They wake up the Dark Reflect duplicate. He laughs and tries to teleport, fails, tries to dupe out and fails that as well. He's a little freaked out by that. They interrogate him, but I missed most of the content of that conversation.

Lio and Vanessa have returned to Halcyon and are on their way to the Sanctuary. Vanessa thanks Lio, then asks why Lio kissed her. Lio, caught off-guard, says that it seemed like the thing to do. Vanessa talks about her hurting the people around her, which Lio insists is pretty normal for people with powers.

The conversation has to be tabled as they draw within sight of the Sanctuary. Omega and a Dark Reflect are out front. The Dark Reflect disappears almost immediately. Vanessa attacks Omega, who catches her punch and flies her up into the air. He's glassy-eyed and clearly out of it, but for a moment he does focus on Vanessa and identify her as "Shield?"

After determining that he's there to guard the Sanctuary and that he doesn't intend to hurt Shield, L'Esprit rushes into the Sanctuary. Omega releases Shield to fly after her, but Shield hangs on and keeps punching him.

Back with Reflect, with the interrogation over, Dr Infinity says that as long as they have both Reflects there they may as well keep them. Reflect tries to convince her not to make an enemy of the Wildcards, with no luck. Raven apologizes, and his appeal fails with her as well. He's left alone with the Dark Reflect duplicate. He texts out for help, as the cell phone signal is not blocked, but only L'Esprit replies: Sorry, busy.

Underground again, Joey comes to, finding Mike gone but he still has company. Sasha is standing over him with a pistol in hand, a dead body nearby. Joey checks on the body and takes a picture. He doesn't recognize her, but it's Wanda Faro, the geneticist who wanted to help Sarah. Sasha says that she was getting in their way.

Sasha tells Joey that Ugat needs their help, he needs 'more seeds' and for that he needs the branch torn off him in the Omega fight. Joey tells her about Mike's theory that she's his niece, which she scoffs at. They head to the Sanctuary.

L'Esprit finds the Sanctuary full of Dark Reflects, the security systems overwhelmed by their sheer number. There's an explosion toward the back, near the computer, teleportal, and Ugat's room. L'Esprit goes to her room to grab a gadget she's been working on. She overloads all the electronics in the Sanctuary to create a net of electricity, which electrocutes all the Dark Reflects and her as well. It doesn't phase Omega as he flies to hit her, but Vanessa intercepts him and gets knocked into a wall.

Reflect, recalling his discussion with Raven about the source of Dark Reflect's powers, hits on the idea of tapping into his tattoo for extra power. He focuses. Dark Reflect realizes too late what he's doing and lunges — "Take me with you!" — but Reflect blinks out. Reflect appears in the Sanctuary, finding it full of DR dupes wavering just post-electrocution. A moment later he has Sasha pointing a gun at his head.

Sasha asks Joey for Reflect's name. She does something that knocks Reflect out. Joey runs to be the first to grab the branch. Sasha is between Joey and the door so Joey tries to run through the wall unsuccessfully.  He gets knocked down.  Sasha picks the stick up and Joey hits her to take the branch away.  Joey knocks her unconscious.

L'Esprit garottes Omega. He starts to come to again and says that he doesn't want to do this. Unsympathetic, L'Esprit tells him not to resist, then. Shield recovers and claws his face, stabbing out his eye. He throws them both off and flies out of the Sanctuary.

At some point, the Dark Reflects disperse, and Reflect comes to.

Vanessa goes to wash her hands while Lio, Joey, and Robbie discuss. Joey asks to be locked up with Sasha in order to talk to her. Lio hesitantly agrees, but Sasha doesn't wake up so Joey phases out.

Joey explains in his own disjointed way about seeing the Spectre, running into Mike in the tunnels, and having something put into him. He gets distracted halfway through by calling Ghost to tell him the mapping got interrupted.

Lucy turns up. She says that she sensed an energy burst, which was from Reflect's Unleash, although it takes a few tries for him to get the explanation across. Vanessa returns from the bathroom and hugs Robbie. Robbie hugs her back. Lucy shyly tells Robbie to talk to Sarah about Prom and then excuses herself.

Lio goes to reboot the Sanctuary, her electrical trick having knocked everything out. She gets a Troika message asking her to meet somewhere.

Vanessa talks to Robbie, thanking him for rescuing Lio during the Alaska mission. She then goes to hug Lio and apologize, saying that leaders shouldn't plan to die. Lio tries to explain that she thinks they have similar ideas about their own safety. Vanessa promises to fight for her. They get interrupted by Joey asking if it's alright to go in Lio's room, since he wants to clean up the damage from the fight.

Vanessa accompanies Joey.  Joey tries to convince that Vanessa that she is needed on the team but instead convinces her that she is human.  Vanessa responds by telling him that no one should go on a mission knowing they are going to die.  She seemed worried that Joey might do something suicidal.  Joey pretends to not know what she is talking about. Lio checks on them because they seem to be fighting, but retreats when she hears that part of the conversation. Shield walks away asking what did Ghost have that Officer could not do.

Lio leaves the Sanctuary to make her Troika meeting. She finds that it's only her mother, Dawn. They have an emotional conversation about their relationship, Dawn wanting her daughter back. There are tears and hugging. Dawn explains that Lio's father Ike isn't on board, and mentions that the Troika have seemed strange ever since Lio came back. Lio suddenly gets the feeling that the 'traitor' she's looking for is in fact either her mother or father. Lio tells her that she needs to get back, but promises to stay in touch and that they'll figure things out.

At some point Joey researches his actual relationship to Sasha, since her being his niece is difficult if he doesn't have any siblings. He finds that it's very likely she's actually Ghost's illegitimate daughter. He leaves the evidence for her in her cell.

Omega Rage

Officer goes hunting for the Spider in order to make amends to Badger. The Spider instead catches Officer.  Officer is brought to a screen by two thugs.  The screen shows a shadowy figure who claims to be the Spider.  The Spider explains to Officer that Badger no longer hunts him.  Officer escapes, taking a router with him which might have the IP addresses in it.

Pete Friendly pokes around with the evil durians, but his ship is in bad shape and the computer gives him unhelpful responses. He returns to the Sanctuary. A bruised and frightened Midas shows up and Pete lets him in. Midas explains that Omega was unhappy with the handling of the fight at the Gardens and hurt him because of it. He says that the other New Exemplars are scared of Omega now and need the Wildcards' help getting away from him. Officer shows up not trusting Midas.  He tries to communicate privately with Pete who reminds him that mental communication is not private.  Officer and Pete figure General Mikey can get the ship running.  Officer runs off.

Sarah talks to her mom.  Sarah's mom wants to perform a ritual.  The ritual will require surgery.  Sarah states that her mom and her may have cross purposes. At some point later she brings this up to Pete, who is at least pretty sure that Oolu surgical technology is far superior to humans'.

Officer runs to Twilight's house.  A butler answers and takes Joey's name.  

As Sarah leaves school she runs into Blue Hydra and says she needs Sarah to join her and if she can break the barrier to the other dimension Sarah will become the most powerful thing in this dimension. Blue Hydra tries to swallow her with one of the hydra heads but Sarah puts up a shield. The hydra heads then dig a hole in the ground and Blue Hydra leaves.

Pete visits General Mikey, who is semi-retired and reluctant to break his vacation to go fix Pete's ship. Pete tries compliments and coercion, but Mikey only responds when Pete suggests Lucy might be in danger. Mikey replaces Pete's computer with an older one, but it's only a temporary solution and the virus will take it over again within a day.

M talks with Jessica about them both going to prom with Pete. M tries to communicate to Jessica the idea that they are a hero and not villain but it just comes off as M not wanting Jessica to go prom. Jessica takes it all wrong and feels bad for M because they're a tree and gives them a kiss on the cheek.

Sarah thinks that Lucy in the Sky has a crush on Robbie and talks to her about it. When discussing it Lucy asks Sarah to the dance. Sarah is surprised but finds out Lucy only wants to go as friends and doesn't mind if Roy tags along. Lucy requests that Sarah ask Robbie to prom so all four of them go. Sarah is confused but agrees.

Officer and Pete meet up.  Officer tells Pete he is hunting the Spider for Badger.  Pete points out that Badger's blog states he hates the Wildcards but REALLY hates Officer.  Officer blows Pete off believing that this is nothing that can not be overcome.  Joey mentions he does not want to interfere with Ugat and Pete's relationship.  He wants to ask Nadia to prom.  He asks Pete for advice.  He wants to ask her mom first, which Pete knows is unnecessarily old-fashioned from all the romcoms he's watched. Pete suggests that when he asks her out that he rides Joey's mind.  Joey likes that idea a lot.

Seeing as his ship will only be functional for a little while, and so won't be useful for hiding the New Exemplars, Pete suggests sending them to the Junior Guard. Joey mentions being friends with them, which Pete is skeptical of, considering Joey still considers Badger a 'friend'.

They call up Coffee. Coffee is reluctant, explaining that there could be legal issues with sheltering minors across international lines. If they take in the New Exemplars they'd have to do so openly. Ultimately it's agreed that hiding the New Exemplars from Omega in Canada isn't an option. Dany butts into the conversation to greet Pete and ask how Shield is doing.

Coffee mentions Shield's contacts with Railroad in Iceland, so that's the next plan. Pete calls up Vanessa. Vanessa and Lio have taken an impromptu road trip but can still answer calls. Pete tells her the situation, reassuring her that Cathy is fine and there's no immediate danger (even though he has not actually checked on her). Vanessa agrees to call Betty, and Betty agrees to take in the New Exemplars.

Meanwhile Joey asks Coffee what he should do about Nadia. Coffee is skeptical about Pete's ability to give advice about human relationships. Coffee tells Joey to make sure that he really wants to go to prom with Nadia, specifically, and that he isn't just asking her because she's a convenient girl he knows. For some reason this includes discussion of pronouns and the fact that Dany identifies as female.

Joey ends up asking Nadia's parents first after all. They're all for it.  Joey decorates Nadia's room.  Joey asks Nadia who is appreciative.  She states no one has ever done anything like that before.  She also mentions she already has a date to prom.

Pete advises Officer to find Lady Night. Officer asks Ghost for help.  Ghost is mysteriously able to set up a meeting with Lady Night.

Lady Night refuses to listen and argues that Omega is a hero and above reproach, talking in the same way Badger and Blue Flag talked about Dr Cosmos. Officer takes this is as a sign of mind control. Lady Night holds Officer over the edge of a cliff over running water and demands to know where Midas is. Officer insists that he doesn't know. He tries to escape and fails, but she drops him anyway. Officer recovers and speeds off to find Pete again.

Joey finds Pete and discusses that he may have something called 'ADHD' and wants Pete's help managing it, since he doesn't like the side-effects on the medications he's seen for it. Pete agrees to help him. Joey also mentions Lady Night acting weird.

Pete sends his ship to pick up the New Exemplars. Soon after they get a communication from Lucy that Omega showed up and tore the ship in half. Officer freaks out and runs to the top of the Exemplar building and sees that Omega is enraged and knocked out Twilight. Officer distracts Omega and leads him away.

Pete turns into a boneless slug-thing and engages Omega to give the others time to attack, especially Calavera. She succeeds in depowering Omega with her saliva but it only lasts briefly. Omega starts to choke her. Ugat activates Pete's camera to catch the spectacle of Omega choking out a small teenage girl. Their sarcastic comment draws Omega's attention and Omega destroys the camera. Ugat swings on him, but Omega catches their arm and tears it off, and Ugat passes out. Pete remembers that he has mind-blasts but they prove ineffective — Omega says that it's because he spent so much time around Cosmos. Omega grabs Pete and flies him into orbit, leaving him there. Calavera rescues Pete with her bubbles.

Officer tries to escape with Ugat but Ugat has rooted to the ground, so Officer retreats without them. gat recovers consciousness but cannot move unless they 'leave behind the tree'. After much deliberation, Ugat's bark splits open and a naked human form is expelled — a female form. Mika, without Mike.

Pete attempts to contact Michael in the tree but gets no response. Ugat seems possessed and he sprays Omega with pollen then sinks into the ground. This possesses Omega and he leaves. Lucy tells Pete that Omega returned to the ship and took the evil durians, and threw one into the ground.

Officer checks on the New Exemplars and Twilight is still unconscious.  New Exemplars state that they will figure things out and will stay in Halcyon and help.  Officer convinces them that the teams are linked and if they need help to call any member of the Wildcards.

Officer goes back to Twilight's house.  He tells the butler that Ellie has been hurt.

Mika is taller than Sarah or Vanessa and won't fit their clothes, so Sarah calls Lio to ask to use her clothes. Lio gives the go-ahead. Mika does some more growing after she puts on Lio's clothes.

Mika asks to speak with Pete privately.

Joey returns to the Sanctuary and reluctantly greets Mika, shaking her hand. He states he never imagined Mika as a woman.  Mika talks to Joey about Twilight and points out that she trained under Lady Night.

Some investigation is done on the location where the durians were thrown. Pete and Officer realize that the durians created a massive root structure that stretches throughout San Diego. The roots are hollow and about 6ft diameter.

The Twisted Garden

We join our heroes in the Sanctuary, a nonspecific amount of time after the Hydra Mansion Incident, as they do boring things like research and resolving personal issues.

Vanessa hears a rumor of Dr Cosmos getting away from the Junior Guard. Fortunately this turns out to be just a rumor, as Dr Cosmos is safely under the control of Aegis. For now.

Lio hangs out at the Sanctuary doing research with Max and butting into everyone else's conversations. She has decrypted the drive from the mansion, finding that it lists the locations and activities of the four rift-related nouns, and there's a cryptic note about something being complete in four weeks. Lio also DMs Dr Infinity to ask about the inside of a Hydra head, is told that it's both squishy and a hell-portal.

Joey startles Vanessa with a hug, earning him a punch. He gives her the information that he learned about Bodyguard during his research, and explains that he'd have more but he doesn't focus well unless he's drinking. Lio overhears and suggests ADHD medication, again, but Joey remains obstinate. He and Lio talk briefly about his role as a hero and that he's come to terms with being in a support role.

Joey also wants to go and apologize to Badger and asks Lio to come with as backup. She invites along Vanessa as well. They end up not going.

At some point M arrives to talk to Joey. M has heard that Sasha Blaze may be Joey's niece, although Joey doesn't remember having a younger brother so the truth of that rumor is questionable. While they're talking Joey agrees to trust M more, even if he doesn't necessarily like Mika still. Lio butts in to offer full support of this idea and argue for M's dependability.

Vanessa is uncertain around M, primarily remembering them as Mika the Enforcer.

The schoolkids head to school. Vanessa follows them. M has been discussing Prom lately, but when they suggest Lio and Vanessa go together, Lio seems to think Vanessa already has a girlfriend, and Vanessa wants to investigate.

Sarah is stopped in the halls by Robert Russ and her mom. Her mom wants to mend their relationship. She reveals that she worked with Barb Sharpton and knows a little about the pink dragon issue, and she wants Sarah to meet with a geneticist friend of theirs, a Dr Wanda Faro. Sarah agrees to come for dinner after her mom practically begs her, but only if she can bring a friend.

Sarah leaves school early and returns to the Sanctuary to talk to Lio. Lio agrees to going to dinner with her.

Back at school, M tracks down Sasha Blaze. They feel drained around her and their leaves start to wither and dry out. She is standoffish and at first refuses their 'help', but they're able to convince her to at least pick up when they call later.

Exploring the school grounds, Vanessa is startled by a sudden hug from a crying girl, and instinctively punches her — again, as she recognizes Kelsi a little too late. A couple of jock-y friends of Kelsi's grab Vanessa. Kelsi says she just wants to help Vanessa, but Vanessa rebuffs her, as most of her memories are of hurting Kelsi. One of the guys, Roy, tells her to stop pushing people away. Vanessa breaks out of their grasp and leaves. Roy calls after her, but she tells him to get lost.

Joey runs into Vanessa outside as school is letting out. She asks him what she's doing on the team, given that she doesn't have any control. Joey argues that they need her for defense. Another voice speaks up, saying that Vanessa was learning control. Vanessa stands at attention as she recognizes Dr Betty. After being told to stand down, Vanessa admits her frustration with the slow return of her memory. Betty tells her that it's harder because of her conditioning, but that she needs to stay around people because otherwise she's at risk of retreating into herself and becoming a violent, single-minded monster like Brett.

Pete returns to his ship. The reboot has been partially successful, but the systems are infected with some kind of alien virus and it'll need a professional to look at it. He puts that off and heads to the botanical gardens to investigate there.

Reflect is out playing with his new robot suit when he gets alerted to someone attempting to take it over. Exemplar software shuts out the attempt, but he's able to track the source to not far from the Sanctuary. He stops by the Sanctuary to find Sarah and Lio. It doesn't seem like it'll take long, so Sarah and Lio suit up to go with him.

The three Wildcards encounter some older guy with a bow and arrows, who largely ignores them in favor of the armor. He calls it his 'Assassin Armor' and caresses the faceplate, and is startled when Reflect opens it. The Assassin fires an explosive arrow that temporarily disables the armor's systems. He then puts a knife to Reflect's throat. Calavera pulls Reflect away telekinetically while L'Esprit tackles the Assassin.

L'Esprit recognizes the Assassin as a family member, former Troika now working against them. If he knows that the suit is out then he's probably had contact with Dr Infinity or Blue Hydra. He recognizes her as well, though he's confused since she's supposed to be dead. He says that they could work together 'again' and retreats with a smoke bomb.

At the botanical gardens, Pete has the bright idea of psychically connecting to the park. He finds himself transported into a new place, not the purgatory that results from connecting to Blue Hydra. This new hell dimension vaguely resembles Mars, has no visible sun but is lit up with a radiance from somewhere, and is full of small dragons. A strange tear is visible in the sky with something flowing through it.

A shadow approaches Pete and takes the form of Mrs Hutchison, Pete recognizing them as The Teacher. The Teacher tells Pete not to interfere, that they want to make things better. As they speak telepathically the Teacher cycles through the forms of the people they've possessed, and Pete spots a triangular symbol that seems to always be somewhere on them. Pete politely suggests that they take over the nearby colony instead. The Teacher asks Pete for suggestions on how the world should end.

Pete snaps out of it to find that the gardens around him have gone haywire. Plants are growing out of control, trapping the patrons and growing heads that snap at people. Pete sends out a team call.

M, meanwhile, feels a burst of bad energy from the botanical gardens. They text Sarah telling her to stay away so that her energy doesn't overlap with the garden's. Lio and Sarah have an appointment already so they head to the Sanctuary to get presentable. Reflect has his armor back online and heads for the gardens, while Joey carries Vanessa from school.

Reflect arrives to find a giant vine suspending a baby carriage. His rescue attempt is intercepted by more vines that start to pull apart the armor.

Midas shows up to catch the falling baby. He lands near Pete and demands to know what just happened and where Pete's mind was just now. Pete tells him about talking to The Teacher and shows him the symbol. Midas creates a mirror and shows Pete that the symbol is on his own forehead. Pete doesn't feel possessed, but he does feel like he has a decision to make about the end of the world. He focuses on the current events instead.

Ugat soothes some of the plants, allowing civilians to escape. They start to absorb the energy into themselves and store it in a fruit that vaguely resembles a durian.

Officer leaves Shield out front as he goes to scout things out. He spies Twilight, then gets grabbed and thrown by a vine. He lands near Silvercat, who puts her foot on him and asks if this is his fault, much to his annoyance. Officer phases through her and returns to the scene, locating a narrow but serviceable escape route to start funneling civilians through.

Shield freezes up briefly as she has flashbacks to fighting Mika. She spots Violetta looking possessed, so decides to try knocking her out. A pod thing closes around both of them. Shield tears them out of it.

Lucy rescues Reflect, but a giant flower releases a cloud of spores directly into her flight path. She drops and gets swallowed by another flower. Reflect tears the flower open to pull her out. She recovers but acts goofy and friendly and generally high as a kite.

Meanwhile, as all of that chaos happens, Lio and Sarah are occasionally offering advice through Pete's team link, while having an uncomfortable dinner with Sarah's parents and Dr Faro.

Dr Faro explains that she worked with THULE and mentions that Dr Tong (Blue Hydra) pioneered hyperdimensional research. Faro wants to try some kind of ritual on Sarah, which she doesn't elaborate on. Sarah seems uncertain and Lio is resistant, arguing that Ugat and Pete are handling this and have something more tangible to deal with the dragons than a vague 'ritual'. Faro slips Lio a note saying that The Spectre wants to talk to her.

Sarah takes Lio aside and they agree not to give too much information and to talk to Pete before agreeing to anything, especially any rituals. Lio excuses herself to the 'bathroom'. While she's gone, Roy shows up. He doesn't seem to know about any of this business but he was invited, for some reason.

Lio sneaks outside and meets The Spectre XI. She tells him she won't do anything to hurt Sarah, but he's not here about that. He explains that someone within the Troika is working against them, possibly someone close to the leaders and/or the New Exemplars, and that he needs Lio's help because he's not sure who else to trust. He's not sure if he can even trust Dr Faro, though he doesn't take Lio's offer to silence her. Lio agrees to do what she can and The Spectre disappears.

Lio returns to the dinner, greets Roy with a slightly-too-aggressive shoulder squeeze. She tries to get a read on Wanda but fails.

Back with the action, Ugat has absorbed most of the energy but feels that it's slowly re-formed around them, and will recharge in about a week. The rift is not closed and the garden is not entirely contained, but mostly. They get the sense that all of the 'fragments' need to be brought together.

Pete teleports the evil fruits to his ship to be locked down, planning on transferring everything to the Sanctuary later before he takes it in.

Joey has been getting people out slowly. Twilight slices open a wider path for him.

Violetta grabs Vanessa, asking for her help. Vanessa isn't sure how to deal with this.

Lucy has grown butterfly wings and gorilla arms and is trying to literally drag Reflect to the beach. Reflect relays a suggestion to bring Violetta with them, since it'll get them both out of the way. Lucy reluctantly accepts the idea. Vanessa picks up Violetta and throws her to them. Vines grab at them, but Reflect tears them away and he, Lucy, and Violetta vacate the premises. One of the vines bonds strangely to Vanessa's arm metal, but Ugat's influence fixes that.

Joey sucker-punches Cathy for stopping him earlier. She swings back and he runs away. Pete drops Cathy's density so she can't do any damage, so Joey stops and lets her wail on him, which only seems to annoy her further.

Midas gets a communication and tells Pete that the New Exemplars will be securing the park. Pete argues. Lio and Ugat tell him to let them take responsibility for it. Pete gives in reluctantly. When asked to call if Blue Hydra shows up, Midas is obstinate. He also takes a photo of Pete's forehead to show Omega later. Joey texts Twilight to ask for news of Blue Hydra, she agrees tersely and he texts it to Pete. The Wildcards head out.

At a distress call from Reflect, Pete flies to the beach. Violetta is sad and crying and Lucy is all over Reflect like an overfriendly octopus. Possibly literally. Pete tries to sober up Lucy, only to take on the drugged effect himself. He tries to comfort Violetta and fails miserably. Midas shows up to take charge of Lucy and Violetta, allowing Reflect and Pete to escape.

Joey calls Ellie (I think) a little later for reasons I missed. She tells him that Cathy is still pissed and has been printing out pictures of his face to tape to her punching bag.

Suddenly Dragons

In the course of his solo space adventures, Pete finds that the Oolu colony as well as the local population has been overrun by some kind of scary mech-like footsoldiers, controlled by an unknown source. His investigation is halted when he gets caught and he barely escapes. Unbeknownst to our alien hero, something else returns with him. Also, Blue Hydra remained locked in his laundry room the entire trip.

He returns to Earth to find he has other problems: Jessica has posted everywhere that she's going to prom with Pete. Before he left, she asked him and he said yes, without really realizing it. She catches him at school and gushes about prom. Meanwhile, Lucy telepathically asks him about it and why he's not going with M. He says he's still planning on asking them, despite Lucy's admonitions. Tuning back into Jessica, she asks about Michael as well and he says he thought they could all go together. Jessica is uncertain about this idea.

Away from school drama, Lio has learned Lady Night intends to sabotage Badger's attempt to rescue Doc Cosmos. L'Esprit tracks Lady Night to the Badgercave. While scouting for entrances, Lio accidentally sets off an alarm and activates bars that force her to enter the cave. L'Esprit sneaks further in to find Rose Pena tasering Lady Night. L'Esprit depowers the taser so Lady Night can knock out Rose.

Lady Night confronts L'Esprit for spoiling her plan. L'Esprit apologizes and says she can serve as an alibi when Badger shows up. Night says she has to treat Lio like an equal, but she doesn't consider them equals, and comments that Lio has died once and can die again. She gives L'Esprit the bombs she intended to use and leaves. L'Esprit decides to set the bombs up on the Badgerjet, re-setting them to go off in five minutes rather than in flight.

She's setting up the last of the bombs when Rose orders her to get away from the jet. Rose is pointing a gun at her, and some kind of cybernetic in her eye is glowing. L'Esprit puts her hands up and moves away, staying between Rose and the jet. L'Esprit comments about the bombs. When Rose glances at the jet, L'Esprit lunges to try and grab the gun, but something wraps around her arm and yanks her to the ground.

L'Esprit looks up to find Badger standing over her. She tells him she sabotaged the jet to keep him from going after the Junior Guard. He's distracted talking to her long enough that the bombs go off, throwing him and Rose back. L'Esprit checks that Rose is alright and then leaves.

Pete, after school, returns to his ship to find that the chameleon circuit is no longer functioning and the uncamoflauged ship has attracted a crowd. He investigates and finds the entire computer system is borked, with even diagnostics requiring more than two days. Blue Hydra is gone so he assumes she's to blame. He sends a mental message about Blue Hydra being loose. Lio suggests meeting at the Sanctuary.

Pete takes an Uber. During the drive, he chats with his driver about his romantic problems and asks whether they think taking two (technically three) people to prom is a problem. The driver is supportive.

Lio and Pete meet M and Sarah at the Sanctuary. M has returned from the desert and tells them what he learned in his vision quest. It is… complicated.

- There's another dimension full of magic, and dragons that consume various energies. (Blue Hydra's hydras are several such dragons.)
- The plant-death-pulse was actually a sign of a major rift opening between our dimension and the dragon dimension.
- Magic is now seeping into our dimension, while life energy is seeping into the dragon dimension.
- Closing the rift involves destroying or 'cleansing' four people/places: Sarah, Sasha Blaze, a botanical garden, and Nasir Serero (the current Spectre).
- The dragon egg thing Blue Hydra put in Sarah may or may not be involved.
- M is now some kind of guardian of Life/Green Energy/Nature and has a persistent connection with this rift thing.

Sarah is naturally anxious about her dragon problem. Lio comforts her that they'll figure this out, without any 'destroying'. (Not even Sasha, preferably.)

M and Pete talk about their relationship and Prom. M is distracted by the whole rift thing. I missed the outcome of this conversation. At some point M also texts Violetta asking to talk to Twilight.

M also shows off at some point that they can eat random seeds and grow fruit, which prompts a pointless conversation about lemons.

Dr Infinity is awake again and exasperated by Pete and M's teenage relationship drama. L'Esprit and Pete go to question her while M spectates. Dr Infinity insists that interdimensional physics is too theoretical for her, that it was Blue Hydra's area of research, and the research was in the now-destroyed base. She says Blue Hydra would seek out allies like Vanquish or Black Raven. Satisfied, L'Esprit calls Miracle Woman to take custody of Dr Infinity. Dr Infinity threatens again to take control of the base. M has a terse talk with Dr Infinity, threatening to rip off her limbs if she ever pulls any shit again. She is cowed, but she was last time too.

Finding the missing weird alien plant that Dark Reflect stole from the Hall of Heroes seems important. The gang teleportals to Palomar Observatory and Pete reconfigures things to find the plant. It indicates that it's right where they are. After much searching they turn up nothing. Ugat belatedly realizes that the scan is picking up them. This is somehow related to their connection to the rift.

In the Uber back Sarah gets a call from Max saying that the security has been compromised. It turns out that Miracle Woman neglected to mention she's 12 hours away, and in the meantime Infinity has escaped, although Max reports she's still in the Sanctuary. Our heroes return to the base and find Dr Infinity and a cowering Siphon in front of the teleportal. Dr Infinity wants to work together to deal with Blue Hydra. Her deal is taken and L'Esprit calls Miracle Woman to tell her Dr Infinity escaped.

Ugat lays out options for Siphon, who opts to slink out rather than join them. Ugat and Calavera mention removing him from the base's security clearance once they get the security back online. L'Esprit doesn't offer input, just glares after him.

Dr Infinity is insistent that they go to confront one of the people she mentioned. L'Esprit inputs the coordinates for Vanquish's house and the gang plus Dr Infinity teleportal onto the grounds.

Security is unexpectedly increased and they find themselves surrounded by goons that promptly point guns at them. Pete (or Ugat?) explains that they want to talk to Vanquish, and the man in question comes out to see what they want.

While Pete and L'Esprit ask Vanquish about Blue Hydra, Ugat senses a hydra egg in Vanquish. He asks about it in an undertone. Vanquish asks for help.

Five giant hydra heads promptly erupt from the roof of the mansion and attack our heroes. One hits Pete, causing him to lose control of his mind blasts and lash out unpredictably. Ugat tries to grab two of them to tie together, but they instead bite Ugat's arms and start to pull them apart. One engulfs Dr Infinity. Calavera uses a bubble to free her, but another bites Calavera and starts to pull her. She yells at L'Esprit to help rather than back off. L'Esprit attempts to tase one of the heads directly in its mouth, but a blast from Pete stops her and she barely avoids getting eaten. Pete starts a stream, then turns into a mongoose-gorilla (gorillagoose? mongorilla?) and grabs the heads biting Ugat, knocking their skulls together to stun them. Vanquish grabs Dr Infinity.

Calavera gets pulled to Blue Hydra, who is floating between her oversized hydras with her eyes rolled back. She focuses on Calavera and says something about Calavera being ready (I think that's what she said?). Ugat attempts to intervene and grab Blue Hydra but gets bitten again. Ugat yells at Pete to connect their minds to Blue Hydra.

The gang suddenly find themselves in a strange purgatory dimension. Blue Hydra, Calavera, and Vanquish are gone. In Calavera's place are two dragons, a small blue dragon and a medium-sized pink dragon. In Blue Hydra's place are eight much larger blue dragons beginning to surround the pink dragon. In Vanquish's place is another baby blue dragon. The pink dragon answers when the gang calls for Calavera. Everyone is justifiably confused about this, including Calavera.

Figuring out that the larger blue dragons want to protect the small ones from pink dragon Calavera, Pete steals the one near the pink dragon and runs off with it. Several blue dragons follow, the others gang up on Calavera. She uses a burst of power to fling them off of her. Pete threatens the baby dragon he's carrying and the others stay back.

Ugat squishes the tiny Vanquish dragon, and suddenly everyone returns to the normal dimension.

Dr Infinity is standing over L'Esprit examining her opals. She backs off when L'Esprit wakes up, but says that the opals have interesting properties and she'd like to study them. Ugat reminds her of their earlier threat.

Vanquish is passed-out, but squishing the baby dragon cleared him of Blue Hydra's influence. Calavera is Calavera again. Blue Hydra is gone. Dr Infinity explains that Hydra opened some kind of hole in the ground and tunneled out, closing it behind her, and this whole incident is way beyond what Blue Hydra should be capable of.

Calavera still has the blue dragon egg, but at least they now know that killing the 'dragons' is effective. Nobody's quite sure what's going on with the pink dragon, though it's definitely related to Calavera and her powers, and maybe related to the rift?

Vanquish awakens. After freaking out about his house for a bit, he's able to be questioned. He tells them that Blue Hydra was normal when she showed up and he let her stay with him, since they're old semi-allies, but she started acting weird and demanding strange things, like flowers from some garden and a way to keep tabs on The Spectre. He gives L'Esprit a portable drive that he says Blue Hydra brought with her.

Ugat asks on the party line whether they should let Dr Infinity go. After some brief deliberation it's agreed that she's more valuable loose. L'Esprit tells Dr Infinity to contact them with any further information, reminding the villain that she can't deal with Blue Hydra alone.

Pete asks his followers to contact him if any of them see Blue Hydra. They agree, but in return they want him to stream his Prom and to choose between Jessica and M.

Ugat figures out, somehow, that the alien plant thing fractured into four pieces and each piece corresponds, somehow, to one of the three people or the place that he's compelled to deal with.

Banks, Birthdays, Badgers, and Brownies
Weren't You Dead?

Joey wanders off while the girls are still on the bus, gets a text from Ghost to hang out. Ghost informs Joey that it's their birthday today. Joey sends out a group text to that effect. Ghost wants to go party in Tijuana but Joey objects. He gets texts from Ellie and Badger, both wishing him happy birthday and wanting to talk.

Lio and Vanessa return to the Sanctuary. After probably talking to M, Lio takes Vanessa aside to talk about Cathy. Vanessa agrees to meet her after school tomorrow.

Reflect has been out staking out a bank, chasing a rumor about Vanquish. While he's there, an explosion on the third floor shatters the windows. Reflect heads in, seeing that the civilians are all frozen in place, while a number of gun-toting goons are still active. He tries to teleport into the room but miscalculates and knocks his head. While he's stunned someone shoves him into a closet. He texts the team. Joey is the first to answer, Reflect texts not to let Joey rescue him.

Dr Infinity has woken up. She threatens to escape and take control of the base. Lio ineffectually tells her to settle down. Vanessa volunteers to stay behind and guard her. Lio gears up and teleportals to the bank.

Dr Infinity talks to Vanessa, trying to get herself released with promises of help and knowledge. She starts to get to Vanessa. Siphon saunters in. He activates an electrode that shocks Dr Infinity back to unconsciousness. Vanessa is lured away with nacho Doritos.

L'Esprit and Officer scout out the bank, see goons standing around, along with Vanquish and one guy with a laptop. L'Esprit sneaks in and releases Reflect. Once freed, Reflect immediately dupes out and yells to start fighting. His dupes freak out the goons. Officer steals the laptop and then begins evacuating civilians. One of the goons fires their gun at a Reflect, revealing the ammunition to be some kind of electrified blue pellets. Realizing the guns are electrical, L'Esprit shuts them down. Computer guy pulls out a second computer and it's stolen again. Reflect focuses on bugging Vanquish.

Midas and Twilight show up and wade in.

L'Esprit gets a mysterious call with instructions to let Vanquish finish what he's doing. The source is clearly from within her family. L'Esprit deliberates a few moments. The civilians are out of danger, so she reactivates the electrical guns and rushes Vanquish. Se undertones to Vanquish to focus on her. Before he can, Twilight jumps at him. L'Esprit grabs him, redirecting his laser vision away from Twilight and swinging him out of Officer's path.

Reflect, seeing she has Vanquish, grabs the computer dude. Vanquish slips L'Esprit to grab Reflect and all three get teleported out. Reflect takes the dose of super-drug he's been saving in order to engage Vanquish. Vanquish flies away.

L'Esprit's gotten new orders, instructions to finish running the program. Officer offers to track Vanquish, L'Esprit sends him off to get him out of the way. She follows the instructions. Twilight demands to know what she's doing. L'Esprit says she's checking the security, moving to keep Twilight from seeing the screen. Twilight gets fed up and knocks her chair down just as L'Esprit finishes; she doesn't recognize the activity on screen.

Reflect questions the computer guy, learning they were putting in a backdoor to the bank as well as to the nearby, being-rebuilt Hall of Heroes. Reflect punches computer guy out and goes to regroup with L'Esprit.

Joey loses Vanquish. He takes the pilfered laptop to Ghost, then to Badger to figure out what was being done with it. Ghost is high as a kite and useless. Badger argues with Joey. He brings up Dr Cosmos being locked up by the Junior Guard and his intentions to rescue Cosmos.

Reflect and Lio return to the Sanctuary to find Siphon smoking and trying to convince Vanessa to join him. He hands her a brownie and she takes a bite of it before Lio takes it. Lio drags Siphon to the kitchen to yell at him. Siphon insists that Vanessa just needs to relax and this will help, Lio argues that the effect on Vanessa's system might be unpredictable and they don't need her getting paranoid. Upon being informed it's drugged, Vanessa decides not to finish the brownie.

Joey returns to the Sanctuary and is also offered weed. Lio says it's fine so he has a bit. He tells them about seeing Badger and Badger's plan. Vanessa starts to question him about Badger.

Lio gets another call to head somewhere in City Heights. She gives Reflect temporary comm privileges with Max and tells him to call the Junior Guard to warn them about Badger, meanwhile she has to "take care of a family thing." She teleportals out. Reflect passes the warning along to the JG.

Joey refuses to tell Vanessa how to find Badger. Vanessa swings on him, managing to take his phone, and he phases out and runs away. She texts and then calls Badger, demanding to meet him.

Lio is let into the basement of a building. Four screens light up with darkened silhouettes, which proceed to question her with altered/muffled voices. She's unsure about this 'Troika' thing they keep mentioning, and unable to answer when they ask why she followed the instructions before, but insists that she just wants to keep her family safe. Whether she considers the Wildcards as part of 'family' is also in question. The four vote 3-1 to bring her in. She's promised training to bypass psychic abilities, as well as information on hyperdimensional shit to help Sarah, but she can't tell the Wildcards about any of it. Lio leaves, uncertain but hopeful.

Vanessa meets Badger in the construction area on top of the Halcyon building. He refuses to listen to her about Dr Cosmos. She tries to punch him and only winds up hung upside-down with some kind of current that disrupts her metal. Badger tells her he knows about Bodyguard technology, and he just needs Cosmos to help him figure out other things. He leaves, leaving her suspended. The bite of brownie she had earlier kicks in right around here.

After about ten minutes the current shuts off. Vanessa drops and throws up. She doesn't really remember the building but it makes her paranoid and scared, and she has trouble getting up to return to the Sanctuary.

Joey goes to hang out with Ellie at an arcade. She suggests going to crash a THULE party, get wasted and celebrate his birthday. He's all for it until they get there and she tries to order him a drink. While she pouts, Officer feels a hand on his back. Colleen Drake asks Officer to work with THULE independently. Officer refuses; when she persists he asks for her card. Twilight scoffs and leaves, Officer follows, but he's unable to cheer her up again.

The next day, Lio catches Cathy after school lets out and tells her about Vanessa. Cathy is confused and tries to play it cool, but when brought back to the Sanctuary she runs to Vanessa and hugs her. Vanessa is unable to remember her as anything more than a younger Bodyguard.

I See Dead People

A week has passed for the Wildcards. Pete has taken off to investigate the attacks on the Oolu colony. Possibly he has taken Reflect with him. Possibly he still has Blue Hydra locked in the laundry room. We are unsure. Dr Infinity has not regained consciousness. Progress on the plant-death-wave and Sarah's hyperdimensional parasite is unknown.

Seeing as Lio is worried over Sarah, Joey opts to postpone a talk he wants to have with her.

M stops Joey from leaving.  They compliment Joey for doing a good job saving Calavera.  They state they want to start complimenting Joey for his good deeds.  Joey brushes M off when they say this.  M heads off to the desert to commune with his ancestors, or nature itself, it isn't clear.

The Wildcards hear rumors of Dr Cosmos appearing in Canada, talking to old friend Blue Flag of the Northern Guard. They suspect he's looking to influence the Northern Guard and/or their youth division the Junior Guard. L'Esprit and Joey/Officer/Ghost teleportal to Vancouver to investigate.

We join our heroes in Vancouver. Le Quebecois and a Bodyguard answering to "84" are racing after Satin, a young villain who's stolen a supply of supersoldier serum. Spying from the rooftops, L'Esprit and Joey recognize Satin: He's Dio, a member of the pre-Delinquents Corps… until he died while they fought Barb Sharpton.

Joey rushes to Dio. In the time it takes him to tell Dio to come with him, Quebecois ices the ground under them so Joey can't run off. 84 skates in, bodychecking Joey and shoving Dio against a car. Quebecois grabs Joey and knocks him out. L'Esprit attempts to swing in on a grappling line and knock the Bodyguard aside, only to be flipped and knocked unconscious. Seeing her, however, 84 freezes. Dio escapes in the confusion.

Quebecois takes Joey up to the rooftop, and Joey awakens being dangled over the edge. QB questions who he is and what he knows about Satin. Joey can't answer since he doesn't know the name and doesn't connect it to his long-lost friend Dio. QB allows Joey to make a call to Badger, to have an Exemplar vouch for him, but Badger refuses. QB puts in a call of his own to Blue Flag and they discuss in French. Joey offers to come quietly but QB continues to interrogate him.

Meanwhile, below, L'Esprit awakens being held by Bodyguard 84… who she recognizes as Vanessa. Distraught, L'Esprit backs off, much to 84's mounting confusion. When L'Esprit runs away, Vanessa follows.

QB sees them running off and calls 84's communicator. She tells him she's chasing L'Esprit. He recognizes the name and questions Joey further, wondering why L'Esprit and her partner are working with a villain, and what are they even doing in Vancouver? Joey breaks into hysterical sobs. When a slap doesn't break him out of it, QB ties him up and slaps some tape over his mouth to bring him back to the Junior Guard base. Joey phases out of the tape and continues making a scene so QB knocks him out again.

L'Esprit is able to temporarily slip Vanessa, though the latter is still on her trail. Lio, near hysterics herself, calls Sarah for help. Sarah tracks her phone and teleportals nearby. She spots the Bodyguard, shortly before Vanessa finds L'Esprit's hiding place. Not wanting Lio to run away again, Shield shoots barbed wire at her, but a bubble from Sarah stops it. Shield charges Sarah and knocks her into a wall. A shout from Lio stops her from further attacks, however, and she backs off.

Sarah questions Vanessa while Lio looks on, trembling. Sarah brings up the destruction of the Alaska base; Vanessa remembers that part, and sort of remembers making a promise to Lio before that, though she's missing a lot still, and she quickly starts to get agitated and metal up. Reassured that it is most likely actually Vanessa, Lio abruptly steps forward and kisses her. Lio apologizes for leaving her behind.

Vanessa remembers Calavera now, although her memories are from the Oolu timeline and their time in the Rebellion. Lio and Sarah try to explain about the time travel and the separate timelines, which mostly confuses her further. They try to figure out exactly what she does remember.

At the base, QB calls the other Junior Guards. Donut is currently on a publicity thing, Dany is offline, Shield is busy, and Moose is working, so he makes do with Coffee. Coffee and Joey quickly bond.  Quebecios tells his speedster not to let Officer go free.  Coffee manages to learn the reason the Wildcards are in Vancouver, that Satin is a long presumed dead Dio, that L'Esprit is the dangerous one of the Wildcards in town, that Calavera has some sort of super-powered illness, all about the Thule corporation and the Mark 2 Bodyguards, that M is angry and tough and the actual leader of the Wildcards, that the Wildcards don't know Vanessa/84 is alive yet, and that Joey/Officer/Ghost is a good kid with terrible role models.  Joey learns that Quebecois is French, angry and tough, Dio is going by Satin now and that he is working with someone villanous, that the Junior Guard have encountered Thule's Bodyguards Mark 3, that Coffee appears to be able to acquire Tim Hortons' donuts and coffee at whim, and that Coffee is the nicest hero Joey has ever met.  An equal exchange of information, obviously.

Quebecois gets a call from Blue Flag, informing him that the Wildcards may be dangerous and need to be watched. QB calls Vanessa to pass on the warning. Shortly thereafter he gets a conflicting order from Blue Flag saying that Dr Cosmos is dangerous, not the WildCards, and that he should let Joey go immediately.  QB gets angry and more French.

Joey calls L'Esprit, telling her he's in the base with Coffee and is fine. Coffee, listening to Joey's phone, inquires who she's with, still fishing for information.  L'Esprit hedges that she's found somewhere to lay low and tells Joey to call her if anything changes. After she hangs up, Sarah asks if they can continue the conversation somewhere inside and out of the cold, so they head toward the base while they talk, unaware that they are headed directly towards Joey, Coffee, and an increasingly frustrated Quebecois.

Quebecios demands Joey tell where Satin is and what he is doing there.  Joey runs into a wall knocking himself out.  Coffee and Quebecois discuss that "Ghost" seems like a henchman at best, but it seems clear the Wildcards are not working with Satin, although they may be the pawns of Dr. Cosmos.  Quebecois tells Coffee not to let Joey go until they've figured this all out.

Coffee decides to disagree, and Joey and Coffee go to see the Vancouver sights, much to Quebecois' annoyance.  Joey and Coffee bond over the hazards of superspeed in combat, although their powers work very differently. 

Shortly thereafter, Dr Cosmos arrives. Shortly after that, L'Esprit, Calavera, and Shield arrive. Quebecois warns them to get out, he'll deal with this, and attempts to attack Cosmos. Cosmos mentally freezes him. L'Esprit questions Cosmos while Vanessa amuses herself posing Quebecois and balancing donuts on his head.

In the course of questioning Dr Cosmos, L'Esprit determines the following: He is definitely influencing Blue Flag, he was not counting on the Wildcards showing up (and thus probably did not plant Dio or Vanessa in order to mess with them), and he has a bit of a one-track mind about taking down Omega.

Quebecois manages to shake off the paralysis and attempt to launch another attack. This time Cosmos force-tosses him into a wall, stunning him. Vanessa leaps at Cosmos. He reaches into her mind and shows her the memories of her attacking Kelsi. The memories and accompanying emotions drop Vanessa to her knees and her powers go haywire, spikes shooting out of her and draining electricity from every available surface, which is a lot. One of the spikes stabs L'Esprit, as her powers and armament register as a source of electricity.

Dio knocks Coffee down as the speedsters are running between cites.  Dio tries to get Joey to run away with him.  Joey tries to intimidate Dio and fails miserably.  Dio mentions that they need to save Lio.  Joey grabs Dio and runs.  When Coffee tries to follow his body does not respond.  Dio explains that his boss, Dr. Cosmos, will have all the answers.  Coffee texts Joey, who responds by leaving Dio to make sure Coffee is OK after his "accident."  They discuss Dio/Satin's powers and life choices.  Coffee hints that Dio may not be the only teammate of Joey's who is not really dead.  Joey runs off to rejoin Dio, who tries to convince him to return to Dr. Cosmos.  Joey has his own plans for Dr. Cosmos, so he agrees.  He also agrees to text Coffee with updates on his position.

Calavera severs the spike in L'Esprit and L'Esprit bandages it with her scarf. Coffee arrives back at base with snacks, having to phase through the doors that are malfunctioning due to the power drain.  With Cosmos distracted, L'Esprit rushes and tasers him. The electrical burst attracts a new spike so he also gets stabbed. Cosmos manages to render himself invisible, but the spike prevents him from moving.

Coffee, Quebecois, and L'Esprit urge the still out-of-it Shield/84 to channel the electricity she's draining directly into Cosmos. Coffee and QB intend it to stun him into unconsciousness but L'Esprit says to kill him. Shield directs the electricity and knocks Cosmos out. Coming back into her own mind, Shield curls up in a ball, apologizing over and over again.

L'Esprit pulls a pocketknife and approaches Cosmos with clear murderous intent. Calavera tells her to stop and argues long enough for Coffee to speed him to their own holding cells. L'Esprit stabs the floor in frustration before going to hug and reassure Vanessa.

Joey and Dio arrive.  Coffee hands around cups of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Calavera gives him her card and tells him to let her know how they deal with Cosmos.  Coffee agrees.

Blue Flag arrives and demands a report from Quebecois. When told about Cosmos, Blue Flag argues that Cosmos is a perfectly upstanding hero. He refuses to believe that Cosmos might be manipulating him, even going so far as to grab and shake Quebecois over the accusation. This sets off Vanessa who swings at Blue Flag, but he flips her to the ground and puts a boot on her neck. Joey, L'Esprit, and Sarah all move to her defense. Joey is intercepted by Coffee. Sarah uses the residual power she built up to animate a piece of flooring into a teddy bear construct that proceeds to knock down Blue Flag. With Vanessa out of danger, L'Esprit attempts to convince Blue Flag to at least accept the possibility. Blue Flag seems to grudgingly consider it.  Everybody stops fighting for a moment.  Joey states, again, his belief that heroes don't fight heroes despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Blue Flag tells Vanessa that she belongs with the Junior Guard. Quebecois tells her she always has a home with them. L'Esprit tells her it's her decision, but she has a home in Halcyon as well. Vanessa is a bit conflicted, especially after finding out the person she's looking for is no longer in Halcyon but rather in Iceland. She decides to go back to Halcyon, at least for now.  If she can't find her quarry, maybe she can find some answers.

The problem of Dio arises. He did still steal that supersoldier serum. He explains he was working with Dr Cosmos and stole the serum to get it away from bad guys (THULE?). Dio also believes that Cosmos was a great hero and can still be influenced back onto the right path, though he at least seems to acknowledge that Cosmos is capable of being sketchy. Calavera convinces Dio that turning the serum over to other good guys, namely the Junior Guard, would also accomplish that goal. Dio gives them the location, which Coffee checks.  Dio gets a donut as a reward.

When asked, Dio doesn't remember dying. He vaguely answers that he remembers fighting Barb Sharpton and Bodyguards and then suddenly he was working with Dr Cosmos. L'Esprit is too tired to question him further. Dio also seems to believe he and Calavera had something together. Unlike Vanessa, he opts to remain in Vancouver, but says he'll visit sometime. Calavera gives him her card as well.

After the Wildcards try to figure out which is the the least dangerous : they could hitchhike? jump onboard another train? Walk across the border? Leech onto semi trucks? Get shuttled one by one by Joey? Wait for Pete to return from space? Coffee buys the Wildcards bus tickets and they head homeward.


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